2022 Oklahoma City Thunder Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Oklahoma City Thunder averaged 279 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Josh Giddey, with 69 assists on 692 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Josh Giddey692699620347.3%
Josh Giddey to Luguentz Dort592668425033.6%
Josh Giddey to Jalen Williams6406510322545.8%
Josh Giddey to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander8475114030346.2%
Jalen Williams to Josh Giddey555467515050.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Luguentz Dort364445115333.3%
Josh Giddey to Kenrich Williams28642469250.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Mike Muscala20841419045.6%
Josh Giddey to Aaron Wiggins22840418747.1%
Jalen Williams to Isaiah Joe21237397850.0%
Josh Giddey to Jaylin Williams31736389241.3%
Luguentz Dort to Josh Giddey399356412850.0%
Josh Giddey to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl20335356950.7%
Josh Giddey to Isaiah Joe228353610335.0%
Jalen Williams to Luguentz Dort241353810635.8%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Jalen Williams320345110449.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Isaiah Joe231343510234.3%
Luguentz Dort to Jalen Williams20923316547.7%
Josh Giddey to Aleksej Pokusevski21523265151.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Aleksej Pokusevski20523266540.0%
Jalen Williams to Aaron Wiggins10622244060.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Kenrich Williams13521214250.0%
Jaylin Williams to Isaiah Joe12120215042.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Jaylin Williams17519195633.9%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Aaron Wiggins10618193948.7%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl10518184045.0%
Jaylin Williams to Jalen Williams23218327642.1%
Luguentz Dort to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander315175311844.9%
Jalen Williams to Kenrich Williams14117204148.8%
Josh Giddey to Lindy Waters III7416163151.6%
Kenrich Williams to Luguentz Dort12416276045.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Tre Mann13715215141.2%
Tre Mann to Kenrich Williams10615173253.1%
Jalen Williams to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander404156213645.6%
Kenrich Williams to Josh Giddey27314316944.9%
Josh Giddey to Darius Bazley10913143935.9%
Josh Giddey to Dario Saric6413132944.8%
Isaiah Joe to Josh Giddey21813326946.4%
Tre Mann to Aaron Wiggins8013153246.9%
Aaron Wiggins to Josh Giddey19313204841.7%
Luguentz Dort to Isaiah Joe8612123040.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Darius Bazley5912123138.7%
Isaiah Joe to Jalen Williams17512205040.0%
Josh Giddey to Mike Muscala14411113333.3%
Tre Mann to Isaiah Joe6211112250.0%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander386114811641.4%
Kenrich Williams to Aaron Wiggins7711132846.4%
Luguentz Dort to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl6210102737.0%
Luguentz Dort to Kenrich Williams6210132846.4%
Josh Giddey to Tre Mann26810339036.7%
Tre Mann to Ousmane Dieng10710123237.5%
Tre Mann to Darius Bazley8710113036.7%
Aaron Wiggins to Jalen Williams12310213363.6%
Jalen Williams to Tre Mann13510173745.9%
Jalen Williams to Lindy Waters III6010102343.5%
Kenrich Williams to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander20510377648.7%
Luguentz Dort to Jaylin Williams1099102540.0%
Luguentz Dort to Aleksej Pokusevski969102343.5%
Isaiah Joe to Luguentz Dort909123831.6%
Tre Mann to Jalen Williams1159143737.8%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Josh Giddey2429165131.4%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Isaiah Joe439101662.5%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Josh Giddey2329264755.3%
Aaron Wiggins to Luguentz Dort759123237.5%
Jalen Williams to Jaylin Williams1629102737.0%
Jalen Williams to Aleksej Pokusevski1019102737.0%
Jaylin Williams to Josh Giddey41194010040.0%
Jaylin Williams to Luguentz Dort1459145226.9%
Kenrich Williams to Tre Mann1369174736.2%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Lindy Waters III66882630.8%
