2015 New Orleans Pelicans Team Passing Stats

The 2015 New Orleans Pelicans averaged 293 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jrue Holiday to Anthony Davis, with 128 assists on 671 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jrue Holiday to Anthony Davis67112815833047.9%
Jrue Holiday to Ryan Anderson503678724735.2%
Norris Cole to Anthony Davis448587219736.5%
Tyreke Evans to Anthony Davis398546514943.6%
Eric Gordon to Anthony Davis247465312243.4%
Ish Smith to Anthony Davis24339438848.9%
Jrue Holiday to Dante Cunningham21336388246.3%
Norris Cole to Ryan Anderson254304611938.7%
Jrue Holiday to Eric Gordon260303810536.2%
Ish Smith to Ryan Anderson265284510542.9%
Ish Smith to Eric Gordon19727387153.5%
Tyreke Evans to Eric Gordon26826319034.4%
Toney Douglas to Anthony Davis18725307540.0%
Eric Gordon to Ryan Anderson18125399740.2%
Tyreke Evans to Ryan Anderson17323307241.7%
Anthony Davis to Eric Gordon26821358143.2%
Toney Douglas to Dante Cunningham16221266241.9%
Tim Frazier to Dante Cunningham10321215637.5%
Jrue Holiday to Alexis Ajinca10821245940.7%
Norris Cole to Jrue Holiday414205312642.1%
Toney Douglas to Ryan Anderson18820378941.6%
Jrue Holiday to Norris Cole31120389340.9%
Dante Cunningham to Anthony Davis9819255050.0%
Jrue Holiday to Alonzo Gee15719214546.7%
Anthony Davis to Norris Cole40818429842.9%
Tim Frazier to James Ennis III7418203557.1%
Anthony Davis to Jrue Holiday731176115040.7%
Toney Douglas to Jrue Holiday330174710047.0%
Tim Frazier to Luke Babbitt15816277237.5%
Tim Frazier to Alexis Ajinca7916183847.4%
Alonzo Gee to Anthony Davis11116215042.0%
Toney Douglas to Alexis Ajinca15515185632.1%
Jrue Holiday to Toney Douglas25815206431.3%
Ryan Anderson to Anthony Davis9314184540.0%
Ryan Anderson to Jrue Holiday480145511448.2%
Norris Cole to Omer Asik10514152657.7%
Toney Douglas to Luke Babbitt14114185135.3%
Toney Douglas to Alonzo Gee9114163151.6%
Tyreke Evans to Jrue Holiday19714296346.0%
Eric Gordon to Dante Cunningham4514142850.0%
Tim Frazier to Jordan Hamilton8513153938.5%
Jrue Holiday to Luke Babbitt10013174141.5%
Ish Smith to Dante Cunningham11313152560.0%
Alonzo Gee to Ryan Anderson9612184540.0%
Ish Smith to Alexis Ajinca8512122744.4%
Norris Cole to Alexis Ajinca6511122548.0%
Tyreke Evans to Dante Cunningham5011111668.8%
Jrue Holiday to Omer Asik10211112445.8%
Ryan Anderson to Toney Douglas20110153345.5%
Dante Cunningham to Toney Douglas29410246238.7%
Anthony Davis to Dante Cunningham10110103132.3%
Tyreke Evans to Alexis Ajinca6410102147.6%
Ish Smith to Alonzo Gee6310102050.0%
Omer Asik to Eric Gordon999112055.0%
Norris Cole to Eric Gordon1209153839.5%
Toney Douglas to James Ennis III679102245.5%
Tyreke Evans to Alonzo Gee939112544.0%
Tim Frazier to Toney Douglas1039113234.4%
Ish Smith to Toney Douglas1069122646.2%
Norris Cole to Alonzo Gee728102147.6%
Norris Cole to Dante Cunningham92882927.6%
Dante Cunningham to Luke Babbitt508101758.8%
Dante Cunningham to Ryan Anderson748133735.1%
Anthony Davis to Ryan Anderson728112937.9%
Tim Frazier to Omer Asik308101662.5%
Jrue Holiday to Tyreke Evans1578153542.9%
Ryan Anderson to Norris Cole2367194641.3%
Ryan Anderson to Alonzo Gee67781172.7%
Luke Babbitt to Dante Cunningham46781844.4%
Dante Cunningham to Jrue Holiday3207338538.8%
Anthony Davis to Ish Smith2427224153.7%
Anthony Davis to Alonzo Gee107771741.2%
Anthony Davis to Tyreke Evans4047216432.8%
Tyreke Evans to Norris Cole119782927.6%
Tim Frazier to Kendrick Perkins92771643.8%
