2022 New Orleans Pelicans Team Passing Stats

The 2022 New Orleans Pelicans averaged 297 passes per game. The leading assist duo was CJ McCollum to Jonas Valanciunas, with 91 assists on 710 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
CJ McCollum to Jonas Valanciunas7109111425444.9%
CJ McCollum to Trey Murphy III515879421942.9%
Brandon Ingram to Herbert Jones275566012846.9%
Brandon Ingram to Trey Murphy III200555510850.9%
Brandon Ingram to CJ McCollum415467015046.7%
CJ McCollum to Brandon Ingram566439721245.8%
Naji Marshall to Trey Murphy III17540458453.6%
CJ McCollum to Herbert Jones384394411040.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to CJ McCollum1054389022540.0%
Herbert Jones to CJ McCollum604367116543.0%
CJ McCollum to Naji Marshall357344611241.1%
CJ McCollum to Zion Williamson286336111354.0%
Herbert Jones to Brandon Ingram377325511747.0%
Herbert Jones to Trey Murphy III20031378344.6%
Naji Marshall to Jonas Valanciunas25629347048.6%
Jose Alvarado to Jonas Valanciunas31728388843.2%
Herbert Jones to Jonas Valanciunas23228345759.6%
Larry Nance Jr. to CJ McCollum348285112241.8%
Naji Marshall to CJ McCollum557277716845.8%
CJ McCollum to Larry Nance Jr.23727295058.0%
Trey Murphy III to CJ McCollum553275614040.0%
Brandon Ingram to Jonas Valanciunas22826377450.0%
Zion Williamson to Trey Murphy III13126276640.9%
Jose Alvarado to Naji Marshall21224305950.8%
Jose Alvarado to Larry Nance Jr.23323244652.2%
Zion Williamson to CJ McCollum29223347644.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Brandon Ingram21322399043.3%
Brandon Ingram to Larry Nance Jr.12221234254.8%
Jose Alvarado to Trey Murphy III15420205238.5%
Naji Marshall to Larry Nance Jr.10820202774.1%
Devonte' Graham to Larry Nance Jr.11719203066.7%
CJ McCollum to Jose Alvarado24419256339.7%
Jonas Valanciunas to Naji Marshall27218265944.1%
Dyson Daniels to Jonas Valanciunas12217213953.8%
Jose Alvarado to CJ McCollum32916319732.0%
Devonte' Graham to Jonas Valanciunas9616183847.4%
Naji Marshall to Jose Alvarado27316215935.6%
Jonas Valanciunas to Zion Williamson14116265844.8%
Jonas Valanciunas to Brandon Ingram388163911733.3%
CJ McCollum to Willy Hernangomez9015163447.1%
Jose Alvarado to Zion Williamson15714306050.0%
Dyson Daniels to Trey Murphy III9914143540.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Naji Marshall18114235641.1%
Jonas Valanciunas to Herbert Jones19514194146.3%
Zion Williamson to Jose Alvarado18514195038.0%
Zion Williamson to Naji Marshall9214153444.1%
Zion Williamson to Jonas Valanciunas8214143737.8%
Jose Alvarado to Devonte' Graham19413144332.6%
Jose Alvarado to Brandon Ingram14413235244.2%
Dyson Daniels to Willy Hernangomez9413133438.2%
Trey Murphy III to Naji Marshall19113205040.0%
Trey Murphy III to Zion Williamson11313223857.9%
Jonas Valanciunas to Trey Murphy III13913144233.3%
Dyson Daniels to CJ McCollum17712175133.3%
Devonte' Graham to Jose Alvarado19512194938.8%
Naji Marshall to Brandon Ingram16012315952.5%
CJ McCollum to Jaxson Hayes7712133043.3%
Dyson Daniels to Herbert Jones8911122352.2%
Dyson Daniels to Larry Nance Jr.10411122157.1%
Devonte' Graham to Naji Marshall14311144332.6%
Devonte' Graham to Zion Williamson9511183946.2%
Trey Murphy III to Brandon Ingram17611306546.2%
Trey Murphy III to Jonas Valanciunas14511183946.2%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jose Alvarado22511194938.8%
Larry Nance Jr. to Zion Williamson9511193850.0%
Josh Richardson to Brandon Ingram8711193751.4%
Jonas Valanciunas to Jose Alvarado33211215538.2%
Jose Alvarado to Herbert Jones11710122744.4%
Dyson Daniels to Naji Marshall11710173253.1%
Brandon Ingram to Jose Alvarado11110143342.4%
Brandon Ingram to Zion Williamson7510143540.0%
Herbert Jones to Zion Williamson9010162955.2%
Naji Marshall to Jaxson Hayes6310102245.5%
CJ McCollum to Devonte' Graham11410113036.7%
CJ McCollum to Josh Richardson9310102835.7%
Zion Williamson to Herbert Jones8610112937.9%
Jose Alvarado to Jaxson Hayes609102147.6%
Dyson Daniels to Jose Alvarado1419113135.5%
Brandon Ingram to Josh Richardson67992634.6%
