2022 Cleveland Cavaliers Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Cleveland Cavaliers averaged 269 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Darius Garland to Evan Mobley, with 150 assists on 796 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Darius Garland to Evan Mobley79615017233551.3%
Darius Garland to Jarrett Allen43610811318162.4%
Darius Garland to Donovan Mitchell8409517336647.3%
Donovan Mitchell to Evan Mobley505728217347.4%
Caris LeVert to Evan Mobley355677914554.5%
Caris LeVert to Jarrett Allen283565910059.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Jarrett Allen27648519056.7%
Evan Mobley to Darius Garland13144812829144.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Darius Garland638458720442.6%
Darius Garland to Isaac Okoro20739408050.0%
Darius Garland to Cedi Osman302394310043.0%
Caris LeVert to Donovan Mitchell459377918343.2%
Darius Garland to Caris LeVert471365614937.6%
Donovan Mitchell to Caris LeVert431314812737.8%
Evan Mobley to Jarrett Allen11630346056.7%
Donovan Mitchell to Cedi Osman23628318835.2%
Jarrett Allen to Evan Mobley12727295354.7%
Evan Mobley to Isaac Okoro15327297140.8%
Darius Garland to Lamar Stevens13325296643.9%
Evan Mobley to Donovan Mitchell757259823741.4%
Evan Mobley to Caris LeVert390234110240.2%
Caris LeVert to Darius Garland482225012440.3%
Caris LeVert to Cedi Osman16122275054.0%
Evan Mobley to Lamar Stevens7922224647.8%
Caris LeVert to Isaac Okoro10621224252.4%
Donovan Mitchell to Isaac Okoro15121226434.4%
Evan Mobley to Cedi Osman16821246040.0%
Jarrett Allen to Donovan Mitchell531207016741.9%
Isaac Okoro to Jarrett Allen10720213560.0%
Cedi Osman to Evan Mobley16320285947.5%
Ricky Rubio to Caris LeVert15620245246.2%
Ricky Rubio to Cedi Osman13420224548.9%
Jarrett Allen to Darius Garland620195913444.0%
Caris LeVert to Kevin Love14619246040.0%
Caris LeVert to Lamar Stevens9118193554.3%
Donovan Mitchell to Kevin Love15718215637.5%
Kevin Love to Cedi Osman13317214645.7%
Isaac Okoro to Evan Mobley10517183551.4%
Jarrett Allen to Isaac Okoro9716194443.2%
Cedi Osman to Darius Garland32516327741.6%
Cedi Osman to Jarrett Allen10916182669.2%
Ricky Rubio to Evan Mobley13616214942.9%
Donovan Mitchell to Dean Wade10815154136.6%
Raul Neto to Cedi Osman11315203951.3%
Darius Garland to Kevin Love16614155228.8%
Donovan Mitchell to Lamar Stevens8114144134.1%
Cedi Osman to Caris LeVert14014215339.6%
Kevin Love to Jarrett Allen4813143046.7%
Darius Garland to Dean Wade8612123040.0%
Isaac Okoro to Donovan Mitchell21612316845.6%
Jarrett Allen to Cedi Osman11111153542.9%
Kevin Love to Evan Mobley6511143441.2%
Isaac Okoro to Darius Garland30711317740.3%
Ricky Rubio to Dean Wade5911112055.0%
Ricky Rubio to Darius Garland16811216134.4%
Ricky Rubio to Jarrett Allen8311123040.0%
Caris LeVert to Raul Neto10810122060.0%
Raul Neto to Caris LeVert15010205040.0%
Cedi Osman to Kevin Love11010133240.6%
Ricky Rubio to Donovan Mitchell12910216432.8%
Jarrett Allen to Caris LeVert2999267932.9%
Caris LeVert to Dean Wade62992339.1%
Cedi Osman to Donovan Mitchell2749399839.8%
Kevin Love to Darius Garland2718215836.2%
Kevin Love to Donovan Mitchell2608316547.7%
Evan Mobley to Kevin Love61881844.4%
Isaac Okoro to Cedi Osman64892634.6%
Cedi Osman to Lamar Stevens428101952.6%
Lamar Stevens to Darius Garland3218346850.0%
Dean Wade to Donovan Mitchell1468214744.7%
Kevin Love to Caris LeVert1847266043.3%
Evan Mobley to Dean Wade41771258.3%
Evan Mobley to Ricky Rubio2007133537.1%
Raul Neto to Danny Green35771546.7%
Darius Garland to Ricky Rubio117682532.0%
