2021 Dallas Mavericks Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Dallas Mavericks averaged 283 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Luka Doncic to Dwight Powell, with 123 assists on 465 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Luka Doncic to Dwight Powell46512312519464.4%
Luka Doncic to Dorian Finney-Smith587889121143.1%
Jalen Brunson to Dorian Finney-Smith545656815344.4%
Luka Doncic to Maxi Kleber405616113345.9%
Luka Doncic to Jalen Brunson570598618446.7%
Luka Doncic to Reggie Bullock430595916934.9%
Jalen Brunson to Kristaps Porzingis338576014541.4%
Luka Doncic to Tim Hardaway Jr.320516013544.4%
Jalen Brunson to Reggie Bullock339495011742.7%
Luka Doncic to Kristaps Porzingis289485213837.7%
Jalen Brunson to Tim Hardaway Jr.335375112241.8%
Jalen Brunson to Dwight Powell36630306645.5%
Jalen Brunson to Maxi Kleber35927298833.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Dwight Powell18227284759.6%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Jalen Brunson634236013046.2%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Reggie Bullock17023245642.9%
Dwight Powell to Jalen Brunson571236511954.6%
Luka Doncic to Josh Green12921224845.8%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Dorian Finney-Smith11821213756.8%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Dorian Finney-Smith8420203754.1%
Jalen Brunson to Frank Ntilikina18919245345.3%
Dwight Powell to Dorian Finney-Smith14619204742.6%
Dwight Powell to Luka Doncic713187919540.5%
Jalen Brunson to Luka Doncic7781710228136.3%
Luka Doncic to Marquese Chriss5317172860.7%
Reggie Bullock to Dorian Finney-Smith21716174637.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Jalen Brunson15116246338.1%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kristaps Porzingis14916186129.5%
Jalen Brunson to Sterling Brown12415153839.5%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Kristaps Porzingis12015184936.7%
Jalen Brunson to Josh Green11014163941.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Luka Doncic7451310322845.2%
Jalen Brunson to Davis Bertans5712122646.2%
Reggie Bullock to Jalen Brunson502125310550.5%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Josh Green5312122352.2%
Kristaps Porzingis to Jalen Brunson37312428350.6%
Reggie Bullock to Tim Hardaway Jr.9511163941.0%
Luka Doncic to Spencer Dinwiddie16111184143.9%
Josh Green to Dorian Finney-Smith6511112250.0%
Maxi Kleber to Dorian Finney-Smith14511123930.8%
Kristaps Porzingis to Dorian Finney-Smith9011112152.4%
Kristaps Porzingis to Tim Hardaway Jr.11411143836.8%
Reggie Bullock to Dwight Powell10410101662.5%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Davis Bertans3410101855.6%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Tim Hardaway Jr.12510124924.5%
Maxi Kleber to Josh Green5210111478.6%
Frank Ntilikina to Dorian Finney-Smith7410101855.6%
Dwight Powell to Tim Hardaway Jr.7310113630.6%
Trey Burke to Josh Green449111573.3%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Dwight Powell609102050.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Jalen Brunson2669193948.7%
Maxi Kleber to Tim Hardaway Jr.929163545.7%
Kristaps Porzingis to Dwight Powell37991464.3%
Dwight Powell to Reggie Bullock989102835.7%
Jalen Brunson to Spencer Dinwiddie1818215637.5%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Luka Doncic1848296346.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Maxi Kleber110882334.8%
Josh Green to Luka Doncic1158173154.8%
Josh Green to Marquese Chriss28881266.7%
Trey Burke to Maxi Kleber56771258.3%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Josh Green56781747.1%
Josh Green to Jalen Brunson1377153444.1%
Josh Green to Kristaps Porzingis33771258.3%
Josh Green to Reggie Bullock57771741.2%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Maxi Kleber96771936.8%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Reggie Bullock52781172.7%
Maxi Kleber to Reggie Bullock97782532.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Kristaps Porzingis547112544.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Luka Doncic2967277337.0%
Reggie Bullock to Josh Green49661637.5%
Reggie Bullock to Kristaps Porzingis61682138.1%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Reggie Bullock57661833.3%
