2022 Washington Wizards Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Washington Wizards averaged 286 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Monte Morris to Kristaps Porzingis, with 91 assists on 669 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Monte Morris to Kristaps Porzingis6699112126645.5%
Bradley Beal to Kristaps Porzingis480628320839.9%
Monte Morris to Kyle Kuzma456547519039.5%
Deni Avdija to Kristaps Porzingis371496113445.5%
Monte Morris to Bradley Beal608498920044.5%
Bradley Beal to Kyle Kuzma333485614937.6%
Kyle Kuzma to Kristaps Porzingis299475211545.2%
Kristaps Porzingis to Bradley Beal568448718646.8%
Deni Avdija to Corey Kispert21640427953.2%
Monte Morris to Deni Avdija28738437656.6%
Deni Avdija to Kyle Kuzma267365512245.1%
Bradley Beal to Corey Kispert16536407652.6%
Delon Wright to Kristaps Porzingis26736439047.8%
Kyle Kuzma to Daniel Gafford13935395768.4%
Monte Morris to Daniel Gafford20935365170.6%
Kyle Kuzma to Corey Kispert16432346254.8%
Monte Morris to Corey Kispert22532327343.8%
Bradley Beal to Daniel Gafford10331354872.9%
Jordan Goodwin to Kristaps Porzingis227294010139.6%
Kyle Kuzma to Rui Hachimura9628375468.5%
Bradley Beal to Deni Avdija22127308236.6%
Delon Wright to Corey Kispert17126287437.8%
Delon Wright to Kyle Kuzma243263410532.4%
Delon Wright to Rui Hachimura13225326450.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Bradley Beal319244910447.1%
Kristaps Porzingis to Kyle Kuzma293244710943.1%
Jordan Goodwin to Corey Kispert16223246238.7%
Jordan Goodwin to Daniel Gafford14923233565.7%
Kyle Kuzma to Deni Avdija19923317243.1%
Kristaps Porzingis to Corey Kispert12923254852.1%
Kristaps Porzingis to Deni Avdija32023338140.7%
Kristaps Porzingis to Monte Morris607234410044.0%
Will Barton to Daniel Gafford7720244257.1%
Jordan Goodwin to Kyle Kuzma222203810237.3%
Bradley Beal to Monte Morris35519295850.0%
Will Barton to Kyle Kuzma12418265944.1%
Deni Avdija to Monte Morris45317407156.3%
Daniel Gafford to Kyle Kuzma23217388345.8%
Corey Kispert to Kyle Kuzma17917297837.2%
Delon Wright to Bradley Beal24717327841.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Monte Morris47116327542.7%
Delon Wright to Deni Avdija22616216532.3%
Deni Avdija to Bradley Beal29615378643.0%
Bradley Beal to Delon Wright18315173745.9%
Corey Kispert to Kristaps Porzingis14115246338.1%
Delon Wright to Daniel Gafford23114153050.0%
Deni Avdija to Daniel Gafford9512133438.2%
Jordan Goodwin to Will Barton16111164139.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Delon Wright21711162857.1%
Daniel Gafford to Kristaps Porzingis4310101855.6%
Daniel Gafford to Bradley Beal21310316746.3%
Jordan Goodwin to Johnny Davis8110154037.5%
Rui Hachimura to Kyle Kuzma10810225044.0%
Corey Kispert to Monte Morris31110295453.7%
Taj Gibson to Kyle Kuzma729163348.5%
Corey Kispert to Daniel Gafford829102147.6%
Corey Kispert to Bradley Beal1559224450.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Jordan Goodwin1689132846.4%
Will Barton to Jordan Goodwin1378153839.5%
Will Barton to Rui Hachimura51892931.0%
Will Barton to Bradley Beal738173056.7%
Bradley Beal to Rui Hachimura628123040.0%
Johnny Davis to Corey Kispert38891752.9%
Daniel Gafford to Corey Kispert918102540.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Anthony Gill81891850.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Deni Avdija1728123633.3%
Jordan Goodwin to Bradley Beal1278204050.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Will Barton1098103132.3%
Monte Morris to Will Barton1168143737.8%
Monte Morris to Taj Gibson848101855.6%
Delon Wright to Johnny Davis58883026.7%
Delon Wright to Kendrick Nunn738152951.7%
Deni Avdija to Anthony Gill28771070.0%
Deni Avdija to Rui Hachimura54792339.1%
Bradley Beal to Anthony Gill35771258.3%