Trey Murphy III to Herbert Jones1649124427.3%
Trey Murphy III to Larry Nance Jr.609101758.8%
Josh Richardson to Jonas Valanciunas769131776.5%
Jose Alvarado to Willy Hernangomez89882138.1%
Devonte' Graham to Trey Murphy III628122548.0%
Devonte' Graham to Willy Hernangomez58881361.5%
Brandon Ingram to Dyson Daniels55881266.7%
Naji Marshall to Herbert Jones1008102441.7%
Naji Marshall to Willy Hernangomez49891947.4%
Zion Williamson to Dyson Daniels65891560.0%
Zion Williamson to Devonte' Graham96892832.1%
Zion Williamson to Brandon Ingram808123237.5%
Dyson Daniels to Jaxson Hayes62772035.0%
Dyson Daniels to Zion Williamson677112055.0%
Dyson Daniels to Brandon Ingram817112839.3%
Devonte' Graham to Jaxson Hayes41771741.2%
Jaxson Hayes to Jose Alvarado787101662.5%
Jaxson Hayes to Trey Murphy III2877977.8%
Jaxson Hayes to CJ McCollum1097122842.9%
Brandon Ingram to Naji Marshall92782927.6%
Brandon Ingram to Jaxson Hayes22771070.0%
Naji Marshall to Zion Williamson1207193652.8%
Naji Marshall to Devonte' Graham136792339.1%
CJ McCollum to Dyson Daniels1247112839.3%
Trey Murphy III to Jose Alvarado1937143638.9%
Larry Nance Jr. to Josh Richardson45791181.8%
Jose Alvarado to Dyson Daniels93661735.3%
Devonte' Graham to Dyson Daniels95681361.5%
Devonte' Graham to CJ McCollum1416153740.5%
Herbert Jones to Naji Marshall114693129.0%
Herbert Jones to Larry Nance Jr.92671070.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Trey Murphy III85693228.1%
Larry Nance Jr. to Herbert Jones82692142.9%
Larry Nance Jr. to Devonte' Graham1386112347.8%
Dyson Daniels to Josh Richardson56581361.5%
Devonte' Graham to Herbert Jones46561735.3%
Herbert Jones to Josh Richardson56561346.2%
Garrett Temple to Willy Hernangomez17551050.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Dyson Daniels87561637.5%
Jonas Valanciunas to Josh Richardson77571643.8%
Zion Williamson to Larry Nance Jr.51551729.4%
Dyson Daniels to Kira Lewis Jr.39451050.0%
Dyson Daniels to Devonte' Graham95442119.0%
Devonte' Graham to Brandon Ingram69471643.8%
Willy Hernangomez to Jose Alvarado95491752.9%
Willy Hernangomez to Trey Murphy III1945862.5%
Willy Hernangomez to Kira Lewis Jr.4545955.6%
Willy Hernangomez to Garrett Temple2745862.5%
Brandon Ingram to Devonte' Graham5444850.0%
Trey Murphy III to Jaxson Hayes1944666.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Dyson Daniels92461833.3%
Josh Richardson to Herbert Jones4644850.0%
Josh Richardson to CJ McCollum1184113234.4%
Dyson Daniels to Garrett Temple3333933.3%
Jaxson Hayes to Dyson Daniels4434850.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Devonte' Graham48341625.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Devonte' Graham60331030.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Larry Nance Jr.9333100.0%
Willy Hernangomez to CJ McCollum1303133636.1%
Herbert Jones to Jose Alvarado161372330.4%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Trey Murphy III34351145.5%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Jaxson Hayes34331225.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Brandon Ingram38341136.4%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Jonas Valanciunas2333475.0%
Trey Murphy III to Dyson Daniels93341330.8%
Josh Richardson to Trey Murphy III33341428.6%
Josh Richardson to Naji Marshall75341625.0%
Garrett Temple to Naji Marshall1634944.4%
Jonas Valanciunas to Devonte' Graham109341428.6%
Devonte' Graham to Kira Lewis Jr.2424850.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Naji Marshall74231915.8%
Jaxson Hayes to Kira Lewis Jr.36241040.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Jaxson Hayes1022366.7%
Willy Hernangomez to Josh Richardson1323560.0%
Brandon Ingram to Kira Lewis Jr.2422825.0%
Herbert Jones to Jaxson Hayes2522450.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Herbert Jones3923742.9%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Devonte' Graham2224944.4%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Willy Hernangomez43231520.0%
Naji Marshall to Dyson Daniels116231030.0%
Naji Marshall to Josh Richardson60221711.8%