Robin Lopez to Cedi Osman39671353.8%
Raul Neto to Robin Lopez40691656.3%
Isaac Okoro to Caris LeVert996132454.2%
Cedi Osman to Isaac Okoro46661637.5%
Caris LeVert to Ricky Rubio148562722.2%
Donovan Mitchell to Ricky Rubio69561833.3%
Evan Mobley to Raul Neto109571450.0%
Raul Neto to Evan Mobley67551926.3%
Raul Neto to Jarrett Allen37551050.0%
Lamar Stevens to Donovan Mitchell1585285056.0%
Dean Wade to Evan Mobley68572924.1%
Jarrett Allen to Kevin Love25441040.0%
Darius Garland to Mamadi Diakite19441136.4%
Kevin Love to Isaac Okoro21441040.0%
Raul Neto to Lamar Stevens34451435.7%
Raul Neto to Dean Wade40441428.6%
Raul Neto to Darius Garland40471070.0%
Raul Neto to Mamadi Diakite35441040.0%
Raul Neto to Kevin Love68471741.2%
Isaac Okoro to Lamar Stevens18451050.0%
Isaac Okoro to Raul Neto5145955.6%
Cedi Osman to Raul Neto82441040.0%
Cedi Osman to Ricky Rubio95461931.6%
Ricky Rubio to Isaac Okoro2744666.7%
Ricky Rubio to Danny Green1244757.1%
Ricky Rubio to Robin Lopez2046785.7%
Lamar Stevens to Cedi Osman52461833.3%
Jarrett Allen to Lamar Stevens36341233.3%
Darius Garland to Robin Lopez1233837.5%
Kevin Love to Lamar Stevens1833837.5%
Raul Neto to Isaac Okoro33351145.5%
Isaac Okoro to Kevin Love1933650.0%
Cedi Osman to Dean Wade42331127.3%
Lamar Stevens to Evan Mobley46351050.0%
Lamar Stevens to Jarrett Allen2933560.0%
Dean Wade to Darius Garland1663164833.3%
Dean Wade to Caris LeVert79392045.0%
Dean Wade to Cedi Osman45341136.4%
Dean Wade to Kevin Love1233560.0%
Jarrett Allen to Dean Wade2522450.0%
Jarrett Allen to Ricky Rubio110261931.6%
Mamadi Diakite to Darius Garland2823933.3%
Danny Green to Sam Merrill3222100.0%
Caris LeVert to Robin Lopez2824666.7%
Robin Lopez to Lamar Stevens922450.0%
Robin Lopez to Darius Garland2524850.0%
Robin Lopez to Mamadi Diakite624580.0%
Kevin Love to Dean Wade1322540.0%
Kevin Love to Robin Lopez1024666.7%
Sam Merrill to Lamar Stevens7233100.0%
Sam Merrill to Mamadi Diakite1022366.7%
Donovan Mitchell to Raul Neto2123475.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Robin Lopez1122450.0%
Raul Neto to Isaiah Mobley27251050.0%
Raul Neto to Sam Merrill1922633.3%
Raul Neto to Dylan Windler9222100.0%
Ricky Rubio to Lamar Stevens46221612.5%
Lamar Stevens to Mamadi Diakite722366.7%
Lamar Stevens to Caris LeVert86241921.1%
Lamar Stevens to Kevin Love2222450.0%
Dean Wade to Sam Merrill5222100.0%
Dean Wade to Jarrett Allen2723650.0%
Dean Wade to Danny Green5222100.0%
Dean Wade to Ricky Rubio101241330.8%
Jarrett Allen to Raul Neto5211250.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Sam Merrill1211425.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Dean Wade411250.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Caris LeVert1212450.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Cedi Osman1411616.7%
Mamadi Diakite to Raul Neto5914944.4%
Mamadi Diakite to Danny Green6111100.0%
Darius Garland to Raul Neto2211333.3%
Darius Garland to Danny Green3111100.0%
Danny Green to Isaiah Mobley711333.3%
Danny Green to Mamadi Diakite911333.3%
Robin Lopez to Evan Mobley511333.3%
Robin Lopez to Sam Merrill2111100.0%
Robin Lopez to Isaac Okoro1811520.0%
Robin Lopez to Dean Wade811425.0%
Robin Lopez to Raul Neto4111425.0%
Robin Lopez to Danny Green3111100.0%
Robin Lopez to Ricky Rubio1512366.7%
Robin Lopez to Kevin Love711520.0%
Kevin Love to Raul Neto8213837.5%
Sam Merrill to Robin Lopez3111100.0%
Evan Mobley to Mamadi Diakite711250.0%
Evan Mobley to Robin Lopez512366.7%
Isaiah Mobley to Sam Merrill1211333.3%
