2016 Oklahoma City Thunder Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Oklahoma City Thunder averaged 256 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Russell Westbrook to Steven Adams, with 187 assists on 911 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Russell Westbrook to Steven Adams91118721140851.7%
Russell Westbrook to Victor Oladipo91115019342145.8%
Russell Westbrook to Andre Roberson65511711926345.2%
Russell Westbrook to Enes Kanter3998910722547.6%
Russell Westbrook to Domantas Sabonis632788823237.9%
Russell Westbrook to Jerami Grant236455011244.6%
Russell Westbrook to Alex Abrines20242469846.9%
Russell Westbrook to Taj Gibson218415511448.2%
Steven Adams to Russell Westbrook12403915141036.8%
Victor Oladipo to Russell Westbrook6813910525641.0%
Semaj Christon to Enes Kanter278387213553.3%
Russell Westbrook to Anthony Morrow15229338837.5%
Victor Oladipo to Steven Adams21528336352.4%
Andre Roberson to Russell Westbrook11112613133439.2%
Russell Westbrook to Joffrey Lauvergne11725295750.9%
Victor Oladipo to Domantas Sabonis21423356950.7%
Domantas Sabonis to Victor Oladipo24018316845.6%
Semaj Christon to Victor Oladipo23017359238.0%
Victor Oladipo to Enes Kanter13316296743.3%
Steven Adams to Andre Roberson13515183847.4%
Semaj Christon to Alex Abrines17115184936.7%
Enes Kanter to Alex Abrines9014153740.5%
Victor Oladipo to Jerami Grant9414162955.2%
Victor Oladipo to Andre Roberson15414143935.9%
Cameron Payne to Joffrey Lauvergne8714153050.0%
Russell Westbrook to Doug McDermott8314174537.8%
Victor Oladipo to Joffrey Lauvergne8313152951.7%
Andre Roberson to Victor Oladipo22713247034.3%
Enes Kanter to Russell Westbrook503126518435.3%
Domantas Sabonis to Steven Adams10312264656.5%
Andre Roberson to Domantas Sabonis12410184045.0%
Semaj Christon to Jerami Grant1869235145.1%
Enes Kanter to Victor Oladipo1149214843.8%
Domantas Sabonis to Andre Roberson1459123435.3%
Domantas Sabonis to Russell Westbrook105398123634.3%
Semaj Christon to Domantas Sabonis2028145625.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Jerami Grant698102540.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Anthony Morrow428101952.6%
Domantas Sabonis to Alex Abrines61882334.8%
Steven Adams to Victor Oladipo1827145127.5%
Semaj Christon to Joffrey Lauvergne1777123930.8%
Jerami Grant to Russell Westbrook44275514837.2%
Enes Kanter to Andre Roberson58781747.1%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Enes Kanter43782138.1%
Cameron Payne to Jerami Grant74782630.8%
Andre Roberson to Enes Kanter767153641.7%
Alex Abrines to Domantas Sabonis486132454.2%
Alex Abrines to Enes Kanter1396276640.9%
Semaj Christon to Anthony Morrow33671643.8%
Jerami Grant to Alex Abrines72662524.0%
Jerami Grant to Victor Oladipo1466134429.5%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Cameron Payne108692733.3%
Anthony Morrow to Joffrey Lauvergne17671258.3%
Victor Oladipo to Semaj Christon142692240.9%
Cameron Payne to Enes Kanter686102441.7%
Andre Roberson to Alex Abrines51682040.0%
Andre Roberson to Steven Adams1356132552.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Jerami Grant41661442.9%
Alex Abrines to Steven Adams49591275.0%
Steven Adams to Alex Abrines47551631.3%
Semaj Christon to Kyle Singler51551631.3%
Norris Cole to Enes Kanter425132552.0%