Alonzo Gee to Eric Gordon747133043.3%
Eric Gordon to Omer Asik55781844.4%
Jrue Holiday to Kendrick Perkins51771353.8%
Alexis Ajinca to Toney Douglas1836102835.7%
Luke Babbitt to Alonzo Gee19661060.0%
Anthony Davis to Toney Douglas1706133438.2%
Tyreke Evans to Omer Asik116662326.1%
Tim Frazier to Alonzo Gee46671546.7%
Alonzo Gee to Toney Douglas1136122646.2%
Eric Gordon to Alexis Ajinca3367887.5%
Jrue Holiday to Bryce Dejean-Jones356112055.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Dante Cunningham28671353.8%
Ryan Anderson to Ish Smith3135223956.4%
Ryan Anderson to Eric Gordon1605155328.3%
Dante Cunningham to Alexis Ajinca38561442.9%
Anthony Davis to Omer Asik33561250.0%
Toney Douglas to Tim Frazier136583225.0%
James Ennis III to Alexis Ajinca1455771.4%
Alonzo Gee to Norris Cole119561833.3%
Alonzo Gee to Tyreke Evans1345162955.2%
Alexis Ajinca to Dante Cunningham49441822.2%
Alexis Ajinca to Tyreke Evans107461637.5%
Ryan Anderson to Luke Babbitt2745862.5%
Omer Asik to Dante Cunningham6944944.4%
Luke Babbitt to James Ennis III1644850.0%
Luke Babbitt to Jordan Hamilton35471546.7%
Luke Babbitt to Toney Douglas158492832.1%
Luke Babbitt to Omer Asik21451050.0%
Luke Babbitt to Alexis Ajinca21471258.3%
Dante Cunningham to Tim Frazier1064101855.6%
Dante Cunningham to Eric Gordon664111957.9%
Anthony Davis to Bryce Dejean-Jones36451533.3%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Anthony Davis33461735.3%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Omer Asik1544580.0%
Alonzo Gee to Dante Cunningham3044850.0%
Alonzo Gee to Jrue Holiday2394225341.5%
Eric Gordon to Norris Cole92462425.0%
Eric Gordon to Ish Smith130471741.2%
Eric Gordon to Tyreke Evans1714144035.0%
Eric Gordon to Kendrick Perkins18444100.0%
Jordan Hamilton to James Ennis III1844944.4%
Kendrick Perkins to Tim Frazier153491752.9%
Kendrick Perkins to Luke Babbitt41451338.5%
Kendrick Perkins to Toney Douglas134472133.3%
Ish Smith to Luke Babbitt61472825.0%
Ish Smith to Jrue Holiday68472330.4%
Alexis Ajinca to Luke Babbitt3233650.0%
Ryan Anderson to Tyreke Evans1663143638.9%
Omer Asik to Toney Douglas226362227.3%
Omer Asik to Jrue Holiday2723175232.7%
Omer Asik to Ryan Anderson933475.0%
Luke Babbitt to Tim Frazier1633122842.9%
Luke Babbitt to Anthony Davis25341136.4%
Luke Babbitt to Ryan Anderson38371741.2%
Norris Cole to Bryce Dejean-Jones68351926.3%
Dante Cunningham to James Ennis III1234666.7%
Dante Cunningham to Norris Cole2093123138.7%
Anthony Davis to Luke Babbitt34341040.0%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Ryan Anderson1034850.0%
Toney Douglas to Jordan Hamilton62392437.5%
Toney Douglas to Ish Smith70371643.8%
Toney Douglas to Omer Asik11333933.3%
James Ennis III to Omer Asik2033742.9%
James Ennis III to Kendrick Perkins1234580.0%
Alonzo Gee to Omer Asik3833837.5%
Alonzo Gee to Alexis Ajinca23341040.0%
Eric Gordon to Alonzo Gee48331421.4%
Eric Gordon to Jrue Holiday146382630.8%
Jordan Hamilton to Luke Babbitt28331030.0%
Jordan Hamilton to Dante Cunningham1933933.3%
Jordan Hamilton to Toney Douglas60371741.2%
Jordan Hamilton to Omer Asik1433933.3%
Jordan Hamilton to Alexis Ajinca1833837.5%
Jordan Hamilton to Kendrick Perkins2234757.1%
Kendrick Perkins to Alonzo Gee2234944.4%
Kendrick Perkins to Eric Gordon25351050.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Anthony Davis1222633.3%
Alexis Ajinca to Norris Cole130262030.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Alonzo Gee2822366.7%