Isaiah Mobley to Mamadi Diakite3111100.0%
Raul Neto to Donovan Mitchell43151631.3%
Raul Neto to Ricky Rubio4111100.0%
Isaac Okoro to Dean Wade1713742.9%
Isaac Okoro to Ricky Rubio24111100.0%
Cedi Osman to Isaiah Mobley311250.0%
Cedi Osman to Mamadi Diakite6111100.0%
Cedi Osman to Danny Green612366.7%
Cedi Osman to Robin Lopez3917977.8%
Ricky Rubio to Isaiah Mobley1111425.0%
Ricky Rubio to Mamadi Diakite7111100.0%
Ricky Rubio to Kevin Love3411714.3%
Lamar Stevens to Isaac Okoro1312450.0%
Lamar Stevens to Raul Neto7713933.3%
Lamar Stevens to Ricky Rubio89131030.0%
Lamar Stevens to Robin Lopez7111100.0%
Dean Wade to Isaiah Mobley3111100.0%
Dean Wade to Lamar Stevens1512540.0%
Dean Wade to Isaac Okoro1912825.0%
Dean Wade to Mamadi Diakite2111100.0%
Dylan Windler to Isaiah Mobley5111100.0%
Jarrett Allen to Mamadi Diakite10000.0%
Jarrett Allen to Danny Green20010.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Isaiah Mobley3011100.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Evan Mobley501250.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Lamar Stevens60010.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Isaac Okoro1002450.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Donovan Mitchell2304850.0%
Mamadi Diakite to Ricky Rubio1001333.3%
Danny Green to Evan Mobley40010.0%
Danny Green to Lamar Stevens40000.0%
Danny Green to Dean Wade70030.0%
Danny Green to Dylan Windler20010.0%
Danny Green to Darius Garland60010.0%
Danny Green to Jarrett Allen10000.0%
Danny Green to Donovan Mitchell7022100.0%
Danny Green to Cedi Osman20010.0%
Danny Green to Raul Neto3003560.0%
Danny Green to Ricky Rubio130020.0%
Danny Green to Robin Lopez601425.0%
Caris LeVert to Mamadi Diakite130050.0%
Caris LeVert to Danny Green20000.0%
Robin Lopez to Isaiah Mobley30010.0%
Robin Lopez to Donovan Mitchell2301333.3%
Robin Lopez to Caris LeVert190040.0%
Kevin Love to Mamadi Diakite10000.0%
Kevin Love to Ricky Rubio360020.0%
Sam Merrill to Isaiah Mobley80030.0%
Sam Merrill to Dean Wade60010.0%
Sam Merrill to Cedi Osman20000.0%
Sam Merrill to Raul Neto170020.0%
Sam Merrill to Danny Green40000.0%
Sam Merrill to Ricky Rubio30000.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Mamadi Diakite100020.0%
Donovan Mitchell to Danny Green60030.0%
Evan Mobley to Danny Green301250.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Lamar Stevens70020.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Isaac Okoro201250.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Dean Wade40000.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Dylan Windler10000.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Caris LeVert20000.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Cedi Osman30000.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Raul Neto4903560.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Danny Green40010.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Ricky Rubio1501250.0%
Isaiah Mobley to Robin Lopez20010.0%
Isaac Okoro to Isaiah Mobley20010.0%
Isaac Okoro to Mamadi Diakite4011100.0%
Isaac Okoro to Robin Lopez1601333.3%
Ricky Rubio to Sam Merrill100040.0%
Ricky Rubio to Dylan Windler10000.0%
Ricky Rubio to Raul Neto30000.0%
Lamar Stevens to Sam Merrill20000.0%
Lamar Stevens to Dean Wade150050.0%
Lamar Stevens to Danny Green20000.0%
Dean Wade to Raul Neto6001714.3%
Dean Wade to Robin Lopez70010.0%
Dylan Windler to Dean Wade10000.0%
Dylan Windler to Mamadi Diakite30000.0%
Dylan Windler to Raul Neto40000.0%
Dylan Windler to Danny Green10000.0%
Dylan Windler to Ricky Rubio10000.0%