Enes Kanter to Joffrey Lauvergne32551145.5%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Alex Abrines55571741.2%
Victor Oladipo to Anthony Morrow28571450.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Joffrey Lauvergne16551050.0%
Russell Westbrook to Semaj Christon47551241.7%
Alex Abrines to Joffrey Lauvergne39461346.2%
Alex Abrines to Russell Westbrook1794216333.3%
Steven Adams to Domantas Sabonis82442020.0%
Steven Adams to Anthony Morrow28441526.7%
Semaj Christon to Taj Gibson41481650.0%
Semaj Christon to Russell Westbrook804103231.3%
Semaj Christon to Nick Collison5145771.4%
Nick Collison to Russell Westbrook48482138.1%
Taj Gibson to Doug McDermott26471163.6%
Jerami Grant to Domantas Sabonis30471163.6%
Jerami Grant to Cameron Payne107491850.0%
Jerami Grant to Enes Kanter684112740.7%
Enes Kanter to Doug McDermott17441136.4%
Enes Kanter to Jerami Grant63472429.2%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Semaj Christon192472133.3%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Kyle Singler1944757.1%
Victor Oladipo to Cameron Payne46461250.0%
Victor Oladipo to Doug McDermott1644850.0%
Victor Oladipo to Taj Gibson25441136.4%
Cameron Payne to Victor Oladipo644112642.3%
Andre Roberson to Jerami Grant41441428.6%
Domantas Sabonis to Doug McDermott30471353.8%
Domantas Sabonis to Semaj Christon245482433.3%
Domantas Sabonis to Enes Kanter20471163.6%
Alex Abrines to Jerami Grant36351435.7%
Steven Adams to Doug McDermott1033650.0%
Steven Adams to Jerami Grant33341040.0%
Steven Adams to Enes Kanter28351241.7%
Steven Adams to Taj Gibson1733837.5%
Semaj Christon to Andre Roberson5433742.9%
Nick Collison to Kyle Singler1433650.0%
Taj Gibson to Steven Adams28371353.8%
Jerami Grant to Doug McDermott1934666.7%
Jerami Grant to Joffrey Lauvergne46332015.0%
Enes Kanter to Semaj Christon269383225.0%
Enes Kanter to Steven Adams2436966.7%
Enes Kanter to Kyle Singler1734757.1%
Enes Kanter to Anthony Morrow28361250.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Victor Oladipo95381942.1%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Andre Roberson3036966.7%
Anthony Morrow to Victor Oladipo31361346.2%
Anthony Morrow to Enes Kanter28341040.0%
Anthony Morrow to Russell Westbrook783122646.2%
Victor Oladipo to Alex Abrines3233837.5%
Cameron Payne to Josh Huestis4333100.0%
Cameron Payne to Alex Abrines58351338.5%
Andre Roberson to Anthony Morrow29351338.5%
Domantas Sabonis to Anthony Morrow31341625.0%
Kyle Singler to Enes Kanter2536966.7%
Russell Westbrook to Kyle Singler27341723.5%
Alex Abrines to Cameron Payne53251050.0%
Alex Abrines to Taj Gibson7222100.0%
Alex Abrines to Anthony Morrow322366.7%
Steven Adams to Semaj Christon4923650.0%
Semaj Christon to Doug McDermott49231323.1%
Semaj Christon to Ersan Ilyasova2122450.0%
Norris Cole to Domantas Sabonis1122633.3%
Norris Cole to Doug McDermott1922540.0%
Norris Cole to Jerami Grant2623933.3%
Taj Gibson to Russell Westbrook2802156025.0%
Jerami Grant to Kyle Singler1222366.7%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Russell Westbrook2032186428.1%
Doug McDermott to Alex Abrines5222100.0%
Doug McDermott to Steven Adams1123475.0%
Doug McDermott to Norris Cole1722633.3%
Doug McDermott to Enes Kanter35251533.3%
Victor Oladipo to Norris Cole822366.7%
