2021 Los Angeles Clippers Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Los Angeles Clippers averaged 277 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Reggie Jackson to Ivica Zubac, with 70 assists on 453 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Reggie Jackson to Ivica Zubac453707513954.0%
Reggie Jackson to Marcus Morris Sr.5344710023243.1%
Reggie Jackson to Nicolas Batum393475011344.2%
Paul George to Ivica Zubac20246478555.3%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Luke Kennard289435011842.4%
Reggie Jackson to Luke Kennard30743439445.7%
Terance Mann to Luke Kennard305424910745.8%
Reggie Jackson to Terance Mann32540509751.5%
Eric Bledsoe to Luke Kennard314384610842.6%
Eric Bledsoe to Isaiah Hartenstein19236366753.7%
Reggie Jackson to Isaiah Hartenstein19528315952.5%
Paul George to Reggie Jackson377274511539.1%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Terance Mann27126377450.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Terance Mann25124266540.0%
Terance Mann to Amir Coffey17324296842.6%
Terance Mann to Isaiah Hartenstein30024305356.6%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Ivica Zubac12422243961.5%
Ivica Zubac to Reggie Jackson903227519139.3%
Eric Bledsoe to Reggie Jackson27220349436.2%
Reggie Jackson to Amir Coffey24820266639.4%
Luke Kennard to Terance Mann25720296842.6%
Ivica Zubac to Nicolas Batum14720204940.8%
Eric Bledsoe to Paul George345194511838.1%
Reggie Jackson to Paul George445196116137.9%
Luke Kennard to Isaiah Hartenstein22719235343.4%
Terance Mann to Nicolas Batum11919194146.3%
Ivica Zubac to Marcus Morris Sr.14519286245.2%
Nicolas Batum to Reggie Jackson577184915531.6%
Eric Bledsoe to Serge Ibaka11318183847.4%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Amir Coffey15418204346.5%
Amir Coffey to Marcus Morris Sr.10917265349.1%
Terance Mann to Reggie Jackson429175113039.2%
Nicolas Batum to Ivica Zubac14016184045.0%
Paul George to Nicolas Batum9416163250.0%
Terance Mann to Ivica Zubac17516203951.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Amir Coffey8016172763.0%
Ivica Zubac to Amir Coffey11616194542.2%
Eric Bledsoe to Marcus Morris Sr.13215286940.6%
Amir Coffey to Nicolas Batum8915162759.3%
Paul George to Terance Mann13515214250.0%
Paul George to Marcus Morris Sr.8615184341.9%
Paul George to Eric Bledsoe27915337444.6%
Nicolas Batum to Terance Mann15614174339.5%
Nicolas Batum to Marcus Morris Sr.14914266639.4%
Amir Coffey to Terance Mann14814203754.1%
Amir Coffey to Isaiah Hartenstein12014162955.2%
Luke Kennard to Ivica Zubac9214172665.4%
Luke Kennard to Reggie Jackson317143610534.3%
Luke Kennard to Eric Bledsoe23614225440.7%
Eric Bledsoe to Ivica Zubac13913133141.9%
Paul George to Isaiah Hartenstein4613141782.4%
Paul George to Luke Kennard11113143935.9%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Robert Covington6613143046.7%
Luke Kennard to Amir Coffey9513164337.2%
Eric Bledsoe to Amir Coffey10112164139.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Nicolas Batum11612133537.1%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Reggie Jackson470125913543.7%
Amir Coffey to Ivica Zubac9211142653.8%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Brandon Boston Jr.10511184143.9%
Reggie Jackson to Brandon Boston Jr.5811133043.3%
Reggie Jackson to Serge Ibaka10411133636.1%
Luke Kennard to Nicolas Batum6611122352.2%
Amir Coffey to Luke Kennard9810103132.3%
Reggie Jackson to Eric Bledsoe19510144332.6%
Terance Mann to Robert Covington7510112740.7%
Terance Mann to Paul George16510296942.0%
Terance Mann to Serge Ibaka8410122060.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Nicolas Batum8310102737.0%
Nicolas Batum to Paul George1689206132.8%
Luke Kennard to Robert Covington58992240.9%
Terance Mann to Brandon Boston Jr.929153641.7%
Terance Mann to Eric Bledsoe2859184143.9%
Ivica Zubac to Luke Kennard879133141.9%
Ivica Zubac to Paul George2899368243.9%
Nicolas Batum to Amir Coffey80881942.1%
Amir Coffey to Reggie Jackson2788247432.4%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Justise Winslow54882040.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Reggie Jackson2328215736.8%
