2021 Portland Trail Blazers Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Portland Trail Blazers averaged 277 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Anfernee Simons to Jusuf Nurkic, with 48 assists on 582 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Anfernee Simons to Jusuf Nurkic582486616340.5%
Damian Lillard to Jusuf Nurkic293465210748.6%
CJ McCollum to Jusuf Nurkic320455511547.8%
Damian Lillard to Norman Powell229384510443.3%
Jusuf Nurkic to Norman Powell251344911343.4%
Brandon Williams to Drew Eubanks15630326350.8%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Ben McLemore15629307938.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Anfernee Simons613287616047.5%
Anfernee Simons to Nassir Little13727306149.2%
Damian Lillard to CJ McCollum300264510244.1%
Damian Lillard to Larry Nance Jr.15224255347.2%
Anfernee Simons to Robert Covington20324266937.7%
Anfernee Simons to CJ McCollum363245413739.4%
CJ McCollum to Anfernee Simons21123337742.9%
Kris Dunn to Ben McLemore12022235541.8%
Damian Lillard to Robert Covington19921225937.3%
Jusuf Nurkic to CJ McCollum366214610643.4%
Norman Powell to Jusuf Nurkic17520286046.7%
Robert Covington to Norman Powell14619255843.1%
CJ McCollum to Norman Powell13319277337.0%
Keon Johnson to Drew Eubanks8818182766.7%
Anfernee Simons to Norman Powell13817225738.6%
Anfernee Simons to Ben McLemore16717176426.6%
Damian Lillard to Anfernee Simons16016296743.3%
Jusuf Nurkic to Damian Lillard537165113837.0%
Trendon Watford to Ben McLemore11716165032.0%
CJ Elleby to Drew Eubanks5115152268.2%
Damian Lillard to Nassir Little10715185036.0%
CJ McCollum to Larry Nance Jr.11115163644.4%
Larry Nance Jr. to Anfernee Simons18014285253.8%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Nassir Little9314183060.0%
CJ McCollum to Robert Covington12813135225.0%
CJ McCollum to Damian Lillard22313297638.2%
Larry Nance Jr. to Nassir Little9613134231.0%
Robert Covington to Jusuf Nurkic13312162955.2%
CJ McCollum to Nassir Little7012143638.9%
Larry Nance Jr. to Norman Powell10512174637.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Ben McLemore7812143638.9%
Norman Powell to Robert Covington8012132650.0%
Anfernee Simons to CJ Elleby7212143243.8%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Trendon Watford12912133834.2%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Jusuf Nurkic11812193652.8%
Trendon Watford to CJ Elleby8412133141.9%
Brandon Williams to Ben McLemore10012153839.5%
Josh Hart to Trendon Watford8111143145.2%
Josh Hart to Drew Eubanks4711111957.9%
Keon Johnson to Ben McLemore8011123040.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Damian Lillard22111245841.4%
Brandon Williams to CJ Elleby10411113928.2%
Kris Dunn to Drew Eubanks7110122060.0%
CJ Elleby to Trendon Watford7110132650.0%
Keon Johnson to Reggie Perry4110101566.7%
Jusuf Nurkic to Robert Covington12810113828.9%
Norman Powell to Nassir Little4810102050.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to CJ Elleby6910133141.9%
Greg Brown III to Ben McLemore67991656.3%
Robert Covington to CJ McCollum2349297439.2%
CJ Elleby to Greg Brown III47992733.3%
CJ Elleby to Justise Winslow37991752.9%
