2022 Minnesota Timberwolves Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Minnesota Timberwolves averaged 300 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kyle Anderson to Anthony Edwards, with 61 assists on 628 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kyle Anderson to Anthony Edwards6286111426443.2%
Kyle Anderson to Rudy Gobert228586210360.2%
D'Angelo Russell to Anthony Edwards8285711925945.9%
Anthony Edwards to Jaden McDaniels335565814240.8%
Kyle Anderson to Jaden McDaniels279506513050.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Jaden McDaniels483505512245.1%
D'Angelo Russell to Rudy Gobert32650509552.6%
Anthony Edwards to D'Angelo Russell946498621340.4%
Anthony Edwards to Naz Reid219414410342.7%
D'Angelo Russell to Naz Reid24738468554.1%
D'Angelo Russell to Karl-Anthony Towns392385512544.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Rudy Gobert17437376656.1%
Anthony Edwards to Kyle Anderson41933479151.6%
Jaylen Nowell to Naz Reid16232345858.6%
Kyle Anderson to Naz Reid18331398148.1%
Anthony Edwards to Karl-Anthony Towns24429388942.7%
Jordan McLaughlin to Naz Reid19729367150.7%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Rudy Gobert10229295255.8%
Kyle Anderson to D'Angelo Russell39727419443.6%
Anthony Edwards to Rudy Gobert16727325261.5%
D'Angelo Russell to Taurean Prince14727285550.9%
Anthony Edwards to Jaylen Nowell26625429643.8%
Kyle Anderson to Taurean Prince13524265349.1%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jaden McDaniels9124273675.0%
Mike Conley to Anthony Edwards299233711432.5%
Kyle Anderson to Karl-Anthony Towns9722264854.2%
D'Angelo Russell to Kyle Anderson41822357646.1%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Anthony Edwards251224910845.4%
Jaden McDaniels to D'Angelo Russell53121418349.4%
Jordan McLaughlin to Anthony Edwards20921368940.4%
Kyle Anderson to Jaylen Nowell17720317541.3%
Mike Conley to Jaden McDaniels17819215042.0%
Mike Conley to Rudy Gobert17719204544.4%
Anthony Edwards to Taurean Prince13219194146.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to D'Angelo Russell27219245940.7%
Anthony Edwards to Austin Rivers17918215042.0%
Rudy Gobert to Anthony Edwards437185514139.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Anthony Edwards376184711540.9%
D'Angelo Russell to Jaylen Nowell25717248927.0%
Rudy Gobert to Mike Conley35416226136.1%
Jordan McLaughlin to Taurean Prince14415214942.9%
Rudy Gobert to Jaden McDaniels12814214843.8%
Jaden McDaniels to Naz Reid9014183551.4%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jaylen Nowell14414235343.4%
Naz Reid to Jaden McDaniels9414173647.2%
Naz Reid to Jaylen Nowell20414236435.9%
Jaden McDaniels to Kyle Anderson23513185135.3%
Jordan McLaughlin to Karl-Anthony Towns12113153839.5%
Jaylen Nowell to Jaden McDaniels9513132944.8%
Jaylen Nowell to Rudy Gobert8313142166.7%
Taurean Prince to Anthony Edwards16713336451.6%
Mike Conley to Taurean Prince7612132748.1%
Mike Conley to Kyle Anderson34412215736.8%
Jaden McDaniels to Jaylen Nowell10912203360.6%
Jaylen Nowell to Anthony Edwards20912307241.7%
Taurean Prince to Naz Reid7112132650.0%
Naz Reid to Kyle Anderson13912202969.0%
Austin Rivers to Jaylen Nowell10012193554.3%
Mike Conley to Naz Reid6711123138.7%
Mike Conley to Karl-Anthony Towns8511163348.5%
Austin Rivers to Naz Reid8011142948.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Kyle Anderson8711132259.1%
Anthony Edwards to Mike Conley25210194641.3%
Rudy Gobert to Kyle Anderson19510154136.6%
Jordan McLaughlin to Jaden McDaniels6510111957.9%
Jordan McLaughlin to Kyle Anderson15110141973.7%
Jaylen Nowell to Taurean Prince10610113036.7%
Taurean Prince to Jaden McDaniels5410122744.4%
Naz Reid to Anthony Edwards365104010040.0%
Kyle Anderson to Mike Conley2819185135.3%
