2016 Minnesota Timberwolves Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Minnesota Timberwolves averaged 285 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Ricky Rubio to Karl-Anthony Towns, with 240 assists on 1340 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Ricky Rubio to Karl-Anthony Towns134024029760649.0%
Ricky Rubio to Andrew Wiggins152416830977140.1%
Ricky Rubio to Gorgui Dieng71210311025343.5%
Andrew Wiggins to Karl-Anthony Towns5736210219951.3%
Ricky Rubio to Zach LaVine600537817045.9%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Andrew Wiggins437519222141.6%
Tyus Jones to Karl-Anthony Towns231506112548.8%
Zach LaVine to Karl-Anthony Towns461447016342.9%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Gorgui Dieng339445310451.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Andrew Wiggins363397317142.7%
Kris Dunn to Karl-Anthony Towns286395812945.0%
Tyus Jones to Shabazz Muhammad183394610942.2%
Zach LaVine to Gorgui Dieng33339459149.5%
Ricky Rubio to Shabazz Muhammad16639428748.3%
Kris Dunn to Andrew Wiggins402356918637.1%
Ricky Rubio to Brandon Rush32135368243.9%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Zach LaVine402355914141.8%
Andrew Wiggins to Gorgui Dieng26235428947.2%
Gorgui Dieng to Ricky Rubio1636327217640.9%
Gorgui Dieng to Zach LaVine342314912539.2%
Gorgui Dieng to Karl-Anthony Towns15730366952.2%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Ricky Rubio1676306217435.6%
Kris Dunn to Zach LaVine366284810247.1%
Nemanja Bjelica to Shabazz Muhammad13225297936.7%
Kris Dunn to Shabazz Muhammad19925389838.8%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Shabazz Muhammad11523297041.4%
Ricky Rubio to Nemanja Bjelica15021245642.9%
Andrew Wiggins to Zach LaVine12021275152.9%
Andrew Wiggins to Ricky Rubio590213914227.5%
Kris Dunn to Nemanja Bjelica29517267534.7%
Zach LaVine to Shabazz Muhammad5316193554.3%
Kris Dunn to Gorgui Dieng16715194146.3%
Brandon Rush to Karl-Anthony Towns12515234946.9%
Andrew Wiggins to Shabazz Muhammad6715164238.1%
Nemanja Bjelica to Karl-Anthony Towns8313183650.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Nemanja Bjelica13413164634.8%
Tyus Jones to Nemanja Bjelica14212164040.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Nemanja Bjelica6612122548.0%
Tyus Jones to Andrew Wiggins13411226533.8%
Zach LaVine to Andrew Wiggins14111277138.0%
Cole Aldrich to Zach LaVine9510173745.9%
Gorgui Dieng to Shabazz Muhammad5610122548.0%
Tyus Jones to Kris Dunn17310143342.4%
Shabazz Muhammad to Karl-Anthony Towns9410173647.2%
Brandon Rush to Gorgui Dieng9210122352.2%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Kris Dunn36310174339.5%
Zach LaVine to Nemanja Bjelica1499153542.9%
Kris Dunn to Tyus Jones1988123138.7%
Nemanja Bjelica to Zach LaVine1467144233.3%
Ricky Rubio to Tyus Jones537112055.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Gorgui Dieng53671258.3%
Nemanja Bjelica to Ricky Rubio3826143836.8%
Kris Dunn to Cole Aldrich70661442.9%
Zach LaVine to Ricky Rubio3386103330.3%
Brandon Rush to Ricky Rubio2176164040.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Brandon Rush63662623.1%
Cole Aldrich to Shabazz Muhammad36582040.0%
Cole Aldrich to Nemanja Bjelica51581650.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Cole Aldrich39551050.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Brandon Rush34551631.3%
Tyus Jones to Adreian Payne2456875.0%
Tyus Jones to Gorgui Dieng72561931.6%
Zach LaVine to Kris Dunn176562623.1%
Zach LaVine to Cole Aldrich65571643.8%
Shabazz Muhammad to Nemanja Bjelica73582236.4%
Ricky Rubio to Cole Aldrich23561154.5%
Brandon Rush to Andrew Wiggins685114425.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Tyus Jones239582532.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Omri Casspi1355683.3%
Andrew Wiggins to Kris Dunn145572429.2%
Andrew Wiggins to Tyus Jones68571450.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Kris Dunn4964175530.9%
Nemanja Bjelica to Andrew Wiggins1134225242.3%
Gorgui Dieng to Tyus Jones117461540.0%
Kris Dunn to Omri Casspi4044850.0%
Kris Dunn to Brandon Rush55441136.4%
Tyus Jones to Zach LaVine69482138.1%
Tyus Jones to Cole Aldrich37441040.0%
Tyus Jones to Brandon Rush4344850.0%
Adreian Payne to Shabazz Muhammad1245955.6%
Ricky Rubio to Kris Dunn38461060.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Brandon Rush64442218.2%
Andrew Wiggins to Cole Aldrich2744757.1%
Cole Aldrich to Andrew Wiggins31361442.9%
Omri Casspi to Shabazz Muhammad23351241.7%
Gorgui Dieng to Nemanja Bjelica3134850.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Brandon Rush69341625.0%
Tyus Jones to Ricky Rubio71341233.3%
Zach LaVine to Tyus Jones4633742.9%
Shabazz Muhammad to Tyus Jones80361735.3%
Shabazz Muhammad to Gorgui Dieng3133650.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Ricky Rubio111361250.0%