Damian Lillard to Cody Zeller35991947.4%
Ben McLemore to Trendon Watford869112544.0%
Ben McLemore to Anfernee Simons1669203458.8%
Anfernee Simons to Justise Winslow64992142.9%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Norman Powell1029214447.7%
Trendon Watford to Greg Brown III369101855.6%
Robert Covington to Ben McLemore53882040.0%
Kris Dunn to CJ Elleby71882334.8%
Josh Hart to Ben McLemore44882040.0%
Nassir Little to Norman Powell548112347.8%
Nassir Little to Robert Covington42891752.9%
Jusuf Nurkic to Dennis Smith Jr.142882040.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Anfernee Simons1018153938.5%
Trendon Watford to Brandon Williams1818154235.7%
Trendon Watford to Josh Hart948162564.0%
Brandon Williams to Keon Johnson1378164040.0%
CJ Elleby to Ben McLemore49772035.0%
Drew Eubanks to Brandon Williams2087134429.5%
Damian Lillard to Ben McLemore23771070.0%
Nassir Little to Anfernee Simons2357236336.5%
Jusuf Nurkic to Nassir Little76792832.1%
Jusuf Nurkic to Justise Winslow47791850.0%
Norman Powell to Anfernee Simons1187184045.0%
Norman Powell to Ben McLemore24781266.7%
Norman Powell to Damian Lillard1507154235.7%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Greg Brown III45772626.9%
Justise Winslow to Jusuf Nurkic41781266.7%
Justise Winslow to Ben McLemore22781080.0%
Robert Covington to Anfernee Simons4846297638.2%
Kris Dunn to Trendon Watford52671353.8%
Kris Dunn to Keon Johnson72692634.6%
Kris Dunn to Reggie Perry25671353.8%
CJ Elleby to Brandon Williams1496123831.6%
Drew Eubanks to CJ Elleby66672429.2%
Drew Eubanks to Ben McLemore47661540.0%
Josh Hart to Anfernee Simons606102245.5%
Damian Lillard to Tony Snell27661250.0%
Nassir Little to Ben McLemore31661540.0%
CJ McCollum to Tony Snell34671643.8%
Larry Nance Jr. to CJ McCollum1266134131.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Ben McLemore30661735.3%
Reggie Perry to Ben McLemore30661637.5%
Norman Powell to CJ McCollum796132846.4%
Anfernee Simons to Josh Hart67681747.1%
Anfernee Simons to Larry Nance Jr.116671838.9%
Anfernee Simons to Cody Zeller48671258.3%
Anfernee Simons to Damian Lillard1906337643.4%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Larry Nance Jr.76671838.9%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Robert Covington62662326.1%
Trendon Watford to Anfernee Simons137693426.5%
Trendon Watford to CJ McCollum406131968.4%
Brandon Williams to Trendon Watford1516103826.3%
Brandon Williams to Greg Brown III51661540.0%
Keljin Blevins to Trendon Watford29591560.0%
Greg Brown III to Drew Eubanks18551145.5%
Drew Eubanks to Keon Johnson885112839.3%
Josh Hart to Brandon Williams1015133438.2%
Keon Johnson to CJ Elleby49561833.3%
Nassir Little to Larry Nance Jr.70551435.7%
CJ McCollum to Cody Zeller44561442.9%
Ben McLemore to Greg Brown III32551241.7%
Ben McLemore to CJ Elleby27571163.6%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Keljin Blevins26551338.5%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Tony Snell40551145.5%
Brandon Williams to Josh Hart1155153938.5%
Justise Winslow to Josh Hart38561060.0%
Keljin Blevins to Keon Johnson41451050.0%
Greg Brown III to Elijah Hughes1544580.0%
