2016 New Orleans Pelicans Team Passing Stats

The 2016 New Orleans Pelicans averaged 298 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jrue Holiday to Anthony Davis, with 183 assists on 1139 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jrue Holiday to Anthony Davis113918323351944.9%
Tim Frazier to Anthony Davis69110314030446.1%
E'Twaun Moore to Anthony Davis335577116642.8%
Tim Frazier to E'Twaun Moore424467617044.7%
Solomon Hill to Anthony Davis389416117335.3%
Jrue Holiday to Terrence Jones263395110847.2%
Jrue Holiday to Dante Cunningham22139406858.8%
Jrue Holiday to Buddy Hield391385613043.1%
Jrue Holiday to Solomon Hill531374814034.3%
Jrue Holiday to DeMarcus Cousins309335712844.5%
Anthony Davis to Jrue Holiday13213110221846.8%
Jrue Holiday to Langston Galloway16730307142.3%
Tim Frazier to Dante Cunningham16626266142.6%
Jrue Holiday to E'Twaun Moore31326399541.1%
Anthony Davis to Dante Cunningham9923244949.0%
Tim Frazier to Terrence Jones19023306844.1%
Anthony Davis to E'Twaun Moore26621357347.9%
Buddy Hield to Anthony Davis21921358541.2%
Tim Frazier to Jrue Holiday33920378643.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Anthony Davis7719224845.8%
Jrue Holiday to Alexis Ajinca9419204346.5%
Tim Frazier to Solomon Hill22517205735.1%
Tim Frazier to Alexis Ajinca8917173745.9%
E'Twaun Moore to Terrence Jones13417236137.7%
Tyreke Evans to Anthony Davis12416205337.7%
Tim Frazier to Buddy Hield13016215141.2%
Anthony Davis to Solomon Hill30515236634.8%
Tyreke Evans to Terrence Jones13915205635.7%
Tyreke Evans to E'Twaun Moore12815225440.7%
Solomon Hill to Langston Galloway9115173450.0%
Anthony Davis to Buddy Hield16614175232.7%
Tyreke Evans to Langston Galloway11814165131.4%
Tim Frazier to Jordan Crawford12314214151.2%
Solomon Hill to Buddy Hield9514194146.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Dante Cunningham8314153740.5%
Anthony Davis to Tim Frazier68213267136.6%
Solomon Hill to Terrence Jones9913164337.2%
Solomon Hill to Jrue Holiday639136112050.8%
Tim Frazier to Langston Galloway13612145724.6%
Buddy Hield to Terrence Jones10312204346.5%
Jordan Crawford to Anthony Davis6911153148.4%
Anthony Davis to Terrence Jones6111123040.0%
Langston Galloway to Terrence Jones15511194740.4%
Buddy Hield to Solomon Hill8611123336.4%
Jrue Holiday to Donatas Motiejunas13411123435.3%
Terrence Jones to Anthony Davis6211193751.4%
Terrence Jones to Jrue Holiday34011305554.5%
E'Twaun Moore to Tim Frazier21910184440.9%
DeMarcus Cousins to Solomon Hill799102540.0%
Tyreke Evans to Donatas Motiejunas120991947.4%
Tim Frazier to Omer Asik109992240.9%
Langston Galloway to Anthony Davis1239174339.5%
Jrue Holiday to Jordan Crawford1079154235.7%
Terrence Jones to E'Twaun Moore1389172958.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jordan Crawford658132748.1%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jrue Holiday2578155030.0%
Jordan Crawford to Cheick Diallo25881747.1%
Jordan Crawford to Dante Cunningham24891090.0%
Tim Frazier to DeMarcus Cousins1678195038.0%
Buddy Hield to Dante Cunningham57881942.1%
Solomon Hill to Tim Frazier2868225143.1%
Jrue Holiday to Tim Frazier2428113036.7%
Terrence Jones to Langston Galloway1698143935.9%
E'Twaun Moore to Solomon Hill70892634.6%
E'Twaun Moore to Jrue Holiday2448185234.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Dante Cunningham21771163.6%
Jordan Crawford to DeMarcus Cousins727103033.3%
Anthony Davis to Langston Galloway1397143737.8%
Tyreke Evans to Solomon Hill58772035.0%
Tyreke Evans to Dante Cunningham47782040.0%
Buddy Hield to Langston Galloway697112740.7%