Daniel Gafford to Deni Avdija1357133438.2%
Daniel Gafford to Monte Morris3047204643.5%
Kyle Kuzma to Delon Wright2007122548.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Corey Kispert28771353.8%
Delon Wright to Will Barton75791656.3%
Deni Avdija to Johnny Davis2566966.7%
Deni Avdija to Delon Wright3216184143.9%
Will Barton to Corey Kispert63671643.8%
Bradley Beal to Will Barton60662128.6%
Bradley Beal to Taj Gibson40671741.2%
Taj Gibson to Corey Kispert42661154.5%
Jordan Goodwin to Taj Gibson88692240.9%
Kendrick Nunn to Daniel Gafford26671258.3%
Kendrick Nunn to Kyle Kuzma30681553.3%
Kristaps Porzingis to Will Barton766101855.6%
Deni Avdija to Jordan Goodwin2205113135.5%
Will Barton to Anthony Gill3055683.3%
Will Barton to Deni Avdija66561833.3%
Daniel Gafford to Rui Hachimura39581553.3%
Daniel Gafford to Will Barton1305164337.2%
Taj Gibson to Bradley Beal525121963.2%
Anthony Gill to Bradley Beal37581942.1%
Jordan Goodwin to Xavier Cooks2955955.6%
Rui Hachimura to Kristaps Porzingis40561442.9%
Rui Hachimura to Bradley Beal785101855.6%
Quenton Jackson to Johnny Davis36572035.0%
Corey Kispert to Deni Avdija1685103033.3%
Corey Kispert to Rui Hachimura35581844.4%
Kendrick Nunn to Jay Huff2555955.6%
Kendrick Nunn to Delon Wright63561250.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Kristaps Porzingis375102441.7%
Kristaps Porzingis to Rui Hachimura60592339.1%
Delon Wright to Taj Gibson4255862.5%
Deni Avdija to Taj Gibson50451241.7%
Will Barton to Monte Morris114482334.8%
Will Barton to Kristaps Porzingis61482433.3%
Will Barton to Taj Gibson29451241.7%
Bradley Beal to Jordan Goodwin81461540.0%
Johnny Davis to Quenton Jackson31461154.5%
Devon Dotson to Jordan Goodwin1345683.3%
Daniel Gafford to Jordan Goodwin1854122646.2%
Daniel Gafford to Kendrick Nunn474101662.5%
Taj Gibson to Monte Morris92481747.1%
Anthony Gill to Corey Kispert36441330.8%
Anthony Gill to Monte Morris59481553.3%
Anthony Gill to Kristaps Porzingis1644666.7%
Jordan Goodwin to Kendrick Nunn95472924.1%
Jordan Goodwin to Rui Hachimura42471741.2%
Corey Kispert to Jordan Goodwin2124153740.5%
Kyle Kuzma to Taj Gibson33451050.0%
Monte Morris to Rui Hachimura84483324.2%
Kendrick Nunn to Jordan Goodwin58451338.5%
Kendrick Nunn to Deni Avdija2844757.1%
Kendrick Nunn to Bradley Beal2044757.1%
Kristaps Porzingis to Jordan Goodwin1784122548.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Kendrick Nunn29451338.5%
Deni Avdija to Kendrick Nunn53351145.5%
Xavier Cooks to Jay Huff833650.0%
Johnny Davis to Jordan Goodwin87351435.7%
Daniel Gafford to Anthony Gill1934666.7%
Taj Gibson to Deni Avdija72382138.1%
Anthony Gill to Daniel Gafford1035683.3%
Jordan Goodwin to Delon Wright65392045.0%
Rui Hachimura to Corey Kispert2634666.7%
Jay Huff to Johnny Davis10344100.0%
Jay Huff to Jordan Goodwin3136875.0%
Quenton Jackson to Jay Huff2033560.0%
Corey Kispert to Anthony Gill2333837.5%
Corey Kispert to Will Barton67331520.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Kendrick Nunn29341233.3%
Monte Morris to Anthony Gill3833933.3%
Monte Morris to Delon Wright3034850.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Xavier Cooks2133560.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Anthony Gill1733933.3%
Kristaps Porzingis to Daniel Gafford1533475.0%
Delon Wright to Jordan Goodwin71331717.6%
Delon Wright to Anthony Gill51331323.1%
Deni Avdija to Quenton Jackson2222100.0%
Will Barton to Delon Wright56251050.0%
Johnny Davis to Jay Huff6222100.0%
Johnny Davis to Kendrick Nunn28261540.0%
Johnny Davis to Kristaps Porzingis722366.7%
Daniel Gafford to Johnny Davis1322366.7%
Daniel Gafford to Delon Wright2532123138.7%
Taj Gibson to Johnny Davis1022450.0%
Anthony Gill to Johnny Davis2523933.3%
Anthony Gill to Deni Avdija3022633.3%