CJ McCollum to Kira Lewis Jr.2022540.0%
Trey Murphy III to Willy Hernangomez1822540.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Kira Lewis Jr.2324580.0%
Jose Alvarado to Dereon Seabron2111100.0%
Jose Alvarado to Garrett Temple5111100.0%
Devonte' Graham to Garrett Temple2112825.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Larry Nance Jr.811333.3%
Jaxson Hayes to Jonas Valanciunas611250.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Garrett Temple1111714.3%
Willy Hernangomez to Dyson Daniels6612728.6%
Willy Hernangomez to Naji Marshall69151729.4%
Willy Hernangomez to Zion Williamson32171258.3%
Willy Hernangomez to Brandon Ingram24171070.0%
Brandon Ingram to Willy Hernangomez1911714.3%
Herbert Jones to Dyson Daniels6811616.7%
Herbert Jones to Kira Lewis Jr.3811520.0%
Herbert Jones to Willy Hernangomez2511250.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Dyson Daniels2711333.3%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Naji Marshall3812922.2%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Josh Richardson1712728.6%
Kira Lewis Jr. to CJ McCollum2311812.5%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Garrett Temple811333.3%
Naji Marshall to Garrett Temple811250.0%
CJ McCollum to Garrett Temple611250.0%
Trey Murphy III to Devonte' Graham6612728.6%
Trey Murphy III to Josh Richardson4611520.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jaxson Hayes811333.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jonas Valanciunas4111100.0%
Josh Richardson to Dyson Daniels6111812.5%
Josh Richardson to Kira Lewis Jr.2911714.3%
Josh Richardson to Jaxson Hayes1912366.7%
Garrett Temple to Dyson Daniels3712633.3%
Garrett Temple to Trey Murphy III511425.0%
Garrett Temple to Kira Lewis Jr.1411250.0%
Garrett Temple to Jaxson Hayes1011425.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Kira Lewis Jr.2812450.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Jaxson Hayes1011333.3%
Zion Williamson to Jaxson Hayes3111100.0%
Zion Williamson to Willy Hernangomez911250.0%
Zion Williamson to Garrett Temple311250.0%
Jose Alvarado to Kira Lewis Jr.140020.0%
Jose Alvarado to Josh Richardson110020.0%
Dyson Daniels to Dereon Seabron30010.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Dereon Seabron30020.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Herbert Jones120040.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Zion Williamson501425.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Brandon Ingram270080.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Josh Richardson1702450.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Willy Hernangomez60000.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Dereon Seabron10000.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Herbert Jones280050.0%
Herbert Jones to Devonte' Graham5301616.7%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Dereon Seabron10000.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Jose Alvarado170050.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Larry Nance Jr.190010.0%
Naji Marshall to Kira Lewis Jr.4802728.6%
Trey Murphy III to Kira Lewis Jr.2901520.0%
Trey Murphy III to Garrett Temple30010.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Willy Hernangomez20000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Garrett Temple40000.0%
Josh Richardson to Jose Alvarado160030.0%
Josh Richardson to Larry Nance Jr.310020.0%
Josh Richardson to Willy Hernangomez60000.0%
Josh Richardson to Garrett Temple20000.0%
Dereon Seabron to Dyson Daniels20010.0%
Dereon Seabron to Kira Lewis Jr.30000.0%
Dereon Seabron to Jaxson Hayes30010.0%
Garrett Temple to Jose Alvarado110010.0%
Garrett Temple to Herbert Jones10010.0%
Garrett Temple to Zion Williamson40000.0%
Garrett Temple to Devonte' Graham220040.0%
Garrett Temple to Larry Nance Jr.20000.0%
Garrett Temple to CJ McCollum80030.0%
Garrett Temple to Jonas Valanciunas701250.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Larry Nance Jr.10010.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Garrett Temple80000.0%