Anthony Edwards to Jordan McLaughlin143992240.9%
Jaylen Nowell to Jordan McLaughlin809101566.7%
Taurean Prince to Jaylen Nowell839133141.9%
Austin Rivers to Anthony Edwards1859256737.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Taurean Prince449101952.6%
Anthony Edwards to Nickeil Alexander-Walker42891560.0%
Rudy Gobert to D'Angelo Russell62984610743.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Taurean Prince888103330.3%
Jaden McDaniels to Karl-Anthony Towns69882334.8%
Jaden McDaniels to Mike Conley2268193357.6%
Jaylen Nowell to Karl-Anthony Towns528112152.4%
D'Angelo Russell to Bryn Forbes52882334.8%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jaylen Nowell598102638.5%
Kyle Anderson to Nickeil Alexander-Walker697113135.5%
Kyle Anderson to Jordan McLaughlin1687102147.6%
Anthony Edwards to Luka Garza32771353.8%
Jordan McLaughlin to Rudy Gobert4777977.8%
Jaylen Nowell to Austin Rivers91792339.1%
Taurean Prince to Rudy Gobert67781844.4%
Naz Reid to D'Angelo Russell2787164337.2%
Austin Rivers to D'Angelo Russell1677234156.1%
D'Angelo Russell to Austin Rivers1607133240.6%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Rudy Gobert26671070.0%
Anthony Edwards to Nathan Knight43671643.8%
Rudy Gobert to Jaylen Nowell1026123138.7%
Jaden McDaniels to Austin Rivers60691656.3%
Jaylen Nowell to D'Angelo Russell2166143737.8%
Jaylen Nowell to Kyle Anderson1356112250.0%
Austin Rivers to Taurean Prince35681553.3%
Austin Rivers to Rudy Gobert71661442.9%
D'Angelo Russell to Matt Ryan29661154.5%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Mike Conley6256966.7%
Rudy Gobert to Taurean Prince57561540.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Nickeil Alexander-Walker69562227.3%
Jaylen Nowell to Matt Ryan2455862.5%
Jaylen Nowell to Bryn Forbes2555955.6%
Taurean Prince to Luka Garza25551145.5%
Taurean Prince to D'Angelo Russell128571936.8%
Naz Reid to Taurean Prince80592045.0%
Austin Rivers to Jaden McDaniels48561735.3%
Austin Rivers to Kyle Anderson97572528.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Luka Garza30561250.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Nathan Knight37561250.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Kyle Anderson68461346.2%
Kyle Anderson to Luka Garza1545955.6%
Kyle Anderson to Austin Rivers109452321.7%
Anthony Edwards to Matt Ryan2144944.4%
Jordan McLaughlin to D'Angelo Russell35471450.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Josh Minott1644757.1%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Matt Ryan14444100.0%
Taurean Prince to Kyle Anderson73461833.3%
Austin Rivers to Karl-Anthony Towns30451241.7%
Matt Ryan to Luka Garza18451533.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Naz Reid22451145.5%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jordan McLaughlin76471258.3%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Naz Reid46331225.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jordan McLaughlin6935862.5%
Mike Conley to Austin Rivers1333475.0%
Bryn Forbes to Jaylen Nowell2235955.6%
Bryn Forbes to Rudy Gobert933475.0%
Luka Garza to Matt Ryan1233560.0%
Luka Garza to Anthony Edwards51361540.0%
Luka Garza to Bryn Forbes10333100.0%
Luka Garza to Austin Rivers2234580.0%
Nathan Knight to Anthony Edwards623122646.2%
Jordan McLaughlin to Luka Garza1733650.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Nathan Knight2636966.7%
Jaylen Nowell to Luka Garza33361637.5%
Taurean Prince to Karl-Anthony Towns43341428.6%
Taurean Prince to Mike Conley54351435.7%
Naz Reid to Jordan McLaughlin254352025.0%
Naz Reid to Austin Rivers109382334.8%
Naz Reid to Mike Conley80333100.0%
Austin Rivers to Luka Garza1433560.0%
