2021 New Orleans Pelicans Team Passing Stats

The 2021 New Orleans Pelicans averaged 300 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Devonte' Graham to Jonas Valanciunas, with 69 assists on 726 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Devonte' Graham to Jonas Valanciunas726698418545.4%
Brandon Ingram to Jonas Valanciunas367657814553.8%
CJ McCollum to Jonas Valanciunas312435711051.8%
Josh Hart to Jonas Valanciunas280415010647.2%
Jonas Valanciunas to Brandon Ingram528417416445.1%
Brandon Ingram to Herbert Jones25439439545.3%
Devonte' Graham to Brandon Ingram584388622837.7%
Brandon Ingram to Devonte' Graham442374312933.3%
Devonte' Graham to Josh Hart30436478952.8%
Brandon Ingram to Jaxson Hayes13334347247.2%
Herbert Jones to Jonas Valanciunas27334417753.2%
Devonte' Graham to Herbert Jones416324110838.0%
Josh Hart to Brandon Ingram23730409243.5%
CJ McCollum to Herbert Jones17029326251.6%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jonas Valanciunas26528316944.9%
Josh Hart to Devonte' Graham436284110240.2%
Herbert Jones to Brandon Ingram312285112640.5%
Devonte' Graham to Nickeil Alexander-Walker340274110738.3%
Devonte' Graham to Jaxson Hayes16625264854.2%
Jonas Valanciunas to CJ McCollum432245110946.8%
Jose Alvarado to Jaxson Hayes14723245048.0%
Brandon Ingram to Nickeil Alexander-Walker14423267136.6%
Herbert Jones to Jaxson Hayes10523264065.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Devonte' Graham1021234915731.2%
Devonte' Graham to Garrett Temple21322245246.2%
Brandon Ingram to CJ McCollum15522355860.3%
Josh Hart to Nickeil Alexander-Walker19421257135.2%
Jonas Valanciunas to Herbert Jones25421276939.1%
Jose Alvarado to Willy Hernangomez18820214447.7%
Herbert Jones to Devonte' Graham43520349237.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jaxson Hayes8218192965.5%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Brandon Ingram16618305950.8%
Jonas Valanciunas to Nickeil Alexander-Walker30318288134.6%
Jose Alvarado to Trey Murphy III8517183847.4%
Devonte' Graham to CJ McCollum16917246139.3%
Josh Hart to Herbert Jones13717214942.9%
Brandon Ingram to Josh Hart16917215042.0%
CJ McCollum to Brandon Ingram22616266838.2%
Brandon Ingram to Willy Hernangomez7915162759.3%
CJ McCollum to Jaxson Hayes8615163545.7%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Devonte' Graham33514236535.4%
Naji Marshall to Trey Murphy III6814142850.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Josh Hart29614257632.9%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Willy Hernangomez10313142850.0%
Jose Alvarado to Jonas Valanciunas12613152853.6%
Devonte' Graham to Willy Hernangomez14813133537.1%
Josh Hart to Garrett Temple8713133735.1%
CJ McCollum to Devonte' Graham14513144233.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Nickeil Alexander-Walker13013164634.8%
Devonte' Graham to Trey Murphy III7912123138.7%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Josh Hart13711143836.8%
Devonte' Graham to Naji Marshall11311133240.6%
CJ McCollum to Willy Hernangomez7811132650.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Jaxson Hayes6711111957.9%
Garrett Temple to Devonte' Graham18911134231.0%
Garrett Temple to Jonas Valanciunas12011133339.4%
Brandon Ingram to Jose Alvarado9610133438.2%
Naji Marshall to Jaxson Hayes5910112937.9%
Tomas Satoransky to Herbert Jones5110122157.1%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Herbert Jones1079112839.3%
Jose Alvarado to Naji Marshall1309175332.1%
Jose Alvarado to Devonte' Graham909102835.7%
Jose Alvarado to CJ McCollum929143540.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Jonas Valanciunas469101283.3%
Willy Hernangomez to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1329183946.2%
Brandon Ingram to Trey Murphy III38992240.9%
Brandon Ingram to Garrett Temple639112839.3%
Herbert Jones to Josh Hart1169132846.4%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Jonas Valanciunas80992240.9%
CJ McCollum to Naji Marshall599102835.7%
Garrett Temple to Herbert Jones619111764.7%
Josh Hart to Willy Hernangomez54891752.9%
Brandon Ingram to Tony Snell19881080.0%
Herbert Jones to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1078143737.8%
Herbert Jones to CJ McCollum2648276342.9%
Naji Marshall to Willy Hernangomez44891560.0%