Alexis Ajinca to Jrue Holiday1942154434.1%
Alexis Ajinca to Ryan Anderson1823650.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Eric Gordon60231127.3%
Ryan Anderson to Bryce Dejean-Jones1322540.0%
Luke Babbitt to Ish Smith121251631.3%
Luke Babbitt to Jrue Holiday136263318.2%
Luke Babbitt to Eric Gordon1722922.2%
Luke Babbitt to Kendrick Perkins1722450.0%
Norris Cole to Toney Douglas2922540.0%
Norris Cole to Tyreke Evans1522113531.4%
Norris Cole to Kendrick Perkins4223560.0%
Dante Cunningham to Jordan Hamilton1723650.0%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Norris Cole70261735.3%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Dante Cunningham1322540.0%
Toney Douglas to Orlando Johnson1522633.3%
Toney Douglas to Tyreke Evans15233100.0%
Toney Douglas to Eric Gordon43241723.5%
James Ennis III to Tim Frazier4724666.7%
James Ennis III to Luke Babbitt1423475.0%
Tyreke Evans to Toney Douglas1323650.0%
Tim Frazier to Jrue Holiday3623837.5%
Tim Frazier to Ryan Anderson27261833.3%
Alonzo Gee to Luke Babbitt2023650.0%
Eric Gordon to Luke Babbitt1222540.0%
Eric Gordon to Toney Douglas3222633.3%
Jordan Hamilton to Tim Frazier85292142.9%
Kendrick Perkins to James Ennis III1522728.6%
Kendrick Perkins to Anthony Davis1322450.0%
Nate Robinson to Kendrick Perkins3222100.0%
Ish Smith to Tyreke Evans2123650.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Tim Frazier9713933.3%
Alexis Ajinca to Omer Asik1311520.0%
Ryan Anderson to Dante Cunningham46121020.0%
Ryan Anderson to Omer Asik311250.0%
Ryan Anderson to Alexis Ajinca1611425.0%
Ryan Anderson to Kendrick Perkins811250.0%
Omer Asik to Anthony Davis42121020.0%
Omer Asik to Tyreke Evans3071133339.4%
Omer Asik to Alexis Ajinca811333.3%
Norris Cole to Luke Babbitt811333.3%
Dante Cunningham to Tyreke Evans87151533.3%
Dante Cunningham to Omer Asik4411520.0%
Anthony Davis to Alexis Ajinca1211425.0%
Anthony Davis to Kendrick Perkins711333.3%
Toney Douglas to Bryce Dejean-Jones1011520.0%
Toney Douglas to Norris Cole2715771.4%
Toney Douglas to Jimmer Fredette3111100.0%
Toney Douglas to Kendrick Perkins8211812.5%
James Ennis III to Jordan Hamilton1511250.0%
James Ennis III to Dante Cunningham1211425.0%
James Ennis III to Toney Douglas5214850.0%
Tim Frazier to Anthony Davis1512825.0%
Jimmer Fredette to Toney Douglas3111100.0%
Jordan Hamilton to Alonzo Gee411250.0%
Jrue Holiday to Tim Frazier3115862.5%
Jrue Holiday to Orlando Johnson1011333.3%
Jrue Holiday to Jordan Hamilton311250.0%
Orlando Johnson to Luke Babbitt3122100.0%
Orlando Johnson to Alonzo Gee511250.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Norris Cole7617977.8%
Kendrick Perkins to Jrue Holiday1311113333.3%
Kendrick Perkins to Ryan Anderson915683.3%
Nate Robinson to Ryan Anderson1211425.0%
Nate Robinson to Alexis Ajinca3111100.0%
Ish Smith to Norris Cole36141526.7%
Ish Smith to Kendrick Perkins712366.7%
Alexis Ajinca to Bryce Dejean-Jones30000.0%
Alexis Ajinca to James Ennis III110060.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Jordan Hamilton2003742.9%
Alexis Ajinca to Jimmer Fredette20000.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Ish Smith108031127.3%
Alexis Ajinca to Nate Robinson30000.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Kendrick Perkins10010.0%
Ryan Anderson to Tim Frazier2003560.0%
Ryan Anderson to Orlando Johnson80020.0%
Ryan Anderson to Jimmer Fredette20000.0%
Ryan Anderson to Nate Robinson110000.0%
Omer Asik to Bryce Dejean-Jones210030.0%