Anthony Gill to Rui Hachimura922540.0%
Anthony Gill to Delon Wright60241040.0%
Anthony Gill to Will Barton3023837.5%
Jordan Goodwin to Jay Huff1922540.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Isaiah Todd1822540.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Monte Morris5623933.3%
Rui Hachimura to Jordan Goodwin5023837.5%
Rui Hachimura to Monte Morris124291752.9%
Rui Hachimura to Will Barton68251533.3%
Rui Hachimura to Taj Gibson5222100.0%
Jay Huff to Kendrick Nunn1723475.0%
Quenton Jackson to Corey Kispert1123560.0%
Corey Kispert to Kendrick Nunn31281457.1%
Corey Kispert to Delon Wright195262128.6%
Isaiah Todd to Johnny Davis722366.7%
Deni Avdija to Will Barton6511147.1%
Will Barton to Vernon Carey Jr.1111100.0%
Will Barton to Kendrick Nunn612366.7%
Bradley Beal to Kendrick Nunn1711812.5%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Quenton Jackson3111100.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Johnny Davis4122100.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Kyle Kuzma4111100.0%
Xavier Cooks to Quenton Jackson2312450.0%
Xavier Cooks to Johnny Davis1512922.2%
Xavier Cooks to Jordan Goodwin4712633.3%
Johnny Davis to Anthony Gill1512540.0%
Johnny Davis to Isaiah Todd611425.0%
Johnny Davis to Deni Avdija2014757.1%
Johnny Davis to Daniel Gafford711250.0%
Johnny Davis to Kyle Kuzma411250.0%
Johnny Davis to Will Barton812450.0%
Johnny Davis to Taj Gibson611250.0%
Devon Dotson to Anthony Gill1111425.0%
Devon Dotson to Deni Avdija511333.3%
Devon Dotson to Kyle Kuzma712450.0%
Devon Dotson to Taj Gibson3111100.0%
Taj Gibson to Jordan Goodwin87161735.3%
Taj Gibson to Anthony Gill712540.0%
Taj Gibson to Delon Wright4911520.0%
Taj Gibson to Kristaps Porzingis2111100.0%
Taj Gibson to Will Barton2812366.7%
Anthony Gill to Xavier Cooks3111100.0%
Anthony Gill to Jordan Goodwin77121118.2%
Anthony Gill to Kendrick Nunn21131030.0%
Anthony Gill to Kyle Kuzma26131127.3%
Jordan Goodwin to Jordan Schakel3111100.0%
Rui Hachimura to Johnny Davis411250.0%
Rui Hachimura to Deni Avdija4112825.0%
Rui Hachimura to Daniel Gafford10111100.0%
Rui Hachimura to Delon Wright10413837.5%
Jay Huff to Quenton Jackson2212728.6%
Jay Huff to Anthony Gill1111100.0%
Quenton Jackson to Xavier Cooks1312366.7%
Quenton Jackson to Jordan Goodwin3213837.5%
Quenton Jackson to Anthony Gill7122100.0%
Quenton Jackson to Kendrick Nunn2912540.0%
Quenton Jackson to Taj Gibson211250.0%
Corey Kispert to Xavier Cooks4111100.0%
Corey Kispert to Johnny Davis3011119.1%
Corey Kispert to Taj Gibson3411520.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Johnny Davis6111100.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Anthony Gill1811812.5%
Monte Morris to Johnny Davis1111520.0%
Monte Morris to Kendrick Nunn612450.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Quenton Jackson1811425.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Johnny Davis1311520.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Will Barton711250.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Taj Gibson2812922.2%
Kristaps Porzingis to Johnny Davis1012540.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Anthony Gill1311520.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Devon Dotson1211333.3%
Kristaps Porzingis to Taj Gibson4111100.0%
Jordan Schakel to Taj Gibson2111100.0%
Isaiah Todd to Jordan Goodwin1612633.3%
Isaiah Todd to Corey Kispert1111100.0%
Delon Wright to Monte Morris53121216.7%
Deni Avdija to Jay Huff10000.0%
Deni Avdija to Vernon Carey Jr.10010.0%
Deni Avdija to Devon Dotson30000.0%
Will Barton to Johnny Davis501250.0%
Will Barton to Devon Dotson90010.0%
Bradley Beal to Johnny Davis70030.0%
Bradley Beal to Devon Dotson10010.0%
Jamaree Bouyea to Johnny Davis10000.0%
Jamaree Bouyea to Corey Kispert10010.0%
