2021 Minnesota Timberwolves Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Minnesota Timberwolves averaged 284 passes per game. The leading assist duo was D'Angelo Russell to Karl-Anthony Towns, with 130 assists on 1000 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
D'Angelo Russell to Karl-Anthony Towns100013019239049.2%
Patrick Beverley to Karl-Anthony Towns6397911024844.4%
Anthony Edwards to Karl-Anthony Towns6407610923247.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Malik Beasley406636618036.7%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Anthony Edwards6835711827842.4%
Karl-Anthony Towns to D'Angelo Russell708539121941.6%
D'Angelo Russell to Anthony Edwards711518924236.8%
D'Angelo Russell to Naz Reid314474811741.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Jaden McDaniels237455310650.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Jarred Vanderbilt18645477463.5%
Patrick Beverley to Anthony Edwards547437416744.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jaden McDaniels18343459050.0%
Patrick Beverley to Malik Beasley233424211935.3%
Anthony Edwards to D'Angelo Russell713356418634.4%
Jordan McLaughlin to Malik Beasley21935409641.7%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Malik Beasley20133409542.1%
Anthony Edwards to Malik Beasley18029318337.3%
D'Angelo Russell to Taurean Prince15627297439.2%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jarred Vanderbilt18527306347.6%
Anthony Edwards to Patrick Beverley418264210141.6%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Anthony Edwards367254811541.7%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jaylen Nowell17223276144.3%
Jordan McLaughlin to Karl-Anthony Towns24123337544.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Karl-Anthony Towns18223316547.7%
Patrick Beverley to D'Angelo Russell386225011244.6%
Jordan McLaughlin to Taurean Prince11922225242.3%
Patrick Beverley to Jarred Vanderbilt14921214744.7%
Anthony Edwards to Naz Reid13921276342.9%
Anthony Edwards to Jarred Vanderbilt12021224153.7%
Anthony Edwards to Taurean Prince12121225540.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Jaden McDaniels8821234156.1%
Anthony Edwards to Jaden McDaniels12920216333.3%
Jordan McLaughlin to Naz Reid21220225540.0%
Malik Beasley to Naz Reid12119235343.4%
Patrick Beverley to Jaden McDaniels10919204445.5%
D'Angelo Russell to Jaylen Nowell13919274757.4%
Jaden McDaniels to Karl-Anthony Towns13418224944.9%
Jarred Vanderbilt to D'Angelo Russell598184510045.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Patrick Beverley40417287736.4%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Karl-Anthony Towns11017244060.0%
Malik Beasley to Taurean Prince7516183158.1%
Patrick Beverley to Naz Reid9816193948.7%
Jaylen Nowell to Taurean Prince7516163348.5%
Jaylen Nowell to Malik Beasley9616164139.0%
Taurean Prince to Malik Beasley6516183452.9%
Malik Beasley to Karl-Anthony Towns17515245642.9%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jaden McDaniels10515174835.4%
Naz Reid to Anthony Edwards21315328537.6%
D'Angelo Russell to Patrick Beverley34315226533.8%
Malik Beasley to Anthony Edwards19714307838.5%
Malik Beasley to D'Angelo Russell37613287238.9%
Jaden McDaniels to Jarred Vanderbilt3913131776.5%
Naz Reid to Taurean Prince9813163250.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Taurean Prince11212164337.2%
Malik Beasley to Jaden McDaniels10111134330.2%
Anthony Edwards to Jaylen Nowell11711164436.4%
Jordan McLaughlin to Anthony Edwards19311286443.8%
Jaylen Nowell to Naz Reid12511143540.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jaylen Nowell12511194641.3%
Patrick Beverley to Taurean Prince7610113036.7%
Jaden McDaniels to Malik Beasley11210134032.5%
Taurean Prince to Karl-Anthony Towns7810123138.7%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Malik Beasley7110103132.3%
Malik Beasley to Patrick Beverley1889133834.2%
Jaylen Nowell to Anthony Edwards1009122941.4%
Taurean Prince to Jaden McDaniels379111861.1%
Naz Reid to Malik Beasley1369155726.3%
