2021 Phoenix Suns Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Phoenix Suns averaged 262 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Chris Paul to Devin Booker, with 147 assists on 934 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Chris Paul to Devin Booker93414722348945.6%
Chris Paul to Deandre Ayton45614014423661.0%
Chris Paul to Mikal Bridges59813014427252.9%
Devin Booker to Mikal Bridges359778917052.4%
Chris Paul to Jae Crowder533687420635.9%
Devin Booker to Deandre Ayton208667012058.3%
Chris Paul to Cameron Johnson333586015538.7%
Mikal Bridges to Deandre Ayton16546529157.1%
Chris Paul to JaVale McGee16046477562.7%
Devin Booker to Jae Crowder278454610344.7%
Cameron Payne to Cameron Johnson282424411637.9%
Cameron Payne to Devin Booker404417416544.8%
Cameron Payne to JaVale McGee17737416860.3%
Cameron Payne to Mikal Bridges25035418349.4%
Cameron Payne to Deandre Ayton15133375567.3%
Cameron Payne to Landry Shamet27733409144.0%
Mikal Bridges to Cameron Johnson10732336055.0%
Devin Booker to Cameron Johnson15131326251.6%
Chris Paul to Landry Shamet239313910836.1%
Deandre Ayton to Devin Booker380306712553.6%
Jae Crowder to Deandre Ayton16930367746.8%
Devin Booker to JaVale McGee8429304763.8%
Jae Crowder to Mikal Bridges23928338339.8%
Jae Crowder to Devin Booker472277516346.0%
Mikal Bridges to Devin Booker273254812239.3%
Chris Paul to Bismack Biyombo8623244257.1%
Landry Shamet to JaVale McGee8723274856.3%
Mikal Bridges to Jae Crowder20222237729.9%
Cameron Payne to Jae Crowder18321245345.3%
Elfrid Payton to Mikal Bridges7920213363.6%
Deandre Ayton to Mikal Bridges12419254852.1%
Cameron Johnson to JaVale McGee6418203557.1%
Cameron Johnson to Landry Shamet10417205139.2%
Devin Booker to Cameron Payne17816205437.0%
Cameron Johnson to Mikal Bridges9916173647.2%
Deandre Ayton to Jae Crowder15514184045.0%
Chris Paul to Jalen Smith6714143540.0%
Elfrid Payton to Cameron Johnson10114153740.5%
Devin Booker to Chris Paul39913368542.4%
Jae Crowder to JaVale McGee3613142070.0%
Landry Shamet to Cameron Johnson9413134032.5%
Landry Shamet to Mikal Bridges7713163348.5%
Devin Booker to Landry Shamet7212133735.1%
Chris Paul to Frank Kaminsky5712122548.0%
Elfrid Payton to JaVale McGee7312142751.9%
Landry Shamet to Deandre Ayton4512121770.6%
Mikal Bridges to Landry Shamet10511113729.7%
Mikal Bridges to JaVale McGee6311173056.7%
Mikal Bridges to Chris Paul52911298633.7%
JaVale McGee to Cameron Johnson8511133141.9%
Aaron Holiday to Landry Shamet8210112839.3%
Aaron Holiday to Torrey Craig7710122646.2%
Cameron Payne to Torrey Craig7310112347.8%
Elfrid Payton to Landry Shamet5710102147.6%
Elfrid Payton to Torrey Craig4210102147.6%
Landry Shamet to Cameron Payne25710246636.4%
Jae Crowder to Landry Shamet839102737.0%
Aaron Holiday to JaVale McGee619112055.0%
Cameron Johnson to Deandre Ayton389111764.7%
Cameron Johnson to Devin Booker1659267534.7%
Devin Booker to Jalen Smith22881361.5%
Aaron Holiday to Deandre Ayton30881457.1%
Aaron Holiday to Mikal Bridges54882138.1%
Cameron Johnson to Cameron Payne3288317939.2%
JaVale McGee to Mikal Bridges50891752.9%
JaVale McGee to Cameron Payne2778276243.5%
Chris Paul to Cameron Payne1018173548.6%
Landry Shamet to Bismack Biyombo37881553.3%
Deandre Ayton to Landry Shamet46771741.2%
Deandre Ayton to Chris Paul6247509751.5%
