2016 Cleveland Cavaliers Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers averaged 275 passes per game. The leading assist duo was LeBron James to Kevin Love, with 123 assists on 666 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
LeBron James to Kevin Love66612313934740.1%
LeBron James to Channing Frye43510110822548.0%
Kyrie Irving to LeBron James13089818233354.7%
Kyrie Irving to Tristan Thompson506879516956.2%
LeBron James to Kyrie Irving11788017539544.3%
Kyrie Irving to Kevin Love652739226335.0%
LeBron James to Tristan Thompson340576612652.4%
LeBron James to Richard Jefferson296565813144.3%
LeBron James to Iman Shumpert365556615941.5%
LeBron James to Kyle Korver208555611050.9%
Kevin Love to LeBron James8365111622352.0%
LeBron James to JR Smith302464913935.3%
Kyrie Irving to Channing Frye24636369737.1%
Kyrie Irving to JR Smith22030307241.7%
Kevin Love to Kyrie Irving9403012124848.8%
Tristan Thompson to Kyrie Irving10323012326746.1%
Deron Williams to LeBron James26829397452.7%
Kyrie Irving to Richard Jefferson21324266639.4%
Kyrie Irving to Iman Shumpert29721309631.3%
Iman Shumpert to Kevin Love16121337146.5%
Kyrie Irving to Kyle Korver11620214744.7%
Iman Shumpert to Kyrie Irving28719408944.9%
LeBron James to Derrick Williams6418182864.3%
Richard Jefferson to LeBron James30218388942.7%
JR Smith to LeBron James28818337444.6%
Deron Williams to Channing Frye9716183748.6%
Iman Shumpert to Channing Frye10514143243.8%
Iman Shumpert to LeBron James32214398645.3%
Tristan Thompson to LeBron James638145014035.7%
Iman Shumpert to Richard Jefferson12513174339.5%
Richard Jefferson to Kyrie Irving26512439346.2%
Tristan Thompson to Kevin Love9512122646.2%
Deron Williams to Kyle Korver8312133339.4%
JR Smith to Kevin Love11311165628.6%
Kay Felder to Channing Frye6410112152.4%
LeBron James to Jordan McRae869123732.4%
LeBron James to DeAndre Liggins137992832.1%
LeBron James to Mike Dunleavy699102638.5%
Richard Jefferson to Channing Frye48991656.3%
DeAndre Liggins to LeBron James1879265349.1%
Channing Frye to LeBron James53784911343.4%
LeBron James to Deron Williams1638143638.9%
Richard Jefferson to Iman Shumpert1638174438.6%
Richard Jefferson to Kyle Korver32881266.7%
JR Smith to Tristan Thompson48891656.3%
JR Smith to Kyrie Irving2638276740.3%
Kay Felder to James Jones56771838.9%
Kay Felder to Richard Jefferson47772035.0%
Channing Frye to Kyrie Irving42674210838.9%
Channing Frye to Richard Jefferson647102245.5%
Kyrie Irving to DeAndre Liggins64771546.7%
DeAndre Liggins to Kevin Love747102737.0%
Iman Shumpert to Tristan Thompson90781747.1%
Deron Williams to Tristan Thompson48771258.3%
Kay Felder to Jordan McRae51681844.4%
Kay Felder to Kyle Korver35661346.2%
Channing Frye to Kyle Korver30661060.0%
Kyrie Irving to Derrick Williams38671838.9%
Richard Jefferson to Kevin Love606112250.0%
Kyle Korver to LeBron James1396122842.9%
Kevin Love to JR Smith123692931.0%
Tristan Thompson to Iman Shumpert1566154037.5%
Kay Felder to Iman Shumpert405101758.8%
Channing Frye to Iman Shumpert124582828.6%
LeBron James to Kay Felder63572133.3%
LeBron James to James Jones23551145.5%
Kyle Korver to Channing Frye47551827.8%
DeAndre Liggins to Kyrie Irving815132944.8%
DeAndre Liggins to Channing Frye53561540.0%
Kevin Love to Tristan Thompson74571838.9%
Kevin Love to Channing Frye37551050.0%
Kevin Love to Kyle Korver2556875.0%
JR Smith to Channing Frye46581844.4%
Deron Williams to Derrick Williams36561250.0%
Deron Williams to Kyrie Irving655122744.4%
Kay Felder to Kevin Love29441330.8%
Kay Felder to Mike Dunleavy2144666.7%
Kyrie Irving to Mike Dunleavy45441233.3%
Richard Jefferson to Deron Williams86471163.6%
Kyle Korver to Tristan Thompson3145955.6%
Kyle Korver to Derrick Williams21441233.3%
Kyle Korver to Richard Jefferson4745771.4%
DeAndre Liggins to Jordan McRae46452123.8%
DeAndre Liggins to Tristan Thompson61461250.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Richard Jefferson53492045.0%
Kevin Love to DeAndre Liggins76461540.0%
