2021 Chicago Bulls Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Chicago Bulls averaged 273 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Zach LaVine to Nikola Vucevic, with 123 assists on 767 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Zach LaVine to Nikola Vucevic76712313929047.9%
DeMar DeRozan to Nikola Vucevic6449610024441.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Nikola Vucevic564708718247.8%
DeMar DeRozan to Coby White308566113943.9%
Nikola Vucevic to Zach LaVine753519725837.6%
Lonzo Ball to Zach LaVine5814710122644.7%
DeMar DeRozan to Zach LaVine409457818043.3%
Coby White to Nikola Vucevic351445411646.6%
Nikola Vucevic to DeMar DeRozan6654110924644.3%
DeMar DeRozan to Ayo Dosunmu27040448850.0%
Zach LaVine to DeMar DeRozan474389719250.5%
DeMar DeRozan to Lonzo Ball20632347744.2%
Alex Caruso to Zach LaVine310315512045.8%
Nikola Vucevic to Ayo Dosunmu53531398744.8%
Alex Caruso to Nikola Vucevic25730367349.3%
DeMar DeRozan to Javonte Green13430305950.8%
Coby White to Ayo Dosunmu22730375863.8%
Alex Caruso to DeMar DeRozan431298419044.2%
Ayo Dosunmu to Zach LaVine369296714546.2%
Ayo Dosunmu to DeMar DeRozan563299521344.6%
Lonzo Ball to Nikola Vucevic373263611132.4%
Ayo Dosunmu to Javonte Green13526274658.7%
Ayo Dosunmu to Coby White22926367746.8%
Nikola Vucevic to Coby White482254211436.8%
Alex Caruso to Lonzo Ball19123254358.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Javonte Green16822255942.4%
Lonzo Ball to DeMar DeRozan478217518540.5%
Zach LaVine to Ayo Dosunmu21321256439.1%
Zach LaVine to Javonte Green12321235641.1%
Zach LaVine to Coby White18721246040.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Troy Brown Jr.14020215836.2%
Coby White to DeMar DeRozan535209921446.3%
Zach LaVine to Lonzo Ball31218235839.7%
Zach LaVine to Alex Caruso16916163842.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Alex Caruso28016254753.2%
Coby White to Zach LaVine26715419841.8%
Lonzo Ball to Ayo Dosunmu7814172860.7%
Lonzo Ball to Coby White6613142458.3%
Lonzo Ball to Alex Caruso13613142653.8%
DeMar DeRozan to Derrick Jones Jr.8713134628.3%
Zach LaVine to Derrick Jones Jr.6913132748.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Troy Brown Jr.8213152755.6%
Troy Brown Jr. to Nikola Vucevic8712172277.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Lonzo Ball52512236634.8%
Lonzo Ball to Derrick Jones Jr.6411112347.8%
Alex Caruso to Ayo Dosunmu12311123336.4%
Ayo Dosunmu to Tony Bradley4511111668.8%
Javonte Green to Nikola Vucevic8111112445.8%
Coby White to Troy Brown Jr.8511122157.1%
Lonzo Ball to Tony Bradley8010101855.6%
Troy Brown Jr. to Ayo Dosunmu20210162857.1%
Alex Caruso to Derrick Jones Jr.4510101283.3%
DeMar DeRozan to Matt Thomas4010102737.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Troy Brown Jr.9110133438.2%
Zach LaVine to Tony Bradley3710101855.6%
Zach LaVine to Tristan Thompson3910121963.2%
Troy Brown Jr. to Coby White1779214447.7%
DeMar DeRozan to Tony Bradley55992045.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Alex Caruso2009105518.2%
Ayo Dosunmu to Derrick Jones Jr.689102343.5%
Javonte Green to Zach LaVine2399377847.4%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Ayo Dosunmu1359162564.0%
Coby White to Tristan Thompson429102050.0%
Lonzo Ball to Javonte Green69892339.1%
Alex Caruso to Javonte Green58881844.4%
Ayo Dosunmu to Lonzo Ball618101662.5%
Javonte Green to Coby White1628144233.3%
Zach LaVine to Troy Brown Jr.49892437.5%
Nikola Vucevic to Patrick Williams408101566.7%
Coby White to Derrick Jones Jr.44881457.1%
Troy Brown Jr. to Derrick Jones Jr.1977887.5%
Alex Caruso to Coby White95793129.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Patrick Williams53792536.0%
Javonte Green to Ayo Dosunmu2797123237.5%