Andre Roberson to Doug McDermott6222100.0%
Andre Roberson to Joffrey Lauvergne2222825.0%
Kyle Singler to Alex Abrines1023475.0%
Russell Westbrook to Norris Cole622450.0%
Russell Westbrook to Ersan Ilyasova1622825.0%
Alex Abrines to Semaj Christon161192240.9%
Alex Abrines to Victor Oladipo50191752.9%
Alex Abrines to Andre Roberson3511714.3%
Steven Adams to Joffrey Lauvergne711250.0%
Norris Cole to Alex Abrines1511520.0%
Norris Cole to Steven Adams8111100.0%
Norris Cole to Nick Collison1911250.0%
Nick Collison to Doug McDermott611425.0%
Nick Collison to Semaj Christon4311425.0%
Nick Collison to Victor Oladipo1511714.3%
Nick Collison to Andre Roberson611250.0%
Nick Collison to Anthony Morrow4111100.0%
Taj Gibson to Alex Abrines1212728.6%
Taj Gibson to Victor Oladipo2612633.3%
Taj Gibson to Andre Roberson2612450.0%
Taj Gibson to Enes Kanter911333.3%
Jerami Grant to Josh Huestis3111100.0%
Jerami Grant to Semaj Christon258162722.2%
Jerami Grant to Steven Adams2613837.5%
Jerami Grant to Taj Gibson411250.0%
Jerami Grant to Anthony Morrow28131127.3%
Jerami Grant to Nick Collison6111100.0%
Josh Huestis to Cameron Payne611250.0%
Josh Huestis to Semaj Christon6111100.0%
Josh Huestis to Victor Oladipo1111100.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Kyle Singler1011250.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Russell Westbrook3413837.5%
Enes Kanter to Cameron Payne68131520.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Steven Adams611333.3%
Doug McDermott to Domantas Sabonis1811333.3%
Doug McDermott to Semaj Christon4814757.1%
Doug McDermott to Andre Roberson6111100.0%
Doug McDermott to Russell Westbrook851112445.8%
Anthony Morrow to Domantas Sabonis19111100.0%
Anthony Morrow to Jerami Grant1511250.0%
Anthony Morrow to Steven Adams2912728.6%
Anthony Morrow to Andre Roberson2811333.3%
Victor Oladipo to Kyle Singler1912728.6%
Victor Oladipo to Nick Collison10111100.0%
Cameron Payne to Andre Roberson2111520.0%
Cameron Payne to Kyle Singler811425.0%
Andre Roberson to Semaj Christon8313650.0%
Andre Roberson to Taj Gibson2213742.9%
Domantas Sabonis to Kyle Singler2413742.9%
Kyle Singler to Domantas Sabonis1411425.0%
Kyle Singler to Jerami Grant1511520.0%
Kyle Singler to Nick Collison5122100.0%
Russell Westbrook to Josh Huestis411333.3%
Russell Westbrook to Nick Collison1811333.3%
Alex Abrines to Josh Huestis10000.0%
Alex Abrines to Doug McDermott50030.0%
Alex Abrines to Alex Abrines10000.0%
Alex Abrines to Kyle Singler150030.0%
Alex Abrines to Norris Cole1202450.0%
Alex Abrines to Nick Collison100020.0%
Steven Adams to Cameron Payne190040.0%
Steven Adams to Kyle Singler120040.0%
Steven Adams to Norris Cole30000.0%
Steven Adams to Nick Collison20000.0%
Semaj Christon to Cameron Payne100030.0%
Semaj Christon to Josh Huestis20000.0%
Semaj Christon to Steven Adams420060.0%
Semaj Christon to Norris Cole140030.0%
Norris Cole to Josh Huestis10010.0%
Norris Cole to Semaj Christon801250.0%
Norris Cole to Victor Oladipo1103475.0%
Norris Cole to Andre Roberson30010.0%
Norris Cole to Kyle Singler40010.0%
Norris Cole to Taj Gibson1401333.3%
Norris Cole to Russell Westbrook50020.0%
Nick Collison to Domantas Sabonis20010.0%
Nick Collison to Cameron Payne1803560.0%
Nick Collison to Josh Huestis10010.0%
Nick Collison to Jerami Grant1701520.0%
