2015 Chicago Bulls Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Chicago Bulls averaged 308 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Derrick Rose to Pau Gasol, with 99 assists on 984 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Derrick Rose to Pau Gasol9849912026245.8%
Pau Gasol to Jimmy Butler8088611425345.1%
Jimmy Butler to Pau Gasol8218511228040.0%
Jimmy Butler to Nikola Mirotic442535915637.8%
Jimmy Butler to Derrick Rose530427818941.3%
Aaron Brooks to Doug McDermott234414311836.4%
Aaron Brooks to Bobby Portis27040448651.2%
Jimmy Butler to Taj Gibson277405410352.4%
Derrick Rose to Jimmy Butler939409426835.1%
Pau Gasol to Nikola Mirotic224373910138.6%
Pau Gasol to Derrick Rose14053211128439.1%
Joakim Noah to Doug McDermott16031367945.6%
Pau Gasol to Taj Gibson14930347048.6%
Derrick Rose to Doug McDermott17826306645.5%
Derrick Rose to Nikola Mirotic30226307540.0%
Pau Gasol to E'Twaun Moore40125397949.4%
Pau Gasol to Mike Dunleavy18625266937.7%
Taj Gibson to Doug McDermott10425275747.4%
Derrick Rose to Taj Gibson29825387650.0%
Aaron Brooks to Nikola Mirotic19424277237.5%
Pau Gasol to Doug McDermott12824265646.4%
Derrick Rose to E'Twaun Moore21924326053.3%
Nikola Mirotic to Jimmy Butler433225011145.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Pau Gasol19922265745.6%
E'Twaun Moore to Pau Gasol36622369239.1%
Taj Gibson to Derrick Rose592206012747.2%
Joakim Noah to Jimmy Butler17220246934.8%
Aaron Brooks to Pau Gasol22819285848.3%
Derrick Rose to Tony Snell14918204346.5%
Jimmy Butler to Bobby Portis12017205040.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Doug McDermott11617215141.2%
E'Twaun Moore to Taj Gibson17416204841.7%
Derrick Rose to Mike Dunleavy13216163447.1%
Tony Snell to Taj Gibson11316164337.2%
Aaron Brooks to Jimmy Butler23015307938.0%
Jimmy Butler to Doug McDermott9114164040.0%
Pau Gasol to Tony Snell16714216035.0%
Taj Gibson to Pau Gasol14114183551.4%
Justin Holiday to Doug McDermott4714142360.9%
Kirk Hinrich to Pau Gasol13113143145.2%
Bobby Portis to Doug McDermott11913155030.0%
Derrick Rose to Bobby Portis13113144630.4%
Jimmy Butler to Justin Holiday4512132259.1%
Jimmy Butler to E'Twaun Moore11212194443.2%
Cristiano Felicio to Doug McDermott5012132454.2%
Joakim Noah to Nikola Mirotic8412133240.6%
Tony Snell to Pau Gasol16112175034.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Doug McDermott8711152853.6%
Joakim Noah to Tony Snell5811153050.0%
Aaron Brooks to Taj Gibson10810122157.1%
Jimmy Butler to Tony Snell9610124327.9%
Jimmy Butler to Mike Dunleavy8110113036.7%
Mike Dunleavy to Pau Gasol14310164139.0%
Doug McDermott to Pau Gasol10410143046.7%
E'Twaun Moore to Bobby Portis9310112937.9%
E'Twaun Moore to Derrick Rose14510285749.1%
Joakim Noah to Taj Gibson6210132454.2%
Taj Gibson to E'Twaun Moore1859153938.5%
Kirk Hinrich to Taj Gibson889102147.6%
Doug McDermott to Bobby Portis1229102638.5%
Jimmy Butler to Cristiano Felicio52881080.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Jimmy Butler1528143737.8%
Kirk Hinrich to Nikola Mirotic70881942.1%
Justin Holiday to Cristiano Felicio45882040.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Nikola Mirotic998113036.7%
Joakim Noah to E'Twaun Moore998142653.8%
Jimmy Butler to Kirk Hinrich75772035.0%
Mike Dunleavy to E'Twaun Moore807132065.0%
Taj Gibson to Jimmy Butler2597227230.6%
Kirk Hinrich to Doug McDermott55792045.0%
Doug McDermott to Nikola Mirotic95782433.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Mike Dunleavy89772231.8%
Bobby Portis to Aaron Brooks4037316845.6%
Aaron Brooks to Cristiano Felicio81671353.8%
Aaron Brooks to Tony Snell71672825.0%