Luka Doncic to Frank Ntilikina60662326.1%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Boban Marjanovic14661060.0%
Josh Green to Trey Burke52681942.1%
Maxi Kleber to Spencer Dinwiddie986122646.2%
Frank Ntilikina to Josh Green55661346.2%
Dwight Powell to Kristaps Porzingis33692045.0%
Sterling Brown to Jalen Brunson1635234353.5%
Jalen Brunson to Marquese Chriss46552222.7%
Jalen Brunson to Boban Marjanovic24561250.0%
Reggie Bullock to Spencer Dinwiddie935132846.4%
Trey Burke to Boban Marjanovic24571353.8%
Trey Burke to Tim Hardaway Jr.70561931.6%
Luka Doncic to Boban Marjanovic1255683.3%
Luka Doncic to Willie Cauley-Stein36551338.5%
Josh Green to Dwight Powell31551050.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Sterling Brown2355862.5%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Dwight Powell55551050.0%
Maxi Kleber to Luka Doncic60957118039.4%
Maxi Kleber to Jalen Brunson5125419443.6%
Frank Ntilikina to Dwight Powell44551145.5%
Frank Ntilikina to Trey Burke77582040.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Reggie Bullock42551241.7%
Kristaps Porzingis to Frank Ntilikina41571450.0%
Jalen Brunson to Willie Cauley-Stein2844666.7%
Jalen Brunson to Trey Burke60461833.3%
Reggie Bullock to Luka Doncic43944113131.3%
Reggie Bullock to Frank Ntilikina6044850.0%
Trey Burke to Sterling Brown51451533.3%
Trey Burke to Frank Ntilikina75451145.5%
Trey Burke to Dorian Finney-Smith5544757.1%
Trey Burke to Kristaps Porzingis37451241.7%
Marquese Chriss to Josh Green2946875.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Maxi Kleber75442615.4%
Luka Doncic to Trey Burke31451338.5%
Luka Doncic to Davis Bertans46442119.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Sterling Brown2744944.4%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Marquese Chriss12444100.0%
Josh Green to Maxi Kleber43441040.0%
Josh Green to Spencer Dinwiddie61491947.4%
Josh Green to Davis Bertans22441136.4%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Josh Green2444580.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Luka Doncic33943810038.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Boban Marjanovic1145683.3%
Maxi Kleber to Kristaps Porzingis46461637.5%
Frank Ntilikina to Sterling Brown38451338.5%
Frank Ntilikina to Marquese Chriss39441526.7%
Frank Ntilikina to Tim Hardaway Jr.36461931.6%
Dwight Powell to Maxi Kleber2744666.7%
Davis Bertans to Josh Green2533560.0%
Davis Bertans to Frank Ntilikina933475.0%
Sterling Brown to Josh Green3733933.3%
Sterling Brown to Frank Ntilikina58351435.7%
Sterling Brown to Trey Burke77371838.9%
Sterling Brown to Reggie Bullock34331225.0%
Jalen Brunson to Theo Pinson1733837.5%
Trey Burke to Marquese Chriss1733560.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Jalen Brunson5535955.6%
Marquese Chriss to Luka Doncic84361735.3%
Marquese Chriss to Dorian Finney-Smith16333100.0%
Marquese Chriss to Reggie Bullock1333475.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Moses Brown733650.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Trey Burke51361442.9%
Josh Green to Tim Hardaway Jr.36341136.4%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Frank Ntilikina2734944.4%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Marquese Chriss1334580.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Trey Burke813122646.2%
Carlik Jones to Marquese Chriss4333100.0%
Maxi Kleber to Dwight Powell1533560.0%
Brandon Knight to Jalen Brunson23341136.4%
Frank Ntilikina to Moses Brown1133560.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Jalen Brunson2133234946.9%
Frank Ntilikina to Maxi Kleber33331030.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Spencer Dinwiddie1535771.4%
Theo Pinson to Josh Green1133560.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Josh Green2833742.9%
Kristaps Porzingis to Reggie Bullock4734944.4%
Dwight Powell to Frank Ntilikina45341040.0%
Dwight Powell to Spencer Dinwiddie102352817.9%
Davis Bertans to Maxi Kleber1222366.7%
Davis Bertans to Sterling Brown1022366.7%
Davis Bertans to Boban Marjanovic622540.0%
Davis Bertans to Spencer Dinwiddie47261250.0%
Sterling Brown to Moses Brown6222100.0%
Sterling Brown to Dorian Finney-Smith37221020.0%