Brandon Rush to Shabazz Muhammad1634850.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Adreian Payne2235771.4%
Cole Aldrich to Karl-Anthony Towns1722450.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Tyus Jones220262227.3%
Omri Casspi to Karl-Anthony Towns1722540.0%
Kris Dunn to Adreian Payne39241625.0%
Tyus Jones to Omri Casspi4223742.9%
Shabazz Muhammad to Zach LaVine46251729.4%
Shabazz Muhammad to Cole Aldrich22222100.0%
Adreian Payne to Nemanja Bjelica422450.0%
Ricky Rubio to Adreian Payne1622450.0%
Ricky Rubio to Omri Casspi1422728.6%
Brandon Rush to Nemanja Bjelica3522540.0%
Lance Stephenson to Karl-Anthony Towns822450.0%
Cole Aldrich to Brandon Rush1011333.3%
Nemanja Bjelica to Adreian Payne311250.0%
Omri Casspi to Kris Dunn82111010.0%
Omri Casspi to Tyus Jones6914757.1%
Omri Casspi to Andrew Wiggins2213837.5%
Omri Casspi to Ricky Rubio72151435.7%
Gorgui Dieng to Kris Dunn3111123040.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Lance Stephenson211250.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Omri Casspi9111100.0%
Kris Dunn to Ricky Rubio4612825.0%
Tyus Jones to Lance Stephenson1713742.9%
Zach LaVine to Adreian Payne1311250.0%
Zach LaVine to Jordan Hill411250.0%
Zach LaVine to Brandon Rush1111100.0%
John Lucas III to Shabazz Muhammad411250.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Kris Dunn111192437.5%
Shabazz Muhammad to Andrew Wiggins48182433.3%
Shabazz Muhammad to Adreian Payne1212633.3%
Shabazz Muhammad to Lance Stephenson4111100.0%
Adreian Payne to Zach LaVine811333.3%
Adreian Payne to Omri Casspi1111100.0%
Ricky Rubio to Lance Stephenson7111100.0%
Brandon Rush to Tyus Jones3012728.6%
Lance Stephenson to Kris Dunn1111333.3%
Lance Stephenson to Nemanja Bjelica1712633.3%
Lance Stephenson to Cole Aldrich311250.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Adreian Payne511333.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Cole Aldrich1411333.3%
Andrew Wiggins to Omri Casspi2512540.0%
Cole Aldrich to Kris Dunn197051926.3%
Cole Aldrich to Tyus Jones7701911.1%
Cole Aldrich to Adreian Payne30020.0%
Cole Aldrich to Gorgui Dieng30000.0%
Cole Aldrich to Lance Stephenson40000.0%
Cole Aldrich to Ricky Rubio7201520.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Lance Stephenson1202366.7%
Nemanja Bjelica to Nemanja Bjelica10000.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Jordan Hill20010.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to John Lucas III10000.0%
Omri Casspi to Adreian Payne10000.0%
Omri Casspi to Gorgui Dieng100010.0%
Omri Casspi to Brandon Rush40000.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Adreian Payne40030.0%
Kris Dunn to Kris Dunn10000.0%
Kris Dunn to Lance Stephenson2502633.3%
Kris Dunn to Jordan Hill70000.0%
Jordan Hill to Kris Dunn60000.0%
Jordan Hill to Karl-Anthony Towns10000.0%
Jordan Hill to Tyus Jones130010.0%
Jordan Hill to Adreian Payne20010.0%
Jordan Hill to Zach LaVine20000.0%
Jordan Hill to Shabazz Muhammad20010.0%
Jordan Hill to Cole Aldrich10000.0%
Jordan Hill to Ricky Rubio5011100.0%
Jordan Hill to Brandon Rush20000.0%
Jordan Hill to John Lucas III401333.3%
Tyus Jones to Jordan Hill30010.0%
Tyus Jones to John Lucas III10000.0%
Zach LaVine to Emmanuel Mudiay10000.0%
John Lucas III to Tyus Jones30000.0%
John Lucas III to Adreian Payne3011100.0%
John Lucas III to Brandon Rush30020.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Omri Casspi220020.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Jordan Hill603475.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Brandon Rush180010.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to John Lucas III30000.0%
Adreian Payne to Kris Dunn77041040.0%
Adreian Payne to Karl-Anthony Towns10000.0%
Adreian Payne to Tyus Jones4102450.0%
Adreian Payne to Andrew Wiggins1802728.6%
Adreian Payne to Gorgui Dieng40000.0%
Adreian Payne to Cole Aldrich80020.0%
Adreian Payne to Jordan Hill10000.0%
Adreian Payne to Ricky Rubio300020.0%
Adreian Payne to Brandon Rush20000.0%
Adreian Payne to John Lucas III60010.0%
Ricky Rubio to Ricky Rubio10000.0%
Brandon Rush to Kris Dunn46051050.0%
Brandon Rush to Adreian Payne50020.0%
Brandon Rush to Zach LaVine4011100.0%
Brandon Rush to Cole Aldrich160010.0%
Brandon Rush to Omri Casspi50010.0%
Lance Stephenson to Tyus Jones120020.0%
Lance Stephenson to Andrew Wiggins10000.0%
Lance Stephenson to Shabazz Muhammad601425.0%
Lance Stephenson to Gorgui Dieng20010.0%
Lance Stephenson to Ricky Rubio80030.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Karl-Anthony Towns10000.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Lance Stephenson60010.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jordan Hill30020.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Lance Stephenson10000.0%