2021 Cleveland Cavaliers Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Cleveland Cavaliers averaged 297 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Darius Garland to Evan Mobley, with 122 assists on 717 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Darius Garland to Evan Mobley71712215229451.7%
Darius Garland to Jarrett Allen45410411318461.4%
Darius Garland to Lauri Markkanen5439110122045.9%
Darius Garland to Kevin Love405576315440.9%
Darius Garland to Isaac Okoro477525512643.7%
Ricky Rubio to Kevin Love297435012241.0%
Ricky Rubio to Jarrett Allen19542487564.0%
Darius Garland to Cedi Osman323373810934.9%
Evan Mobley to Lauri Markkanen16237439346.2%
Kevin Love to Cedi Osman23332358242.7%
Rajon Rondo to Kevin Love21532359636.5%
Darius Garland to Lamar Stevens15530356653.0%
Cedi Osman to Kevin Love25430358740.2%
Ricky Rubio to Cedi Osman20230306645.5%
Ricky Rubio to Evan Mobley21529359337.6%
Brandon Goodwin to Kevin Love19925266937.7%
Ricky Rubio to Darius Garland35825509751.5%
Kevin Love to Darius Garland556236413746.7%
Isaac Okoro to Evan Mobley17423266937.7%
Darius Garland to Dean Wade16522255347.2%
Isaac Okoro to Darius Garland403224311437.7%
Kevin Love to Evan Mobley13121275846.6%
Evan Mobley to Cedi Osman20321287437.8%
Ricky Rubio to Lauri Markkanen15821237729.9%
Evan Mobley to Darius Garland986208117845.5%
Evan Mobley to Jarrett Allen14220245444.4%
Rajon Rondo to Cedi Osman17920225044.0%
Kevin Love to Jarrett Allen8418203557.1%
Lauri Markkanen to Darius Garland692185813543.0%
Evan Mobley to Isaac Okoro16118235442.6%
Jarrett Allen to Evan Mobley11617203655.6%
Jarrett Allen to Darius Garland770176013544.4%
Kevin Love to Lauri Markkanen8417214250.0%
Isaac Okoro to Lauri Markkanen15216195832.8%
Cedi Osman to Jarrett Allen9316172373.9%
Ricky Rubio to Isaac Okoro12416183748.6%
Jarrett Allen to Lauri Markkanen8815154235.7%
Brandon Goodwin to Jarrett Allen8815152268.2%
Darius Garland to Caris LeVert25114367746.8%
Brandon Goodwin to Cedi Osman19314215141.2%
Caris LeVert to Kevin Love10414153839.5%
Lauri Markkanen to Isaac Okoro11914183946.2%
Isaac Okoro to Jarrett Allen10314213658.3%
Darius Garland to Moses Brown2713131968.4%
Jarrett Allen to Isaac Okoro11612143836.8%
Caris LeVert to Lauri Markkanen7212143737.8%
Lauri Markkanen to Evan Mobley12212224351.2%
Cedi Osman to Isaac Okoro9612122060.0%
Cedi Osman to Darius Garland29612397949.4%
Kevin Love to Lamar Stevens6011173154.8%
Isaac Okoro to Cedi Osman11011122157.1%
Cedi Osman to Lauri Markkanen6311112445.8%
Cedi Osman to Ricky Rubio18111164337.2%
Lamar Stevens to Darius Garland24611255149.0%
Dean Wade to Darius Garland26411265844.8%
Jarrett Allen to Ricky Rubio31210195534.5%
Darius Garland to Collin Sexton8610133141.9%
Darius Garland to Ricky Rubio26310165230.8%
Evan Mobley to Lamar Stevens6210112839.3%
Evan Mobley to Kevin Love9910154037.5%
Isaac Okoro to Kevin Love12010103528.6%
Rajon Rondo to Evan Mobley9410143441.2%
Brandon Goodwin to Lauri Markkanen699112642.3%
Caris LeVert to Darius Garland2229327145.1%
Evan Mobley to Dean Wade51992339.1%
Cedi Osman to Evan Mobley1669195137.3%
Cedi Osman to Lamar Stevens509101952.6%
Rajon Rondo to Lauri Markkanen479102441.7%
Dean Wade to Kevin Love45991752.9%
Brandon Goodwin to Evan Mobley1618165032.0%
Caris LeVert to Evan Mobley648132650.0%
Kevin Love to Isaac Okoro938103231.3%
Lauri Markkanen to Jarrett Allen948102050.0%
Rajon Rondo to Lamar Stevens53892634.6%
Ricky Rubio to Collin Sexton758132748.1%
Dean Wade to Jarrett Allen568112347.8%
Dylan Windler to Cedi Osman47891752.9%