Sterling Brown to Kristaps Porzingis27231225.0%
Sterling Brown to Dwight Powell1523650.0%
Jalen Brunson to Moses Brown1323742.9%
Reggie Bullock to Maxi Kleber91221513.3%
Reggie Bullock to Marquese Chriss1323560.0%
Reggie Bullock to Boban Marjanovic722540.0%
Trey Burke to Theo Pinson3323742.9%
Trey Burke to Jalen Brunson59261442.9%
Trey Burke to Reggie Bullock2722633.3%
Trey Burke to Davis Bertans2422825.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Dorian Finney-Smith1222366.7%
Luka Doncic to Moses Brown1122633.3%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Spencer Dinwiddie1152152951.7%
Josh Green to Moses Brown622450.0%
Josh Green to Sterling Brown2822922.2%
Josh Green to Frank Ntilikina50221216.7%
Carlik Jones to Brandon Knight622366.7%
Maxi Kleber to Sterling Brown23233100.0%
Maxi Kleber to Frank Ntilikina44251241.7%
Maxi Kleber to Trey Burke96272231.8%
Maxi Kleber to Davis Bertans1622633.3%
Brandon Knight to Kristaps Porzingis1023475.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Luka Doncic582101952.6%
Frank Ntilikina to Davis Bertans1322728.6%
Theo Pinson to Dorian Finney-Smith722450.0%
Theo Pinson to Kristaps Porzingis1222450.0%
Theo Pinson to Trey Burke42241330.8%
Kristaps Porzingis to Sterling Brown2122825.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Trey Burke4122728.6%
Dwight Powell to Josh Green33231225.0%
Dwight Powell to Sterling Brown1522450.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Moses Brown322366.7%
Davis Bertans to Trey Burke2313560.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Moses Brown1111100.0%
Moses Brown to Trey Burke2411250.0%
Sterling Brown to Moses Wright1111100.0%
Sterling Brown to Theo Pinson12111100.0%
Sterling Brown to Luka Doncic57191656.3%
Sterling Brown to Marquese Chriss1211616.7%
Sterling Brown to Willie Cauley-Stein511250.0%
Sterling Brown to Spencer Dinwiddie2512728.6%
Sterling Brown to Davis Bertans5111100.0%
Sterling Brown to Brandon Knight4122100.0%
Jalen Brunson to Brandon Knight2111250.0%
Reggie Bullock to Moses Brown1111100.0%
Reggie Bullock to Sterling Brown3111333.3%
Reggie Bullock to Davis Bertans3111100.0%
Trey Burke to Eugene Omoruyi812366.7%
Trey Burke to Moses Brown811333.3%
Trey Burke to Dwight Powell14122100.0%
Trey Burke to Spencer Dinwiddie8133100.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Luka Doncic48141233.3%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Maxi Kleber8111100.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Frank Ntilikina1811333.3%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Tim Hardaway Jr.1911911.1%
Marquese Chriss to Jalen Brunson5713742.9%
Marquese Chriss to Maxi Kleber3111100.0%
Marquese Chriss to Frank Ntilikina5014757.1%
Marquese Chriss to Tim Hardaway Jr.1811425.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Theo Pinson5111100.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Sterling Brown1011520.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Frank Ntilikina1211333.3%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Marquese Chriss911425.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Trey Burke712450.0%
Luka Doncic to Sterling Brown39121414.3%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Frank Ntilikina58141723.5%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Willie Cauley-Stein9122100.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Brandon Knight6111100.0%
Josh Green to Brandon Knight911250.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Willie Cauley-Stein1211425.0%
Maxi Kleber to Moses Brown612633.3%
Brandon Knight to Sterling Brown8122100.0%
Brandon Knight to Dorian Finney-Smith612366.7%
Brandon Knight to Dwight Powell5111100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Theo Pinson4111100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Frank Ntilikina812366.7%
Boban Marjanovic to Reggie Bullock5111100.0%
JaQuori McLaughlin to Moses Brown2111100.0%
JaQuori McLaughlin to Sterling Brown3111100.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Theo Pinson2411812.5%
Frank Ntilikina to Boban Marjanovic811425.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Willie Cauley-Stein13111100.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Josh Green511333.3%