D'Angelo Russell to Jordan McLaughlin879102050.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jordan McLaughlin1599102540.0%
Malik Beasley to Jaylen Nowell828142166.7%
Jaden McDaniels to Naz Reid678112152.4%
Taurean Prince to Anthony Edwards1528205437.0%
Naz Reid to Jaylen Nowell1508164139.0%
Naz Reid to D'Angelo Russell3618337245.8%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Patrick Beverley4308216233.9%
Jaden McDaniels to D'Angelo Russell4877247631.6%
Taurean Prince to Naz Reid70782433.3%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Naz Reid32771546.7%
Anthony Edwards to Jordan McLaughlin133672231.8%
Anthony Edwards to Josh Okogie30671353.8%
Jordan McLaughlin to Josh Okogie25661060.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to D'Angelo Russell128693426.5%
Jaylen Nowell to Jordan McLaughlin134671546.7%
Malik Beasley to Jordan McLaughlin166582729.6%
Patrick Beverley to Jaylen Nowell795112642.3%
Nathan Knight to Leandro Bolmaro39561346.2%
Nathan Knight to Jake Layman29561637.5%
Jaden McDaniels to Jaylen Nowell1475133240.6%
Jordan McLaughlin to Nathan Knight47551338.5%
Greg Monroe to Malik Beasley18551050.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Nathan Knight51571838.9%
Jaylen Nowell to Jarred Vanderbilt2855955.6%
Jaylen Nowell to Jake Layman32551241.7%
Taurean Prince to Jordan McLaughlin180561735.3%
Naz Reid to Jaden McDaniels66582334.8%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Naz Reid15551050.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jaden McDaniels44561931.6%
Malik Beasley to Jarred Vanderbilt33441136.4%
Leandro Bolmaro to Nathan Knight38451631.3%
Nathan Knight to Jaden McDaniels1945955.6%
Nathan Knight to Jaylen Nowell57471838.9%
Jaden McDaniels to Anthony Edwards2214215637.5%
Jaden McDaniels to Taurean Prince37461442.9%
Jordan McLaughlin to Greg Monroe2545862.5%
Jordan McLaughlin to Patrick Beverley43451241.7%
Jaylen Nowell to D'Angelo Russell1454113036.7%
Josh Okogie to Jaylen Nowell30471163.6%
Josh Okogie to D'Angelo Russell49451533.3%
Taurean Prince to Jarred Vanderbilt13444100.0%
Naz Reid to Jordan McLaughlin207471838.9%
Patrick Beverley to Nathan Knight12333100.0%
Patrick Beverley to Jordan McLaughlin2133560.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Jaden McDaniels1934850.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Josh Okogie2034757.1%
Leandro Bolmaro to Jake Layman2233650.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Patrick Beverley2273102737.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jarred Vanderbilt2933933.3%
Greg Monroe to Nathan Knight533475.0%
Greg Monroe to Jaden McDaniels933742.9%
Greg Monroe to Jaylen Nowell3234944.4%
Jaylen Nowell to Greg Monroe2933650.0%
Josh Okogie to Anthony Edwards2536875.0%
Josh Okogie to Naz Reid1535771.4%
Josh Okogie to Karl-Anthony Towns2035862.5%
Taurean Prince to D'Angelo Russell1983134528.9%
Naz Reid to Jarred Vanderbilt1833742.9%
Naz Reid to Patrick Beverley106351729.4%
Leandro Bolmaro to Jaylen Nowell39251050.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Malik Beasley22251145.5%
Anthony Edwards to Nathan Knight1222366.7%
Jake Layman to Nathan Knight1622540.0%
Jake Layman to Jordan McLaughlin3425862.5%
Jake Layman to Malik Beasley722450.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Nathan Knight1222450.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Jordan McLaughlin201231225.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Jake Layman722450.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jake Layman2322922.2%
Greg Monroe to Josh Okogie322366.7%
Jaylen Nowell to Josh Okogie28231323.1%
Josh Okogie to Leandro Bolmaro2222450.0%
Josh Okogie to Malik Beasley2123837.5%
Taurean Prince to Nathan Knight923560.0%
Taurean Prince to Josh Okogie422366.7%
Taurean Prince to Patrick Beverley79251241.7%
Naz Reid to Jake Layman2222922.2%
Naz Reid to Karl-Anthony Towns722366.7%
D'Angelo Russell to Nathan Knight1822825.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Josh Okogie2922825.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Josh Okogie28221315.4%
Malik Beasley to Nathan Knight2612728.6%