Isaiah Joe to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander26884610942.2%
Mike Muscala to Josh Giddey1698223661.1%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Luguentz Dort958163545.7%
Aaron Wiggins to Kenrich Williams54891464.3%
Jalen Williams to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl52891850.0%
Kenrich Williams to Isaiah Joe60892240.9%
Isaiah Joe to Ousmane Dieng2177887.5%
Isaiah Joe to Dario Saric53771546.7%
Mike Muscala to Luguentz Dort727112347.8%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Jalen Williams1007152657.7%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Kenrich Williams38771258.3%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Isaiah Joe28771353.8%
Aaron Wiggins to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander1897306943.5%
Jalen Williams to Ousmane Dieng45782040.0%
Jalen Williams to Dario Saric58782236.4%
Kenrich Williams to Jalen Williams1357163053.3%
Ousmane Dieng to Olivier Sarr1766875.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Tre Mann1006113234.4%
Ousmane Dieng to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander646183354.5%
Luguentz Dort to Aaron Wiggins56661931.6%
Luguentz Dort to Mike Muscala39661540.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Ousmane Dieng37662030.0%
Isaiah Joe to Aaron Wiggins59671643.8%
Tre Mann to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander1666235939.0%
Tre Mann to Mike Muscala44661735.3%
Mike Muscala to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander42265615635.9%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Luguentz Dort1066124030.0%
Aaron Wiggins to Isaiah Joe47661931.6%
Jalen Williams to Darius Bazley43681650.0%
Kenrich Williams to Mike Muscala3366875.0%
Darius Bazley to Tre Mann985143540.0%
Luguentz Dort to Darius Bazley30561250.0%
Josh Giddey to Ousmane Dieng60552222.7%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Eugene Omoruyi23551241.7%
Isaiah Joe to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl2355862.5%
Tre Mann to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl64551926.3%
Tre Mann to Jared Butler39561154.5%
Tre Mann to Luguentz Dort605102638.5%
Tre Mann to Dario Saric2555955.6%
Dario Saric to Jalen Williams775122254.5%
Jalen Williams to Eugene Omoruyi26571258.3%
Jaylin Williams to Lindy Waters III36551631.3%
Jaylin Williams to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander35454210440.4%
Kenrich Williams to Jaylin Williams2755955.6%
Kenrich Williams to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl29551435.7%
Darius Bazley to Ousmane Dieng1644757.1%
Darius Bazley to Josh Giddey1724111957.9%
Darius Bazley to Isaiah Joe2244757.1%
Ousmane Dieng to Jalen Williams474122060.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Darius Bazley1944666.7%
Luguentz Dort to Tre Mann594112544.0%
Josh Giddey to Eugene Omoruyi42451533.3%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Dario Saric2544757.1%
Isaiah Joe to Lindy Waters III22451338.5%
Isaiah Joe to Kenrich Williams57441330.8%
Tre Mann to Olivier Sarr1544757.1%
Tre Mann to Josh Giddey2364113432.4%
Tre Mann to Lindy Waters III39441526.7%
Tre Mann to Aleksej Pokusevski64441921.1%
Mike Muscala to Aaron Wiggins29441040.0%
Mike Muscala to Isaiah Joe4244944.4%
Mike Muscala to Kenrich Williams2644850.0%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Aaron Wiggins30451435.7%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Tre Mann86442714.8%
Lindy Waters III to Jalen Williams5246966.7%
Lindy Waters III to Luguentz Dort34461637.5%
Aaron Wiggins to Ousmane Dieng2144944.4%
Aaron Wiggins to Jaylin Williams4344757.1%
Aaron Wiggins to Eugene Omoruyi1545771.4%
Aaron Wiggins to Lindy Waters III1845955.6%
Aaron Wiggins to Mike Muscala23441040.0%
Jaylin Williams to Aaron Wiggins43451533.3%
Jaylin Williams to Tre Mann75472231.8%
Kenrich Williams to Lindy Waters III2444850.0%
Kenrich Williams to Darius Bazley29441136.4%
Darius Bazley to Jalen Williams59361346.2%