Eugene Omoruyi to Frank Ntilikina5111100.0%
Theo Pinson to Moses Brown1111100.0%
Theo Pinson to Jalen Brunson3014944.4%
Theo Pinson to Sterling Brown1412450.0%
Theo Pinson to Frank Ntilikina3712728.6%
Theo Pinson to Marquese Chriss1911812.5%
Theo Pinson to Dwight Powell2111100.0%
Theo Pinson to Spencer Dinwiddie311250.0%
Theo Pinson to Reggie Bullock1111100.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Moses Brown211250.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Marquese Chriss2111100.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Boban Marjanovic1111100.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Brandon Knight16111100.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Kristaps Porzingis411250.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Dwight Powell3111100.0%
Moses Wright to Theo Pinson4111100.0%
Davis Bertans to Moses Wright10010.0%
Davis Bertans to Theo Pinson30010.0%
Davis Bertans to Luka Doncic50061637.5%
Davis Bertans to Jalen Brunson5502825.0%
Davis Bertans to Dorian Finney-Smith80000.0%
Davis Bertans to Marquese Chriss20010.0%
Davis Bertans to Dwight Powell40010.0%
Davis Bertans to Reggie Bullock40010.0%
Davis Bertans to Brandon Knight40000.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Theo Pinson2011100.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to George King10010.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Jalen Brunson3011100.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Frank Ntilikina10000.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Brandon Knight60000.0%
Moses Brown to JaQuori McLaughlin20010.0%
Moses Brown to Josh Green90000.0%
Moses Brown to Theo Pinson30000.0%
Moses Brown to Luka Doncic160050.0%
Moses Brown to Jalen Brunson3202540.0%
Moses Brown to Maxi Kleber20000.0%
Moses Brown to Sterling Brown10000.0%
Moses Brown to Frank Ntilikina1201333.3%
Moses Brown to Dorian Finney-Smith30010.0%
Moses Brown to Boban Marjanovic1011100.0%
Moses Brown to Kristaps Porzingis10000.0%
Moses Brown to Tim Hardaway Jr.1201250.0%
Moses Brown to Reggie Bullock30000.0%
Moses Brown to Isaiah Thomas20010.0%
Moses Brown to Brandon Knight90000.0%
Sterling Brown to Eugene Omoruyi30000.0%
Sterling Brown to Carlik Jones20000.0%
Sterling Brown to Maxi Kleber190030.0%
Sterling Brown to Boban Marjanovic1202540.0%
Sterling Brown to Tim Hardaway Jr.3101812.5%
Sterling Brown to Isaiah Thomas40000.0%
Jalen Brunson to JaQuori McLaughlin10010.0%
Jalen Brunson to Charlie Brown Jr.30020.0%
Jalen Brunson to George King30010.0%
Jalen Brunson to Isaiah Thomas10010.0%
Reggie Bullock to Willie Cauley-Stein50000.0%
Reggie Bullock to Trey Burke4304850.0%
Reggie Bullock to Brandon Knight10010.0%
Trey Burke to JaQuori McLaughlin20000.0%
Trey Burke to Luka Doncic32071258.3%
Trey Burke to Willie Cauley-Stein60000.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Josh Green10000.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Sterling Brown60020.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Kristaps Porzingis20010.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Trey Burke110020.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Reggie Bullock70030.0%
Marquese Chriss to Carlik Jones60010.0%
Marquese Chriss to Moses Brown10000.0%
Marquese Chriss to Theo Pinson170010.0%
Marquese Chriss to George King10000.0%
Marquese Chriss to Sterling Brown501250.0%
Marquese Chriss to Kristaps Porzingis20010.0%
Marquese Chriss to Spencer Dinwiddie120010.0%
Marquese Chriss to Trey Burke410030.0%
Marquese Chriss to Davis Bertans10010.0%
Marquese Chriss to Brandon Knight70010.0%
Luka Doncic to Theo Pinson10000.0%
Luka Doncic to Brandon Knight10010.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Carlik Jones40010.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Theo Pinson50020.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Isaiah Thomas3011100.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Davis Bertans60010.0%
Josh Green to Eugene Omoruyi40010.0%
Josh Green to JaQuori McLaughlin20000.0%
Josh Green to Charlie Brown Jr.10000.0%
Josh Green to Theo Pinson60010.0%
Josh Green to Boban Marjanovic601333.3%
Josh Green to Willie Cauley-Stein10010.0%