Brandon Goodwin to Isaac Okoro59781553.3%
Caris LeVert to Isaac Okoro58782532.0%
Isaac Okoro to Dean Wade70792045.0%
Darius Garland to Dylan Windler78661735.3%
Caris LeVert to Moses Brown28671741.2%
Kevin Love to Caris LeVert89692045.0%
Kevin Love to Ricky Rubio3576166624.2%
Evan Mobley to Brandon Goodwin2476163447.1%
Evan Mobley to Ricky Rubio3246195335.8%
Isaac Okoro to Ricky Rubio1076102737.0%
Rajon Rondo to Isaac Okoro45661250.0%
Rajon Rondo to Dean Wade48671546.7%
Darius Garland to Denzel Valentine3255955.6%
Caris LeVert to Cedi Osman48561250.0%
Kevin Love to Dylan Windler3255955.6%
Kevin Love to Brandon Goodwin1785143441.2%
Lauri Markkanen to Lamar Stevens52571936.8%
Isaac Okoro to Caris LeVert69561735.3%
Cedi Osman to Dean Wade43551338.5%
Cedi Osman to Dylan Windler36551145.5%
Kevin Pangos to Kevin Love46571741.2%
Rajon Rondo to Jarrett Allen36551338.5%
Collin Sexton to Jarrett Allen35561442.9%
Lamar Stevens to Jarrett Allen2857887.5%
Lamar Stevens to Cedi Osman80572133.3%
Lamar Stevens to Kevin Love59572035.0%
Denzel Valentine to Kevin Love23551241.7%
Dylan Windler to Evan Mobley48561442.9%
Jarrett Allen to Dean Wade42451338.5%
Jarrett Allen to Cedi Osman103472924.1%
Darius Garland to Ed Davis2644757.1%
Brandon Goodwin to Lamar Stevens46451338.5%
Brandon Goodwin to Moses Brown1344666.7%
Caris LeVert to Lamar Stevens27471546.7%
Caris LeVert to Jarrett Allen2444666.7%
Lauri Markkanen to Collin Sexton54471643.8%
Lauri Markkanen to Kevin Love56471936.8%
Evan Mobley to Caris LeVert69481844.4%
Evan Mobley to Rajon Rondo184471838.9%
Cedi Osman to Rajon Rondo115492437.5%
Kevin Pangos to Lamar Stevens31441330.8%
Ricky Rubio to Dean Wade86442317.4%
Collin Sexton to Evan Mobley53441233.3%
Collin Sexton to Ricky Rubio42451145.5%
Lamar Stevens to Evan Mobley53471353.8%
Lamar Stevens to Lauri Markkanen35441625.0%
Dean Wade to Lamar Stevens25491369.2%
Dean Wade to Isaac Okoro84452025.0%
Dean Wade to Ricky Rubio1574113036.7%
Jarrett Allen to Lamar Stevens34341723.5%
Darius Garland to Rajon Rondo4233560.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Dean Wade4633742.9%
Lauri Markkanen to Dylan Windler1733650.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Caris LeVert76362227.3%
Evan Mobley to Dylan Windler2233742.9%
Cedi Osman to Brandon Goodwin98361250.0%
Cedi Osman to Collin Sexton27361346.2%
Kevin Pangos to Evan Mobley47361250.0%
Rajon Rondo to Darius Garland70331421.4%
Rajon Rondo to Caris LeVert66362227.3%
Collin Sexton to Darius Garland64341723.5%
Collin Sexton to Lauri Markkanen41341822.2%
Dean Wade to Evan Mobley61362128.6%
Dylan Windler to Moses Brown533475.0%
Dylan Windler to Lauri Markkanen1433650.0%
Jarrett Allen to Dylan Windler1022366.7%
Jarrett Allen to Brandon Goodwin170262128.6%
Jarrett Allen to Collin Sexton61251729.4%
Jarrett Allen to Kevin Love38231225.0%
Justin Anderson to Evan Mobley3222100.0%
Ed Davis to Dean Wade6233100.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Caris LeVert57262128.6%
Caris LeVert to Dean Wade1322540.0%
Caris LeVert to Brandon Goodwin2922540.0%
Kevin Love to Dean Wade3623837.5%
Kevin Love to Denzel Valentine1422366.7%
Kevin Love to Rajon Rondo213261442.9%
Lauri Markkanen to Cedi Osman57241921.1%
Lauri Markkanen to Ricky Rubio2012113928.2%
Lauri Markkanen to Rajon Rondo3224666.7%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Lamar Stevens7244100.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Denzel Valentine9222100.0%
Isaac Okoro to Lamar Stevens1623742.9%
Isaac Okoro to Brandon Goodwin7124666.7%
Isaac Okoro to Collin Sexton1623742.9%