Solomon Hill to E'Twaun Moore1127143342.4%
Terrence Jones to Buddy Hield947122941.4%
E'Twaun Moore to Langston Galloway607102737.0%
E'Twaun Moore to DeMarcus Cousins747123930.8%
Donatas Motiejunas to Jrue Holiday1567172860.7%
Lance Stephenson to Anthony Davis44792536.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to E'Twaun Moore56682236.4%
Dante Cunningham to Anthony Davis796103132.3%
Langston Galloway to Alexis Ajinca35661346.2%
Buddy Hield to Jrue Holiday2666216333.3%
Lance Stephenson to Terrence Jones24671070.0%
Hollis Thompson to Anthony Davis23671258.3%
Dante Cunningham to Buddy Hield53571450.0%
Dante Cunningham to Langston Galloway83571838.9%
Langston Galloway to Cheick Diallo1355955.6%
Langston Galloway to E'Twaun Moore71592339.1%
Langston Galloway to Dante Cunningham49561735.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Buddy Hield29561833.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Tyreke Evans1275133043.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Omer Asik4755955.6%
Donatas Motiejunas to Langston Galloway58562030.0%
Quinn Cook to Alexis Ajinca1844580.0%
Jordan Crawford to Quinn Cook4147977.8%
Jordan Crawford to Tim Frazier79461154.5%
Jordan Crawford to Solomon Hill1644666.7%
Jordan Crawford to E'Twaun Moore384101758.8%
Jordan Crawford to Alexis Ajinca25451050.0%
Dante Cunningham to Solomon Hill137462128.6%
Dante Cunningham to E'Twaun Moore91481942.1%
Dante Cunningham to Jrue Holiday3984255942.4%
Anthony Davis to Jordan Crawford67491752.9%
Anthony Davis to DeMarcus Cousins59492240.9%
Langston Galloway to Tyreke Evans774112642.3%
Solomon Hill to Alexis Ajinca38441233.3%
Terrence Jones to Tyreke Evans1784123534.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Donatas Motiejunas56441428.6%
E'Twaun Moore to Jordan Crawford38461540.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Alexis Ajinca32451338.5%
Donatas Motiejunas to Anthony Davis1745771.4%
Lance Stephenson to Buddy Hield54451926.3%
Lance Stephenson to Langston Galloway42462030.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Buddy Hield42351631.3%
Omer Asik to Buddy Hield1933837.5%
Omer Asik to Langston Galloway4233837.5%
Omer Asik to Tim Frazier2863123534.3%
Omer Asik to E'Twaun Moore55351435.7%
Quinn Cook to Donatas Motiejunas45341428.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Tim Frazier173362227.3%
DeMarcus Cousins to Hollis Thompson2033837.5%
Anthony Davis to Tyreke Evans1443102835.7%
Tyreke Evans to Alexis Ajinca1133475.0%
Tim Frazier to Donatas Motiejunas74341330.8%
Tim Frazier to Lance Stephenson2333742.9%
Tim Frazier to Reggie Williams24331127.3%
Langston Galloway to Buddy Hield1033133834.2%
Langston Galloway to Anthony Brown21341136.4%
Langston Galloway to Solomon Hill72341822.2%
Langston Galloway to Donatas Motiejunas3133933.3%
Langston Galloway to Jrue Holiday1143102835.7%
Buddy Hield to E'Twaun Moore3433742.9%
Buddy Hield to Alexis Ajinca3933933.3%
Solomon Hill to Cheick Diallo1034757.1%
Solomon Hill to Jordan Crawford39341136.4%
Solomon Hill to DeMarcus Cousins64372035.0%
Solomon Hill to Dante Cunningham56342218.2%
Solomon Hill to Omer Asik2333650.0%
Jarrett Jack to Anthony Davis1334666.7%
E'Twaun Moore to Lance Stephenson1435771.4%
Donatas Motiejunas to Terrence Jones14361060.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Dante Cunningham2133475.0%
Lance Stephenson to Dante Cunningham1333742.9%
Alexis Ajinca to Anthony Davis1924850.0%
Omer Asik to Anthony Davis1925683.3%
Anthony Brown to Alexis Ajinca522366.7%
Quinn Cook to Jordan Crawford762102245.5%
