2016 Phoenix Suns Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Phoenix Suns averaged 298 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Eric Bledsoe to Devin Booker, with 116 assists on 1287 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Eric Bledsoe to Devin Booker128711620548842.0%
Eric Bledsoe to T.J. Warren5877411023946.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Marquese Chriss445617017540.0%
Devin Booker to Marquese Chriss336546516040.6%
Tyler Ulis to Alan Williams15440438550.6%
Eric Bledsoe to P.J. Tucker369384810048.0%
Devin Booker to Eric Bledsoe680388923038.7%
Tyler Ulis to Devin Booker338365615336.6%
Eric Bledsoe to Tyson Chandler37034346850.0%
Devin Booker to T.J. Warren229344710943.1%
Tyler Ulis to Marquese Chriss25334419642.7%
Eric Bledsoe to Alex Len22329369338.7%
Devin Booker to Tyson Chandler17528335461.1%
Tyler Ulis to T.J. Warren24728397850.0%
Devin Booker to Alex Len16927307440.5%
Tyler Ulis to Jared Dudley37927328438.1%
Brandon Knight to Jared Dudley31926306446.9%
Brandon Knight to Alex Len17323296048.3%
Eric Bledsoe to Jared Dudley31120225440.7%
T.J. Warren to Marquese Chriss17520244949.0%
Devin Booker to P.J. Tucker17319235740.4%
Jared Dudley to Devin Booker294194310740.2%
Jared Dudley to T.J. Warren13919255050.0%
Tyler Ulis to Derrick Jones Jr.8619193161.3%
Marquese Chriss to T.J. Warren12017244751.1%
Devin Booker to Jared Dudley17916204841.7%
T.J. Warren to Devin Booker298164012332.5%
Brandon Knight to Devin Booker21915277834.6%
Brandon Knight to Leandro Barbosa18315225341.5%
P.J. Tucker to Devin Booker273153910437.5%
Tyler Ulis to Alex Len12315174736.2%
Jared Dudley to Alan Williams6614153542.9%
Jared Dudley to Alex Len6513153345.5%
Jared Dudley to Leandro Barbosa28513439445.7%
Tyler Ulis to Leandro Barbosa13012214348.8%
Leandro Barbosa to Alan Williams4711122254.5%
Marquese Chriss to Eric Bledsoe738114311437.7%
Jared Dudley to Derrick Jones Jr.5611112055.0%
Brandon Knight to P.J. Tucker20811153839.5%
P.J. Tucker to T.J. Warren9811154136.6%
Leandro Barbosa to Dragan Bender6310102147.6%
Leandro Barbosa to Alex Len8210154037.5%
Devin Booker to Alan Williams7410123435.3%
Tyson Chandler to Devin Booker29210359138.5%
Brandon Knight to T.J. Warren10910163644.4%
Leandro Barbosa to Jared Dudley1559112347.8%
Devin Booker to Leandro Barbosa649142653.8%
Jared Dudley to Brandon Knight45193310033.0%
Alex Len to Eric Bledsoe4059246536.9%
T.J. Warren to Tyson Chandler869112445.8%
Leandro Barbosa to Brandon Knight1388174537.8%
Eric Bledsoe to Leandro Barbosa828123040.0%
Devin Booker to Brandon Knight1378185930.5%
Marquese Chriss to Devin Booker37483210530.5%
Brandon Knight to Marquese Chriss888113531.4%
Brandon Knight to Dragan Bender96893030.0%
P.J. Tucker to Eric Bledsoe63586514644.5%
P.J. Tucker to Jared Dudley76881457.1%
T.J. Warren to Alex Len888123237.5%
Leandro Barbosa to Marquese Chriss417101855.6%
Tyson Chandler to T.J. Warren757143243.8%
Alex Len to Devin Booker2087215736.8%
Devin Booker to Tyler Ulis1626154334.9%
Marquese Chriss to Alex Len536122254.5%
Brandon Knight to Eric Bledsoe1746245742.1%
Alex Len to T.J. Warren896102737.0%
Alex Len to Brandon Knight2796326450.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Dragan Bender56551729.4%
Eric Bledsoe to Alan Williams39551533.3%
Tyson Chandler to Eric Bledsoe80254513633.1%
Jared Dudley to Tyson Chandler1855771.4%
P.J. Tucker to Alex Len54572035.0%
P.J. Tucker to Brandon Knight3195197226.4%
