2022 Chicago Bulls Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Chicago Bulls averaged 288 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Zach LaVine to Nikola Vucevic, with 117 assists on 740 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Zach LaVine to Nikola Vucevic74011713827250.7%
DeMar DeRozan to Nikola Vucevic74811012024748.6%
Ayo Dosunmu to Nikola Vucevic641657316743.7%
DeMar DeRozan to Zach LaVine456639021741.5%
Nikola Vucevic to Patrick Williams388606815145.0%
Alex Caruso to Nikola Vucevic417596811559.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Zach LaVine8775813130742.7%
DeMar DeRozan to Coby White244424711540.9%
DeMar DeRozan to Ayo Dosunmu281414510244.1%
DeMar DeRozan to Patrick Williams22441469448.9%
Nikola Vucevic to DeMar DeRozan8274010926541.1%
Patrick Williams to Nikola Vucevic29440468653.5%
Zach LaVine to Coby White26039458552.9%
Alex Caruso to Zach LaVine503378518246.7%
Coby White to Ayo Dosunmu29137429046.7%
Ayo Dosunmu to Zach LaVine401366615044.0%
Zach LaVine to DeMar DeRozan526358921042.4%
Coby White to Patrick Williams19034438650.0%
Goran Dragic to Andre Drummond14633365269.2%
Coby White to Nikola Vucevic29833439545.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Ayo Dosunmu571315510751.4%
Zach LaVine to Patrick Williams22030329135.2%
Ayo Dosunmu to Patrick Williams32027339534.7%
Coby White to Zach LaVine354266413647.1%
Patrick Beverley to Zach LaVine268255410850.0%
Goran Dragic to Derrick Jones Jr.12225274362.8%
Ayo Dosunmu to DeMar DeRozan511248118543.8%
Nikola Vucevic to Alex Caruso44723327443.2%
Alex Caruso to Patrick Williams13722254161.0%
Zach LaVine to Ayo Dosunmu30722337345.2%
Alex Caruso to DeMar DeRozan384207115645.5%
DeMar DeRozan to Andre Drummond7919203360.6%
Nikola Vucevic to Coby White36719368542.4%
Patrick Williams to Zach LaVine372194611739.3%
Patrick Beverley to Nikola Vucevic27418245048.0%
Patrick Beverley to DeMar DeRozan21118428052.5%
Zach LaVine to Alex Caruso27718205040.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Alex Caruso17817203852.6%
Coby White to Andre Drummond11017183452.9%
Zach LaVine to Derrick Jones Jr.8516163545.7%
Coby White to Derrick Jones Jr.9616163447.1%
Alex Caruso to Ayo Dosunmu21715163644.4%
Ayo Dosunmu to Coby White24015236634.8%
DeMar DeRozan to Goran Dragic11714214151.2%
Goran Dragic to Nikola Vucevic12614184143.9%
Goran Dragic to DeMar DeRozan298146613748.2%
Coby White to DeMar DeRozan307146012747.2%
Zach LaVine to Andre Drummond7813153444.1%
Zach LaVine to Goran Dragic11713173253.1%
Alex Caruso to Coby White17611133933.3%
DeMar DeRozan to Patrick Beverley9111133240.6%
Goran Dragic to Patrick Williams7811133537.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Patrick Beverley26711153641.7%
Patrick Williams to DeMar DeRozan356114211237.5%
Goran Dragic to Coby White11710163941.0%
Goran Dragic to Zach LaVine16510277237.5%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Coby White15410143243.8%
Zach LaVine to Javonte Green3010101376.9%
Patrick Williams to Ayo Dosunmu49510235343.4%
Coby White to Alex Caruso1239112642.3%
Alex Caruso to Goran Dragic1808113630.6%
DeMar DeRozan to Derrick Jones Jr.60892733.3%
Ayo Dosunmu to Andre Drummond51881844.4%
Goran Dragic to Alex Caruso1238102050.0%
Andre Drummond to Ayo Dosunmu69892045.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Goran Dragic1418143145.2%
Alex Caruso to Javonte Green45771353.8%
DeMar DeRozan to Javonte Green63772429.2%
Ayo Dosunmu to Alex Caruso140771838.9%
Ayo Dosunmu to Derrick Jones Jr.89772035.0%
Goran Dragic to Javonte Green78771838.9%
Andre Drummond to Goran Dragic1577174240.5%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Goran Dragic1997134131.7%
Zach LaVine to Patrick Beverley1577112740.7%
Patrick Williams to Coby White2797226036.7%
Alex Caruso to Andre Drummond54671838.9%
Coby White to Goran Dragic129692437.5%
Patrick Beverley to Alex Caruso113561833.3%
Ayo Dosunmu to Javonte Green5055683.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Derrick Jones Jr.42561540.0%
Alex Caruso to Derrick Jones Jr.52441233.3%
Ayo Dosunmu to Dalen Terry41441330.8%
Goran Dragic to Ayo Dosunmu53471450.0%
Andre Drummond to Coby White117482236.4%
Andre Drummond to Zach LaVine1234165529.1%
Andre Drummond to DeMar DeRozan1214184341.9%
Javonte Green to Zach LaVine47461540.0%
Javonte Green to Nikola Vucevic3645862.5%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Ayo Dosunmu120481650.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to DeMar DeRozan884142653.8%
Patrick Beverley to Patrick Williams42341233.3%
Patrick Beverley to Coby White58351241.7%
Ayo Dosunmu to Goran Dragic83371353.8%
Javonte Green to Ayo Dosunmu83341428.6%
Javonte Green to Coby White62351241.7%
Javonte Green to DeMar DeRozan933153148.4%
Javonte Green to Goran Dragic113361540.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Zach LaVine1043163644.4%
Dalen Terry to Coby White4335862.5%