Devin Booker to Torrey Craig39781553.3%
Aaron Holiday to Cameron Johnson527102245.5%
Frank Kaminsky to Mikal Bridges18771163.6%
Gabriel Lundberg to Ish Wainright14771070.0%
Landry Shamet to Jae Crowder59772035.0%
Devin Booker to Aaron Holiday36681080.0%
Mikal Bridges to Frank Kaminsky1966966.7%
Torrey Craig to Landry Shamet40671546.7%
Jae Crowder to Cameron Johnson66672133.3%
JaVale McGee to Landry Shamet99693030.0%
Cameron Payne to Bismack Biyombo3266966.7%
Devin Booker to Bismack Biyombo35551729.4%
Mikal Bridges to Torrey Craig2356966.7%
Mikal Bridges to Cameron Payne2825217328.8%
Mikal Bridges to Bismack Biyombo2356875.0%
Torrey Craig to Deandre Ayton14561060.0%
Torrey Craig to Mikal Bridges37581650.0%
Aaron Holiday to Ish Wainright45561637.5%
Aaron Holiday to Devin Booker775112642.3%
Cameron Johnson to Bismack Biyombo1755771.4%
Frank Kaminsky to Devin Booker39581553.3%
Elfrid Payton to Deandre Ayton24561154.5%
Landry Shamet to Devin Booker775183060.0%
Ish Wainright to Cameron Johnson1656875.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Mikal Bridges2546785.7%
Devin Booker to Frank Kaminsky1844757.1%
Torrey Craig to Devin Booker58482433.3%
Jae Crowder to Cameron Payne3104195137.3%
Jae Crowder to Chris Paul100148616552.1%
Aaron Holiday to Jae Crowder25441428.6%
Chris Paul to Ish Wainright1644666.7%
Chris Paul to Abdel Nader1944666.7%
Cameron Payne to Jalen Smith61442020.0%
Cameron Payne to Elfrid Payton59451533.3%
Cameron Payne to Chris Paul1124142948.3%
Elfrid Payton to Jalen Smith25451338.5%
Elfrid Payton to Aaron Holiday2344666.7%
Elfrid Payton to Devin Booker108494918.4%
Elfrid Payton to Jae Crowder2444944.4%
Elfrid Payton to Bismack Biyombo52471353.8%
Landry Shamet to Aaron Holiday76481650.0%
Landry Shamet to Chris Paul2134152951.7%
Deandre Ayton to Cameron Payne2023143342.4%
Bismack Biyombo to Cameron Johnson2833742.9%
Bismack Biyombo to Cameron Payne67371936.8%
Bismack Biyombo to Chris Paul1393173154.8%
Devin Booker to Elfrid Payton53361735.3%
Mikal Bridges to Jalen Smith1533475.0%
Torrey Craig to Aaron Holiday122362227.3%
Torrey Craig to Cameron Payne953132065.0%
Aaron Holiday to Bismack Biyombo3234757.1%
Cameron Johnson to Jalen Smith19341136.4%
Cameron Johnson to Chris Paul3833306546.2%
JaVale McGee to Chris Paul2903215042.0%
Abdel Nader to Cameron Johnson1133560.0%
Chris Paul to Torrey Craig22331127.3%
Chris Paul to Elfrid Payton2133650.0%
Cameron Payne to Ish Wainright32341330.8%
Elfrid Payton to Ish Wainright56331915.8%
Landry Shamet to Ish Wainright1333650.0%
Landry Shamet to Torrey Craig39331520.0%
Ish Wainright to Cameron Payne47351338.5%
Deandre Ayton to Torrey Craig8233100.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Landry Shamet29231030.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Devin Booker47281942.1%
Bismack Biyombo to Elfrid Payton75251435.7%
Torrey Craig to Cameron Johnson1722922.2%
Torrey Craig to Bismack Biyombo1022366.7%
Torrey Craig to JaVale McGee21241233.3%
Aaron Holiday to Cameron Payne12222100.0%
Aaron Holiday to Elfrid Payton2124666.7%
Cameron Johnson to Torrey Craig2622728.6%
Cameron Johnson to Abdel Nader1222633.3%
Cameron Johnson to Elfrid Payton90261833.3%
Gabriel Lundberg to Bismack Biyombo1222450.0%
JaVale McGee to Jae Crowder4624944.4%