Darius Bazley to Luguentz Dort42371546.7%
Darius Bazley to Kenrich Williams2133560.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Isaiah Joe1933560.0%
Luguentz Dort to Ousmane Dieng2034580.0%
Luguentz Dort to Eugene Omoruyi1533837.5%
Isaiah Joe to Eugene Omoruyi1233650.0%
Isaiah Joe to Tre Mann50391560.0%
Tre Mann to Jaylin Williams6233650.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Aaron Wiggins1034580.0%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Ousmane Dieng1133560.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Aleksej Pokusevski2233742.9%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Mike Muscala3333100.0%
Dario Saric to Ousmane Dieng1633650.0%
Dario Saric to Aaron Wiggins3433560.0%
Lindy Waters III to Ousmane Dieng2034944.4%
Lindy Waters III to Aaron Wiggins37341040.0%
Lindy Waters III to Tre Mann4233933.3%
Lindy Waters III to Isaiah Joe30371353.8%
Aaron Wiggins to Tre Mann923102540.0%
Jalen Williams to Mike Muscala57331323.1%
Jaylin Williams to Ousmane Dieng20331030.0%
Darius Bazley to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander1572245048.0%
Jared Butler to Ousmane Dieng3122922.2%
Jared Butler to Olivier Sarr1222450.0%
Jared Butler to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl1322825.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Jaylin Williams922366.7%
Ousmane Dieng to Aaron Wiggins2122450.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Josh Giddey71241428.6%
Ousmane Dieng to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl1022450.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Lindy Waters III2222825.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Jared Butler3123933.3%
Ousmane Dieng to Luguentz Dort2424944.4%
Isaiah Joe to Jaylin Williams93241136.4%
Isaiah Joe to Aleksej Pokusevski2223560.0%
Isaiah Joe to Mike Muscala32231127.3%
Tre Mann to Eugene Omoruyi2122633.3%
Eugene Omoruyi to Jalen Williams2622366.7%
Eugene Omoruyi to Josh Giddey5123837.5%
Eugene Omoruyi to Isaiah Joe1822633.3%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Jalen Williams92282236.4%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Tre Mann91272133.3%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Lindy Waters III922450.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander2382257035.7%
Dario Saric to Isaiah Joe44241625.0%
Olivier Sarr to Jalen Williams1425771.4%
Lindy Waters III to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl1222450.0%
Lindy Waters III to Dario Saric18222100.0%
Kenrich Williams to Ousmane Dieng2522728.6%
Kenrich Williams to Aleksej Pokusevski32241040.0%
Darius Bazley to Aaron Wiggins1312540.0%
Darius Bazley to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl2111100.0%
Darius Bazley to Aleksej Pokusevski1411520.0%
Jared Butler to Tre Mann3813837.5%
Jared Butler to Lindy Waters III611425.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Eugene Omoruyi1111100.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Kenrich Williams1211520.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Mike Muscala9111100.0%
Luguentz Dort to Lindy Waters III1711714.3%
Luguentz Dort to Dario Saric1312366.7%
Isaiah Joe to Darius Bazley1511520.0%
Mike Muscala to Jalen Williams991113432.4%
Mike Muscala to Eugene Omoruyi511250.0%
Mike Muscala to Tre Mann67171838.9%
Mike Muscala to Aleksej Pokusevski6122100.0%
Mike Muscala to Darius Bazley612450.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Jaylin Williams2111100.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander41161540.0%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl1511714.3%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Darius Bazley1111425.0%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Mike Muscala311250.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Ousmane Dieng1411425.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Olivier Sarr2111100.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Eugene Omoruyi211250.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Aaron Wiggins2113560.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Jared Butler13111100.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Kenrich Williams2812540.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Dario Saric2111100.0%
