2015 Oklahoma City Thunder Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Oklahoma City Thunder averaged 257 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Russell Westbrook to Kevin Durant, with 250 assists on 1694 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Russell Westbrook to Kevin Durant169425035976646.9%
Russell Westbrook to Serge Ibaka77819120041847.8%
Russell Westbrook to Steven Adams72912713624954.6%
Kevin Durant to Serge Ibaka4459510523644.5%
Russell Westbrook to Enes Kanter3609411020553.7%
Russell Westbrook to Andre Roberson273666812853.1%
Kevin Durant to Russell Westbrook8526513830245.7%
Kevin Durant to Steven Adams23643477265.3%
Kevin Durant to Enes Kanter17538479350.5%
Russell Westbrook to Dion Waiters314385412642.9%
Kevin Durant to Dion Waiters316365815138.4%
Dion Waiters to Enes Kanter15527306943.5%
Russell Westbrook to Anthony Morrow14126327244.4%
Cameron Payne to Enes Kanter20525367150.7%
Steven Adams to Kevin Durant29420449446.8%
Kevin Durant to Andre Roberson16220225341.5%
Dion Waiters to Serge Ibaka9820224845.8%
D.J. Augustin to Enes Kanter18619296842.6%
Dion Waiters to Russell Westbrook274194410342.7%
Dion Waiters to Kevin Durant20719389340.9%
Kevin Durant to Kyle Singler7117183551.4%
Randy Foye to Enes Kanter7417223857.9%
Steven Adams to Russell Westbrook19541613935039.7%
Serge Ibaka to Kevin Durant29616368442.9%
Cameron Payne to Kyle Singler8915172958.6%
Cameron Payne to Anthony Morrow11115224845.8%
Andre Roberson to Kevin Durant18215266142.6%
Serge Ibaka to Russell Westbrook911147421334.7%
Dion Waiters to Kyle Singler9914144233.3%
Kevin Durant to Anthony Morrow5713143836.8%
Dion Waiters to Anthony Morrow8713174438.6%
D.J. Augustin to Serge Ibaka6612142751.9%
Nick Collison to Kevin Durant5512162661.5%
Cameron Payne to Kevin Durant17312266043.3%
Russell Westbrook to Kyle Singler8612143836.8%
Steven Adams to Serge Ibaka17611133537.1%
Nick Collison to Enes Kanter3911132748.1%
Cameron Payne to Dion Waiters20811227628.9%
Andre Roberson to Russell Westbrook355114111934.5%
Dion Waiters to Cameron Payne10511183748.6%
Kevin Durant to Cameron Payne9610123040.0%
Enes Kanter to Kevin Durant26610347346.6%
Dion Waiters to Steven Adams6510112055.0%
D.J. Augustin to Dion Waiters1619204940.8%
D.J. Augustin to Kevin Durant959143342.4%
Kevin Durant to Randy Foye1269134231.0%
Randy Foye to Kevin Durant1549224944.9%
Andre Roberson to Serge Ibaka859133043.3%
Nick Collison to Anthony Morrow43892339.1%
Serge Ibaka to Andre Roberson86892536.0%
Serge Ibaka to Dion Waiters1428144531.1%
Nick Collison to Dion Waiters104793525.7%
Kevin Durant to Nick Collison42771450.0%
Randy Foye to Dion Waiters797153542.9%
Kyle Singler to Enes Kanter617132065.0%
Serge Ibaka to Anthony Morrow28671450.0%
Enes Kanter to Dion Waiters2336247133.8%
Dion Waiters to D.J. Augustin94662425.0%
Dion Waiters to Nick Collison76671643.8%
Steven Adams to Andre Roberson138561637.5%
Steven Adams to Dion Waiters1025102835.7%
