2021 Washington Wizards Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Washington Wizards averaged 289 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Bradley Beal to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, with 56 assists on 281 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Bradley Beal to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope281565913643.4%
Raul Neto to Kyle Kuzma484527316943.2%
Kyle Kuzma to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope320435412045.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Montrezl Harrell309425411248.2%
Bradley Beal to Kyle Kuzma337415214735.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Kyle Kuzma330415414138.3%
Bradley Beal to Daniel Gafford16640425872.4%
Bradley Beal to Montrezl Harrell20538437458.1%
Kyle Kuzma to Daniel Gafford12635406264.5%
Raul Neto to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope274354610643.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Daniel Gafford22434346254.8%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Deni Avdija17928326549.2%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope271283511430.7%
Kyle Kuzma to Bradley Beal388265611449.1%
Raul Neto to Corey Kispert16326276045.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Kristaps Porzingis17926377847.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Bradley Beal411255413440.3%
Deni Avdija to Daniel Gafford10824274658.7%
Deni Avdija to Kyle Kuzma18524357050.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Kyle Kuzma21824308137.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Corey Kispert13624245742.1%
Ish Smith to Rui Hachimura17524286245.2%
Raul Neto to Bradley Beal326234311039.1%
Ish Smith to Daniel Gafford8623243080.0%
Bradley Beal to Deni Avdija16722245841.4%
Deni Avdija to Corey Kispert10721224647.8%
Tomas Satoransky to Corey Kispert6921213363.6%
Tomas Satoransky to Rui Hachimura12121245841.4%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Bradley Beal293204711341.6%
Kyle Kuzma to Deni Avdija15320245147.1%
Kyle Kuzma to Raul Neto42619347048.6%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Corey Kispert14418195534.5%
Daniel Gafford to Kyle Kuzma21518265646.4%
Deni Avdija to Rui Hachimura10417224845.8%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Daniel Gafford11417173056.7%
Ish Smith to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope14617195832.8%
Raul Neto to Montrezl Harrell22116224450.0%
Ish Smith to Deni Avdija22116266540.0%
Deni Avdija to Montrezl Harrell10315203951.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Bradley Beal24315307341.1%
Aaron Holiday to Corey Kispert6215152853.6%
Corey Kispert to Rui Hachimura6915183354.5%
Kyle Kuzma to Thomas Bryant5315173056.7%
Kyle Kuzma to Montrezl Harrell10515183354.5%
Bradley Beal to Corey Kispert8014163348.5%
Bradley Beal to Raul Neto20414226235.5%
Montrezl Harrell to Deni Avdija10514193554.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope13014184143.9%
Ish Smith to Corey Kispert14714154831.3%
Ish Smith to Kristaps Porzingis8714153542.9%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Corey Kispert7213133240.6%
Montrezl Harrell to Raul Neto26513316349.2%
Kristaps Porzingis to Corey Kispert6713132259.1%
Kristaps Porzingis to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope10713173943.6%
Bradley Beal to Spencer Dinwiddie24812184936.7%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Aaron Holiday16212285848.3%
Aaron Holiday to Deni Avdija8312153444.1%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Montrezl Harrell7411112152.4%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Kristaps Porzingis14111134827.1%
Raul Neto to Deni Avdija17511175332.1%
Ish Smith to Anthony Gill10211113234.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Davis Bertans8910124030.0%