Javonte Green to Lonzo Ball1397112055.0%
Javonte Green to DeMar DeRozan2327297936.7%
Nikola Vucevic to Derrick Jones Jr.38771838.9%
Coby White to Javonte Green59772133.3%
Tony Bradley to Matt Thomas22671450.0%
Alex Caruso to Patrick Williams2166785.7%
Coby White to Matt Thomas52661637.5%
Lonzo Ball to Patrick Williams2655862.5%
Tony Bradley to DeMar DeRozan1315285848.3%
Troy Brown Jr. to Matt Thomas51562128.6%
Troy Brown Jr. to Lonzo Ball57561540.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Malcolm Hill18551050.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Patrick Williams36561346.2%
DeMar DeRozan to Tristan Thompson31571450.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Matt Thomas63561540.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Alex Caruso96552520.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to DeMar DeRozan1285275152.9%
Tristan Thompson to Coby White655102147.6%
Coby White to Tyler Cook26551241.7%
Coby White to Alex Caruso90571643.8%
Lonzo Ball to Troy Brown Jr.42442218.2%
Tony Bradley to Ayo Dosunmu73481457.1%
Tony Bradley to Lonzo Ball124482630.8%
Alex Caruso to Troy Brown Jr.2744850.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Tristan Thompson44451435.7%
Devon Dotson to Alfonzo McKinnie1044666.7%
Matt Thomas to Nikola Vucevic31451050.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Matt Thomas37451241.7%
Coby White to Malcolm Hill1244757.1%
Coby White to Patrick Williams28441136.4%
Coby White to Tony Bradley2944757.1%
Coby White to Alfonzo McKinnie23441136.4%
Patrick Williams to Troy Brown Jr.1544757.1%
Lonzo Ball to Alfonzo McKinnie1133742.9%
Troy Brown Jr. to Tyler Cook833560.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Tony Bradley1834666.7%
Troy Brown Jr. to Zach LaVine66371546.7%
DeMar DeRozan to Tyler Cook2034666.7%
DeMar DeRozan to Alize Johnson8333100.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Tyler Cook1833933.3%
Devon Dotson to Matt Thomas1833837.5%
Devon Dotson to Troy Brown Jr.2033560.0%
Javonte Green to Alex Caruso128351241.7%
Malcolm Hill to Tony Bradley1033475.0%
Alize Johnson to Ayo Dosunmu1533650.0%
Alize Johnson to Troy Brown Jr.933560.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Javonte Green1334666.7%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Coby White119362227.3%
Matt Thomas to Coby White67381942.1%
Matt Thomas to Zach LaVine16366100.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Tyler Cook633560.0%
Patrick Williams to Ayo Dosunmu8437977.8%
Tony Bradley to Coby White73231225.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Patrick Williams1522540.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Javonte Green2822450.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Alfonzo McKinnie6222100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to DeMar DeRozan1302224944.9%
Alex Caruso to Matt Thomas722366.7%
Alex Caruso to Tony Bradley3822450.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Alfonzo McKinnie1422633.3%
Ayo Dosunmu to Alfonzo McKinnie922450.0%
Devon Dotson to Marko Simonovic1822728.6%
Devon Dotson to Coby White9233100.0%
Javonte Green to Matt Thomas1022450.0%
Javonte Green to Alize Johnson3222100.0%
Javonte Green to Tristan Thompson8244100.0%
Alize Johnson to Lonzo Ball2923560.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Troy Brown Jr.1823560.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Alex Caruso111241330.8%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Nikola Vucevic2022728.6%
Zach LaVine to Patrick Williams2922633.3%
Zach LaVine to Matt Thomas822450.0%
Matt Thomas to Devon Dotson1923560.0%
Matt Thomas to DeMar DeRozan752133438.2%
Tristan Thompson to Ayo Dosunmu4123650.0%
Tristan Thompson to Troy Brown Jr.622366.7%