T.J. Warren to Alan Williams44551050.0%
Alan Williams to T.J. Warren445112250.0%
Leandro Barbosa to T.J. Warren33461637.5%
Leandro Barbosa to Eric Bledsoe63481650.0%
Leandro Barbosa to P.J. Tucker78452222.7%
Leandro Barbosa to Tyson Chandler1445771.4%
Devin Booker to Derrick Jones Jr.2544944.4%
Devin Booker to Dragan Bender40451533.3%
Marquese Chriss to Leandro Barbosa35471258.3%
Marquese Chriss to Tyson Chandler3245955.6%
Jared Dudley to Tyler Ulis4874357844.9%
Jared Dudley to Eric Bledsoe4394308834.1%
Alex Len to Marquese Chriss42471643.8%
Alex Len to Jared Dudley57441136.4%
Ronnie Price to Alan Williams25441136.4%
P.J. Tucker to Dragan Bender2944944.4%
P.J. Tucker to Leandro Barbosa1074102737.0%
Tyler Ulis to Dragan Bender88451827.8%
T.J. Warren to Jared Dudley90441428.6%
Alan Williams to Jared Dudley4645955.6%
Leandro Barbosa to Derrick Jones Jr.1933933.3%
Dragan Bender to Alan Williams1733742.9%
Dragan Bender to Devin Booker39371450.0%
Dragan Bender to Leandro Barbosa60372231.8%
Eric Bledsoe to Tyler Ulis50361060.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Brandon Knight2183256936.2%
Tyson Chandler to Brandon Knight91382433.3%
Marquese Chriss to Derrick Jones Jr.30331030.0%
Marquese Chriss to Brandon Knight107351241.7%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Alan Williams2433475.0%
Brandon Knight to Tyler Ulis3636875.0%
Alex Len to P.J. Tucker49331225.0%
Ronnie Price to Tyler Ulis32371070.0%
P.J. Tucker to Marquese Chriss5033933.3%
P.J. Tucker to Tyson Chandler4933742.9%
Tyler Ulis to Eric Bledsoe503112347.8%
Tyler Ulis to P.J. Tucker58331618.8%
T.J. Warren to Eric Bledsoe4383328836.4%
T.J. Warren to P.J. Tucker5833933.3%
Alan Williams to Tyler Ulis2643165230.8%
Leandro Barbosa to Devin Booker69292240.9%
Dragan Bender to Derrick Jones Jr.1022633.3%
Dragan Bender to T.J. Warren2824944.4%
Dragan Bender to Alex Len2922728.6%
Dragan Bender to Brandon Knight1592112839.3%
Dragan Bender to P.J. Tucker3023560.0%
Tyson Chandler to Marquese Chriss48221216.7%
Tyson Chandler to P.J. Tucker60241428.6%
Jared Dudley to Marquese Chriss29221020.0%
Jared Dudley to P.J. Tucker80252123.8%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Marquese Chriss2623650.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Devin Booker41261637.5%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Jared Dudley3323650.0%
Brandon Knight to Tyson Chandler4523742.9%
Alex Len to Tyler Ulis2202153246.9%
Alex Len to Leandro Barbosa802112445.8%
Ronnie Price to Derrick Jones Jr.2122728.6%
Ronnie Price to Dragan Bender1822633.3%
Ronnie Price to Jarell Eddie8222100.0%
Ronnie Price to Jared Dudley3722922.2%
Tyler Ulis to John Jenkins822540.0%
Alan Williams to Marquese Chriss2022728.6%
Alan Williams to Devin Booker98294221.4%
Alan Williams to Leandro Barbosa47241526.7%
Leandro Barbosa to Tyler Ulis106182236.4%
Dragan Bender to Eric Bledsoe931102245.5%
Dragan Bender to Jared Dudley2811425.0%
Tyson Chandler to Alex Len2111100.0%
Tyson Chandler to Leandro Barbosa2012633.3%
Marquese Chriss to Alan Williams1212540.0%
Marquese Chriss to Jared Dudley2111333.3%
Jared Dudley to Dragan Bender2712825.0%
John Jenkins to Dragan Bender2111100.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Tyler Ulis1091102245.5%
Derrick Jones Jr. to T.J. Warren2313742.9%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Ronnie Price1811520.0%
Brandon Knight to Alan Williams1011333.3%
Alex Len to Dragan Bender1411333.3%