Aaron Brooks to Justin Holiday62682729.6%
Jimmy Butler to Aaron Brooks1396123930.8%
Jimmy Butler to Joakim Noah147662326.1%
Mike Dunleavy to Derrick Rose1456184936.7%
Pau Gasol to Aaron Brooks2846225937.3%
Taj Gibson to Tony Snell102692931.0%
Taj Gibson to Nikola Mirotic71662326.1%
Doug McDermott to Jimmy Butler986133141.9%
Doug McDermott to Aaron Brooks1716175034.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Bobby Portis40671936.8%
Nikola Mirotic to Derrick Rose58864010338.8%
Joakim Noah to Aaron Brooks2086154037.5%
Bobby Portis to Tony Snell90661931.6%
Bobby Portis to Nikola Mirotic51661442.9%
Derrick Rose to Joakim Noah118661637.5%
Tony Snell to Jimmy Butler956153444.1%
Aaron Brooks to E'Twaun Moore58581747.1%
Mike Dunleavy to Taj Gibson94591752.9%
Kirk Hinrich to Bobby Portis48581844.4%
Kirk Hinrich to Tony Snell40551241.7%
Justin Holiday to Nikola Mirotic55572231.8%
Nikola Mirotic to Justin Holiday63561735.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Jimmy Butler1535194344.2%
Derrick Rose to Justin Holiday32571258.3%
Tony Snell to Bobby Portis695133537.1%
Tony Snell to Nikola Mirotic50561833.3%
Cameron Bairstow to Doug McDermott16451050.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Jimmy Butler78441921.1%
Mike Dunleavy to Nikola Mirotic40441526.7%
Taj Gibson to Bobby Portis28461154.5%
Taj Gibson to Aaron Brooks1964154533.3%
Taj Gibson to Kirk Hinrich121481942.1%
Justin Holiday to Bobby Portis27461637.5%
Justin Holiday to Pau Gasol3044666.7%
Doug McDermott to Justin Holiday41451241.7%
Doug McDermott to E'Twaun Moore111492832.1%
Nikola Mirotic to Taj Gibson50451145.5%
Nikola Mirotic to Aaron Brooks2944245147.1%
Nikola Mirotic to Kirk Hinrich9444757.1%
Joakim Noah to Derrick Rose2574195236.5%
Joakim Noah to Pau Gasol31461637.5%
Bobby Portis to Justin Holiday53461442.9%
Bobby Portis to Jimmy Butler1374164436.4%
Tony Snell to Cameron Bairstow28471741.2%
Aaron Brooks to Joakim Noah129341233.3%
Cristiano Felicio to Nikola Mirotic3933933.3%
Cristiano Felicio to Aaron Brooks1233163053.3%
Pau Gasol to Bobby Portis43351729.4%
Pau Gasol to Justin Holiday40331127.3%
Pau Gasol to Kirk Hinrich174392045.0%
Taj Gibson to Justin Holiday1535683.3%
Taj Gibson to Joakim Noah3233650.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Joakim Noah110331030.0%
Doug McDermott to Tony Snell47341233.3%
Doug McDermott to Joakim Noah76361154.5%
Nikola Mirotic to Mike Dunleavy3033650.0%
E'Twaun Moore to Cristiano Felicio2334666.7%
E'Twaun Moore to Justin Holiday30331030.0%
Joakim Noah to Kirk Hinrich158371741.2%
Bobby Portis to Pau Gasol42361154.5%
Derrick Rose to Cristiano Felicio2733837.5%
Tony Snell to E'Twaun Moore4234944.4%
Mike Dunleavy to Doug McDermott1022450.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Bobby Portis1122366.7%
Cristiano Felicio to Tony Snell2622922.2%
Cristiano Felicio to Justin Holiday62231816.7%
Taj Gibson to Mike Dunleavy72231421.4%
Kirk Hinrich to E'Twaun Moore4222366.7%
Justin Holiday to Aaron Brooks50281361.5%
Doug McDermott to Derrick Rose1542143935.9%
Nikola Mirotic to E'Twaun Moore122231421.4%
Nikola Mirotic to Joakim Noah6423933.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Tony Snell47241330.8%
Joakim Noah to Bobby Portis5222100.0%
Bobby Portis to E'Twaun Moore1432122450.0%
Bobby Portis to Taj Gibson2822450.0%
Bobby Portis to Derrick Rose2262174141.5%
Tony Snell to Derrick Rose1162154037.5%
Tony Snell to Joakim Noah4223650.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Justin Holiday611250.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Derrick Rose2211333.3%
Aaron Brooks to Derrick Rose29171450.0%
