2016 Chicago Bulls Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Chicago Bulls averaged 305 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jimmy Butler to Robin Lopez, with 94 assists on 530 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jimmy Butler to Robin Lopez5309410923446.6%
Rajon Rondo to Jimmy Butler10599114738438.3%
Rajon Rondo to Robin Lopez398677713756.2%
Rajon Rondo to Taj Gibson553637714752.4%
Rajon Rondo to Nikola Mirotic530586318534.1%
Jimmy Butler to Nikola Mirotic359535714140.4%
Jimmy Butler to Dwyane Wade480488420541.0%
Jimmy Butler to Taj Gibson407456213147.3%
Rajon Rondo to Doug McDermott274434611540.0%
Jimmy Butler to Rajon Rondo565354611340.7%
Rajon Rondo to Dwyane Wade402356715642.9%
Dwyane Wade to Taj Gibson23834418051.3%
Dwyane Wade to Jimmy Butler423335315434.4%
Jimmy Butler to Bobby Portis19332347247.2%
Dwyane Wade to Robin Lopez20531388644.2%
Robin Lopez to Jimmy Butler427284813535.6%
Jerian Grant to Robin Lopez18826326549.2%
Rajon Rondo to Cristiano Felicio12425274955.1%
Jimmy Butler to Doug McDermott12323236833.8%
Dwyane Wade to Nikola Mirotic23923277635.5%
Dwyane Wade to Cristiano Felicio8222233271.9%
Jerian Grant to Nikola Mirotic13317193850.0%
Rajon Rondo to Paul Zipser15717176327.0%
Rajon Rondo to Denzel Valentine14617175034.0%
Rajon Rondo to Bobby Portis16617185036.0%
Denzel Valentine to Bobby Portis10217194146.3%
Jimmy Butler to Paul Zipser9016184639.1%
Jimmy Butler to Jerian Grant19516226832.4%
Dwyane Wade to Doug McDermott9516184738.3%
Dwyane Wade to Rajon Rondo22216205437.0%
Taj Gibson to Dwyane Wade33315369637.5%
Jerian Grant to Bobby Portis11515184143.9%
Jimmy Butler to Michael Carter-Williams17914215538.2%
Michael Carter-Williams to Taj Gibson21014184639.1%
Doug McDermott to Nikola Mirotic8114163743.2%
Dwyane Wade to Michael Carter-Williams10514194146.3%
Nikola Mirotic to Jimmy Butler508134913137.4%
Dwyane Wade to Bobby Portis12813134827.1%
Jimmy Butler to Denzel Valentine10312134628.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Doug McDermott4812132161.9%
Michael Carter-Williams to Jimmy Butler27912236634.8%
Michael Carter-Williams to Robin Lopez10112153246.9%
Taj Gibson to Jimmy Butler518124211337.2%
Michael Carter-Williams to Denzel Valentine6611122646.2%
Jerian Grant to Jimmy Butler27111328438.1%
Robin Lopez to Taj Gibson11011173154.8%
Nikola Mirotic to Doug McDermott9811132846.4%
Rajon Rondo to Isaiah Canaan7911133438.2%
Michael Carter-Williams to Bobby Portis12710143046.7%
Cristiano Felicio to Nikola Mirotic7210112544.0%
Jerian Grant to Dwyane Wade17910266241.9%
Dwyane Wade to Jerian Grant10010123435.3%
Nikola Mirotic to Denzel Valentine1159112347.8%
Jimmy Butler to Joffrey Lauvergne57892339.1%
Michael Carter-Williams to Jerian Grant608111573.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Dwyane Wade1878255545.5%
Cristiano Felicio to Denzel Valentine818122842.9%
Taj Gibson to Rajon Rondo7868216233.9%
Robin Lopez to Doug McDermott47881942.1%
Jimmy Butler to Isaiah Canaan817113135.5%
Isaiah Canaan to Doug McDermott24781080.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Nikola Mirotic88772231.8%
Taj Gibson to Robin Lopez87792240.9%
Jerian Grant to Paul Zipser42781844.4%
Jerian Grant to Taj Gibson1317123534.3%
Robin Lopez to Dwyane Wade1797236137.7%
Doug McDermott to Jimmy Butler1347194938.8%
Nikola Mirotic to Paul Zipser70782138.1%
Denzel Valentine to Rajon Rondo1437152951.7%
Isaiah Canaan to Jimmy Butler1116153938.5%
Isaiah Canaan to Nikola Mirotic99672133.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Paul Zipser54661250.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Doug McDermott706102343.5%
Jerian Grant to Denzel Valentine47681844.4%
Jerian Grant to Cristiano Felicio72661735.3%
Jerian Grant to Doug McDermott39671546.7%
Nikola Mirotic to Rajon Rondo7566306844.1%
Nikola Mirotic to Dwyane Wade35464110838.0%
Denzel Valentine to Michael Carter-Williams73692437.5%
Paul Zipser to Robin Lopez38671450.0%
Jimmy Butler to Cristiano Felicio75551729.4%
Taj Gibson to Doug McDermott56551050.0%
Robin Lopez to Paul Zipser41571353.8%
Robin Lopez to Bobby Portis3056966.7%