D.J. Augustin to Nick Collison103551435.7%
Kevin Durant to D.J. Augustin59561637.5%
Serge Ibaka to Steven Adams52581747.1%
Cameron Payne to Steven Adams41561154.5%
Cameron Payne to Serge Ibaka41551631.3%
Dion Waiters to Randy Foye50571643.8%
Russell Westbrook to Randy Foye68572528.0%
Steven Adams to Anthony Morrow36461637.5%
Nick Collison to Cameron Payne115491850.0%
Nick Collison to Kyle Singler47441330.8%
Enes Kanter to Anthony Morrow42461735.3%
Enes Kanter to D.J. Augustin3714162955.2%
Anthony Morrow to Serge Ibaka2744944.4%
Cameron Payne to Steve Novak1845955.6%
Cameron Payne to Nick Collison85441428.6%
Andre Roberson to Dion Waiters55482138.1%
Kyle Singler to Kevin Durant60471936.8%
D.J. Augustin to Anthony Morrow82352420.8%
Randy Foye to Serge Ibaka1733933.3%
Serge Ibaka to Enes Kanter1333475.0%
Serge Ibaka to D.J. Augustin65371163.6%
Enes Kanter to Cameron Payne4543296544.6%
Enes Kanter to Russell Westbrook80136215440.3%
Anthony Morrow to Cameron Payne55351338.5%
Anthony Morrow to Russell Westbrook793132846.4%
Anthony Morrow to Nick Collison3633650.0%
Cameron Payne to Randy Foye39341233.3%
Andre Roberson to Enes Kanter2134666.7%
Kyle Singler to Anthony Morrow27341428.6%
Russell Westbrook to Nick Collison66331127.3%
Steven Adams to Kyle Singler1322540.0%
D.J. Augustin to Mitch McGary1322633.3%
D.J. Augustin to Steven Adams2522450.0%
D.J. Augustin to Russell Westbrook27251050.0%
Randy Foye to Cameron Payne37231323.1%
Randy Foye to Josh Huestis3222100.0%
Randy Foye to Steven Adams2122450.0%
Randy Foye to Kyle Singler29231127.3%
Randy Foye to Anthony Morrow1923837.5%
Randy Foye to Russell Westbrook61282334.8%
Serge Ibaka to Cameron Payne56281844.4%
Enes Kanter to Kyle Singler64221315.4%
Anthony Morrow to Steven Adams3222540.0%
Anthony Morrow to Dion Waiters812112839.3%
Anthony Morrow to Enes Kanter59262030.0%
Anthony Morrow to Kevin Durant2723650.0%
Cameron Payne to Mitch McGary18251145.5%
Cameron Payne to Russell Westbrook2825955.6%
Andre Roberson to Anthony Morrow1324944.4%
Kyle Singler to Cameron Payne922102638.5%
Kyle Singler to Serge Ibaka1322728.6%
Kyle Singler to Russell Westbrook1232113531.4%
Kyle Singler to Nick Collison1922540.0%
Dion Waiters to Andre Roberson44231225.0%
Steven Adams to Enes Kanter613560.0%
Steven Adams to D.J. Augustin7112728.6%
D.J. Augustin to Cameron Payne2311520.0%
D.J. Augustin to Andre Roberson2211520.0%
D.J. Augustin to Kyle Singler5711128.3%
Nick Collison to Josh Huestis611425.0%
Nick Collison to Serge Ibaka1011616.7%
Nick Collison to D.J. Augustin99131816.7%
Nick Collison to Russell Westbrook1331133438.2%
Nick Collison to Randy Foye3313650.0%
Nick Collison to Nazr Mohammed1111100.0%
Randy Foye to Mitch McGary3111100.0%
Randy Foye to Nick Collison2411520.0%
Serge Ibaka to Kyle Singler15122100.0%
Enes Kanter to Steven Adams8111100.0%
Enes Kanter to Randy Foye141171546.7%
Enes Kanter to Nick Collison8212366.7%
Mitch McGary to Steve Novak1111100.0%