Trey Murphy III to Naji Marshall44892045.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Jonas Valanciunas123892634.6%
Jonas Valanciunas to Jaxson Hayes38881747.1%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Kira Lewis Jr.847122254.5%
Jose Alvarado to Herbert Jones94792437.5%
Jose Alvarado to Brandon Ingram1437224746.8%
Jose Alvarado to Larry Nance Jr.40771546.7%
Jose Alvarado to Garrett Temple45771450.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Herbert Jones84782138.1%
Willy Hernangomez to Brandon Ingram1297143540.0%
Herbert Jones to Willy Hernangomez91782138.1%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Trey Murphy III43782138.1%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1027143441.2%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Brandon Ingram687102147.6%
Tomas Satoransky to Willy Hernangomez60781457.1%
Garrett Temple to Josh Hart657112250.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Jose Alvarado1487142850.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Naji Marshall837122548.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Garrett Temple83662128.6%
Jose Alvarado to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1136133735.1%
Jose Alvarado to Tony Snell26661346.2%
Jaxson Hayes to Brandon Ingram1416184639.1%
Willy Hernangomez to CJ McCollum1496235442.6%
Brandon Ingram to Kira Lewis Jr.53682040.0%
Naji Marshall to Jose Alvarado1726113036.7%
Naji Marshall to Jonas Valanciunas67682729.6%
Tomas Satoransky to Brandon Ingram906103330.3%
Garrett Temple to Willy Hernangomez58681844.4%
Jonas Valanciunas to Trey Murphy III45672231.8%
Jonas Valanciunas to Garrett Temple98683522.9%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jose Alvarado1025102147.6%
Jared Harper to Gary Clark1655862.5%
Josh Hart to Jaxson Hayes32561154.5%
Willy Hernangomez to Jose Alvarado1705103231.3%
Willy Hernangomez to Devonte' Graham189582433.3%
Herbert Jones to Trey Murphy III39551729.4%
Herbert Jones to Kira Lewis Jr.47591560.0%
Naji Marshall to Devonte' Graham132592240.9%
CJ McCollum to Jose Alvarado69572133.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Trey Murphy III41561931.6%
Tomas Satoransky to Josh Hart74571741.2%
Tomas Satoransky to Garrett Temple63552321.7%
Garrett Temple to Jose Alvarado53571163.6%
Garrett Temple to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1005103627.8%
Garrett Temple to Jaxson Hayes46551145.5%
Jonas Valanciunas to Tomas Satoransky117551631.3%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Gary Clark22441233.3%
Jose Alvarado to Gary Clark35441040.0%
Gary Clark to Naji Marshall27461250.0%
Devonte' Graham to Jose Alvarado86471741.2%
Willy Hernangomez to Naji Marshall72452123.8%
Willy Hernangomez to Jaxson Hayes17451050.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Josh Hart92451729.4%
Brandon Ingram to Tomas Satoransky59441136.4%
Herbert Jones to Garrett Temple57451533.3%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Jaxson Hayes4244850.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Willy Hernangomez5145955.6%
Trey Murphy III to Jose Alvarado68481457.1%
Trey Murphy III to Brandon Ingram35461540.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Trey Murphy III20441136.4%
Garrett Temple to Kira Lewis Jr.3744850.0%
Devonte' Graham to Larry Nance Jr.2333560.0%
Devonte' Graham to Tony Snell3134944.4%
Jared Harper to Garrett Temple1933837.5%
Jaxson Hayes to Jose Alvarado125361637.5%
Jaxson Hayes to Trey Murphy III25331323.1%
Jaxson Hayes to Herbert Jones92351827.8%
Jaxson Hayes to Naji Marshall59361637.5%
Jaxson Hayes to CJ McCollum1123113135.5%
Brandon Ingram to Gary Clark16331030.0%
Herbert Jones to Jose Alvarado86341136.4%
Herbert Jones to Tony Snell1333837.5%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Herbert Jones3633837.5%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Naji Marshall42331421.4%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Garrett Temple3533837.5%
Naji Marshall to Larry Nance Jr.1633475.0%
Naji Marshall to CJ McCollum1113152560.0%
CJ McCollum to Larry Nance Jr.2133742.9%
CJ McCollum to Garrett Temple1833650.0%
Trey Murphy III to Willy Hernangomez25351241.7%
Tony Snell to Devonte' Graham42341136.4%
Garrett Temple to Brandon Ingram883113234.4%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Tomas Satoransky117221513.3%
Jose Alvarado to Josh Hart3523933.3%