Daniel Gafford to Bradley Beal24910287238.9%
Montrezl Harrell to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope6310101855.6%
Corey Kispert to Montrezl Harrell4510131776.5%
Corey Kispert to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope8410173056.7%
Kyle Kuzma to Rui Hachimura5910102737.0%
Raul Neto to Daniel Gafford13510111861.1%
Tomas Satoransky to Daniel Gafford2810111478.6%
Deni Avdija to Kristaps Porzingis549132846.4%
Deni Avdija to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope1059113432.4%
Daniel Gafford to Deni Avdija1309103330.3%
Daniel Gafford to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope1759165230.8%
Rui Hachimura to Corey Kispert64991947.4%
Rui Hachimura to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope669131872.2%
Montrezl Harrell to Kyle Kuzma929132454.2%
Montrezl Harrell to Spencer Dinwiddie2869287040.0%
Aaron Holiday to Montrezl Harrell1179132552.0%
Corey Kispert to Kyle Kuzma1359194443.2%
Corey Kispert to Kristaps Porzingis649132650.0%
Raul Neto to Kristaps Porzingis76992437.5%
Tomas Satoransky to Deni Avdija1009134131.7%
Deni Avdija to Thomas Bryant42881650.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Anthony Gill32881457.1%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Deni Avdija84882138.1%
Aaron Holiday to Kyle Kuzma1018174339.5%
Aaron Holiday to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope59892733.3%
Corey Kispert to Deni Avdija1158113135.5%
Raul Neto to Rui Hachimura848153148.4%
Raul Neto to Davis Bertans61882828.6%
Kristaps Porzingis to Tomas Satoransky1748121963.2%
Ish Smith to Thomas Bryant79892045.0%
Deni Avdija to Anthony Gill48791850.0%
Deni Avdija to Bradley Beal2387195633.9%
Bradley Beal to Aaron Holiday747112740.7%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Rui Hachimura627112937.9%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Rui Hachimura407101471.4%
Montrezl Harrell to Corey Kispert44781650.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Aaron Holiday1427132552.0%
Aaron Holiday to Spencer Dinwiddie2167175630.4%
Raul Neto to Thomas Bryant73771546.7%
Kristaps Porzingis to Rui Hachimura41791369.2%
Ish Smith to Kyle Kuzma897153542.9%
Bradley Beal to Rui Hachimura26661833.3%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Spencer Dinwiddie3386237331.5%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Raul Neto3096194740.4%
Daniel Gafford to Raul Neto1956143441.2%
Anthony Gill to Corey Kispert39661154.5%
Aaron Holiday to Daniel Gafford61661250.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Spencer Dinwiddie3296216532.3%
Raul Neto to Anthony Gill27666100.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Kyle Kuzma1066875.0%
Deni Avdija to Spencer Dinwiddie2925215438.9%
Deni Avdija to Raul Neto3415194641.3%
Deni Avdija to Tomas Satoransky1015101566.7%
Bradley Beal to Anthony Gill19551050.0%
Bradley Beal to Thomas Bryant34561346.2%
Bradley Beal to Davis Bertans47551729.4%
Davis Bertans to Bradley Beal565112152.4%
Thomas Bryant to Kyle Kuzma725102441.7%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Thomas Bryant47551533.3%
Rui Hachimura to Deni Avdija70572725.9%
Rui Hachimura to Kyle Kuzma63571643.8%
Montrezl Harrell to Davis Bertans32551631.3%
Aaron Holiday to Davis Bertans35551631.3%
Corey Kispert to Daniel Gafford61561346.2%
Kyle Kuzma to Anthony Gill1955955.6%
Kyle Kuzma to Kristaps Porzingis45562128.6%
Kyle Kuzma to Davis Bertans25551435.7%
Deni Avdija to Davis Bertans37441526.7%
Davis Bertans to Montrezl Harrell32461346.2%
Thomas Bryant to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope34461250.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Davis Bertans1144666.7%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Raul Neto56451631.3%
Anthony Gill to Daniel Gafford844580.0%
Rui Hachimura to Kristaps Porzingis33451241.7%
Montrezl Harrell to Rui Hachimura2344944.4%