Greg Brown III to Keljin Blevins1744850.0%
Robert Covington to Larry Nance Jr.4245862.5%
Robert Covington to Damian Lillard3694237729.9%
Kris Dunn to Brandon Williams59472133.3%
Kris Dunn to Keljin Blevins43441625.0%
Kris Dunn to Didi Louzada22441040.0%
CJ Elleby to Keon Johnson87483026.7%
CJ Elleby to Anfernee Simons1344102441.7%
CJ Elleby to Josh Hart44471936.8%
Josh Hart to CJ Elleby37441428.6%
Elijah Hughes to Trendon Watford2644944.4%
Elijah Hughes to Keljin Blevins1544666.7%
Keon Johnson to Trendon Watford37451241.7%
Nassir Little to CJ McCollum1174113432.4%
CJ McCollum to Dennis Smith Jr.57461442.9%
Ben McLemore to Norman Powell22451241.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Robert Covington43441723.5%
Jusuf Nurkic to Josh Hart26471163.6%
Norman Powell to Cody Zeller1344580.0%
Anfernee Simons to Drew Eubanks3044666.7%
Anfernee Simons to Tony Snell37441136.4%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Cody Zeller44451729.4%
Tony Snell to Anfernee Simons984113036.7%
Tony Snell to Jusuf Nurkic27451050.0%
Trendon Watford to Elijah Hughes26441233.3%
Cody Zeller to Nassir Little27451050.0%
Cody Zeller to Anfernee Simons61481747.1%
Keljin Blevins to Brandon Williams4136966.7%
Greg Brown III to Trendon Watford2234850.0%
Greg Brown III to Brandon Williams88372133.3%
Kris Dunn to Greg Brown III4233650.0%
Kris Dunn to Josh Hart37381457.1%
CJ Elleby to Nassir Little2434757.1%
CJ Elleby to CJ McCollum1433933.3%
Drew Eubanks to Keljin Blevins25341233.3%
Josh Hart to Justise Winslow25341330.8%
Josh Hart to Jusuf Nurkic2934757.1%
Keon Johnson to Greg Brown III45341723.5%
Keon Johnson to Anfernee Simons2635955.6%
Nassir Little to Dennis Smith Jr.91381553.3%
Nassir Little to Tony Snell1833933.3%
Nassir Little to Damian Lillard1733164734.0%
Ben McLemore to Robert Covington3133742.9%
Ben McLemore to CJ McCollum31361346.2%
Jusuf Nurkic to Greg Brown III733650.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to CJ Elleby39341723.5%
Jusuf Nurkic to Larry Nance Jr.2933560.0%
Norman Powell to Larry Nance Jr.48331127.3%
Anfernee Simons to Trendon Watford69351050.0%
Anfernee Simons to Greg Brown III2033837.5%
Anfernee Simons to Dennis Smith Jr.5634757.1%
Dennis Smith Jr. to CJ McCollum1173134032.5%
Trendon Watford to Drew Eubanks2135862.5%
Brandon Williams to Elijah Hughes42381844.4%
Brandon Williams to Reggie Perry2235862.5%
Brandon Williams to Justise Winslow24351050.0%
Justise Winslow to Brandon Williams32341136.4%
Justise Winslow to Anfernee Simons1153122646.2%
Cody Zeller to Larry Nance Jr.2333560.0%
Cody Zeller to Robert Covington1433650.0%
Keljin Blevins to Greg Brown III722366.7%
Greg Brown III to CJ Elleby46231323.1%
Robert Covington to Nassir Little59221414.3%
Robert Covington to Cody Zeller822366.7%
Kris Dunn to Justise Winslow1122825.0%
CJ Elleby to Reggie Perry2022922.2%
CJ Elleby to Dennis Smith Jr.71251241.7%
CJ Elleby to Jusuf Nurkic3222633.3%
Drew Eubanks to Greg Brown III1923742.9%
Drew Eubanks to Josh Hart58271838.9%
Josh Hart to Greg Brown III1722728.6%
Josh Hart to Kris Dunn2324580.0%
Elijah Hughes to Keon Johnson45241625.0%
Elijah Hughes to Drew Eubanks2322450.0%
Keon Johnson to Elijah Hughes38241233.3%