Jose Alvarado to Tomas Satoransky11222100.0%
Gary Clark to Trey Murphy III6233100.0%
Gary Clark to Jared Harper1624666.7%
Gary Clark to Devonte' Graham3923742.9%
Gary Clark to Tony Snell1022450.0%
Gary Clark to Jonas Valanciunas1523475.0%
Gary Clark to Garrett Temple3224944.4%
Jared Harper to Larry Nance Jr.1022366.7%
Jared Harper to Tony Snell1123475.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Gary Clark1722366.7%
Jaxson Hayes to Devonte' Graham1892113333.3%
Jaxson Hayes to Josh Hart50251050.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Willy Hernangomez822450.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Trey Murphy III28221118.2%
Willy Hernangomez to Kira Lewis Jr.78241526.7%
Willy Hernangomez to Jared Harper1224580.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Tyrone Wallace1122450.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Tomas Satoransky81251338.5%
Brandon Ingram to Naji Marshall2122633.3%
Herbert Jones to Naji Marshall2622728.6%
Herbert Jones to Larry Nance Jr.5222100.0%
Naji Marshall to Nickeil Alexander-Walker32241040.0%
CJ McCollum to Trey Murphy III20221020.0%
CJ McCollum to Tony Snell26221118.2%
Trey Murphy III to Herbert Jones2123475.0%
Trey Murphy III to Kira Lewis Jr.41221118.2%
Trey Murphy III to Nickeil Alexander-Walker2624944.4%
Trey Murphy III to Devonte' Graham73261931.6%
Trey Murphy III to Josh Hart1122366.7%
Trey Murphy III to Tyrone Wallace922366.7%
Trey Murphy III to Garrett Temple1422366.7%
Tomas Satoransky to Jose Alvarado622366.7%
Tomas Satoransky to Kira Lewis Jr.3522825.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Gary Clark1422540.0%
Garrett Temple to Gary Clark2423475.0%
Garrett Temple to CJ McCollum2124666.7%
Jonas Valanciunas to Kira Lewis Jr.89261637.5%
Jonas Valanciunas to Tyrone Wallace922633.3%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Naji Marshall2311616.7%
Jose Alvarado to Alize Johnson811333.3%
Jose Alvarado to Tyrone Wallace1011333.3%
Gary Clark to Jaxson Hayes8111100.0%
Gary Clark to Brandon Ingram1712540.0%
Gary Clark to Larry Nance Jr.311250.0%
Devonte' Graham to Gary Clark33111010.0%
Devonte' Graham to Alize Johnson2111100.0%
Devonte' Graham to Tomas Satoransky4411616.7%
Jared Harper to Trey Murphy III811250.0%
Jared Harper to Herbert Jones1111100.0%
Josh Hart to Jose Alvarado3513650.0%
Josh Hart to Trey Murphy III1011520.0%
Josh Hart to Naji Marshall811333.3%
Josh Hart to Kira Lewis Jr.3111333.3%
Jaxson Hayes to Kira Lewis Jr.4811812.5%
Jaxson Hayes to Nickeil Alexander-Walker123163020.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Tony Snell712366.7%
Jaxson Hayes to Tomas Satoransky5911812.5%
Jaxson Hayes to Garrett Temple3511911.1%
Willy Hernangomez to Gary Clark611250.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Garrett Temple5511812.5%
Alize Johnson to Garrett Temple4111100.0%
Herbert Jones to Gary Clark1111425.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Josh Hart2414850.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Tomas Satoransky32133100.0%
Didi Louzada to Naji Marshall1111100.0%
Naji Marshall to Herbert Jones34121118.2%
Naji Marshall to Gary Clark1111425.0%
Naji Marshall to Brandon Ingram2211520.0%
Naji Marshall to Tony Snell1111425.0%
Trey Murphy III to Jaxson Hayes2311616.7%
Trey Murphy III to Jared Harper711250.0%
Trey Murphy III to Gary Clark712366.7%
Trey Murphy III to CJ McCollum2613933.3%
Trey Murphy III to Tomas Satoransky3312540.0%
Trey Murphy III to Jonas Valanciunas32131030.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jose Alvarado4314850.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Herbert Jones812450.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Brandon Ingram1012450.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to CJ McCollum28151050.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Devonte' Graham4215955.6%
Tony Snell to Jaxson Hayes911250.0%
Tony Snell to Jared Harper1912450.0%
Tony Snell to Gary Clark911250.0%
Tony Snell to CJ McCollum61181747.1%
Tony Snell to Garrett Temple911333.3%
Garrett Temple to Trey Murphy III1011333.3%
Garrett Temple to Naji Marshall912450.0%
Jonas Valanciunas to Larry Nance Jr.811333.3%
Jonas Valanciunas to Tony Snell1111333.3%
Tyrone Wallace to Jaxson Hayes2111100.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Trey Murphy III270090.0%
