2015 Minnesota Timberwolves Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Minnesota Timberwolves averaged 281 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Ricky Rubio to Karl-Anthony Towns, with 205 assists on 1094 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Ricky Rubio to Karl-Anthony Towns109420523848549.1%
Ricky Rubio to Andrew Wiggins140214423863837.3%
Ricky Rubio to Zach LaVine565749321842.7%
Ricky Rubio to Gorgui Dieng503748618845.7%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Andrew Wiggins406558320839.9%
Zach LaVine to Karl-Anthony Towns392517214649.3%
Andrew Wiggins to Karl-Anthony Towns390506614246.5%
Zach LaVine to Gorgui Dieng468495913045.4%
Zach LaVine to Andrew Wiggins411397217042.4%
Zach LaVine to Shabazz Muhammad265375114734.7%
Ricky Rubio to Kevin Garnett23536366555.4%
Tyus Jones to Shabazz Muhammad17632459547.4%
Ricky Rubio to Kevin Martin18630369637.5%
Gorgui Dieng to Zach LaVine547295115233.6%
Andrew Wiggins to Zach LaVine23129366753.7%
Gorgui Dieng to Shabazz Muhammad12428366456.3%
Ricky Rubio to Tayshaun Prince30427307042.9%
Nemanja Bjelica to Shabazz Muhammad14126296246.8%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Zach LaVine406264812139.7%
Gorgui Dieng to Andrew Wiggins19425398844.3%
Ricky Rubio to Shabazz Muhammad14725278631.4%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Gorgui Dieng15825346552.3%
Gorgui Dieng to Karl-Anthony Towns9624305060.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Ricky Rubio568243110230.4%
Kevin Garnett to Karl-Anthony Towns8022244257.1%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Ricky Rubio1392225616533.9%
Zach LaVine to Kevin Martin22120288433.3%
Zach LaVine to Nemanja Bjelica27118235145.1%
Tayshaun Prince to Karl-Anthony Towns12018265547.3%
Andrew Wiggins to Gorgui Dieng20118295651.8%
Kevin Garnett to Andrew Wiggins13916296942.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Karl-Anthony Towns4814162369.6%
Tyus Jones to Karl-Anthony Towns13014205040.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Shabazz Muhammad7714154731.9%
Tyus Jones to Nemanja Bjelica14713183650.0%
Tayshaun Prince to Andrew Wiggins11113205735.1%
Gorgui Dieng to Ricky Rubio92512298036.3%
Tyus Jones to Zach LaVine18312235541.8%
Tyus Jones to Gorgui Dieng10012132846.4%
Zach LaVine to Ricky Rubio34312165429.6%
Andre Miller to Shabazz Muhammad7112153839.5%
Shabazz Muhammad to Zach LaVine19212234946.9%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Shabazz Muhammad7412174240.5%
Andrew Wiggins to Tayshaun Prince8412143145.2%
Kevin Martin to Karl-Anthony Towns6011162955.2%
Ricky Rubio to Nemanja Bjelica12311112347.8%
Andre Miller to Gorgui Dieng6410132161.9%
Andre Miller to Nemanja Bjelica5410101662.5%
Nemanja Bjelica to Zach LaVine6158358740.2%
Nemanja Bjelica to Gorgui Dieng90893228.1%
Tyus Jones to Adreian Payne808112445.8%
Shabazz Muhammad to Gorgui Dieng798122941.4%
Shabazz Muhammad to Nemanja Bjelica83882138.1%
Tayshaun Prince to Ricky Rubio4018196330.2%
Ricky Rubio to Nikola Pekovic38892240.9%
Kevin Garnett to Kevin Martin41772035.0%
Zach LaVine to Adreian Payne917102343.5%
Tayshaun Prince to Shabazz Muhammad43792045.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Ricky Rubio3516133834.2%
Kevin Martin to Zach LaVine1346113234.4%
Kevin Martin to Gorgui Dieng62672133.3%
Andre Miller to Damjan Rudez29661154.5%
Shabazz Muhammad to Andrew Wiggins44691850.0%
Adreian Payne to Shabazz Muhammad556112544.0%
Damjan Rudez to Shabazz Muhammad31672133.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Nemanja Bjelica43661442.9%
Andrew Wiggins to Nemanja Bjelica92661735.3%