Quinn Cook to Jrue Holiday1823650.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Omri Casspi4222100.0%
Dante Cunningham to Tim Frazier2872103231.3%
Dante Cunningham to Terrence Jones2422728.6%
Dante Cunningham to Donatas Motiejunas1722450.0%
Anthony Davis to Hollis Thompson2422825.0%
Anthony Davis to Donatas Motiejunas1223475.0%
Anthony Davis to Omer Asik1823650.0%
Anthony Davis to Alexis Ajinca24231030.0%
Cheick Diallo to Buddy Hield1523650.0%
Tim Frazier to Cheick Diallo1523837.5%
Langston Galloway to Tim Frazier81251827.8%
Langston Galloway to Lance Stephenson44251145.5%
Buddy Hield to Donatas Motiejunas1722540.0%
Buddy Hield to Lance Stephenson35231127.3%
Solomon Hill to Wayne Selden5222100.0%
Solomon Hill to Quinn Cook1423650.0%
Solomon Hill to Donatas Motiejunas2222633.3%
Solomon Hill to Tyreke Evans68291850.0%
Jrue Holiday to Hollis Thompson38231127.3%
Terrence Jones to Solomon Hill83231421.4%
Terrence Jones to Lance Stephenson3623742.9%
Donatas Motiejunas to Solomon Hill41251241.7%
Donatas Motiejunas to E'Twaun Moore922103132.3%
Donatas Motiejunas to Tyreke Evans131292142.9%
Lance Stephenson to Alexis Ajinca722450.0%
Hollis Thompson to DeMarcus Cousins1823650.0%
Reggie Williams to E'Twaun Moore6222100.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Cheick Diallo2111100.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Langston Galloway63141136.4%
Alexis Ajinca to Tim Frazier173161735.3%
Alexis Ajinca to Solomon Hill5712633.3%
Alexis Ajinca to Donatas Motiejunas3111100.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Dante Cunningham2111333.3%
Alexis Ajinca to Jrue Holiday187192733.3%
Alexis Ajinca to Tyreke Evans2112633.3%
Omer Asik to Solomon Hill4713650.0%
Anthony Brown to Buddy Hield411250.0%
Anthony Brown to Terrence Jones711333.3%
Anthony Brown to Anthony Davis2012825.0%
Anthony Brown to Jrue Holiday1611333.3%
Quinn Cook to Cheick Diallo1811616.7%
Quinn Cook to Anthony Davis612450.0%
Quinn Cook to Dante Cunningham5111100.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Donatas Motiejunas5111100.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Reggie Williams4111100.0%
Jordan Crawford to Axel Toupane3122100.0%
Jordan Crawford to Donatas Motiejunas2312825.0%
Jordan Crawford to Jrue Holiday88182040.0%
Dante Cunningham to Wayne Selden311250.0%
Dante Cunningham to Cheick Diallo2122100.0%
Dante Cunningham to Archie Goodwin2111100.0%
Dante Cunningham to DeMarcus Cousins1114757.1%
Dante Cunningham to Tyreke Evans88131421.4%
Dante Cunningham to Alexis Ajinca1013742.9%
Anthony Davis to Wayne Selden611250.0%
Anthony Davis to Lance Stephenson4515771.4%
Anthony Davis to Reggie Williams611250.0%
Cheick Diallo to Quinn Cook5414850.0%
Cheick Diallo to Tim Frazier5713742.9%
Cheick Diallo to Donatas Motiejunas8111100.0%
Tyreke Evans to Buddy Hield1513837.5%
Tyreke Evans to Tim Frazier2313560.0%
Tyreke Evans to Jrue Holiday73172231.8%
Tim Frazier to Axel Toupane3111100.0%
Tim Frazier to Quinn Cook512366.7%
Tim Frazier to Anthony Brown2511714.3%
Tim Frazier to Omri Casspi711333.3%
Tim Frazier to Jarrett Jack2111100.0%
Archie Goodwin to Langston Galloway511250.0%
Buddy Hield to Anthony Brown511425.0%
Buddy Hield to Omer Asik2911333.3%
Solomon Hill to Anthony Brown411250.0%
Solomon Hill to Omri Casspi1111100.0%
Jrue Holiday to Wayne Selden411250.0%
Jrue Holiday to Cheick Diallo1011425.0%
Jrue Holiday to Quinn Cook1311333.3%
Jrue Holiday to Anthony Brown1311333.3%
Jrue Holiday to Tyreke Evans94142218.2%
Jrue Holiday to Omer Asik1411425.0%
Jarrett Jack to E'Twaun Moore2111100.0%
Terrence Jones to Cheick Diallo612450.0%
Terrence Jones to Anthony Brown1812450.0%