Nikola Vucevic to Malcolm Hill1222728.6%
Nikola Vucevic to Alfonzo McKinnie20221020.0%
Patrick Williams to Javonte Green6222100.0%
Patrick Williams to Lonzo Ball4323837.5%
Patrick Williams to Zach LaVine57241428.6%
Patrick Williams to Tristan Thompson922633.3%
Lonzo Ball to Matt Thomas3111100.0%
Lonzo Ball to Tyler Cook6111100.0%
Lonzo Ball to Alize Johnson1811333.3%
Tony Bradley to Malcolm Hill911250.0%
Tony Bradley to Devon Dotson1111250.0%
Tony Bradley to Troy Brown Jr.2612633.3%
Tony Bradley to Alex Caruso4613650.0%
Tony Bradley to Derrick Jones Jr.811250.0%
Tony Bradley to Zach LaVine50192045.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Mac McClung3111100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Marko Simonovic1111100.0%
Alex Caruso to Alize Johnson2511616.7%
Alex Caruso to Tristan Thompson3511425.0%
Tyler Cook to Matt Thomas811333.3%
Tyler Cook to Devon Dotson2111100.0%
Tyler Cook to DeMar DeRozan441101855.6%
DeMar DeRozan to Devon Dotson2111100.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Malcolm Hill2111812.5%
Devon Dotson to Tony Bradley611250.0%
Javonte Green to Devon Dotson1111100.0%
Javonte Green to Derrick Jones Jr.811333.3%
Malcolm Hill to Ayo Dosunmu2311425.0%
Malcolm Hill to Coby White11111100.0%
Malcolm Hill to Nikola Vucevic711250.0%
Malcolm Hill to DeMar DeRozan32151435.7%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Patrick Williams912450.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Matt Thomas512366.7%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Zach LaVine102173321.2%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Malcolm Hill3122100.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Ayo Dosunmu2112366.7%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Devon Dotson911250.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Lonzo Ball2211333.3%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Alex Caruso3122100.0%
Matt Thomas to Ayo Dosunmu74181747.1%
Matt Thomas to Javonte Green5111100.0%
Matt Thomas to Troy Brown Jr.3311911.1%
Matt Thomas to Tony Bradley1311520.0%
Matt Thomas to Alfonzo McKinnie511333.3%
Matt Thomas to Alex Caruso911250.0%
Tristan Thompson to Javonte Green611250.0%
Tristan Thompson to Alex Caruso2512540.0%
Tristan Thompson to Zach LaVine4815771.4%
Tristan Thompson to DeMar DeRozan741113729.7%
Lonzo Ball to Devon Dotson90000.0%
Jordan Bell to Ayo Dosunmu1011100.0%
Jordan Bell to Coby White20000.0%
Jordan Bell to DeMar DeRozan20000.0%
Tony Bradley to Patrick Williams701333.3%
Tony Bradley to Javonte Green50000.0%
Tony Bradley to Tyler Cook10010.0%
Tony Bradley to Alfonzo McKinnie80010.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Malcolm Hill90000.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Devon Dotson2302633.3%
Troy Brown Jr. to Alize Johnson3011100.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Alex Caruso300040.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Tristan Thompson100020.0%
Alex Caruso to Devon Dotson10000.0%
Alex Caruso to Tyler Cook10000.0%
Alex Caruso to Alfonzo McKinnie40010.0%
Tyler Cook to Marko Simonovic10000.0%
Tyler Cook to Ayo Dosunmu3002540.0%
Tyler Cook to Javonte Green10000.0%
Tyler Cook to Coby White46041428.6%
Tyler Cook to Troy Brown Jr.50010.0%
Tyler Cook to Lonzo Ball50020.0%
Tyler Cook to Alfonzo McKinnie10000.0%
Tyler Cook to Alex Caruso20010.0%
Tyler Cook to Derrick Jones Jr.10000.0%
Tyler Cook to Zach LaVine501250.0%
Tyler Cook to Nikola Vucevic30010.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Marko Simonovic30020.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Devon Dotson110010.0%
Ayo Dosunmu to Alize Johnson40020.0%
Devon Dotson to Mac McClung20000.0%
Devon Dotson to Ayo Dosunmu140010.0%
Devon Dotson to Tyler Cook30020.0%