Cedi Osman to Moses Brown4222100.0%
Cedi Osman to Caris LeVert4426875.0%
Kevin Pangos to Dean Wade2023837.5%
Kevin Pangos to Dylan Windler1824666.7%
Kevin Pangos to Darius Garland8222100.0%
Kevin Pangos to Jarrett Allen1123560.0%
Kevin Pangos to Denzel Valentine3122728.6%
Kevin Pangos to Justin Anderson922450.0%
Ricky Rubio to Denzel Valentine36221118.2%
Ricky Rubio to Ed Davis13222100.0%
Collin Sexton to Dean Wade1522450.0%
Lamar Stevens to Dean Wade1223475.0%
Lamar Stevens to Dylan Windler1622825.0%
Lamar Stevens to Rajon Rondo6322540.0%
Dean Wade to Brandon Goodwin7025862.5%
Dean Wade to Lauri Markkanen26231127.3%
Dylan Windler to Lamar Stevens2222728.6%
Dylan Windler to Isaac Okoro2222366.7%
Dylan Windler to Dean Wade2023475.0%
Dylan Windler to Darius Garland1122132650.0%
Dylan Windler to Jarrett Allen1222540.0%
Dylan Windler to Denzel Valentine2424757.1%
Jarrett Allen to Caris LeVert29161154.5%
Jarrett Allen to Rajon Rondo8514944.4%
Justin Anderson to Darius Garland1212540.0%
Justin Anderson to Lauri Markkanen211250.0%
Justin Anderson to Denzel Valentine912366.7%
Justin Anderson to Kevin Love211250.0%
Ed Davis to Lamar Stevens1214580.0%
Ed Davis to Darius Garland5015955.6%
Ed Davis to Caris LeVert2111100.0%
Ed Davis to Cedi Osman9122100.0%
Ed Davis to Kevin Love812366.7%
Tacko Fall to Trevon Scott1111100.0%
Tacko Fall to Darius Garland1511425.0%
Tim Frazier to Evan Mobley3111100.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Dylan Windler2011616.7%
Luke Kornet to Justin Anderson1111100.0%
Caris LeVert to Dylan Windler3111100.0%
Caris LeVert to Rajon Rondo2812450.0%
Kevin Love to Collin Sexton2311520.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Dean Wade2211333.3%
Lauri Markkanen to Moses Brown411250.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Malik Newman1111100.0%
Evan Mobley to Kevin Pangos5211425.0%
Evan Mobley to RJ Nembhard Jr.1711250.0%
Evan Mobley to Collin Sexton70161931.6%
Evan Mobley to Denzel Valentine1011425.0%
Evan Mobley to Tim Frazier3111100.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Kevin Pangos5111100.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Evan Mobley1313475.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Trevon Scott311250.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Dean Wade311250.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Tacko Fall2111100.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Lauri Markkanen511250.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Cedi Osman811333.3%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Justin Anderson611250.0%
Malik Newman to Lauri Markkanen1111100.0%
Cedi Osman to Ed Davis9111100.0%
Kevin Pangos to RJ Nembhard Jr.9111100.0%
Kevin Pangos to Isaac Okoro24111100.0%
Kevin Pangos to Brandon Goodwin611250.0%
Kevin Pangos to Luke Kornet5111100.0%
Kevin Pangos to Lauri Markkanen1811616.7%
Kevin Pangos to Ed Davis6111100.0%
Rajon Rondo to Dylan Windler2011250.0%
Ricky Rubio to Lamar Stevens22111010.0%
Ricky Rubio to Dylan Windler3811911.1%
Ricky Rubio to Tacko Fall711250.0%
Collin Sexton to Isaac Okoro11111100.0%
Collin Sexton to Kevin Love2711616.7%
Lamar Stevens to Isaac Okoro2511250.0%
Lamar Stevens to Denzel Valentine9111100.0%
Lamar Stevens to Caris LeVert2411333.3%
Lamar Stevens to Ricky Rubio4513650.0%
Denzel Valentine to RJ Nembhard Jr.612366.7%
Denzel Valentine to Dean Wade1711425.0%
Denzel Valentine to Dylan Windler1611425.0%
Denzel Valentine to Lauri Markkanen511250.0%
Denzel Valentine to Cedi Osman1812633.3%
Denzel Valentine to Ricky Rubio38131030.0%