Terance Mann to Marcus Morris Sr.1718228027.5%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Terance Mann1328123237.5%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Eric Bledsoe1358103132.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Serge Ibaka32891752.9%
Justise Winslow to Terance Mann64881747.1%
Justise Winslow to Luke Kennard598102245.5%
Ivica Zubac to Terance Mann1918164734.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Justise Winslow807112347.8%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Isaiah Hartenstein76781650.0%
Amir Coffey to Robert Covington30781172.7%
Amir Coffey to Serge Ibaka39791656.3%
Robert Covington to Isaiah Hartenstein47771258.3%
Robert Covington to Luke Kennard54781361.5%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Eric Bledsoe1947133438.2%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Nicolas Batum38781747.1%
Luke Kennard to Justise Winslow41771546.7%
Luke Kennard to Marcus Morris Sr.787163644.4%
Luke Kennard to Paul George1307194641.3%
Justise Winslow to Isaiah Hartenstein44781457.1%
Nicolas Batum to Luke Kennard66681844.4%
Eric Bledsoe to Brandon Boston Jr.1276124030.0%
Serge Ibaka to Amir Coffey36671258.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Luke Kennard59681650.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Paul George71692437.5%
Ivica Zubac to Robert Covington27681457.1%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Terance Mann87561833.3%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Luke Kennard29571450.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Ivica Zubac1755683.3%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Eric Bledsoe1385102540.0%
Amir Coffey to Eric Bledsoe1495143638.9%
Serge Ibaka to Brandon Boston Jr.42551533.3%
Serge Ibaka to Terance Mann69582236.4%
Reggie Jackson to Robert Covington43562030.0%
Xavier Moon to Amir Coffey43561735.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Brandon Boston Jr.1455771.4%
Justise Winslow to Amir Coffey47551338.5%
Justise Winslow to Reggie Jackson91582040.0%
Ivica Zubac to Eric Bledsoe2475113135.5%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Justise Winslow2244850.0%
Amir Coffey to Brandon Boston Jr.57452025.0%
Amir Coffey to Justise Winslow29451435.7%
Robert Covington to Terance Mann1784132356.5%
Paul George to Amir Coffey33441040.0%
Paul George to Norman Powell944580.0%
Paul George to Robert Covington1344666.7%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Paul George724122548.0%
Serge Ibaka to Luke Kennard35471258.3%
Serge Ibaka to Ivica Zubac4444100.0%
Serge Ibaka to Reggie Jackson1544143935.9%
Serge Ibaka to Eric Bledsoe1434112642.3%
Reggie Jackson to Justise Winslow39441330.8%
Luke Kennard to Brandon Boston Jr.39472231.8%
Terance Mann to Justise Winslow49451435.7%
Xavier Moon to Terance Mann19444100.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Isaiah Hartenstein1144580.0%
Justise Winslow to Eric Bledsoe130492536.0%
Nicolas Batum to Isaiah Hartenstein3134580.0%
Nicolas Batum to Robert Covington1033560.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Keon Johnson24331030.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Amir Coffey55331717.6%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Semi Ojeleye14361060.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Norman Powell1534757.1%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Marcus Morris Sr.23361250.0%
Rodney Hood to Isaiah Hartenstein2234757.1%
Reggie Jackson to Norman Powell2535862.5%
Keon Johnson to Brandon Boston Jr.13331030.0%
Luke Kennard to Serge Ibaka3633837.5%
Xavier Moon to Brandon Boston Jr.28351145.5%
Xavier Moon to James Ennis III933650.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Robert Covington1033560.0%
Norman Powell to Ivica Zubac733475.0%
Norman Powell to Robert Covington833650.0%
Jay Scrubb to Isaiah Hartenstein2134757.1%
Justise Winslow to Brandon Boston Jr.30341428.6%
Nicolas Batum to Eric Bledsoe1772123732.4%
Nicolas Batum to Serge Ibaka1523837.5%