Kevin Love to Iman Shumpert1314113234.4%
Jordan McRae to Kay Felder41491656.3%
Iman Shumpert to James Jones28451241.7%
Iman Shumpert to Mike Dunleavy4144850.0%
Tristan Thompson to DeAndre Liggins8844944.4%
Deron Williams to Iman Shumpert52472133.3%
Deron Williams to JR Smith64452025.0%
Derrick Williams to James Jones1544580.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Channing Frye38331323.1%
Mike Dunleavy to Richard Jefferson1533560.0%
Channing Frye to JR Smith54351729.4%
Kyrie Irving to James Jones1833560.0%
Kyle Korver to Kyrie Irving993214447.7%
DeAndre Liggins to Kay Felder2634944.4%
DeAndre Liggins to James Jones3234757.1%
Kevin Love to Richard Jefferson5533837.5%
Jordan McRae to James Jones1933742.9%
Jordan McRae to LeBron James116351338.5%
Iman Shumpert to Jordan McRae29371643.8%
JR Smith to Iman Shumpert3134666.7%
Tristan Thompson to Channing Frye3033837.5%
Tristan Thompson to JR Smith81341526.7%
Derrick Williams to Kyle Korver1433560.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Jordan McRae1622825.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Iman Shumpert3524757.1%
Mike Dunleavy to Kyrie Irving30251050.0%
Mike Dunleavy to James Jones1123560.0%
Mike Dunleavy to LeBron James59231717.6%
Kay Felder to DeAndre Liggins1822633.3%
Kay Felder to Derrick Williams1122450.0%
Kay Felder to LeBron James1222142556.0%
Channing Frye to DeAndre Liggins78231225.0%
Channing Frye to Mike Dunleavy2623837.5%
Richard Jefferson to Tristan Thompson56241233.3%
Richard Jefferson to Derrick Williams2422825.0%
Richard Jefferson to JR Smith2423742.9%
James Jones to Tristan Thompson1123475.0%
James Jones to Derrick Williams1524580.0%
James Jones to Channing Frye6222100.0%
James Jones to Kyle Korver1322450.0%
Kyle Korver to Kevin Love1823837.5%
Kyle Korver to Deron Williams50271163.6%
Kyle Korver to James Jones1122450.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Iman Shumpert45241330.8%
DeAndre Liggins to Derrick Williams2022825.0%
DeAndre Liggins to JR Smith1723933.3%
DeAndre Liggins to Mike Dunleavy27251050.0%
Jordan McRae to Tristan Thompson1622540.0%
Jordan McRae to Richard Jefferson1722633.3%
Iman Shumpert to Kay Felder35241136.4%
Iman Shumpert to Deron Williams53241136.4%
Iman Shumpert to JR Smith48231520.0%
JR Smith to Deron Williams68241136.4%
JR Smith to Kyle Korver822540.0%
Tristan Thompson to Deron Williams7825955.6%
Tristan Thompson to Kyle Korver1723560.0%
Tristan Thompson to Richard Jefferson47221020.0%
Deron Williams to Kevin Love34241526.7%
Derrick Williams to Channing Frye1922366.7%
Chris Andersen to Jordan McRae1212450.0%
Chris Andersen to Iman Shumpert1112450.0%
Chris Andersen to Kyrie Irving1212450.0%
Chris Andersen to Richard Jefferson4111100.0%
Mike Dunleavy to DeAndre Liggins2613560.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Kevin Love1513933.3%
Mike Dunleavy to Chris Andersen6122100.0%
Kay Felder to Tristan Thompson15122100.0%
Kay Felder to Chris Andersen1811616.7%
Channing Frye to Jordan McRae42131030.0%
Channing Frye to Derrick Williams3312540.0%
Channing Frye to Kevin Love2211425.0%
Channing Frye to Deron Williams166171741.2%
Channing Frye to James Jones9111100.0%
Kyrie Irving to Jordan McRae1912540.0%
Kyrie Irving to Deron Williams4211425.0%
Richard Jefferson to Kay Felder74171741.2%
Richard Jefferson to Edy Tavares1111100.0%
Richard Jefferson to Jordan McRae22121020.0%
Richard Jefferson to James Jones1711425.0%
Richard Jefferson to Dahntay Jones511250.0%
Richard Jefferson to Mike Dunleavy2311714.3%
Richard Jefferson to Chris Andersen411333.3%
Dahntay Jones to James Jones1111333.3%
James Jones to Jordan McRae27141040.0%
James Jones to Kyrie Irving35131323.1%
James Jones to Deron Williams2711520.0%
James Jones to Dahntay Jones1111520.0%
James Jones to LeBron James3213933.3%
James Jones to Richard Jefferson1411425.0%
Kyle Korver to Kay Felder2412366.7%
Kyle Korver to Jordan McRae311250.0%
Kyle Korver to Iman Shumpert2414757.1%
DeAndre Liggins to Kyle Korver2811520.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Chris Andersen1811425.0%