Dean Wade to Kevin Pangos4012450.0%
Dean Wade to Collin Sexton3013650.0%
Dean Wade to Malik Newman3111100.0%
Dean Wade to Caris LeVert1311714.3%
Dean Wade to Cedi Osman38151145.5%
Dylan Windler to Tacko Fall3111100.0%
Dylan Windler to Kevin Love3011520.0%
Dylan Windler to Rajon Rondo1812450.0%
Jarrett Allen to Kevin Pangos2302540.0%
Jarrett Allen to Denzel Valentine10010.0%
Jarrett Allen to Tim Frazier10000.0%
Justin Anderson to Kevin Pangos160020.0%
Justin Anderson to RJ Nembhard Jr.60010.0%
Justin Anderson to Trevon Scott1011100.0%
Justin Anderson to Isaac Okoro10000.0%
Justin Anderson to Dean Wade30000.0%
Justin Anderson to Luke Kornet10010.0%
Justin Anderson to Ricky Rubio5011100.0%
Moses Brown to RJ Nembhard Jr.30000.0%
Moses Brown to Lamar Stevens30010.0%
Moses Brown to Isaac Okoro50000.0%
Moses Brown to Dylan Windler30000.0%
Moses Brown to Darius Garland91021513.3%
Moses Brown to Brandon Goodwin2001333.3%
Moses Brown to Caris LeVert280040.0%
Moses Brown to Cedi Osman1011100.0%
Moses Brown to Kevin Love501250.0%
Moses Brown to Rajon Rondo120010.0%
Ed Davis to Kevin Pangos21011100.0%
Ed Davis to RJ Nembhard Jr.100020.0%
Ed Davis to Evan Mobley10000.0%
Ed Davis to Isaac Okoro130060.0%
Ed Davis to Dylan Windler70000.0%
Ed Davis to Tacko Fall10000.0%
Ed Davis to Brandon Goodwin2101250.0%
Ed Davis to Malik Newman4011100.0%
Ed Davis to Lauri Markkanen10000.0%
Ed Davis to Denzel Valentine80020.0%
Ed Davis to Tim Frazier50000.0%
Ed Davis to Ricky Rubio60021315.4%
Ed Davis to Rajon Rondo190020.0%
Tacko Fall to Kevin Pangos17022100.0%
Tacko Fall to RJ Nembhard Jr.2011100.0%
Tacko Fall to Lamar Stevens10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Isaac Okoro10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Dean Wade10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Dylan Windler30000.0%
Tacko Fall to Malik Newman10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Lauri Markkanen10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Denzel Valentine20000.0%
Tacko Fall to Cedi Osman10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Justin Anderson30000.0%
Tacko Fall to Ed Davis10000.0%
Tacko Fall to Ricky Rubio90000.0%
Tim Frazier to RJ Nembhard Jr.30010.0%
Tim Frazier to Dean Wade10000.0%
Tim Frazier to Dylan Windler10000.0%
Tim Frazier to Jarrett Allen10000.0%
Tim Frazier to Lauri Markkanen20000.0%
Tim Frazier to Ed Davis10000.0%
Tim Frazier to Kevin Love50000.0%
Darius Garland to Kevin Pangos70010.0%
Darius Garland to Tacko Fall40010.0%
Darius Garland to Brandon Goodwin1001250.0%
Darius Garland to Luke Kornet10000.0%
Darius Garland to Justin Anderson90000.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Kevin Pangos40010.0%
Brandon Goodwin to RJ Nembhard Jr.10000.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Darius Garland260060.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Ed Davis70000.0%
Brandon Goodwin to Rajon Rondo12011100.0%
Luke Kornet to Kevin Pangos60000.0%
Luke Kornet to RJ Nembhard Jr.30000.0%
Luke Kornet to Dean Wade10000.0%
Luke Kornet to Darius Garland10000.0%
Luke Kornet to Denzel Valentine10000.0%
Luke Kornet to Kevin Love10000.0%
Caris LeVert to Ed Davis10000.0%
Kevin Love to Kevin Pangos390030.0%
Kevin Love to RJ Nembhard Jr.80000.0%
Kevin Love to Moses Brown30030.0%
Kevin Love to Justin Anderson10000.0%
Kevin Love to Tim Frazier60000.0%
Kevin Love to Ed Davis100000.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Kevin Pangos4302540.0%