Austin Rivers to Nathan Knight2133742.9%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jaden McDaniels1824850.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Anthony Edwards46241723.5%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Taurean Prince27231421.4%
Kyle Anderson to Josh Minott422366.7%
Kyle Anderson to Nathan Knight1222366.7%
Mike Conley to Jaylen Nowell1823742.9%
Mike Conley to Nickeil Alexander-Walker53221612.5%
Mike Conley to Jordan McLaughlin822366.7%
Anthony Edwards to Wendell Moore Jr.1322366.7%
Anthony Edwards to Bryn Forbes36221118.2%
Bryn Forbes to Jaden McDaniels1022450.0%
Bryn Forbes to Anthony Edwards25241040.0%
Bryn Forbes to Karl-Anthony Towns1222540.0%
Luka Garza to Jaylen Nowell3728988.9%
Rudy Gobert to Jordan McLaughlin94221118.2%
Nathan Knight to Luka Garza4222100.0%
Nathan Knight to Jaden McDaniels922366.7%
Nathan Knight to Jaylen Nowell49251631.3%
Nathan Knight to Austin Rivers1822540.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Josh Minott822450.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Nathan Knight1522450.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Austin Rivers3522922.2%
Josh Minott to Wendell Moore Jr.1722366.7%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Anthony Edwards2124757.1%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Kyle Anderson1522540.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Nathan Knight28251050.0%
Taurean Prince to Nathan Knight1022450.0%
Taurean Prince to Nickeil Alexander-Walker2622633.3%
Taurean Prince to Jordan McLaughlin139221020.0%
Taurean Prince to Bryn Forbes7222100.0%
Naz Reid to Wendell Moore Jr.1923560.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Wendell Moore Jr.1422540.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Jordan McLaughlin3022450.0%
Matt Ryan to Josh Minott322366.7%
Matt Ryan to Jaden McDaniels2222100.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Mike Conley6722922.2%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Luka Garza311250.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jaylen Nowell712366.7%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Karl-Anthony Towns1211425.0%
Kyle Anderson to Bryn Forbes1413837.5%
Anthony Edwards to Josh Minott2111100.0%
Bryn Forbes to Josh Minott1111100.0%
Bryn Forbes to Matt Ryan711250.0%
Bryn Forbes to Naz Reid1312450.0%
Bryn Forbes to D'Angelo Russell3816966.7%
Bryn Forbes to Kyle Anderson8111100.0%
Luka Garza to Nathan Knight911333.3%
Luka Garza to Jaden McDaniels811333.3%
Luka Garza to Nickeil Alexander-Walker2111100.0%
Luka Garza to Jordan McLaughlin2712366.7%
Luka Garza to Taurean Prince1612540.0%
Rudy Gobert to Naz Reid2311425.0%
Rudy Gobert to Nickeil Alexander-Walker3813650.0%
Rudy Gobert to Bryn Forbes1011425.0%
Rudy Gobert to Karl-Anthony Towns3511520.0%
Nathan Knight to Josh Minott811616.7%
Nathan Knight to Matt Ryan1011520.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Luka Garza1211333.3%
Jaden McDaniels to Nathan Knight911333.3%
Jordan McLaughlin to Bryn Forbes911425.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Mike Conley1211333.3%
Josh Minott to Nathan Knight1011425.0%
Josh Minott to Naz Reid511333.3%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Jordan McLaughlin4111100.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Bryn Forbes17131030.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to D'Angelo Russell2211333.3%
Jaylen Nowell to Mike Conley1611333.3%
Taurean Prince to Josh Minott311250.0%
Taurean Prince to Austin Rivers3314944.4%
Naz Reid to A.J. Lawson1111100.0%
Naz Reid to Bryn Forbes1311616.7%
Naz Reid to Karl-Anthony Towns8111100.0%
Naz Reid to Rudy Gobert9122100.0%
Austin Rivers to Nickeil Alexander-Walker611520.0%
Austin Rivers to Jordan McLaughlin2211250.0%
Austin Rivers to Mike Conley10111100.0%
Matt Ryan to Wendell Moore Jr.14122100.0%
Matt Ryan to Anthony Edwards1713650.0%