Kevin Love to Jordan McRae1612540.0%
Kevin Love to Mike Dunleavy1611520.0%
Jordan McRae to Iman Shumpert1611333.3%
Jordan McRae to Channing Frye2411812.5%
Jordan McRae to Kyle Korver3111100.0%
Jordan McRae to Mike Dunleavy1011250.0%
Iman Shumpert to Edy Tavares2111100.0%
Iman Shumpert to DeAndre Liggins3111520.0%
Iman Shumpert to Derrick Williams1311714.3%
JR Smith to DeAndre Liggins1611333.3%
JR Smith to Derrick Williams711333.3%
JR Smith to Mike Dunleavy911425.0%
JR Smith to Richard Jefferson1911333.3%
Edy Tavares to Derrick Williams411250.0%
Tristan Thompson to Jordan McRae2312633.3%
Tristan Thompson to Derrick Williams911425.0%
Tristan Thompson to James Jones411250.0%
Deron Williams to Richard Jefferson5211137.7%
Derrick Williams to DeAndre Liggins3112540.0%
Derrick Williams to Iman Shumpert1511425.0%
Derrick Williams to Deron Williams67161637.5%
Derrick Williams to Dahntay Jones5111100.0%
Derrick Williams to LeBron James80181361.5%
Chris Andersen to Kay Felder3704850.0%
Chris Andersen to DeAndre Liggins2401250.0%
Chris Andersen to Kevin Love10000.0%
Chris Andersen to James Jones80010.0%
Chris Andersen to LeBron James30010.0%
Chris Andersen to Mike Dunleavy60010.0%
Andrew Bogut to Kyrie Irving10000.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Kay Felder170050.0%
Mike Dunleavy to Tristan Thompson80000.0%
Mike Dunleavy to JR Smith1301714.3%
Kay Felder to Kyrie Irving20000.0%
Kay Felder to Larry Sanders20000.0%
Kay Felder to JR Smith602366.7%
Channing Frye to Kay Felder135041723.5%
Channing Frye to Tristan Thompson240010.0%
Kyrie Irving to Kay Felder10010.0%
Kyrie Irving to Chris Andersen30010.0%
LeBron James to LeBron James20000.0%
LeBron James to Chris Andersen20000.0%
Richard Jefferson to DeAndre Liggins5301714.3%
Dahntay Jones to Edy Tavares20000.0%
Dahntay Jones to Derrick Williams20000.0%
Dahntay Jones to Richard Jefferson30010.0%
James Jones to Kay Felder1300104025.0%
James Jones to Edy Tavares30010.0%
James Jones to DeAndre Liggins4201714.3%
James Jones to Iman Shumpert3002922.2%
James Jones to Larry Sanders10010.0%
James Jones to Kevin Love30000.0%
James Jones to JR Smith100020.0%
James Jones to Mike Dunleavy1001250.0%
James Jones to Chris Andersen30010.0%
Kyle Korver to DeAndre Liggins150010.0%
Kyle Korver to JR Smith701250.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Deron Williams2201520.0%
Kevin Love to Kay Felder3503560.0%
Kevin Love to Derrick Williams20000.0%
Kevin Love to Deron Williams4004666.7%
Kevin Love to James Jones50000.0%
Kevin Love to Chris Andersen10000.0%
Jordan McRae to DeAndre Liggins2802633.3%
Jordan McRae to Kyrie Irving2202633.3%
Jordan McRae to Kevin Love1201714.3%
Jordan McRae to JR Smith30010.0%
Jordan McRae to Chris Andersen100030.0%
Larry Sanders to Kay Felder20000.0%
Larry Sanders to DeAndre Liggins5011100.0%
Larry Sanders to Iman Shumpert10000.0%
Larry Sanders to Deron Williams30010.0%
Iman Shumpert to Larry Sanders20000.0%
Iman Shumpert to Kyle Korver250070.0%
Iman Shumpert to Chris Andersen60020.0%
JR Smith to Kay Felder10000.0%
JR Smith to Edy Tavares20000.0%
JR Smith to Jordan McRae10000.0%
JR Smith to Larry Sanders10000.0%
JR Smith to James Jones701333.3%
Edy Tavares to Iman Shumpert20000.0%
Edy Tavares to Deron Williams6011100.0%
Edy Tavares to JR Smith20000.0%
Edy Tavares to James Jones50000.0%
Edy Tavares to Dahntay Jones30010.0%
Edy Tavares to Richard Jefferson10000.0%
Tristan Thompson to Kay Felder3702450.0%
Tristan Thompson to Mike Dunleavy110030.0%
Deron Williams to Edy Tavares10000.0%
Deron Williams to DeAndre Liggins60020.0%
Deron Williams to Larry Sanders30010.0%
Deron Williams to James Jones2201520.0%
Derrick Williams to Kay Felder1702450.0%
Derrick Williams to Edy Tavares20000.0%
Derrick Williams to Tristan Thompson110030.0%
Derrick Williams to Kyrie Irving53031225.0%
Derrick Williams to Kevin Love20000.0%
Derrick Williams to JR Smith602366.7%
Derrick Williams to Richard Jefferson2502366.7%