Josh Green to Isaiah Thomas3022100.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to JaQuori McLaughlin10000.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Moses Brown80040.0%
Carlik Jones to Josh Green10010.0%
Carlik Jones to Theo Pinson60000.0%
Carlik Jones to George King20000.0%
Carlik Jones to Sterling Brown20000.0%
Carlik Jones to Dorian Finney-Smith20010.0%
Carlik Jones to Kristaps Porzingis20010.0%
George King to Carlik Jones10000.0%
George King to Charlie Brown Jr.10000.0%
George King to Theo Pinson10000.0%
George King to Jalen Brunson20000.0%
George King to Sterling Brown10000.0%
George King to Frank Ntilikina10010.0%
George King to Marquese Chriss10000.0%
George King to Brandon Knight401250.0%
Maxi Kleber to JaQuori McLaughlin40000.0%
Maxi Kleber to Theo Pinson10000.0%
Maxi Kleber to Marquese Chriss30000.0%
Maxi Kleber to Willie Cauley-Stein20000.0%
Maxi Kleber to Brandon Knight501250.0%
Brandon Knight to Carlik Jones60000.0%
Brandon Knight to Josh Green60000.0%
Brandon Knight to Charlie Brown Jr.20000.0%
Brandon Knight to Moses Brown50010.0%
Brandon Knight to Theo Pinson90020.0%
Brandon Knight to Luka Doncic1011100.0%
Brandon Knight to George King20010.0%
Brandon Knight to Maxi Kleber20010.0%
Brandon Knight to Frank Ntilikina100020.0%
Brandon Knight to Marquese Chriss60030.0%
Brandon Knight to Reggie Bullock10000.0%
Brandon Knight to Davis Bertans30010.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Moses Wright10000.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Josh Green20010.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Moses Brown10000.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Luka Doncic11011100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Jalen Brunson2901333.3%
Boban Marjanovic to Sterling Brown30000.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Dorian Finney-Smith50000.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Trey Burke2603742.9%
Boban Marjanovic to Tim Hardaway Jr.1201520.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Davis Bertans20000.0%
JaQuori McLaughlin to Josh Green10000.0%
JaQuori McLaughlin to Jalen Brunson30000.0%
JaQuori McLaughlin to Maxi Kleber20000.0%
JaQuori McLaughlin to Trey Burke20000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Eugene Omoruyi20010.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Carlik Jones10010.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Moses Wright20010.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Charlie Brown Jr.20010.0%
Frank Ntilikina to George King10010.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Isaiah Thomas30020.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Brandon Knight80000.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to JaQuori McLaughlin30000.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Moses Brown10010.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Sterling Brown30010.0%
Eugene Omoruyi to Trey Burke801333.3%
Theo Pinson to Carlik Jones60020.0%
Theo Pinson to Moses Wright30010.0%
Theo Pinson to Charlie Brown Jr.10010.0%
Theo Pinson to Luka Doncic1011100.0%
Theo Pinson to George King10010.0%
Theo Pinson to Boban Marjanovic30000.0%
Theo Pinson to Davis Bertans80020.0%
Theo Pinson to Brandon Knight100040.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Carlik Jones30010.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Theo Pinson70020.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Maxi Kleber220050.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Isaiah Thomas60010.0%
Dwight Powell to Theo Pinson30000.0%
Dwight Powell to George King10010.0%
Dwight Powell to Marquese Chriss10000.0%
Dwight Powell to Trey Burke2503933.3%
Dwight Powell to Isaiah Thomas40000.0%
Dwight Powell to Davis Bertans301250.0%
Dwight Powell to Brandon Knight100020.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Josh Green20000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Jalen Brunson10010.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Sterling Brown10000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Frank Ntilikina40000.0%
Moses Wright to Josh Green10000.0%
Moses Wright to Sterling Brown10000.0%
Moses Wright to Frank Ntilikina20010.0%
Moses Wright to Trey Burke30010.0%