Lauri Markkanen to RJ Nembhard Jr.50000.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Brandon Goodwin670040.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Denzel Valentine20010.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Justin Anderson10010.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Tim Frazier20000.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Ed Davis10000.0%
Evan Mobley to Justin Anderson20000.0%
Evan Mobley to Ed Davis30010.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Isaac Okoro40000.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Dylan Windler110020.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Moses Brown10000.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Brandon Goodwin7011100.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Malik Newman20010.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Luke Kornet10010.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Tim Frazier10010.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Ed Davis50000.0%
RJ Nembhard Jr. to Kevin Love1002450.0%
Malik Newman to RJ Nembhard Jr.20010.0%
Malik Newman to Dean Wade30010.0%
Malik Newman to Tacko Fall10000.0%
Malik Newman to Ed Davis30000.0%
Isaac Okoro to Kevin Pangos1002540.0%
Isaac Okoro to RJ Nembhard Jr.10000.0%
Isaac Okoro to Dylan Windler190030.0%
Isaac Okoro to Denzel Valentine40020.0%
Isaac Okoro to Ed Davis20000.0%
Isaac Okoro to Rajon Rondo4401714.3%
Cedi Osman to Kevin Pangos20000.0%
Cedi Osman to RJ Nembhard Jr.10000.0%
Cedi Osman to Tacko Fall20010.0%
Cedi Osman to Denzel Valentine160040.0%
Kevin Pangos to Trevon Scott20000.0%
Kevin Pangos to Tacko Fall801250.0%
Kevin Pangos to Cedi Osman60010.0%
Kevin Pangos to Ricky Rubio301250.0%
Rajon Rondo to Brandon Goodwin120020.0%
Rajon Rondo to Ed Davis50000.0%
Ricky Rubio to Kevin Pangos10000.0%
Ricky Rubio to Luke Kornet10000.0%
Ricky Rubio to Justin Anderson50010.0%
Trevon Scott to Kevin Pangos20010.0%
Trevon Scott to RJ Nembhard Jr.40000.0%
Trevon Scott to Tacko Fall20000.0%
Trevon Scott to Luke Kornet10000.0%
Trevon Scott to Denzel Valentine10000.0%
Trevon Scott to Justin Anderson10000.0%
Collin Sexton to Lamar Stevens20010.0%
Collin Sexton to Dylan Windler20000.0%
Collin Sexton to Cedi Osman170030.0%
Lamar Stevens to Kevin Pangos3501520.0%
Lamar Stevens to RJ Nembhard Jr.60010.0%
Lamar Stevens to Tacko Fall40020.0%
Lamar Stevens to Brandon Goodwin6102922.2%
Lamar Stevens to Collin Sexton1001425.0%
Lamar Stevens to Malik Newman30000.0%
Lamar Stevens to Bradley Beal10000.0%
Lamar Stevens to Ed Davis60010.0%
Denzel Valentine to Kevin Pangos120030.0%
Denzel Valentine to Evan Mobley110020.0%
Denzel Valentine to Trevon Scott40020.0%
Denzel Valentine to Lamar Stevens1401333.3%
Denzel Valentine to Isaac Okoro50010.0%
Denzel Valentine to Darius Garland38031225.0%
Denzel Valentine to Tacko Fall50010.0%
Denzel Valentine to Luke Kornet40010.0%
Denzel Valentine to Jarrett Allen10000.0%
Denzel Valentine to Justin Anderson70000.0%
Denzel Valentine to Ed Davis20000.0%
Dean Wade to RJ Nembhard Jr.150020.0%
Dean Wade to Dylan Windler80030.0%
Dean Wade to Tacko Fall10000.0%
Dean Wade to Denzel Valentine150000.0%
Dean Wade to Justin Anderson20000.0%
Dean Wade to Tim Frazier30000.0%
Dean Wade to Ed Davis100010.0%
Dean Wade to Rajon Rondo5001425.0%
Dylan Windler to Kevin Pangos2101250.0%
Dylan Windler to RJ Nembhard Jr.130020.0%
Dylan Windler to Brandon Goodwin4801616.7%
Dylan Windler to Collin Sexton10000.0%
Dylan Windler to Malik Newman20010.0%
Dylan Windler to Caris LeVert1101616.7%
Dylan Windler to Ed Davis90000.0%
Dylan Windler to Ricky Rubio4202540.0%