Keon Johnson to Keljin Blevins20241040.0%
Keon Johnson to Josh Hart1223650.0%
Keon Johnson to Kris Dunn58241330.8%
Nassir Little to CJ Elleby1322540.0%
Nassir Little to Jusuf Nurkic62231127.3%
CJ McCollum to Trendon Watford2023475.0%
CJ McCollum to Ben McLemore22231225.0%
Ben McLemore to Keon Johnson66251338.5%
Ben McLemore to Brandon Williams882102540.0%
Ben McLemore to Didi Louzada822450.0%
Ben McLemore to Nassir Little2122728.6%
Ben McLemore to Drew Eubanks4323560.0%
Ben McLemore to Josh Hart30241040.0%
Ben McLemore to Jusuf Nurkic65251533.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to Dennis Smith Jr.68261346.2%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jusuf Nurkic2924944.4%
Jusuf Nurkic to Trendon Watford723475.0%
Reggie Perry to Keon Johnson40241330.8%
Norman Powell to Trendon Watford1022450.0%
Anfernee Simons to Keon Johnson1023475.0%
Tony Snell to Nassir Little1923650.0%
Tony Snell to CJ Elleby1724757.1%
Tony Snell to Larry Nance Jr.1423560.0%
Tony Snell to Cody Zeller622366.7%
Trendon Watford to Norman Powell1922825.0%
Trendon Watford to Justise Winslow1622366.7%
Brandon Williams to Didi Louzada1822366.7%
Justise Winslow to Trendon Watford1923475.0%
Justise Winslow to Drew Eubanks7222100.0%
Cody Zeller to Tony Snell722540.0%
Cody Zeller to CJ McCollum592102245.5%
Cody Zeller to Damian Lillard85241822.2%
Keljin Blevins to Elijah Hughes1511714.3%
Keljin Blevins to CJ Elleby1412540.0%
Keljin Blevins to Drew Eubanks1211250.0%
Keljin Blevins to Anfernee Simons912366.7%
Keljin Blevins to Dennis Smith Jr.2211616.7%
Greg Brown III to Didi Louzada1111100.0%
Greg Brown III to Nassir Little5122100.0%
Greg Brown III to Reggie Perry5111100.0%
Greg Brown III to Kris Dunn4814757.1%
Greg Brown III to Cody Zeller3111100.0%
Robert Covington to Trendon Watford1011250.0%
Robert Covington to Tony Snell911333.3%
Jarron Cumberland to Brandon Williams311250.0%
Kris Dunn to Elijah Hughes27131030.0%
CJ Elleby to Cameron McGriff411333.3%
CJ Elleby to Elijah Hughes2012825.0%
CJ Elleby to Keljin Blevins1911333.3%
CJ Elleby to Jarron Cumberland2111100.0%
CJ Elleby to Kris Dunn62151338.5%
CJ Elleby to Norman Powell1313742.9%
CJ Elleby to Tony Snell1111425.0%
Drew Eubanks to Trendon Watford2612540.0%
Drew Eubanks to Didi Louzada911250.0%
Drew Eubanks to Anfernee Simons4211714.3%
Drew Eubanks to Justise Winslow2011812.5%
Josh Hart to Keon Johnson12122100.0%
Elijah Hughes to Greg Brown III14121020.0%
Elijah Hughes to Brandon Williams5914850.0%
Elijah Hughes to Josh Hart3011425.0%
Elijah Hughes to Jusuf Nurkic7111100.0%
Keon Johnson to Brandon Williams108142615.4%
Damian Lillard to Trendon Watford3111100.0%
Damian Lillard to Greg Brown III3111100.0%
Damian Lillard to Reggie Perry11111100.0%
Damian Lillard to CJ Elleby312366.7%
Nassir Little to Trendon Watford1111250.0%
Nassir Little to Greg Brown III2111100.0%
Nassir Little to Cody Zeller1211333.3%
Didi Louzada to Keon Johnson1711333.3%
Didi Louzada to Brandon Williams2011425.0%
Didi Louzada to Drew Eubanks612366.7%
Didi Louzada to Ben McLemore711250.0%
CJ McCollum to CJ Elleby1211425.0%
Cameron McGriff to Reggie Perry311250.0%
Cameron McGriff to Larry Nance Jr.311250.0%