Eric Bledsoe to Keon Johnson1122540.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Semi Ojeleye1122366.7%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Rodney Hood823475.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Marcus Morris Sr.1323742.9%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Serge Ibaka2722728.6%
Amir Coffey to Xavier Moon3924757.1%
Amir Coffey to Semi Ojeleye922633.3%
Robert Covington to Reggie Jackson1392153246.9%
Paul George to Serge Ibaka1522450.0%
Rodney Hood to Brandon Boston Jr.1323742.9%
Serge Ibaka to Marcus Morris Sr.36241330.8%
Keon Johnson to Amir Coffey1222540.0%
Keon Johnson to Justise Winslow2022366.7%
Luke Kennard to Jay Scrubb823560.0%
Terance Mann to Norman Powell31251338.5%
Xavier Moon to Keon Johnson2023837.5%
Xavier Moon to Isaiah Hartenstein3022366.7%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Norman Powell1624850.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Brandon Boston Jr.1522450.0%
Norman Powell to Luke Kennard1322450.0%
Norman Powell to Nicolas Batum822366.7%
Norman Powell to Serge Ibaka4222100.0%
Jay Scrubb to Brandon Boston Jr.1022540.0%
Justise Winslow to Keon Johnson29241526.7%
Justise Winslow to Jay Scrubb11233100.0%
Justise Winslow to Ivica Zubac822366.7%
Justise Winslow to Nicolas Batum4222100.0%
Ivica Zubac to Brandon Boston Jr.19241040.0%
Nicolas Batum to Norman Powell1613933.3%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Jay Scrubb1711616.7%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Xavier Moon2812540.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Robert Covington1611714.3%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Reggie Jackson83181942.1%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Nicolas Batum811333.3%
Amir Coffey to Rodney Hood17111010.0%
Amir Coffey to James Ennis III1111100.0%
Robert Covington to Amir Coffey6612825.0%
Robert Covington to Semi Ojeleye511333.3%
Robert Covington to Rodney Hood7111100.0%
Robert Covington to Nicolas Batum911333.3%
Wenyen Gabriel to Xavier Moon13111100.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Justise Winslow3111100.0%
Paul George to Brandon Boston Jr.1012825.0%
Paul George to Justise Winslow5111100.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Keon Johnson511250.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Jay Scrubb1611520.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Xavier Moon2113475.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Rodney Hood2313742.9%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Serge Ibaka3111100.0%
Rodney Hood to Xavier Moon1712366.7%
Rodney Hood to Ivica Zubac411250.0%
Rodney Hood to Robert Covington5111100.0%
Serge Ibaka to Nicolas Batum811520.0%
Keon Johnson to Terance Mann411333.3%
Keon Johnson to Wenyen Gabriel3111100.0%
Keon Johnson to Isaiah Hartenstein7122100.0%
Keon Johnson to Luke Kennard4122100.0%
Keon Johnson to James Ennis III4111100.0%
Keon Johnson to Serge Ibaka1011250.0%
Luke Kennard to Keon Johnson411250.0%
Luke Kennard to Norman Powell1313650.0%
Terance Mann to Jay Scrubb1611250.0%
Xavier Moon to Wenyen Gabriel1312540.0%
Xavier Moon to Luke Kennard1112450.0%
Xavier Moon to Robert Covington1211333.3%
Xavier Moon to Serge Ibaka611333.3%
Semi Ojeleye to Amir Coffey1613837.5%
Semi Ojeleye to Isaiah Hartenstein5111100.0%
Norman Powell to Reggie Jackson1411425.0%
Norman Powell to Marcus Morris Sr.1312366.7%
Jay Scrubb to Terance Mann1911333.3%
Jay Scrubb to Amir Coffey1111333.3%
Jay Scrubb to Justise Winslow411250.0%
Justise Winslow to James Ennis III3111100.0%
Justise Winslow to Serge Ibaka811333.3%
Moses Wright to Keon Johnson1111100.0%
Ivica Zubac to Jay Scrubb1111100.0%
Ivica Zubac to Norman Powell1312633.3%
Ivica Zubac to Justise Winslow1211250.0%
Ivica Zubac to Rodney Hood511250.0%
Ivica Zubac to Serge Ibaka1011520.0%
Nicolas Batum to Brandon Boston Jr.1601616.7%
Nicolas Batum to Justise Winslow10000.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Jay Scrubb30020.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Xavier Moon30000.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Wenyen Gabriel10000.0%
Eric Bledsoe to James Ennis III10000.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Moses Wright10000.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Wenyen Gabriel10010.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Paul George1301520.0%