Nemanja Bjelica to Tayshaun Prince565102147.6%
Gorgui Dieng to Tayshaun Prince65561735.3%
Gorgui Dieng to Andre Miller94591275.0%
Kevin Garnett to Zach LaVine1065112152.4%
Kevin Garnett to Ricky Rubio5605104522.2%
Kevin Garnett to Tayshaun Prince36561060.0%
Tyus Jones to Andrew Wiggins775113928.2%
Tyus Jones to Greg Smith47561060.0%
Kevin Martin to Nemanja Bjelica71562030.0%
Andre Miller to Karl-Anthony Towns27561346.2%
Shabazz Muhammad to Adreian Payne42551533.3%
Adreian Payne to Kevin Martin45571546.7%
Tayshaun Prince to Tyus Jones110571741.2%
Ricky Rubio to Adreian Payne66562920.7%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Tayshaun Prince81581844.4%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Kevin Garnett45551241.7%
Andrew Wiggins to Kevin Garnett97561931.6%
Nemanja Bjelica to Andrew Wiggins874204643.5%
Gorgui Dieng to Kevin Martin674103132.3%
Tyus Jones to Damjan Rudez37441526.7%
Zach LaVine to Tayshaun Prince100441330.8%
Andre Miller to Andrew Wiggins584122941.4%
Andre Miller to Zach LaVine1034164139.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Karl-Anthony Towns54492142.9%
Nikola Pekovic to Zach LaVine1744757.1%
Tayshaun Prince to Zach LaVine1484113333.3%
Tayshaun Prince to Gorgui Dieng51451533.3%
Tayshaun Prince to Kevin Martin1544944.4%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Kevin Martin37461637.5%
Andrew Wiggins to Kevin Martin38462227.3%
Nemanja Bjelica to Andre Miller123361154.5%
Gorgui Dieng to Tyus Jones120341040.0%
Tyus Jones to Tayshaun Prince71351729.4%
Zach LaVine to Tyus Jones100351926.3%
Zach LaVine to Damjan Rudez56331520.0%
Zach LaVine to Greg Smith13344100.0%
Kevin Martin to Shabazz Muhammad41342119.0%
Kevin Martin to Ricky Rubio91351631.3%
Kevin Martin to Tayshaun Prince1033475.0%
Andre Miller to Kevin Martin45351926.3%
Shabazz Muhammad to Tyus Jones84361346.2%
Shabazz Muhammad to Damjan Rudez2833475.0%
Adreian Payne to Andrew Wiggins32341428.6%
Adreian Payne to Gorgui Dieng2934757.1%
Adreian Payne to Tayshaun Prince1333475.0%
Tayshaun Prince to Nemanja Bjelica57351241.7%
Andrew Wiggins to Adreian Payne3533837.5%
Nemanja Bjelica to Greg Smith1122450.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Damjan Rudez1122366.7%
Gorgui Dieng to Adreian Payne1823837.5%
Gorgui Dieng to Nemanja Bjelica5223742.9%
Zach LaVine to Nikola Pekovic29221020.0%
Kevin Martin to Andrew Wiggins26241330.8%
Kevin Martin to Andre Miller15244100.0%
Kevin Martin to Kevin Garnett3122825.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Kevin Martin41241428.6%
Shabazz Muhammad to Tayshaun Prince3823837.5%
Adreian Payne to Karl-Anthony Towns1524757.1%
Adreian Payne to Zach LaVine1892102245.5%
Adreian Payne to Nemanja Bjelica922366.7%
Nikola Pekovic to Ricky Rubio2423475.0%
Nikola Pekovic to Tayshaun Prince622366.7%
Tayshaun Prince to Greg Smith822366.7%
Tayshaun Prince to Nikola Pekovic1622366.7%
Tayshaun Prince to Andre Miller2922450.0%
Damjan Rudez to Gorgui Dieng1122540.0%
Greg Smith to Tyus Jones7123742.9%
Greg Smith to Shabazz Muhammad1823742.9%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Damjan Rudez822366.7%
Andrew Wiggins to Tyus Jones38241040.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Kevin Martin87142814.3%
Gorgui Dieng to Nikola Pekovic311333.3%
Kevin Garnett to Nikola Pekovic1111100.0%
Tyus Jones to Kevin Martin1612540.0%
Zach LaVine to Andre Miller5514757.1%
Zach LaVine to Kevin Garnett3411250.0%
Kevin Martin to Tyus Jones1112450.0%
Kevin Martin to Adreian Payne3512728.6%
Andre Miller to Adreian Payne1611616.7%
Andre Miller to Ricky Rubio1111100.0%
Andre Miller to Tayshaun Prince2411520.0%