Cameron McGriff to Damian Lillard4111100.0%
Ben McLemore to Elijah Hughes1411425.0%
Ben McLemore to Keljin Blevins1911714.3%
Ben McLemore to Reggie Perry31131030.0%
Ben McLemore to Dennis Smith Jr.136161442.9%
Ben McLemore to Justise Winslow811250.0%
Ben McLemore to Cody Zeller5111100.0%
Ben McLemore to Damian Lillard2111333.3%
Larry Nance Jr. to CJ Elleby811250.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Tony Snell3211812.5%
Larry Nance Jr. to Cody Zeller1311250.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Tony Snell2011616.7%
Reggie Perry to Greg Brown III611250.0%
Reggie Perry to Keljin Blevins411333.3%
Reggie Perry to Larry Nance Jr.1111100.0%
Reggie Perry to Norman Powell813560.0%
Norman Powell to CJ Elleby1011425.0%
Norman Powell to Dennis Smith Jr.5111425.0%
Norman Powell to Tony Snell611250.0%
Anfernee Simons to Elijah Hughes811616.7%
Anfernee Simons to Reggie Perry511250.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Reggie Perry411250.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Damian Lillard2311714.3%
Tony Snell to Dennis Smith Jr.80141040.0%
Tony Snell to Robert Covington1011250.0%
Tony Snell to Ben McLemore911333.3%
Tony Snell to Damian Lillard49141330.8%
Trendon Watford to Kris Dunn60141040.0%
Trendon Watford to Tony Snell1011425.0%
Trendon Watford to Robert Covington17122100.0%
Trendon Watford to Cody Zeller1111100.0%
Brandon Williams to Cameron McGriff3111100.0%
Brandon Williams to Keljin Blevins28121020.0%
Brandon Williams to Anfernee Simons1111425.0%
Brandon Williams to Larry Nance Jr.4111100.0%
Justise Winslow to Greg Brown III2111100.0%
Justise Winslow to Elijah Hughes311333.3%
Justise Winslow to CJ Elleby2111520.0%
Cody Zeller to CJ Elleby411250.0%
Cody Zeller to Dennis Smith Jr.73121020.0%
Keljin Blevins to Didi Louzada901250.0%
Keljin Blevins to Reggie Perry60020.0%
Keljin Blevins to Josh Hart401250.0%
Keljin Blevins to Kris Dunn5101333.3%
Keljin Blevins to Justise Winslow10010.0%
Keljin Blevins to Tony Snell10000.0%
Keljin Blevins to Robert Covington20000.0%
Keljin Blevins to Ben McLemore1702540.0%
Greg Brown III to Cameron McGriff10000.0%
Greg Brown III to Keon Johnson67021414.3%
Greg Brown III to Jarron Cumberland10000.0%
Greg Brown III to Anfernee Simons2401911.1%
Greg Brown III to Josh Hart2701812.5%
Greg Brown III to Dennis Smith Jr.4101333.3%
Greg Brown III to Norman Powell201250.0%
Greg Brown III to Justise Winslow40010.0%
Greg Brown III to Jusuf Nurkic20000.0%
Greg Brown III to CJ McCollum40000.0%
Greg Brown III to Damian Lillard3011100.0%
Robert Covington to Keljin Blevins10000.0%
Robert Covington to CJ Elleby130000.0%
Robert Covington to Dennis Smith Jr.151061346.2%
Jarron Cumberland to Cameron McGriff20010.0%
Jarron Cumberland to Greg Brown III10000.0%
Jarron Cumberland to Reggie Perry10010.0%
Jarron Cumberland to CJ Elleby20000.0%
CJ Elleby to Didi Louzada30020.0%
CJ Elleby to Larry Nance Jr.6011100.0%
CJ Elleby to Robert Covington80000.0%
CJ Elleby to Cody Zeller60000.0%
CJ Elleby to Damian Lillard20000.0%
Drew Eubanks to Elijah Hughes2801911.1%
Drew Eubanks to Kris Dunn10603837.5%
Josh Hart to Elijah Hughes100020.0%
Josh Hart to Keljin Blevins30010.0%