Dario Saric to Josh Giddey6313933.3%
Dario Saric to Luguentz Dort1412366.7%
Dario Saric to Kenrich Williams1412540.0%
Dario Saric to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander651112740.7%
Olivier Sarr to Ousmane Dieng1113475.0%
Olivier Sarr to Aaron Wiggins2111100.0%
Lindy Waters III to Josh Giddey58151533.3%
Lindy Waters III to Aleksej Pokusevski4111100.0%
Lindy Waters III to Darius Bazley2111100.0%
Lindy Waters III to Kenrich Williams2413650.0%
Aaron Wiggins to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl1711250.0%
Aaron Wiggins to Aleksej Pokusevski3311812.5%
Aaron Wiggins to Darius Bazley1311425.0%
Aaron Wiggins to Dario Saric2611425.0%
Jalen Williams to Olivier Sarr5111100.0%
Jalen Williams to Jared Butler311333.3%
Kenrich Williams to Eugene Omoruyi811520.0%
Kenrich Williams to Dario Saric1112450.0%
Darius Bazley to Eugene Omoruyi40020.0%
Darius Bazley to Lindy Waters III10000.0%
Darius Bazley to Mike Muscala50020.0%
Jared Butler to Jaylin Williams10000.0%
Jared Butler to Jalen Williams30010.0%
Jared Butler to Aaron Wiggins301250.0%
Jared Butler to Dario Saric10000.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Aleksej Pokusevski220060.0%
Ousmane Dieng to Dario Saric1301425.0%
Luguentz Dort to Olivier Sarr20010.0%
Josh Giddey to Olivier Sarr70010.0%
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to Olivier Sarr50020.0%
Isaiah Joe to Olivier Sarr60000.0%
Mike Muscala to Ousmane Dieng50000.0%
Mike Muscala to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl60020.0%
Mike Muscala to Lindy Waters III80020.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Ousmane Dieng10000.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Tre Mann2101425.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl10000.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Lindy Waters III50020.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Aleksej Pokusevski50000.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Luguentz Dort80010.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Darius Bazley10000.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Kenrich Williams601250.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Dario Saric20010.0%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Jaylin Williams10000.0%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Eugene Omoruyi30020.0%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Lindy Waters III80000.0%
Aleksej Pokusevski to Jared Butler1011100.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Jaylin Williams10000.0%
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Darius Bazley20010.0%
Dario Saric to Eugene Omoruyi1011100.0%
Dario Saric to Tre Mann2702825.0%
Dario Saric to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl50020.0%
Dario Saric to Lindy Waters III200050.0%
Olivier Sarr to Josh Giddey901250.0%
Olivier Sarr to Tre Mann310020.0%
Olivier Sarr to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl10000.0%
Olivier Sarr to Lindy Waters III30000.0%
Olivier Sarr to Jared Butler2602540.0%
Olivier Sarr to Isaiah Joe50000.0%
Olivier Sarr to Luguentz Dort20000.0%
Olivier Sarr to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander1702825.0%
Lindy Waters III to Jaylin Williams280020.0%
Lindy Waters III to Olivier Sarr20010.0%
Lindy Waters III to Eugene Omoruyi70010.0%
Lindy Waters III to Jared Butler5011100.0%
Lindy Waters III to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander73052222.7%
Lindy Waters III to Mike Muscala110020.0%
Aaron Wiggins to Olivier Sarr10000.0%
Aaron Wiggins to Jared Butler20010.0%
Jaylin Williams to Eugene Omoruyi50010.0%
Jaylin Williams to Jeremiah Robinson-Earl30000.0%
Jaylin Williams to Jared Butler10000.0%
Jaylin Williams to Aleksej Pokusevski20010.0%
Jaylin Williams to Darius Bazley30030.0%
Jaylin Williams to Kenrich Williams2602825.0%