Corey Kispert to Davis Bertans1444757.1%
Kristaps Porzingis to Deni Avdija47461442.9%
Ish Smith to Raul Neto30471070.0%
Deni Avdija to Ish Smith2773113630.6%
Thomas Bryant to Deni Avdija42331421.4%
Thomas Bryant to Rui Hachimura21371070.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Aaron Holiday88331421.4%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Thomas Bryant3434944.4%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Ish Smith1033132454.2%
Daniel Gafford to Corey Kispert49352025.0%
Daniel Gafford to Rui Hachimura21341040.0%
Daniel Gafford to Spencer Dinwiddie3593133834.2%
Daniel Gafford to Davis Bertans1233560.0%
Anthony Gill to Deni Avdija56361637.5%
Anthony Gill to Kyle Kuzma24331030.0%
Anthony Gill to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope25341040.0%
Rui Hachimura to Thomas Bryant1334850.0%
Rui Hachimura to Ish Smith2013133043.3%
Aaron Holiday to Bradley Beal973133636.1%
Corey Kispert to Aaron Holiday7435955.6%
Corey Kispert to Ish Smith1693133240.6%
Kyle Kuzma to Aaron Holiday139361735.3%
Raul Neto to Aaron Holiday26331127.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Anthony Gill2033742.9%
Deni Avdija to Aaron Holiday134272133.3%
Joel Ayayi to Isaiah Todd1022450.0%
Davis Bertans to Deni Avdija3022633.3%
Thomas Bryant to Corey Kispert29221414.3%
Thomas Bryant to Raul Neto89281553.3%
Thomas Bryant to Bradley Beal37241040.0%
Thomas Bryant to Ish Smith90261250.0%
Daniel Gafford to Aaron Holiday77291752.9%
Anthony Gill to Rui Hachimura1722540.0%
Anthony Gill to Ish Smith802101758.8%
Rui Hachimura to Raul Neto146281942.1%
Rui Hachimura to Bradley Beal35261250.0%
Aaron Holiday to Thomas Bryant2422633.3%
Corey Kispert to Thomas Bryant3022540.0%
Corey Kispert to Spencer Dinwiddie1752123831.6%
Corey Kispert to Raul Neto1892112250.0%
Corey Kispert to Bradley Beal772102245.5%
Kyle Kuzma to Ish Smith78251338.5%
Kristaps Porzingis to Kyle Kuzma53251338.5%
Tomas Satoransky to Thomas Bryant1022450.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Kyle Kuzma2223742.9%
Ish Smith to Tomas Satoransky45231127.3%
Cassius Winston to Anthony Gill1122450.0%
Cassius Winston to Isaiah Todd1023650.0%
Deni Avdija to Isaiah Todd711333.3%
Deni Avdija to Cassius Winston14111100.0%
Joel Ayayi to Anthony Gill311250.0%
Joel Ayayi to Aaron Holiday1111100.0%
Davis Bertans to Corey Kispert1211425.0%
Davis Bertans to Aaron Holiday3713475.0%
Davis Bertans to Craig Sword2111100.0%
Davis Bertans to Kyle Kuzma1513650.0%
Davis Bertans to Spencer Dinwiddie90191947.4%
Davis Bertans to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope1312540.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Brad Wanamaker5111100.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Craig Sword211250.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Greg Monroe311250.0%
Daniel Gafford to Tomas Satoransky4513650.0%
Daniel Gafford to Ish Smith134191850.0%
Anthony Gill to Bradley Beal1412540.0%
Anthony Gill to Brad Wanamaker2111100.0%
Anthony Gill to Davis Bertans311250.0%
Rui Hachimura to Anthony Gill5111100.0%
Rui Hachimura to Cassius Winston8111100.0%
Rui Hachimura to Daniel Gafford1211250.0%
Rui Hachimura to Montrezl Harrell1212540.0%
Rui Hachimura to Tomas Satoransky13812922.2%
Rui Hachimura to Davis Bertans411250.0%
Aaron Holiday to Anthony Gill1011333.3%
Aaron Holiday to Raul Neto3315862.5%
Aaron Holiday to Greg Monroe411250.0%
Corey Kispert to Anthony Gill2711425.0%
Corey Kispert to Isaiah Todd611333.3%
Corey Kispert to Craig Sword6111100.0%
Corey Kispert to Tomas Satoransky77151338.5%
Greg Monroe to Aaron Holiday511250.0%
Raul Neto to Jordan Schakel411250.0%
Raul Neto to Spencer Dinwiddie77161442.9%
Raul Neto to Tomas Satoransky812450.0%
Raul Neto to Ish Smith1413475.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Daniel Gafford1111100.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Raul Neto92131225.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Ish Smith991112055.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Ish Smith47141136.4%