Aaron Brooks to Kirk Hinrich2411425.0%
Aaron Brooks to Mike Dunleavy1812450.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Cristiano Felicio1811250.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Bobby Portis2512922.2%
Cristiano Felicio to Cameron Bairstow1011250.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Jimmy Butler76151533.3%
Pau Gasol to Joakim Noah2611333.3%
Kirk Hinrich to Aaron Brooks30141040.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Mike Dunleavy10111100.0%
Justin Holiday to Cameron Bairstow4111100.0%
Justin Holiday to E'Twaun Moore2711520.0%
Justin Holiday to Jimmy Butler3111333.3%
Justin Holiday to Taj Gibson15122100.0%
Justin Holiday to Derrick Rose34151435.7%
Justin Holiday to Mike Dunleavy911250.0%
Doug McDermott to Cristiano Felicio3411520.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Cristiano Felicio2111425.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Tony Snell59141233.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Cameron Bairstow1611333.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Aaron Brooks50121612.5%
E'Twaun Moore to Joakim Noah6212540.0%
Bobby Portis to Cristiano Felicio2811250.0%
Bobby Portis to Cameron Bairstow911425.0%
Bobby Portis to Kirk Hinrich8014850.0%
Bobby Portis to Mike Dunleavy1911250.0%
Derrick Rose to Cameron Bairstow1311333.3%
Derrick Rose to Aaron Brooks40141625.0%
Derrick Rose to Kirk Hinrich1411333.3%
Tony Snell to Doug McDermott2112633.3%
Tony Snell to Aaron Brooks71171741.2%
Tony Snell to Kirk Hinrich2511425.0%
Tony Snell to Mike Dunleavy511250.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Cristiano Felicio10000.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Bobby Portis3011100.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Cameron Bairstow10000.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Tony Snell1201250.0%
Cameron Bairstow to E'Twaun Moore3804666.7%
Cameron Bairstow to Jimmy Butler40000.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Nikola Mirotic10010.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Aaron Brooks420080.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Kirk Hinrich10000.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Mike Dunleavy10000.0%
Cameron Bairstow to Pau Gasol10000.0%
Aaron Brooks to Cameron Bairstow210060.0%
Jimmy Butler to Cameron Bairstow10010.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Tony Snell1301425.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Justin Holiday100010.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Aaron Brooks150020.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Kirk Hinrich50000.0%
Cristiano Felicio to E'Twaun Moore240000.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Taj Gibson30000.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Derrick Rose63021315.4%
Cristiano Felicio to Kirk Hinrich20000.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Mike Dunleavy130010.0%
Pau Gasol to Cameron Bairstow20010.0%
Taj Gibson to Cristiano Felicio30000.0%
Taj Gibson to Cameron Bairstow10000.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Cristiano Felicio10000.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Cameron Bairstow20000.0%
Kirk Hinrich to Derrick Rose21051050.0%
Justin Holiday to Tony Snell80000.0%
Doug McDermott to Cameron Bairstow8011100.0%
Doug McDermott to Taj Gibson8401812.5%
Doug McDermott to Kirk Hinrich320030.0%
Doug McDermott to Mike Dunleavy401333.3%
E'Twaun Moore to Kirk Hinrich190030.0%
Bobby Portis to Joakim Noah30020.0%
Tony Snell to Cristiano Felicio130030.0%
Tony Snell to Justin Holiday150040.0%