Mitch McGary to Randy Foye811250.0%
Mitch McGary to Nick Collison2111100.0%
Nazr Mohammed to Anthony Morrow311250.0%
Anthony Morrow to Andre Roberson911425.0%
Anthony Morrow to D.J. Augustin3812633.3%
Anthony Morrow to Randy Foye811425.0%
Cameron Payne to Andre Roberson1811250.0%
Cameron Payne to D.J. Augustin1611250.0%
Andre Roberson to Kyle Singler8111100.0%
Kyle Singler to Dion Waiters79152321.7%
Kyle Singler to Randy Foye4213742.9%
Dion Waiters to Josh Huestis311250.0%
Dion Waiters to Mitch McGary1013650.0%
Russell Westbrook to Cameron Payne2312922.2%
Russell Westbrook to Josh Huestis311250.0%
Russell Westbrook to D.J. Augustin2311425.0%
Steven Adams to Cameron Payne97031323.1%
Steven Adams to Randy Foye4201911.1%
Steven Adams to Nick Collison150000.0%
D.J. Augustin to Steve Novak10000.0%
Nick Collison to Mitch McGary10000.0%
Nick Collison to Steven Adams50000.0%
Nick Collison to Andre Roberson120040.0%
Kevin Durant to Kevin Durant10010.0%
Randy Foye to Andre Roberson40000.0%
Josh Huestis to Cameron Payne1101250.0%
Josh Huestis to Dion Waiters301250.0%
Josh Huestis to Enes Kanter10000.0%
Josh Huestis to Russell Westbrook20000.0%
Josh Huestis to Randy Foye60010.0%
Josh Huestis to Nick Collison10000.0%
Serge Ibaka to Randy Foye260070.0%
Serge Ibaka to Nick Collison40000.0%
Enes Kanter to Josh Huestis40000.0%
Enes Kanter to Mitch McGary100000.0%
Enes Kanter to Andre Roberson190000.0%
Enes Kanter to Enes Kanter10000.0%
Enes Kanter to Serge Ibaka630090.0%
Enes Kanter to Steve Novak50020.0%
Mitch McGary to Cameron Payne3801333.3%
Mitch McGary to Andre Roberson20010.0%
Mitch McGary to Dion Waiters110020.0%
Mitch McGary to Kyle Singler60010.0%
Mitch McGary to Anthony Morrow30020.0%
Mitch McGary to D.J. Augustin160010.0%
Mitch McGary to Russell Westbrook30000.0%
Nazr Mohammed to Cameron Payne90010.0%
Nazr Mohammed to Dion Waiters1011100.0%
Nazr Mohammed to Randy Foye30010.0%
Nazr Mohammed to Nick Collison20000.0%
Anthony Morrow to Josh Huestis10000.0%
Anthony Morrow to Mitch McGary40000.0%
Anthony Morrow to Kyle Singler170030.0%
Anthony Morrow to Nazr Mohammed2011100.0%
Steve Novak to Cameron Payne1302540.0%
Steve Novak to Mitch McGary10000.0%
Steve Novak to Kyle Singler40010.0%
Steve Novak to Anthony Morrow10010.0%
Steve Novak to D.J. Augustin30000.0%
Cameron Payne to Josh Huestis50020.0%
Cameron Payne to Nazr Mohammed110030.0%
Andre Roberson to Cameron Payne2601714.3%
Andre Roberson to Steven Adams4903560.0%
Andre Roberson to D.J. Augustin160020.0%
Andre Roberson to Randy Foye1201333.3%
Andre Roberson to Nick Collison40000.0%
Kyle Singler to Josh Huestis10010.0%
Kyle Singler to Mitch McGary80000.0%
Kyle Singler to Steven Adams140020.0%
Kyle Singler to Andre Roberson120020.0%
Kyle Singler to D.J. Augustin6301616.7%
Kyle Singler to Steve Novak40000.0%
Dion Waiters to Rashad Vaughn10000.0%
Russell Westbrook to Mitch McGary40010.0%
Russell Westbrook to Russell Westbrook40000.0%