Ish Smith to Cassius Winston6111100.0%
Craig Sword to Deni Avdija2111100.0%
Isaiah Todd to Corey Kispert3111100.0%
Isaiah Todd to Raul Neto4111100.0%
Isaiah Todd to Davis Bertans3111100.0%
Isaiah Todd to Ish Smith8111100.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Bradley Beal14122100.0%
Cassius Winston to Vernon Carey Jr.311250.0%
Cassius Winston to Deni Avdija7111100.0%
Cassius Winston to Ish Smith612366.7%
Deni Avdija to Vernon Carey Jr.30000.0%
Deni Avdija to Tremont Waters10000.0%
Deni Avdija to Alize Johnson20010.0%
Deni Avdija to Brad Wanamaker50000.0%
Deni Avdija to Greg Monroe10000.0%
Joel Ayayi to Jordan Goodwin20000.0%
Joel Ayayi to Jordan Schakel20020.0%
Joel Ayayi to Corey Kispert10000.0%
Joel Ayayi to Cassius Winston60010.0%
Joel Ayayi to Daniel Gafford20000.0%
Joel Ayayi to Craig Sword10000.0%
Bradley Beal to Tremont Waters20010.0%
Bradley Beal to Alize Johnson10010.0%
Bradley Beal to Craig Sword10000.0%
Bradley Beal to Brad Wanamaker60000.0%
Bradley Beal to Greg Monroe20000.0%
Davis Bertans to Jordan Goodwin10000.0%
Davis Bertans to Isaiah Todd20010.0%
Davis Bertans to Daniel Gafford50010.0%
Davis Bertans to Rui Hachimura901520.0%
Davis Bertans to Raul Neto6003933.3%
Thomas Bryant to Jordan Schakel30010.0%
Thomas Bryant to Anthony Gill40000.0%
Thomas Bryant to Isaiah Todd10000.0%
Thomas Bryant to Cassius Winston110000.0%
Thomas Bryant to Aaron Holiday2902450.0%
Thomas Bryant to Spencer Dinwiddie4602728.6%
Thomas Bryant to Tomas Satoransky60000.0%
Thomas Bryant to Davis Bertans10000.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Cassius Winston20000.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Tremont Waters10000.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Alize Johnson10000.0%
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to Tomas Satoransky9901812.5%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Corey Kispert10000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Isaiah Todd20000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Cassius Winston30010.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Deni Avdija30000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Rui Hachimura20010.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Raul Neto20000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Tomas Satoransky20000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Ish Smith40010.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Jordan Schakel30020.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Anthony Gill40000.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Alize Johnson10010.0%
Daniel Gafford to Jordan Schakel10010.0%
Daniel Gafford to Joel Ayayi10010.0%
Daniel Gafford to Anthony Gill70000.0%
Daniel Gafford to Craig Sword20000.0%
Daniel Gafford to Brad Wanamaker120010.0%
Anthony Gill to Jordan Schakel10000.0%
Anthony Gill to Joel Ayayi30010.0%
Anthony Gill to Isaiah Todd20000.0%
Anthony Gill to Cassius Winston100020.0%
Anthony Gill to Vernon Carey Jr.20000.0%
Anthony Gill to Aaron Holiday110010.0%
Anthony Gill to Thomas Bryant20000.0%
Anthony Gill to Kristaps Porzingis50000.0%
Anthony Gill to Spencer Dinwiddie601250.0%
Anthony Gill to Raul Neto34021020.0%
Anthony Gill to Tomas Satoransky210020.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Joel Ayayi50010.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Isaiah Todd50010.0%
Jordan Goodwin to Davis Bertans10000.0%
Rui Hachimura to Vernon Carey Jr.10010.0%
Rui Hachimura to Aaron Holiday20000.0%
Rui Hachimura to Spencer Dinwiddie6302825.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Anthony Gill10000.0%
Aaron Holiday to Joel Ayayi20000.0%
Aaron Holiday to Isaiah Todd30020.0%
Aaron Holiday to Cassius Winston30000.0%