Elijah Millsap to Derrick Jones Jr.3111100.0%
Ronnie Price to Marquese Chriss511333.3%
Ronnie Price to T.J. Warren2113933.3%
P.J. Tucker to Tyler Ulis73151631.3%
P.J. Tucker to Alan Williams611333.3%
Tyler Ulis to Jarell Eddie14111010.0%
Tyler Ulis to Brandon Knight47141723.5%
T.J. Warren to Derrick Jones Jr.1412450.0%
T.J. Warren to Tyler Ulis1921103826.3%
T.J. Warren to Dragan Bender1912366.7%
T.J. Warren to Jarell Eddie711333.3%
T.J. Warren to Brandon Knight97182138.1%
T.J. Warren to Ronnie Price1211333.3%
Alan Williams to Derrick Jones Jr.1511425.0%
Alan Williams to Jarell Eddie411250.0%
Alan Williams to Alex Len411250.0%
Alan Williams to Brandon Knight23161060.0%
Leandro Barbosa to Jarell Eddie10000.0%
Leandro Barbosa to Ronnie Price30000.0%
Dragan Bender to Tyler Ulis128092045.0%
Dragan Bender to Marquese Chriss70010.0%
Dragan Bender to Elijah Millsap70010.0%
Dragan Bender to Ronnie Price140010.0%
Dragan Bender to Tyson Chandler10000.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Derrick Jones Jr.160030.0%
Devin Booker to Ronnie Price40010.0%
Devin Booker to Luol Deng10000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Tyler Ulis16022100.0%
Tyson Chandler to Dragan Bender10000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Jared Dudley230030.0%
Marquese Chriss to Tyler Ulis3920175431.5%
Marquese Chriss to Dragan Bender100030.0%
Marquese Chriss to Jarell Eddie20000.0%
Marquese Chriss to John Jenkins10000.0%
Marquese Chriss to P.J. Tucker59041040.0%
Marquese Chriss to Ronnie Price30010.0%
Jared Dudley to Jarell Eddie90040.0%
Jared Dudley to Ronnie Price480040.0%
Jarell Eddie to Tyler Ulis110020.0%
Jarell Eddie to Marquese Chriss2011100.0%
Jarell Eddie to Alan Williams60030.0%
Jarell Eddie to T.J. Warren40010.0%
Jarell Eddie to Alex Len10010.0%
Jarell Eddie to Jared Dudley4011100.0%
Jarell Eddie to Ronnie Price60010.0%
Jarell Eddie to Leandro Barbosa10000.0%
John Jenkins to Tyler Ulis50010.0%
John Jenkins to Marquese Chriss20010.0%
John Jenkins to Alan Williams10010.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Dragan Bender1001333.3%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Alex Len1401520.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to John Jenkins10000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Brandon Knight20010.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Elijah Millsap10000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Eric Bledsoe2702728.6%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Leandro Barbosa200030.0%
Alex Len to Derrick Jones Jr.2101425.0%
Alex Len to Alan Williams20020.0%
Alex Len to Jarell Eddie20000.0%
Alex Len to Elijah Millsap50030.0%
Alex Len to Ronnie Price80000.0%
Alex Len to Tyson Chandler40000.0%
Elijah Millsap to Dragan Bender40000.0%
Elijah Millsap to Alan Williams10000.0%
Elijah Millsap to T.J. Warren10000.0%
Elijah Millsap to Alex Len20010.0%
Elijah Millsap to Ronnie Price150010.0%
Ronnie Price to Devin Booker1801520.0%
Ronnie Price to Alex Len60020.0%
Ronnie Price to Elijah Millsap901425.0%
Ronnie Price to Leandro Barbosa501250.0%
Tyler Ulis to Ronnie Price2101250.0%
Tyler Ulis to Tyson Chandler60000.0%
T.J. Warren to Leandro Barbosa2601911.1%
Alan Williams to Dragan Bender801333.3%
Alan Williams to John Jenkins30000.0%
Alan Williams to Elijah Millsap10000.0%
Alan Williams to Eric Bledsoe79061540.0%
Alan Williams to P.J. Tucker60000.0%
Alan Williams to Ronnie Price4601616.7%