Jose Alvarado to Kira Lewis Jr.13022100.0%
Gary Clark to Jose Alvarado7405955.6%
Gary Clark to Herbert Jones90000.0%
Gary Clark to Nickeil Alexander-Walker260060.0%
Gary Clark to Alize Johnson10010.0%
Gary Clark to Josh Hart70000.0%
Gary Clark to Tyrone Wallace30000.0%
Gary Clark to Willy Hernangomez60010.0%
Gary Clark to CJ McCollum2203475.0%
Gary Clark to Tomas Satoransky200030.0%
Devonte' Graham to Kira Lewis Jr.501333.3%
Devonte' Graham to Tyrone Wallace60010.0%
Jared Harper to Naji Marshall60030.0%
Jared Harper to Jaxson Hayes50010.0%
Jared Harper to Willy Hernangomez30000.0%
Jared Harper to Tomas Satoransky90020.0%
Josh Hart to Gary Clark30000.0%
Josh Hart to Josh Hart1011100.0%
Josh Hart to Tomas Satoransky770050.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Jared Harper40010.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Tyrone Wallace10000.0%
Jaxson Hayes to Larry Nance Jr.30000.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Larry Nance Jr.50010.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Tony Snell80000.0%
Brandon Ingram to Larry Nance Jr.50010.0%
Alize Johnson to Jose Alvarado1501333.3%
Alize Johnson to Naji Marshall50020.0%
Alize Johnson to Gary Clark20010.0%
Alize Johnson to Tyrone Wallace10000.0%
Herbert Jones to Jared Harper20000.0%
Herbert Jones to Tyrone Wallace20000.0%
Herbert Jones to Tomas Satoransky5601714.3%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Jose Alvarado1401425.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Didi Louzada20000.0%
Kira Lewis Jr. to Devonte' Graham60010.0%
Didi Louzada to Jose Alvarado20010.0%
Didi Louzada to Kira Lewis Jr.30010.0%
Didi Louzada to Tomas Satoransky3011100.0%
Naji Marshall to Kira Lewis Jr.47031030.0%
Naji Marshall to Jared Harper140010.0%
Naji Marshall to Alize Johnson10000.0%
Naji Marshall to Josh Hart801250.0%
Naji Marshall to Tyrone Wallace130020.0%
Naji Marshall to Tomas Satoransky260040.0%
Naji Marshall to Garrett Temple120010.0%
CJ McCollum to Gary Clark50010.0%
CJ McCollum to Tyrone Wallace10000.0%
Trey Murphy III to Didi Louzada20010.0%
Trey Murphy III to Alize Johnson10000.0%
Trey Murphy III to Larry Nance Jr.70010.0%
Trey Murphy III to Tony Snell60000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Naji Marshall2101714.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jaxson Hayes30010.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jared Harper130020.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Gary Clark20000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Devonte' Graham240050.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Willy Hernangomez3011100.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Tony Snell20000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jonas Valanciunas20010.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Garrett Temple40010.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Naji Marshall3301714.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Didi Louzada40020.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Jared Harper70010.0%
Tony Snell to Jose Alvarado5302540.0%
Tony Snell to Trey Murphy III10010.0%
Tony Snell to Herbert Jones160030.0%
Tony Snell to Naji Marshall1301425.0%
Tony Snell to Brandon Ingram2302450.0%
Tony Snell to Larry Nance Jr.40010.0%
Tony Snell to Willy Hernangomez60020.0%
Tony Snell to Jonas Valanciunas80020.0%
Garrett Temple to Didi Louzada10000.0%
Garrett Temple to Jared Harper1301250.0%
Garrett Temple to De'Aaron Fox10000.0%
Garrett Temple to Larry Nance Jr.80000.0%
Garrett Temple to Tony Snell801333.3%
Garrett Temple to Tomas Satoransky7401714.3%
Jonas Valanciunas to Gary Clark40020.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Jose Alvarado140010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Trey Murphy III60020.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Herbert Jones20010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Naji Marshall120010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Gary Clark20010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Alize Johnson20010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Devonte' Graham10000.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Willy Hernangomez601250.0%
Tyrone Wallace to CJ McCollum10010.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Jonas Valanciunas11033100.0%