Devon Dotson to Alize Johnson40010.0%
Devon Dotson to Lonzo Ball140020.0%
Devon Dotson to Alex Caruso40000.0%
Devon Dotson to Derrick Jones Jr.20000.0%
Devon Dotson to Zach LaVine5022100.0%
Devon Dotson to Nikola Vucevic50010.0%
Devon Dotson to DeMar DeRozan20010.0%
Javonte Green to Malcolm Hill40010.0%
Javonte Green to Patrick Williams1301520.0%
Javonte Green to Tyler Cook10000.0%
Javonte Green to Troy Brown Jr.180020.0%
Javonte Green to Tony Bradley30010.0%
Javonte Green to Alfonzo McKinnie30010.0%
Malcolm Hill to Patrick Williams1011100.0%
Malcolm Hill to Javonte Green10000.0%
Malcolm Hill to Matt Thomas140010.0%
Malcolm Hill to Troy Brown Jr.100030.0%
Malcolm Hill to Alfonzo McKinnie30020.0%
Malcolm Hill to Zach LaVine10000.0%
Alize Johnson to Javonte Green30000.0%
Alize Johnson to Matt Thomas501520.0%
Alize Johnson to Devon Dotson140010.0%
Alize Johnson to Coby White90010.0%
Alize Johnson to Tyler Cook10000.0%
Alize Johnson to Alfonzo McKinnie10000.0%
Alize Johnson to Alex Caruso2701425.0%
Alize Johnson to Derrick Jones Jr.10000.0%
Alize Johnson to Zach LaVine601333.3%
Alize Johnson to DeMar DeRozan2902922.2%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Malcolm Hill20010.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Devon Dotson30000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Tyler Cook40000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Tony Bradley3011100.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Lonzo Ball124021612.5%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Tristan Thompson60000.0%
Zach LaVine to Malcolm Hill10000.0%
Zach LaVine to Devon Dotson40000.0%
Zach LaVine to Tyler Cook40010.0%
Zach LaVine to Alize Johnson120020.0%
Zach LaVine to Alfonzo McKinnie30010.0%
Mac McClung to Matt Thomas10000.0%
Mac McClung to Troy Brown Jr.10000.0%
Mac McClung to Derrick Jones Jr.10010.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Marko Simonovic10010.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Javonte Green2011100.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Matt Thomas3011100.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Coby White4003742.9%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Tyler Cook10000.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Troy Brown Jr.50000.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Derrick Jones Jr.10000.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Zach LaVine80020.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to Nikola Vucevic130050.0%
Alfonzo McKinnie to DeMar DeRozan2103837.5%
Marko Simonovic to Matt Thomas70010.0%
Marko Simonovic to Devon Dotson120030.0%
Marko Simonovic to Coby White10000.0%
Marko Simonovic to Troy Brown Jr.20010.0%
Marko Simonovic to Alfonzo McKinnie30010.0%
Matt Thomas to Malcolm Hill130020.0%
Matt Thomas to Marko Simonovic70020.0%
Matt Thomas to Patrick Williams10000.0%
Matt Thomas to Tyler Cook70010.0%
Matt Thomas to Alize Johnson30000.0%
Matt Thomas to Lonzo Ball80010.0%
Matt Thomas to Derrick Jones Jr.40010.0%
Tristan Thompson to Patrick Williams60020.0%
Tristan Thompson to Derrick Jones Jr.10011100.0%
Tristan Thompson to Nikola Vucevic20020.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Devon Dotson70010.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Alize Johnson10000.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Tristan Thompson10000.0%
Coby White to Marko Simonovic20010.0%
Coby White to Devon Dotson90000.0%
Coby White to Alize Johnson80000.0%
Coby White to Lonzo Ball540050.0%
Patrick Williams to Coby White6402922.2%
Patrick Williams to Tony Bradley40010.0%
Patrick Williams to Alex Caruso470020.0%
Patrick Williams to Derrick Jones Jr.40020.0%
Patrick Williams to Nikola Vucevic2001520.0%
Patrick Williams to DeMar DeRozan62071936.8%