Robin Lopez to Jerian Grant153592931.0%
Robin Lopez to Nikola Mirotic89562030.0%
Robin Lopez to Rajon Rondo4125175729.8%
Doug McDermott to Dwyane Wade945133636.1%
Nikola Mirotic to Cristiano Felicio50551145.5%
Nikola Mirotic to Bobby Portis2555683.3%
Bobby Portis to Denzel Valentine113561931.6%
Rajon Rondo to Jerian Grant46571936.8%
Denzel Valentine to Jimmy Butler975164040.0%
Denzel Valentine to Nikola Mirotic57571838.9%
Denzel Valentine to Robin Lopez34561442.9%
Paul Zipser to Bobby Portis33571163.6%
Paul Zipser to Joffrey Lauvergne1455771.4%
Isaiah Canaan to Bobby Portis50451050.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Cristiano Felicio67451050.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Joffrey Lauvergne50461154.5%
Taj Gibson to Michael Carter-Williams3014103132.3%
Taj Gibson to Isaiah Canaan5445862.5%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Bobby Portis1744850.0%
Doug McDermott to Cristiano Felicio56461250.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Taj Gibson2245771.4%
Bobby Portis to Paul Zipser52451435.7%
Bobby Portis to Doug McDermott30461154.5%
Bobby Portis to Jimmy Butler2234184837.5%
Bobby Portis to Dwyane Wade1634153740.5%
Rajon Rondo to Joffrey Lauvergne43441428.6%
Dwyane Wade to Paul Zipser2844944.4%
Dwyane Wade to Denzel Valentine3644850.0%
Paul Zipser to Cristiano Felicio3045862.5%
Paul Zipser to Rajon Rondo1784122352.2%
Isaiah Canaan to Robin Lopez2533837.5%
Isaiah Canaan to Dwyane Wade1043113630.6%
Cristiano Felicio to Paul Zipser3533837.5%
Cristiano Felicio to Jerian Grant109351729.4%
Cristiano Felicio to Dwyane Wade1673114027.5%
Taj Gibson to Nikola Mirotic30331225.0%
Jerian Grant to Michael Carter-Williams37331127.3%
Jerian Grant to Rajon Rondo4833933.3%
Robin Lopez to Michael Carter-Williams124382334.8%
Doug McDermott to Taj Gibson3733560.0%
Doug McDermott to Rajon Rondo176392142.9%
Nikola Mirotic to Jerian Grant2183102441.7%
Nikola Mirotic to Robin Lopez68331915.8%
Cameron Payne to Cristiano Felicio2234666.7%
Cameron Payne to Dwyane Wade28371070.0%
Bobby Portis to Isaiah Canaan65361442.9%
Denzel Valentine to Paul Zipser3034944.4%
Denzel Valentine to Jerian Grant33381172.7%
Denzel Valentine to Cameron Payne2134850.0%
Dwyane Wade to Isaiah Canaan54351926.3%
Paul Zipser to Nikola Mirotic3834666.7%
Jimmy Butler to Cameron Payne2223837.5%
Jimmy Butler to Anthony Morrow17231030.0%
Isaiah Canaan to Denzel Valentine3122922.2%
Cristiano Felicio to Rajon Rondo2112112937.9%
Taj Gibson to Jerian Grant214282532.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Paul Zipser1522450.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Cristiano Felicio5222100.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Michael Carter-Williams3923742.9%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Jimmy Butler5024944.4%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Nikola Mirotic7222100.0%
Robin Lopez to Isaiah Canaan4322633.3%
Doug McDermott to Jerian Grant4424757.1%
Doug McDermott to Michael Carter-Williams40231520.0%
Doug McDermott to Isaiah Canaan2422728.6%
Doug McDermott to Robin Lopez24231127.3%
Anthony Morrow to Joffrey Lauvergne522366.7%
Cameron Payne to Paul Zipser11222100.0%
Cameron Payne to Denzel Valentine2323837.5%
Cameron Payne to Joffrey Lauvergne1022450.0%
Bobby Portis to Jerian Grant1862102638.5%
Bobby Portis to Joffrey Lauvergne1622450.0%
Rajon Rondo to Michael Carter-Williams2622825.0%
Denzel Valentine to Doug McDermott1723837.5%
Denzel Valentine to Isaiah Canaan2623650.0%
Denzel Valentine to Dwyane Wade53282236.4%
Dwyane Wade to Cameron Payne1822633.3%
Paul Zipser to Denzel Valentine2722633.3%
Paul Zipser to Jerian Grant56251241.7%
Paul Zipser to Michael Carter-Williams101282236.4%
Paul Zipser to Jimmy Butler104291947.4%
Isaiah Canaan to Cristiano Felicio5312728.6%
Isaiah Canaan to Michael Carter-Williams1411520.0%
Isaiah Canaan to Taj Gibson3111250.0%
Isaiah Canaan to Anthony Morrow411333.3%
Isaiah Canaan to Rajon Rondo7213933.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Cameron Payne5122100.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Anthony Morrow412366.7%