Malik Beasley to Josh Okogie1411616.7%
Patrick Beverley to Josh Okogie17121020.0%
Patrick Beverley to Jake Layman511250.0%
Patrick Beverley to Greg Monroe5111100.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Naz Reid35151241.7%
Leandro Bolmaro to Karl-Anthony Towns52161931.6%
Leandro Bolmaro to D'Angelo Russell2911119.1%
Leandro Bolmaro to Greg Monroe1211250.0%
Nathan Knight to Anthony Edwards2414850.0%
Nathan Knight to Naz Reid3111100.0%
Nathan Knight to Jordan McLaughlin5813837.5%
Nathan Knight to Taurean Prince1111425.0%
Nathan Knight to Malik Beasley2312728.6%
Jake Layman to Leandro Bolmaro2511425.0%
Jake Layman to Jaylen Nowell40131421.4%
Jake Layman to Josh Okogie911333.3%
Jaden McDaniels to Josh Okogie1011250.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Leandro Bolmaro3711616.7%
Jaylen Nowell to Patrick Beverley45111010.0%
Josh Okogie to Nathan Knight1411616.7%
Josh Okogie to Jaden McDaniels611425.0%
Josh Okogie to Jake Layman811425.0%
Josh Okogie to Patrick Beverley11111100.0%
Taurean Prince to Jaylen Nowell83172035.0%
Naz Reid to Josh Okogie2412728.6%
D'Angelo Russell to Leandro Bolmaro12122100.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Jake Layman711425.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Leandro Bolmaro2611616.7%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jaylen Nowell6712922.2%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jordan McLaughlin9412633.3%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Taurean Prince2212633.3%
McKinley Wright IV to Nathan Knight1012366.7%
McKinley Wright IV to Josh Okogie511250.0%
McKinley Wright IV to Jake Layman2111100.0%
Malik Beasley to Leandro Bolmaro230020.0%
Malik Beasley to Chris Silva10000.0%
Malik Beasley to Jake Layman60000.0%
Malik Beasley to Greg Monroe120000.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to McKinley Wright IV70000.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Anthony Edwards4404850.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Jordan McLaughlin100000.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Jarred Vanderbilt100000.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Taurean Prince501333.3%
Anthony Edwards to Leandro Bolmaro310030.0%
Anthony Edwards to Greg Monroe20010.0%
Nathan Knight to McKinley Wright IV90000.0%
Nathan Knight to Josh Okogie90020.0%
Nathan Knight to D'Angelo Russell1802540.0%
Nathan Knight to Greg Monroe1011100.0%
Nathan Knight to Patrick Beverley160020.0%
Jake Layman to McKinley Wright IV402366.7%
Jake Layman to Jaden McDaniels50020.0%
Jake Layman to Naz Reid1801616.7%
Jake Layman to Karl-Anthony Towns10010.0%
Jake Layman to D'Angelo Russell120000.0%
Jake Layman to Greg Monroe50010.0%
Jake Layman to Patrick Beverley30000.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Leandro Bolmaro3601333.3%
Jaden McDaniels to Greg Monroe70010.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Leandro Bolmaro120010.0%
Greg Monroe to Leandro Bolmaro70010.0%
Greg Monroe to Anthony Edwards30010.0%
Greg Monroe to Jordan McLaughlin2201250.0%
Greg Monroe to Jake Layman40000.0%
Greg Monroe to Patrick Beverley1101250.0%
Jaylen Nowell to McKinley Wright IV40000.0%
Josh Okogie to McKinley Wright IV10000.0%
Josh Okogie to Jordan McLaughlin290040.0%
Josh Okogie to Taurean Prince50010.0%
Taurean Prince to McKinley Wright IV10000.0%
Taurean Prince to Leandro Bolmaro20000.0%
Naz Reid to McKinley Wright IV30000.0%
Naz Reid to Nathan Knight501250.0%
Naz Reid to Leandro Bolmaro280020.0%
Chris Silva to Jaden McDaniels10000.0%
Chris Silva to Jaylen Nowell30010.0%
Chris Silva to Jordan McLaughlin20000.0%
Chris Silva to Malik Beasley10000.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jake Layman20010.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Leandro Bolmaro310020.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Josh Okogie30000.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jake Layman20020.0%
McKinley Wright IV to Leandro Bolmaro80000.0%
McKinley Wright IV to Naz Reid30010.0%
McKinley Wright IV to Jaylen Nowell20000.0%
McKinley Wright IV to Jordan McLaughlin10000.0%