Andre Miller to Kevin Garnett5111100.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Ricky Rubio107131225.0%
Adreian Payne to Tyus Jones170151827.8%
Adreian Payne to Damjan Rudez5111100.0%
Adreian Payne to Ricky Rubio143151241.7%
Nikola Pekovic to Karl-Anthony Towns311250.0%
Nikola Pekovic to Andrew Wiggins1212633.3%
Nikola Pekovic to Shabazz Muhammad1112540.0%
Tayshaun Prince to Damjan Rudez511250.0%
Tayshaun Prince to Adreian Payne1311250.0%
Tayshaun Prince to Kevin Garnett6411911.1%
Ricky Rubio to Damjan Rudez1711520.0%
Ricky Rubio to Greg Smith1211714.3%
Damjan Rudez to Karl-Anthony Towns912450.0%
Damjan Rudez to Zach LaVine89182040.0%
Damjan Rudez to Nemanja Bjelica611425.0%
Greg Smith to Karl-Anthony Towns5122100.0%
Greg Smith to Zach LaVine2012728.6%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Tyus Jones145171936.8%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Adreian Payne1812633.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Nikola Pekovic311333.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Andre Miller3112540.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Greg Smith1011520.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Tyus Jones256033010.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Damjan Rudez80020.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Adreian Payne901425.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Nemanja Bjelica20000.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Nikola Pekovic60020.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Gorgui Dieng10000.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Kevin Garnett40010.0%
Kevin Garnett to Tyus Jones20000.0%
Kevin Garnett to Shabazz Muhammad80010.0%
Kevin Garnett to Gorgui Dieng40000.0%
Kevin Garnett to Andre Miller200010.0%
Kevin Garnett to Kevin Garnett10000.0%
Tyus Jones to Andre Miller20000.0%
Tyus Jones to Kevin Garnett20000.0%
Kevin Martin to Damjan Rudez30000.0%
Kevin Martin to Nikola Pekovic70040.0%
Kevin Martin to Kevin Martin10000.0%
Andre Miller to Tyus Jones20000.0%
Andre Miller to Nikola Pekovic20010.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Greg Smith50000.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Nikola Pekovic5011100.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Andre Miller4602366.7%
Shabazz Muhammad to Kevin Garnett30000.0%
Adreian Payne to Greg Smith30000.0%
Adreian Payne to Andre Miller32011100.0%
Nikola Pekovic to Adreian Payne10000.0%
Nikola Pekovic to Gorgui Dieng20010.0%
Nikola Pekovic to Nemanja Bjelica30010.0%
Nikola Pekovic to Kevin Martin30020.0%
Nikola Pekovic to Andre Miller10000.0%
Nikola Pekovic to Kevin Garnett10000.0%
Tayshaun Prince to Tayshaun Prince10000.0%
Ricky Rubio to Ricky Rubio10000.0%
Ricky Rubio to Nick Collison10000.0%
Ricky Rubio to Andre Miller20010.0%
Damjan Rudez to Tyus Jones4802728.6%
Damjan Rudez to Andrew Wiggins1402633.3%
Damjan Rudez to Adreian Payne1301616.7%
Damjan Rudez to Greg Smith20000.0%
Damjan Rudez to Ricky Rubio5102825.0%
Damjan Rudez to Kevin Martin601333.3%
Damjan Rudez to Tayshaun Prince301250.0%
Damjan Rudez to Andre Miller5601333.3%
Greg Smith to Damjan Rudez10000.0%
Greg Smith to Andrew Wiggins80020.0%
Greg Smith to Adreian Payne60020.0%
Greg Smith to Gorgui Dieng20010.0%
Greg Smith to Nemanja Bjelica90020.0%
Greg Smith to Ricky Rubio230030.0%
Greg Smith to Tayshaun Prince80020.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Greg Smith80010.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Damjan Rudez140000.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Nikola Pekovic1101425.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Andre Miller3803560.0%