Elijah Hughes to Didi Louzada30020.0%
Elijah Hughes to Reggie Perry4022100.0%
Elijah Hughes to CJ Elleby240070.0%
Elijah Hughes to Anfernee Simons13022100.0%
Elijah Hughes to Kris Dunn3001333.3%
Elijah Hughes to Ben McLemore190050.0%
Keon Johnson to Didi Louzada60000.0%
Damian Lillard to Cameron McGriff30020.0%
Damian Lillard to Dennis Smith Jr.1301520.0%
Nassir Little to Cameron McGriff20010.0%
Nassir Little to Keljin Blevins10000.0%
Didi Louzada to Greg Brown III30000.0%
Didi Louzada to Elijah Hughes30020.0%
Didi Louzada to Keljin Blevins80040.0%
Didi Louzada to Reggie Perry50030.0%
Didi Louzada to CJ Elleby80010.0%
Didi Louzada to Kris Dunn2601425.0%
CJ McCollum to Greg Brown III10000.0%
CJ McCollum to Justise Winslow10000.0%
Cameron McGriff to Greg Brown III20000.0%
Cameron McGriff to Brandon Williams60010.0%
Cameron McGriff to Nassir Little1011100.0%
Cameron McGriff to CJ Elleby80000.0%
Cameron McGriff to Anfernee Simons40010.0%
Cameron McGriff to Dennis Smith Jr.40010.0%
Cameron McGriff to Norman Powell30010.0%
Ben McLemore to Cameron McGriff10010.0%
Ben McLemore to Kris Dunn102051729.4%
Ben McLemore to Larry Nance Jr.1601250.0%
Ben McLemore to Tony Snell30000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Trendon Watford10000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Brandon Williams10000.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Elijah Hughes80020.0%
Reggie Perry to Cameron McGriff301250.0%
Reggie Perry to Brandon Williams2301714.3%
Reggie Perry to Elijah Hughes30020.0%
Reggie Perry to Didi Louzada50020.0%
Reggie Perry to CJ Elleby100020.0%
Reggie Perry to Jarron Cumberland10010.0%
Reggie Perry to Anfernee Simons60010.0%
Reggie Perry to Dennis Smith Jr.80010.0%
Reggie Perry to Kris Dunn310030.0%
Reggie Perry to Damian Lillard1802540.0%
Norman Powell to Cameron McGriff10000.0%
Norman Powell to Greg Brown III10000.0%
Norman Powell to Brandon Williams20000.0%
Anfernee Simons to Cameron McGriff20010.0%
Anfernee Simons to Brandon Williams1402633.3%
Anfernee Simons to Keljin Blevins60010.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Cameron McGriff10000.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Justise Winslow80030.0%
Tony Snell to Trendon Watford50020.0%
Tony Snell to Greg Brown III30010.0%
Tony Snell to Keljin Blevins20010.0%
Tony Snell to Reggie Perry10000.0%
Tony Snell to Norman Powell250070.0%
Tony Snell to CJ McCollum680132356.5%
Trendon Watford to Keon Johnson6601156.7%
Trendon Watford to Keljin Blevins230040.0%
Trendon Watford to Nassir Little180060.0%
Trendon Watford to Dennis Smith Jr.2140103033.3%
Trendon Watford to Jusuf Nurkic50020.0%
Trendon Watford to Damian Lillard902633.3%
Brandon Williams to Jarron Cumberland10000.0%
Brandon Williams to Kris Dunn4103650.0%
Brandon Williams to Norman Powell20010.0%
Justise Winslow to Keljin Blevins20000.0%
Justise Winslow to Dennis Smith Jr.80010.0%
Justise Winslow to Kris Dunn1201250.0%
Justise Winslow to Tony Snell20010.0%
Justise Winslow to CJ McCollum50010.0%
Cody Zeller to Trendon Watford10000.0%
Cody Zeller to Greg Brown III30000.0%
Cody Zeller to Norman Powell1701714.3%
Cody Zeller to Ben McLemore80040.0%