Nick Collison to Joffrey Lauvergne10000.0%
Nick Collison to Alex Abrines170040.0%
Nick Collison to Steven Adams30010.0%
Nick Collison to Norris Cole260080.0%
Nick Collison to Enes Kanter10010.0%
Taj Gibson to Domantas Sabonis10010.0%
Taj Gibson to Jerami Grant30010.0%
Taj Gibson to Semaj Christon410020.0%
Taj Gibson to Kyle Singler20000.0%
Taj Gibson to Norris Cole2801425.0%
Jerami Grant to Andre Roberson38041233.3%
Jerami Grant to Norris Cole4502633.3%
Josh Huestis to Domantas Sabonis10000.0%
Josh Huestis to Jerami Grant10000.0%
Josh Huestis to Alex Abrines30000.0%
Josh Huestis to Norris Cole30010.0%
Josh Huestis to Taj Gibson10000.0%
Josh Huestis to Russell Westbrook50000.0%
Josh Huestis to Nick Collison10000.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Semaj Christon240050.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Alex Abrines10010.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Victor Oladipo1801425.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Steven Adams10000.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Andre Roberson30000.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Enes Kanter10000.0%
Enes Kanter to Domantas Sabonis210030.0%
Enes Kanter to Norris Cole2901333.3%
Enes Kanter to Taj Gibson60010.0%
Enes Kanter to Ersan Ilyasova1011100.0%
Enes Kanter to Nick Collison10000.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Domantas Sabonis120020.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Nick Collison10000.0%
Doug McDermott to Jerami Grant100040.0%
Doug McDermott to Victor Oladipo2101520.0%
Doug McDermott to Kyle Singler10000.0%
Doug McDermott to Taj Gibson1503933.3%
Doug McDermott to Nick Collison10000.0%
Anthony Morrow to Cameron Payne501250.0%
Anthony Morrow to Semaj Christon4202728.6%
Anthony Morrow to Alex Abrines40010.0%
Anthony Morrow to Kyle Singler10000.0%
Anthony Morrow to Nick Collison50000.0%
Victor Oladipo to Josh Huestis10000.0%
Victor Oladipo to Ersan Ilyasova40000.0%
Cameron Payne to Domantas Sabonis3101714.3%
Cameron Payne to Semaj Christon90030.0%
Cameron Payne to Steven Adams1902450.0%
Cameron Payne to Anthony Morrow120090.0%
Cameron Payne to Russell Westbrook1902728.6%
Cameron Payne to Nick Collison90000.0%
Andre Roberson to Cameron Payne2901714.3%
Andre Roberson to Kyle Singler70010.0%
Andre Roberson to Norris Cole60000.0%
Andre Roberson to Ersan Ilyasova40010.0%
Andre Roberson to Nick Collison50010.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Cameron Payne440050.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Josh Huestis20010.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Norris Cole1502450.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Taj Gibson10000.0%
Kyle Singler to Cameron Payne1903475.0%
Kyle Singler to Semaj Christon7703933.3%
Kyle Singler to Joffrey Lauvergne100020.0%
Kyle Singler to Victor Oladipo280060.0%
Kyle Singler to Steven Adams90000.0%
Kyle Singler to Andre Roberson40000.0%
Kyle Singler to Norris Cole701333.3%
Kyle Singler to Taj Gibson20020.0%
Kyle Singler to Anthony Morrow501250.0%
Kyle Singler to Russell Westbrook56092437.5%
Kyle Singler to Ersan Ilyasova10000.0%
Russell Westbrook to Cameron Payne180070.0%
Russell Westbrook to Russell Westbrook20000.0%
Russell Westbrook to Dwight Howard10000.0%