Cristiano Felicio to Bobby Portis1913650.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Isaiah Canaan6312825.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Jimmy Butler118172626.9%
Taj Gibson to Paul Zipser1211425.0%
Taj Gibson to Denzel Valentine2011333.3%
Jerian Grant to Cameron Payne411250.0%
Jerian Grant to Isaiah Canaan2713933.3%
Jerian Grant to Anthony Morrow211250.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Denzel Valentine41121118.2%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Cameron Payne1811333.3%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Anthony Morrow511250.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Robin Lopez511333.3%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Rajon Rondo5113650.0%
Robin Lopez to Denzel Valentine2512825.0%
Robin Lopez to Cameron Payne1111100.0%
Doug McDermott to Paul Zipser1011333.3%
Nikola Mirotic to Cameron Payne4511812.5%
Nikola Mirotic to Joffrey Lauvergne711520.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Michael Carter-Williams155131915.8%
Nikola Mirotic to Isaiah Canaan158151926.3%
Anthony Morrow to Cristiano Felicio1111100.0%
Anthony Morrow to Bobby Portis312366.7%
Anthony Morrow to Jimmy Butler1212366.7%
Anthony Morrow to Nikola Mirotic1111100.0%
Cameron Payne to Nikola Mirotic3113742.9%
Cameron Payne to Anthony Morrow2111100.0%
Bobby Portis to Cristiano Felicio4311616.7%
Bobby Portis to Cameron Payne37131030.0%
Bobby Portis to Michael Carter-Williams208162623.1%
Bobby Portis to Nikola Mirotic1911520.0%
Bobby Portis to Anthony Morrow1412728.6%
Bobby Portis to Robin Lopez3913837.5%
Bobby Portis to Rajon Rondo315182532.0%
Denzel Valentine to Taj Gibson1312540.0%
Denzel Valentine to Anthony Morrow2111100.0%
Paul Zipser to Doug McDermott611250.0%
Paul Zipser to Taj Gibson2313837.5%
Isaiah Canaan to Paul Zipser130030.0%
Isaiah Canaan to Jerian Grant2502450.0%
Isaiah Canaan to Cameron Payne10010.0%
Isaiah Canaan to Joffrey Lauvergne70000.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Isaiah Canaan2002728.6%
Michael Carter-Williams to Rajon Rondo260030.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Cameron Payne3902922.2%
Cristiano Felicio to RJ Hunter20000.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Joffrey Lauvergne10000.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Michael Carter-Williams830090.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Taj Gibson60000.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Anthony Morrow10000.0%
Taj Gibson to Cristiano Felicio901333.3%
Taj Gibson to Bobby Portis40000.0%
Jerian Grant to Joffrey Lauvergne40000.0%
RJ Hunter to Paul Zipser10000.0%
RJ Hunter to Denzel Valentine20000.0%
RJ Hunter to Cristiano Felicio20010.0%
RJ Hunter to Bobby Portis20000.0%
RJ Hunter to Jerian Grant10000.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Jerian Grant50000.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Isaiah Canaan90000.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Dwyane Wade110010.0%
Robin Lopez to Joffrey Lauvergne30010.0%
Robin Lopez to Anthony Morrow20020.0%
Doug McDermott to Denzel Valentine150010.0%
Doug McDermott to Bobby Portis2703742.9%
Nikola Mirotic to Anthony Morrow40020.0%
Anthony Morrow to Denzel Valentine10010.0%
Anthony Morrow to Cameron Payne2011100.0%
Anthony Morrow to Michael Carter-Williams701333.3%
Anthony Morrow to Isaiah Canaan10000.0%
Anthony Morrow to Dwyane Wade10000.0%
Cameron Payne to Bobby Portis150040.0%
Cameron Payne to Jerian Grant30000.0%
Cameron Payne to Michael Carter-Williams10000.0%
Cameron Payne to Isaiah Canaan40020.0%
Cameron Payne to Jimmy Butler2903933.3%
Cameron Payne to Robin Lopez50030.0%
Cameron Payne to Rajon Rondo5011100.0%
Bobby Portis to RJ Hunter20000.0%
Bobby Portis to Taj Gibson40010.0%
Rajon Rondo to Cameron Payne130030.0%
Denzel Valentine to Cristiano Felicio5801119.1%
Denzel Valentine to RJ Hunter30010.0%
Denzel Valentine to Joffrey Lauvergne22021216.7%
Dwyane Wade to Joffrey Lauvergne70020.0%
Dwyane Wade to Anthony Morrow10000.0%
Paul Zipser to Cameron Payne90000.0%
Paul Zipser to Isaiah Canaan150030.0%
Paul Zipser to Dwyane Wade40021513.3%