Abdel Nader to Landry Shamet7222100.0%
Cameron Payne to Frank Kaminsky4124944.4%
Elfrid Payton to Chris Paul35281080.0%
Landry Shamet to Jalen Smith20221118.2%
Jalen Smith to Devin Booker33241723.5%
Deandre Ayton to Cameron Johnson2911425.0%
Deandre Ayton to Aaron Holiday3512825.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Ish Wainright1211250.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Deandre Ayton1111100.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Aaron Holiday77141330.8%
Bismack Biyombo to Torrey Craig8111100.0%
Devin Booker to Ish Wainright1711425.0%
Devin Booker to Abdel Nader2111100.0%
Mikal Bridges to Ish Wainright811333.3%
Mikal Bridges to Aaron Holiday4212728.6%
Torrey Craig to Gabriel Lundberg311250.0%
Torrey Craig to Jae Crowder1411250.0%
Jae Crowder to Torrey Craig1111250.0%
Jae Crowder to Frank Kaminsky1311250.0%
Aaron Holiday to Gabriel Lundberg2912633.3%
Chandler Hutchison to Ish Wainright411250.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Cameron Payne611250.0%
Justin Jackson to Ish Wainright1111100.0%
Justin Jackson to Jalen Smith311250.0%
Cameron Johnson to Ish Wainright1411520.0%
Cameron Johnson to Frank Kaminsky1211520.0%
Cameron Johnson to Jae Crowder4311119.1%
Frank Kaminsky to Cameron Johnson1511616.7%
Frank Kaminsky to Jae Crowder911333.3%
Gabriel Lundberg to Aaron Holiday1711250.0%
Gabriel Lundberg to Cameron Payne1111100.0%
JaVale McGee to Jalen Smith3111100.0%
JaVale McGee to Aaron Holiday101151338.5%
JaVale McGee to Devin Booker1551225143.1%
JaVale McGee to Elfrid Payton122161931.6%
Abdel Nader to Cameron Payne2311520.0%
Abdel Nader to Chris Paul2011333.3%
Chris Paul to Justin Jackson1111100.0%
Cameron Payne to Justin Jackson6111100.0%
Elfrid Payton to Chandler Hutchison6111100.0%
Elfrid Payton to Abdel Nader711425.0%
Landry Shamet to Frank Kaminsky7122100.0%
Jalen Smith to Ish Wainright511250.0%
Jalen Smith to Cameron Johnson2511520.0%
Jalen Smith to Jae Crowder5111100.0%
Emanuel Terry to Paris Bass411250.0%
Emanuel Terry to Elfrid Payton512366.7%
Ish Wainright to Deandre Ayton1111100.0%
Ish Wainright to Landry Shamet26121118.2%
Ish Wainright to Mikal Bridges1012540.0%
Ish Wainright to Torrey Craig1311616.7%
Ish Wainright to Elfrid Payton56121216.7%
Ish Wainright to Bismack Biyombo711425.0%
MJ Walker to Elfrid Payton2111100.0%
Deandre Ayton to Jalen Smith10000.0%
Deandre Ayton to Abdel Nader10000.0%
Deandre Ayton to Elfrid Payton3601333.3%
Deandre Ayton to Bismack Biyombo10000.0%
Paris Bass to Ish Wainright20000.0%
Paris Bass to Emanuel Terry20000.0%
Paris Bass to Elfrid Payton20000.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Gabriel Lundberg1501425.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Justin Jackson40010.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Jae Crowder40010.0%
Devin Booker to Chandler Hutchison20000.0%
Devin Booker to Nikola Jokic10000.0%
Mikal Bridges to Elfrid Payton75051435.7%
Torrey Craig to Ish Wainright140020.0%
Torrey Craig to Elfrid Payton49021118.2%
Torrey Craig to Chris Paul28061154.5%
Jae Crowder to Ish Wainright10000.0%
Jae Crowder to Jalen Smith20010.0%
Jae Crowder to Aaron Holiday3902633.3%
Jae Crowder to Hamidou Diallo10000.0%
Jae Crowder to Abdel Nader10010.0%
Jae Crowder to Elfrid Payton35011100.0%
Jae Crowder to Bismack Biyombo70000.0%