Aaron Holiday to Rui Hachimura80010.0%
Alize Johnson to Corey Kispert30000.0%
Alize Johnson to Isaiah Todd10000.0%
Alize Johnson to Deni Avdija30000.0%
Alize Johnson to Kyle Kuzma30000.0%
Alize Johnson to Spencer Dinwiddie10000.0%
Alize Johnson to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope20000.0%
Alize Johnson to Bradley Beal10000.0%
Alize Johnson to Davis Bertans10000.0%
Corey Kispert to Jordan Goodwin20010.0%
Corey Kispert to Joel Ayayi10000.0%
Corey Kispert to Cassius Winston20010.0%
Corey Kispert to Vernon Carey Jr.30010.0%
Corey Kispert to Tremont Waters1011100.0%
Corey Kispert to Alize Johnson10000.0%
Corey Kispert to Brad Wanamaker40010.0%
Corey Kispert to Greg Monroe20000.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Isaiah Todd30000.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Cassius Winston10000.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Tremont Waters20000.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Tomas Satoransky160030.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Brad Wanamaker80010.0%
Kyle Kuzma to Greg Monroe10000.0%
Greg Monroe to Corey Kispert20020.0%
Greg Monroe to Isaiah Todd10000.0%
Greg Monroe to Rui Hachimura10010.0%
Greg Monroe to Spencer Dinwiddie501333.3%
Greg Monroe to Raul Neto10000.0%
Greg Monroe to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope10010.0%
Greg Monroe to Bradley Beal20010.0%
Raul Neto to Isaiah Todd30000.0%
Raul Neto to Cassius Winston10000.0%
Raul Neto to Greg Monroe10010.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Anthony Gill50000.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Isaiah Todd20010.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Vernon Carey Jr.50020.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Raul Neto10000.0%
Jordan Schakel to Joel Ayayi4011100.0%
Jordan Schakel to Anthony Gill20000.0%
Jordan Schakel to Isaiah Todd20010.0%
Jordan Schakel to Cassius Winston1101425.0%
Jordan Schakel to Deni Avdija20000.0%
Jordan Schakel to Daniel Gafford10000.0%
Jordan Schakel to Thomas Bryant20000.0%
Jordan Schakel to Spencer Dinwiddie10010.0%
Jordan Schakel to Raul Neto30000.0%
Ish Smith to Isaiah Todd60040.0%
Ish Smith to Vernon Carey Jr.5011100.0%
Ish Smith to Reggie Jackson10000.0%
Craig Sword to Jordan Goodwin20010.0%
Craig Sword to Corey Kispert20000.0%
Craig Sword to Joel Ayayi20000.0%
Craig Sword to Isaiah Todd10010.0%
Craig Sword to Daniel Gafford10000.0%
Craig Sword to Spencer Dinwiddie20000.0%
Craig Sword to Davis Bertans20010.0%
Isaiah Todd to Jordan Goodwin40010.0%
Isaiah Todd to Jordan Schakel20000.0%
Isaiah Todd to Joel Ayayi60010.0%
Isaiah Todd to Anthony Gill5011100.0%
Isaiah Todd to Cassius Winston100000.0%
Isaiah Todd to Deni Avdija40010.0%
Isaiah Todd to Aaron Holiday70010.0%
Isaiah Todd to Craig Sword20000.0%
Isaiah Todd to Kyle Kuzma40000.0%
Isaiah Todd to Spencer Dinwiddie50010.0%
Isaiah Todd to Tomas Satoransky40000.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Corey Kispert40020.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Anthony Gill10000.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Deni Avdija701425.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Daniel Gafford80010.0%
Brad Wanamaker to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope40000.0%
Tremont Waters to Anthony Gill10000.0%
Tremont Waters to Kyle Kuzma20000.0%
Tremont Waters to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope10010.0%
Tremont Waters to Bradley Beal3011100.0%
Cassius Winston to Jordan Schakel110030.0%
Cassius Winston to Corey Kispert70030.0%
Cassius Winston to Joel Ayayi20000.0%
Cassius Winston to Daniel Gafford10000.0%
Cassius Winston to Rui Hachimura70010.0%
Cassius Winston to Aaron Holiday20000.0%
Cassius Winston to Thomas Bryant150030.0%
Cassius Winston to Kyle Kuzma10000.0%
Cassius Winston to Raul Neto10000.0%