Jamaree Bouyea to Anthony Gill10000.0%
Jamaree Bouyea to Deni Avdija10010.0%
Jamaree Bouyea to Kendrick Nunn10000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Jordan Goodwin120020.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Isaiah Todd20000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Deni Avdija30020.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Daniel Gafford10000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Devon Dotson10000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Kendrick Nunn20000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Will Barton10000.0%
Xavier Cooks to Corey Kispert80040.0%
Xavier Cooks to Anthony Gill601250.0%
Xavier Cooks to Isaiah Todd70020.0%
Xavier Cooks to Kendrick Nunn28041040.0%
Johnny Davis to Xavier Cooks40010.0%
Johnny Davis to Jamaree Bouyea30000.0%
Johnny Davis to Jordan Schakel10000.0%
Johnny Davis to Vernon Carey Jr.401250.0%
Johnny Davis to Devon Dotson20010.0%
Johnny Davis to Rui Hachimura30020.0%
Johnny Davis to Monte Morris120000.0%
Johnny Davis to Delon Wright5102825.0%
Johnny Davis to Bradley Beal801333.3%
Devon Dotson to Johnny Davis60020.0%
Devon Dotson to Corey Kispert110040.0%
Devon Dotson to Isaiah Todd20010.0%
Devon Dotson to Vernon Carey Jr.20000.0%
Devon Dotson to Daniel Gafford30000.0%
Devon Dotson to Rui Hachimura10000.0%
Devon Dotson to Monte Morris30000.0%
Devon Dotson to Kristaps Porzingis40000.0%
Devon Dotson to Will Barton100030.0%
Devon Dotson to Bradley Beal30020.0%
Daniel Gafford to Quenton Jackson40010.0%
Daniel Gafford to Isaiah Todd10000.0%
Daniel Gafford to Devon Dotson30000.0%
Taj Gibson to Quenton Jackson20010.0%
Taj Gibson to Jordan Schakel20010.0%
Taj Gibson to Isaiah Todd10010.0%
Taj Gibson to Daniel Gafford20000.0%
Taj Gibson to Devon Dotson20000.0%
Taj Gibson to Kendrick Nunn30051050.0%
Taj Gibson to Rui Hachimura70030.0%
Anthony Gill to Quenton Jackson1001333.3%
Anthony Gill to Jamaree Bouyea10000.0%
Anthony Gill to Jay Huff10000.0%
Anthony Gill to Isaiah Todd10000.0%
Anthony Gill to Vernon Carey Jr.10000.0%
Anthony Gill to Devon Dotson80010.0%
Anthony Gill to Taj Gibson20010.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Quenton Jackson3002540.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Vernon Carey Jr.90030.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Devon Dotson70010.0%
Rui Hachimura to Anthony Gill50020.0%
Rui Hachimura to Devon Dotson10000.0%
Jay Huff to Xavier Cooks80010.0%
Jay Huff to Corey Kispert20010.0%
Quenton Jackson to Isaiah Todd120030.0%
Quenton Jackson to Vernon Carey Jr.10000.0%
Quenton Jackson to Deni Avdija20000.0%
Quenton Jackson to Daniel Gafford20010.0%
Quenton Jackson to Delon Wright60000.0%
Corey Kispert to Quenton Jackson80000.0%
Corey Kispert to Jay Huff50010.0%
Corey Kispert to Isaiah Todd10000.0%
Corey Kispert to Devon Dotson80000.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Vernon Carey Jr.30000.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Devon Dotson60010.0%
Monte Morris to Jordan Goodwin3903650.0%
Monte Morris to Isaiah Todd10000.0%
Monte Morris to Vernon Carey Jr.10000.0%
Monte Morris to Devon Dotson20000.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Jamaree Bouyea10010.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Isaiah Todd40010.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Monte Morris1001425.0%
Jordan Schakel to Johnny Davis10010.0%
Jordan Schakel to Jordan Goodwin3011100.0%
Jordan Schakel to Isaiah Todd10010.0%
Isaiah Todd to Xavier Cooks30020.0%
Isaiah Todd to Quenton Jackson1702450.0%
Isaiah Todd to Jordan Schakel10000.0%
Isaiah Todd to Anthony Gill60040.0%
Isaiah Todd to Vernon Carey Jr.10010.0%
Isaiah Todd to Devon Dotson70000.0%
Delon Wright to Quenton Jackson60010.0%