Aaron Holiday to Chris Paul5022100.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Jalen Smith10010.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Devin Booker10000.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Frank Kaminsky20010.0%
Chandler Hutchison to Elfrid Payton6011100.0%
Justin Jackson to Cameron Payne100030.0%
Justin Jackson to Elfrid Payton60000.0%
Justin Jackson to Bismack Biyombo20000.0%
Justin Jackson to Chris Paul30000.0%
Cameron Johnson to Gabriel Lundberg30000.0%
Cameron Johnson to Aaron Holiday420070.0%
Cameron Johnson to Justin Jackson10000.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Jalen Smith10000.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Landry Shamet90020.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Abdel Nader100050.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Cameron Payne47071353.8%
Frank Kaminsky to Elfrid Payton1502366.7%
Frank Kaminsky to Chris Paul7008988.9%
Gabriel Lundberg to Cameron Johnson30010.0%
Gabriel Lundberg to Landry Shamet601333.3%
Gabriel Lundberg to Torrey Craig50010.0%
Gabriel Lundberg to Elfrid Payton8011100.0%
Gabriel Lundberg to JaVale McGee20010.0%
JaVale McGee to Gabriel Lundberg40010.0%
JaVale McGee to Ish Wainright50010.0%
JaVale McGee to Torrey Craig260060.0%
JaVale McGee to Abdel Nader40020.0%
Abdel Nader to Deandre Ayton10000.0%
Abdel Nader to Devin Booker20010.0%
Abdel Nader to Frank Kaminsky60020.0%
Abdel Nader to Elfrid Payton801250.0%
Abdel Nader to JaVale McGee50010.0%
Chris Paul to Aaron Holiday10000.0%
Cameron Payne to MJ Walker10010.0%
Cameron Payne to Emanuel Terry20000.0%
Cameron Payne to Chandler Hutchison20010.0%
Cameron Payne to Aaron Holiday50030.0%
Cameron Payne to Abdel Nader130020.0%
Elfrid Payton to Gabriel Lundberg70020.0%
Elfrid Payton to MJ Walker30010.0%
Elfrid Payton to Emanuel Terry20000.0%
Elfrid Payton to Justin Jackson80030.0%
Elfrid Payton to Paris Bass10000.0%
Elfrid Payton to Cameron Payne5802728.6%
Elfrid Payton to Frank Kaminsky80020.0%
Landry Shamet to Gabriel Lundberg3011100.0%
Landry Shamet to MJ Walker10000.0%
Landry Shamet to Chandler Hutchison10000.0%
Landry Shamet to Abdel Nader1501520.0%
Landry Shamet to Elfrid Payton5002825.0%
Jalen Smith to Deandre Ayton2011100.0%
Jalen Smith to Landry Shamet190020.0%
Jalen Smith to Chandler Hutchison20000.0%
Jalen Smith to Mikal Bridges50000.0%
Jalen Smith to Justin Jackson10010.0%
Jalen Smith to Cameron Payne75071546.7%
Jalen Smith to Elfrid Payton4002633.3%
Jalen Smith to Bismack Biyombo20010.0%
Jalen Smith to JaVale McGee40020.0%
Jalen Smith to Chris Paul89061154.5%
Emanuel Terry to Landry Shamet10000.0%
Emanuel Terry to Cameron Payne901333.3%
Emanuel Terry to Devin Booker10000.0%
Emanuel Terry to Chris Paul20010.0%
Ish Wainright to Gabriel Lundberg70030.0%
Ish Wainright to MJ Walker40010.0%
Ish Wainright to Jalen Smith30010.0%
Ish Wainright to Chandler Hutchison30010.0%
Ish Wainright to Aaron Holiday4201616.7%
Ish Wainright to Justin Jackson50010.0%
Ish Wainright to Paris Bass30010.0%
Ish Wainright to Devin Booker18031030.0%
Ish Wainright to JaVale McGee40010.0%
Ish Wainright to Chris Paul2001333.3%
MJ Walker to Ish Wainright40000.0%
MJ Walker to Emanuel Terry30000.0%
MJ Walker to Landry Shamet10000.0%
MJ Walker to Paris Bass20000.0%