Omer Asik to Tim Frazier57071546.7%
Omer Asik to James Ennis III2201333.3%
Omer Asik to Norris Cole3030215538.2%
Omer Asik to Jordan Hamilton1601520.0%
Omer Asik to Ish Smith4803560.0%
Omer Asik to Luke Babbitt1901520.0%
Omer Asik to Alonzo Gee500040.0%
Omer Asik to Omer Asik10000.0%
Luke Babbitt to Orlando Johnson20010.0%
Luke Babbitt to Norris Cole2002540.0%
Luke Babbitt to Jimmer Fredette20010.0%
Luke Babbitt to Tyreke Evans60010.0%
Norris Cole to Norris Cole10000.0%
Norris Cole to Ish Smith3505862.5%
Dante Cunningham to Bryce Dejean-Jones70010.0%
Dante Cunningham to Orlando Johnson3011100.0%
Dante Cunningham to Jimmer Fredette30010.0%
Dante Cunningham to Ish Smith169092733.3%
Dante Cunningham to Alonzo Gee1701250.0%
Dante Cunningham to Dante Cunningham20000.0%
Dante Cunningham to Nate Robinson50010.0%
Dante Cunningham to Kendrick Perkins240010.0%
Anthony Davis to Tim Frazier10011100.0%
Anthony Davis to Orlando Johnson100030.0%
Anthony Davis to Anthony Davis20000.0%
Anthony Davis to Nate Robinson70000.0%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Luke Babbitt10010.0%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Alonzo Gee50020.0%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Toney Douglas1101333.3%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Jrue Holiday35041330.8%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Alexis Ajinca10000.0%
Bryce Dejean-Jones to Kendrick Perkins10000.0%
Tyreke Evans to Ish Smith140010.0%
Tyreke Evans to Luke Babbitt30010.0%
Tyreke Evans to Tyreke Evans20000.0%
Tyreke Evans to Kendrick Perkins40000.0%
Tim Frazier to Orlando Johnson10000.0%
Jimmer Fredette to Ish Smith20010.0%
Jimmer Fredette to Dante Cunningham30020.0%
Jimmer Fredette to Ryan Anderson10000.0%
Jimmer Fredette to Alexis Ajinca10010.0%
Alonzo Gee to Bryce Dejean-Jones50000.0%
Alonzo Gee to Tim Frazier3501520.0%
Alonzo Gee to Orlando Johnson40010.0%
Alonzo Gee to Draymond Green10000.0%
Alonzo Gee to Jordan Hamilton201250.0%
Alonzo Gee to Ish Smith109031816.7%
Alonzo Gee to Alonzo Gee20000.0%
Alonzo Gee to Nate Robinson40000.0%
Alonzo Gee to Kendrick Perkins130000.0%
Eric Gordon to Nate Robinson20000.0%
Jordan Hamilton to Jrue Holiday2011100.0%
Jrue Holiday to Ish Smith3501333.3%
Jrue Holiday to Jrue Holiday10000.0%
Orlando Johnson to Tim Frazier10000.0%
Orlando Johnson to Anthony Davis60020.0%
Orlando Johnson to Dante Cunningham10000.0%
Orlando Johnson to Toney Douglas60030.0%
Orlando Johnson to Jrue Holiday1203475.0%
Orlando Johnson to Omer Asik10000.0%
Orlando Johnson to Ryan Anderson90050.0%
Orlando Johnson to Kendrick Perkins10000.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Bryce Dejean-Jones20000.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Orlando Johnson20000.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Jordan Hamilton1903742.9%
Kendrick Perkins to Ish Smith140000.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Tyreke Evans120010.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Omer Asik10000.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Alexis Ajinca20000.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Nate Robinson50000.0%
Nate Robinson to Anthony Davis100040.0%
Nate Robinson to Ish Smith50030.0%
Nate Robinson to Alonzo Gee30000.0%
Nate Robinson to Dante Cunningham10010.0%
Nate Robinson to Eric Gordon90020.0%
Ish Smith to Jimmer Fredette10010.0%
Ish Smith to Omer Asik300050.0%
Ish Smith to Nate Robinson80000.0%
Ish Smith to Kyle Korver10000.0%