Dalen Terry to Nikola Vucevic1533475.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Javonte Green44341428.6%
Coby White to Dalen Terry35371353.8%
Coby White to Terry Taylor433475.0%
Coby White to Javonte Green3033650.0%
Patrick Williams to Andre Drummond23351145.5%
Patrick Williams to Goran Dragic121372231.8%
Patrick Beverley to Derrick Jones Jr.822450.0%
Patrick Beverley to Andre Drummond522366.7%
Alex Caruso to Patrick Beverley14823742.9%
Andre Drummond to Patrick Williams36251241.7%
Andre Drummond to Derrick Jones Jr.2123742.9%
Javonte Green to Alex Caruso6622540.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Patrick Williams2822450.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Alex Caruso7123837.5%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Nikola Vucevic2023560.0%
Carlik Jones to Terry Taylor5222100.0%
Zach LaVine to Dalen Terry1022366.7%
Dalen Terry to Ayo Dosunmu48241428.6%
Dalen Terry to Patrick Williams1622540.0%
Dalen Terry to Tony Bradley1022450.0%
Patrick Williams to Javonte Green1022450.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Carlik Jones9111100.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Marko Simonovic511250.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Tony Bradley8111100.0%
Andre Drummond to Javonte Green1711425.0%
Andre Drummond to Alex Caruso6211616.7%
Javonte Green to Dalen Terry911333.3%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Terry Taylor211250.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Tony Bradley5111100.0%
Carlik Jones to Dalen Terry1113837.5%
Carlik Jones to Ayo Dosunmu1111250.0%
Carlik Jones to Patrick Williams512366.7%
Carlik Jones to Coby White613475.0%
Dalen Terry to Malcolm Hill1111100.0%
Dalen Terry to Terry Taylor3111100.0%
Dalen Terry to Carlik Jones1311333.3%
Dalen Terry to Derrick Jones Jr.911250.0%
Dalen Terry to Zach LaVine1813837.5%
Dalen Terry to DeMar DeRozan1111425.0%
Dalen Terry to Goran Dragic5111100.0%
Coby White to Carlik Jones1011250.0%
Coby White to Marko Simonovic311250.0%
Coby White to Tony Bradley611333.3%
Patrick Williams to Dalen Terry24151145.5%
Patrick Williams to Terry Taylor1111100.0%
Patrick Williams to Derrick Jones Jr.2211425.0%
Patrick Beverley to Ayo Dosunmu40000.0%
Tony Bradley to Dalen Terry100030.0%
Tony Bradley to Ayo Dosunmu1601333.3%
Tony Bradley to Patrick Williams50010.0%
Tony Bradley to Javonte Green10010.0%
Tony Bradley to Coby White1001250.0%
Tony Bradley to Derrick Jones Jr.30000.0%
Alex Caruso to Dalen Terry30000.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Dalen Terry30020.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Patrick Beverley120010.0%
Goran Dragic to Goran Dragic10000.0%
Andre Drummond to Dalen Terry80040.0%
Andre Drummond to Carlik Jones10010.0%
Andre Drummond to Nikola Vucevic10000.0%
Andre Drummond to Patrick Beverley110000.0%
Javonte Green to Carlik Jones10000.0%
Javonte Green to Patrick Williams7022100.0%
Javonte Green to Derrick Jones Jr.90040.0%
Javonte Green to Andre Drummond120010.0%
Javonte Green to Patrick Beverley30010.0%
Malcolm Hill to Coby White10000.0%
Malcolm Hill to Zach LaVine10000.0%
Malcolm Hill to Andre Drummond10000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Dalen Terry1001250.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Carlik Jones2011100.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Javonte Green20000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Andre Drummond160020.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Patrick Beverley100000.0%
Carlik Jones to Malcolm Hill10010.0%
Carlik Jones to Marko Simonovic60020.0%
Carlik Jones to Tony Bradley30010.0%
Carlik Jones to Derrick Jones Jr.50010.0%
Carlik Jones to Zach LaVine10000.0%
Carlik Jones to Andre Drummond20000.0%
Carlik Jones to Nikola Vucevic801250.0%
Zach LaVine to Malcolm Hill20010.0%
Zach LaVine to Carlik Jones20000.0%
Marko Simonovic to Dalen Terry6011100.0%
Marko Simonovic to Terry Taylor10000.0%
Marko Simonovic to Carlik Jones1001520.0%
Marko Simonovic to Ayo Dosunmu302366.7%
Marko Simonovic to Patrick Williams10000.0%
Marko Simonovic to Coby White20000.0%
Marko Simonovic to Tony Bradley10000.0%
Terry Taylor to Dalen Terry20000.0%
Terry Taylor to Carlik Jones20000.0%
Terry Taylor to Marko Simonovic10010.0%
Terry Taylor to Ayo Dosunmu901250.0%
Terry Taylor to Coby White4011100.0%
Terry Taylor to Derrick Jones Jr.10010.0%
Dalen Terry to Marko Simonovic30000.0%
Dalen Terry to Javonte Green50020.0%
Dalen Terry to Alex Caruso30010.0%
Dalen Terry to Andre Drummond30000.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Dalen Terry2101425.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Carlik Jones70020.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Haywood Highsmith10000.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Andre Drummond20010.0%
Coby White to Patrick Beverley360020.0%
Patrick Williams to Carlik Jones70020.0%
Patrick Williams to Alex Caruso173031520.0%
Patrick Williams to Patrick Beverley900080.0%