Terrence Jones to Tim Frazier2441102540.0%
Terrence Jones to Dante Cunningham2511520.0%
Terrence Jones to Omer Asik711250.0%
Terrence Jones to Alexis Ajinca6111100.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Anthony Brown711250.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Hollis Thompson811333.3%
Donatas Motiejunas to Buddy Hield1912540.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Axel Toupane511250.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Tim Frazier9713933.3%
Donatas Motiejunas to Jordan Crawford33141040.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Alexis Ajinca4111100.0%
Wayne Selden to Anthony Davis611250.0%
Lance Stephenson to Solomon Hill911333.3%
Reggie Williams to Cheick Diallo311250.0%
Reggie Williams to Terrence Jones712540.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Axel Toupane30000.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Quinn Cook2701333.3%
Alexis Ajinca to Anthony Brown70000.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Archie Goodwin70010.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Hollis Thompson20000.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Terrence Jones50020.0%
Alexis Ajinca to E'Twaun Moore350040.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Lance Stephenson80000.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Jordan Crawford3205862.5%
Alexis Ajinca to DeMarcus Cousins20000.0%
Alexis Ajinca to Reggie Williams20000.0%
Omer Asik to Anthony Brown40010.0%
Omer Asik to Terrence Jones110030.0%
Omer Asik to Lance Stephenson3401250.0%
Omer Asik to Reggie Williams20010.0%
Omer Asik to Dante Cunningham110010.0%
Omer Asik to Jrue Holiday5102540.0%
Omer Asik to Tyreke Evans50010.0%
Anthony Brown to Langston Galloway140020.0%
Anthony Brown to Tim Frazier3401714.3%
Anthony Brown to Solomon Hill9011100.0%
Anthony Brown to E'Twaun Moore90020.0%
Anthony Brown to Omer Asik10000.0%
Omri Casspi to Tim Frazier110000.0%
Omri Casspi to Anthony Davis10000.0%
Omri Casspi to DeMarcus Cousins30000.0%
Omri Casspi to Dante Cunningham10000.0%
Omri Casspi to Jrue Holiday80010.0%
Quinn Cook to Axel Toupane50010.0%
Quinn Cook to Tim Frazier30000.0%
Quinn Cook to Solomon Hill100010.0%
Quinn Cook to E'Twaun Moore40020.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Wayne Selden10010.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jarrett Jack60010.0%
Dante Cunningham to Quinn Cook13011100.0%
Dante Cunningham to Hollis Thompson70050.0%
Dante Cunningham to Lance Stephenson150000.0%
Dante Cunningham to Jordan Crawford42051050.0%
Dante Cunningham to Reggie Williams10000.0%
Dante Cunningham to Omer Asik90010.0%
Dante Cunningham to Jarrett Jack4011100.0%
Anthony Davis to Quinn Cook20000.0%
Anthony Davis to Anthony Brown110010.0%
Anthony Davis to Archie Goodwin10010.0%
Anthony Davis to Omri Casspi1011100.0%
Anthony Davis to Jarrett Jack110010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Axel Toupane60010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Anthony Brown10000.0%
Cheick Diallo to Langston Galloway110000.0%
Cheick Diallo to Solomon Hill50010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Terrence Jones20010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Anthony Davis10000.0%
Cheick Diallo to E'Twaun Moore40010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Lance Stephenson10000.0%
Cheick Diallo to Jordan Crawford1003560.0%
Cheick Diallo to Reggie Williams50000.0%
Cheick Diallo to Dante Cunningham10010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Jrue Holiday140010.0%
Cheick Diallo to Tyreke Evans20000.0%