Amir Coffey to Keon Johnson140030.0%
Amir Coffey to Jay Scrubb1401714.3%
Amir Coffey to Wenyen Gabriel10010.0%
Amir Coffey to Norman Powell3011100.0%
Amir Coffey to Paul George36041040.0%
Robert Covington to Brandon Boston Jr.1301333.3%
Robert Covington to Xavier Moon230010.0%
Robert Covington to Ivica Zubac90020.0%
Robert Covington to Norman Powell140040.0%
Robert Covington to Marcus Morris Sr.60010.0%
Robert Covington to Paul George30031030.0%
Robert Covington to Serge Ibaka20000.0%
James Ennis III to Jay Scrubb10000.0%
James Ennis III to Xavier Moon1102366.7%
James Ennis III to Wenyen Gabriel10010.0%
James Ennis III to Reggie Jackson10010.0%
James Ennis III to Eric Bledsoe10000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Keon Johnson6011100.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Brandon Boston Jr.40030.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Jay Scrubb2011100.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Terance Mann40000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Amir Coffey20010.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Reggie Jackson10000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Eric Bledsoe20000.0%
Paul George to Keon Johnson10000.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Ivica Zubac1011100.0%
Rodney Hood to Terance Mann60000.0%
Rodney Hood to Amir Coffey1801520.0%
Rodney Hood to Semi Ojeleye30020.0%
Rodney Hood to Luke Kennard50000.0%
Rodney Hood to Norman Powell10000.0%
Rodney Hood to Reggie Jackson3011100.0%
Serge Ibaka to Keon Johnson601250.0%
Serge Ibaka to Jay Scrubb20020.0%
Serge Ibaka to Xavier Moon70010.0%
Serge Ibaka to Isaiah Hartenstein10000.0%
Serge Ibaka to Norman Powell2011100.0%
Serge Ibaka to Justise Winslow80010.0%
Serge Ibaka to Robert Covington20000.0%
Serge Ibaka to Paul George39041526.7%
Reggie Jackson to Jay Scrubb20000.0%
Reggie Jackson to Xavier Moon50020.0%
Reggie Jackson to James Ennis III10010.0%
Keon Johnson to Jay Scrubb50020.0%
Keon Johnson to Xavier Moon1402450.0%
Keon Johnson to Reggie Jackson20000.0%
Keon Johnson to Marcus Morris Sr.201250.0%
Keon Johnson to Eric Bledsoe100000.0%
Keon Johnson to Paul George10000.0%
Luke Kennard to Xavier Moon60020.0%
Luke Kennard to Semi Ojeleye20000.0%
Luke Kennard to Rodney Hood40000.0%
Terance Mann to Keon Johnson90000.0%
Terance Mann to Xavier Moon2002728.6%
Terance Mann to Wenyen Gabriel10000.0%
Terance Mann to Semi Ojeleye701520.0%
Terance Mann to Rodney Hood3011100.0%
Xavier Moon to Jay Scrubb1101333.3%
Xavier Moon to Norman Powell20010.0%
Xavier Moon to Justise Winslow1702540.0%
Xavier Moon to Rodney Hood801250.0%
Xavier Moon to Reggie Jackson40000.0%
Xavier Moon to Marcus Morris Sr.301250.0%
Xavier Moon to Eric Bledsoe50010.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Keon Johnson30000.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Xavier Moon10000.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Justise Winslow501333.3%
Semi Ojeleye to Terance Mann80040.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Luke Kennard30000.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Ivica Zubac20000.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Rodney Hood10000.0%
Semi Ojeleye to Robert Covington30010.0%
Norman Powell to Terance Mann1201425.0%
Norman Powell to Amir Coffey30000.0%
Norman Powell to Isaiah Hartenstein50020.0%
Norman Powell to Paul George50020.0%
Jay Scrubb to Keon Johnson20010.0%
Jay Scrubb to Xavier Moon14011100.0%
Jay Scrubb to Wenyen Gabriel20000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Luke Kennard40000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Ivica Zubac10000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Eric Bledsoe30000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Serge Ibaka30010.0%
Justise Winslow to Xavier Moon2602540.0%
Justise Winslow to Wenyen Gabriel10010.0%
Justise Winslow to Marcus Morris Sr.40020.0%
Justise Winslow to Paul George100020.0%
Ivica Zubac to Xavier Moon10010.0%
Ivica Zubac to Semi Ojeleye40020.0%