Matt Ryan to Rudy Gobert5111100.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Josh Minott20000.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Wendell Moore Jr.10000.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Nathan Knight10010.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Austin Rivers60000.0%
Kyle Anderson to Wendell Moore Jr.300020.0%
Kyle Anderson to Matt Ryan40020.0%
Mike Conley to Luka Garza20000.0%
Bryn Forbes to Wendell Moore Jr.1101333.3%
Bryn Forbes to Luka Garza50010.0%
Bryn Forbes to Nathan Knight90000.0%
Bryn Forbes to Jordan McLaughlin90010.0%
Bryn Forbes to Taurean Prince50000.0%
Bryn Forbes to Austin Rivers3011100.0%
Luka Garza to Josh Minott50020.0%
Luka Garza to Wendell Moore Jr.270020.0%
Luka Garza to D'Angelo Russell2902728.6%
Luka Garza to Kyle Anderson130030.0%
Luka Garza to Mike Conley40000.0%
Rudy Gobert to Wendell Moore Jr.40000.0%
Rudy Gobert to Matt Ryan60000.0%
Rudy Gobert to Nathan Knight60020.0%
Rudy Gobert to Austin Rivers7002540.0%
Nathan Knight to Wendell Moore Jr.3001520.0%
Nathan Knight to Naz Reid70020.0%
Nathan Knight to Nickeil Alexander-Walker30000.0%
Nathan Knight to Jordan McLaughlin150000.0%
Nathan Knight to Bryn Forbes20000.0%
Nathan Knight to Taurean Prince40000.0%
Nathan Knight to D'Angelo Russell3501425.0%
Nathan Knight to Kyle Anderson120010.0%
Nathan Knight to Rudy Gobert70020.0%
A.J. Lawson to Jaylen Nowell10000.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Wendell Moore Jr.40010.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Matt Ryan40020.0%
Jaden McDaniels to Nickeil Alexander-Walker3001333.3%
Jaden McDaniels to Jordan McLaughlin9601714.3%
Jaden McDaniels to Bryn Forbes60020.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Wendell Moore Jr.30000.0%
Jordan McLaughlin to Matt Ryan10010.0%
Josh Minott to Luka Garza6022100.0%
Josh Minott to Matt Ryan20010.0%
Josh Minott to Jaden McDaniels10000.0%
Josh Minott to Anthony Edwards501250.0%
Josh Minott to Jaylen Nowell30010.0%
Josh Minott to Jordan McLaughlin110010.0%
Josh Minott to Bryn Forbes20000.0%
Josh Minott to Taurean Prince10000.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Luka Garza2203560.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Jaden McDaniels30000.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Naz Reid1401425.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Jaylen Nowell170010.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Nickeil Alexander-Walker10000.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Taurean Prince20000.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Rudy Gobert20000.0%
Wendell Moore Jr. to Austin Rivers50000.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Josh Minott40020.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Wendell Moore Jr.140020.0%
Jaylen Nowell to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1001250.0%
Taurean Prince to Wendell Moore Jr.60010.0%
Taurean Prince to Matt Ryan20000.0%
Naz Reid to Josh Minott50010.0%
Naz Reid to Luka Garza20000.0%
Naz Reid to Matt Ryan60020.0%
Naz Reid to Nathan Knight60030.0%
Naz Reid to Nickeil Alexander-Walker4102728.6%
Austin Rivers to Wendell Moore Jr.10010.0%
Austin Rivers to Matt Ryan100050.0%
Austin Rivers to Bryn Forbes100030.0%
Matt Ryan to Nathan Knight90030.0%
Matt Ryan to Naz Reid1101250.0%
Matt Ryan to Jaylen Nowell1603650.0%
Matt Ryan to Bryn Forbes30000.0%
Matt Ryan to Taurean Prince30010.0%
Matt Ryan to D'Angelo Russell2201333.3%
Matt Ryan to Kyle Anderson10000.0%
Matt Ryan to Austin Rivers140000.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Nickeil Alexander-Walker120020.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Bryn Forbes60010.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Austin Rivers170030.0%