Cheick Diallo to Alexis Ajinca30000.0%
Cheick Diallo to Jarrett Jack10000.0%
Tyreke Evans to Omer Asik20000.0%
Tim Frazier to Wayne Selden10000.0%
Tim Frazier to Sam Dekker10000.0%
Tim Frazier to Archie Goodwin10000.0%
Tim Frazier to Hollis Thompson50020.0%
Tim Frazier to Tyreke Evans280060.0%
Langston Galloway to Archie Goodwin90030.0%
Langston Galloway to Reggie Williams1002540.0%
Langston Galloway to Omer Asik140010.0%
Archie Goodwin to Tim Frazier30000.0%
Archie Goodwin to Solomon Hill50020.0%
Archie Goodwin to Terrence Jones501333.3%
Archie Goodwin to Anthony Davis10000.0%
Archie Goodwin to Dante Cunningham10010.0%
Archie Goodwin to Alexis Ajinca401250.0%
Buddy Hield to Cheick Diallo70030.0%
Buddy Hield to Buddy Hield10000.0%
Buddy Hield to Tim Frazier8601147.1%
Buddy Hield to Reggie Williams20000.0%
Buddy Hield to Tyreke Evans1703742.9%
Solomon Hill to Solomon Hill10000.0%
Solomon Hill to Archie Goodwin701250.0%
Solomon Hill to Hollis Thompson60030.0%
Solomon Hill to Lance Stephenson160020.0%
Solomon Hill to Reggie Williams50010.0%
Solomon Hill to Jarrett Jack50000.0%
Jrue Holiday to Reggie Williams50020.0%
Jrue Holiday to Omri Casspi80020.0%
Jrue Holiday to Jarrett Jack120000.0%
Jarrett Jack to Hollis Thompson30000.0%
Jarrett Jack to Donatas Motiejunas30020.0%
Jarrett Jack to DeMarcus Cousins90010.0%
Jarrett Jack to Reggie Williams40010.0%
Jarrett Jack to Dante Cunningham30000.0%
Jarrett Jack to Jrue Holiday1601333.3%
Terrence Jones to Archie Goodwin60000.0%
Terrence Jones to Donatas Motiejunas80030.0%
Terrence Jones to Reggie Williams30010.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Cheick Diallo40040.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Quinn Cook20000.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Reggie Williams4011100.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Jarrett Jack10000.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Cheick Diallo60030.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Quinn Cook4302540.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Hollis Thompson401250.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to DeMarcus Cousins30000.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Omri Casspi20000.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Jarrett Jack20000.0%
Wayne Selden to Tim Frazier40010.0%
Wayne Selden to DeMarcus Cousins30010.0%
Wayne Selden to Dante Cunningham10000.0%
Wayne Selden to Jrue Holiday70000.0%
Lance Stephenson to Tim Frazier180030.0%
Lance Stephenson to E'Twaun Moore1301616.7%
Lance Stephenson to Omer Asik70010.0%
Hollis Thompson to Cheick Diallo10000.0%
Hollis Thompson to Tim Frazier100000.0%
Hollis Thompson to Solomon Hill140020.0%
Hollis Thompson to E'Twaun Moore4011100.0%
Hollis Thompson to Donatas Motiejunas3011100.0%
Hollis Thompson to Dante Cunningham40010.0%
Hollis Thompson to Jrue Holiday59061833.3%
Hollis Thompson to Alexis Ajinca10000.0%
Hollis Thompson to Jarrett Jack60000.0%
Axel Toupane to Cheick Diallo10010.0%
Axel Toupane to Quinn Cook160020.0%
Axel Toupane to Tim Frazier60020.0%
Axel Toupane to Donatas Motiejunas40020.0%
Axel Toupane to Jrue Holiday10000.0%
Axel Toupane to Alexis Ajinca20010.0%
Reggie Williams to Buddy Hield10000.0%
Reggie Williams to Langston Galloway601250.0%
Reggie Williams to Tim Frazier1402540.0%
Reggie Williams to Solomon Hill30000.0%
Reggie Williams to Anthony Davis50020.0%
Reggie Williams to DeMarcus Cousins20000.0%
Reggie Williams to Dante Cunningham10000.0%
Reggie Williams to Jrue Holiday1001520.0%
Reggie Williams to Omer Asik20000.0%
Reggie Williams to Jarrett Jack30000.0%