2015 Phoenix Suns Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Phoenix Suns averaged 310 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Brandon Knight to Jon Leuer, with 44 assists on 316 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Brandon Knight to Jon Leuer316445010348.5%
Devin Booker to Alex Len305404813735.0%
P.J. Tucker to Devin Booker315364910945.0%
Brandon Knight to Mirza Teletovic300354211137.8%
Devin Booker to Mirza Teletovic268344111635.3%
Ronnie Price to Mirza Teletovic306334010637.7%
Eric Bledsoe to Brandon Knight502315414138.3%
Brandon Knight to T.J. Warren19831417951.9%
Devin Booker to Tyson Chandler21830326747.8%
Eric Bledsoe to Jon Leuer26529389739.2%
Eric Bledsoe to Markieff Morris20026337941.8%
Archie Goodwin to Mirza Teletovic26024307241.7%
Brandon Knight to P.J. Tucker36724308535.3%
Eric Bledsoe to T.J. Warren13623315457.4%
Brandon Knight to Devin Booker371224110838.0%
Brandon Knight to Eric Bledsoe431224011335.4%
Ronnie Price to Devin Booker420224112632.5%
Brandon Knight to Alex Len19721235839.7%
Brandon Knight to Markieff Morris24321289928.3%
Alex Len to Devin Booker26621418747.1%
Devin Booker to P.J. Tucker22420247133.8%
Archie Goodwin to Devin Booker26320266738.8%
Brandon Knight to Tyson Chandler27220214744.7%
P.J. Tucker to Mirza Teletovic18320288035.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Mirza Teletovic14919256141.0%
Ronnie Price to T.J. Warren15419265646.4%
Ronnie Price to Alex Len26019269726.8%
P.J. Tucker to Alex Len18119266838.2%
P.J. Tucker to Brandon Knight510194411937.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Alex Len12518204742.6%
Archie Goodwin to Alex Len13918245345.3%
Archie Goodwin to Markieff Morris15517255545.5%
Jon Leuer to Brandon Knight481164510144.6%
P.J. Tucker to Tyson Chandler18716163151.6%
Eric Bledsoe to P.J. Tucker21215215538.2%
Markieff Morris to Devin Booker13115205238.5%
Mirza Teletovic to Devin Booker34215329234.8%
Devin Booker to T.J. Warren7614184242.9%
Devin Booker to Jon Leuer12114205040.0%
Tyson Chandler to Devin Booker32113329234.8%
Tyson Chandler to Brandon Knight49713369836.7%
Brandon Knight to Ronnie Price15413194047.5%
P.J. Tucker to Markieff Morris18013266341.3%
Alex Len to Mirza Teletovic7112142751.9%
Markieff Morris to Brandon Knight25012306546.2%
Mirza Teletovic to Archie Goodwin31512235839.7%
Sonny Weems to Mirza Teletovic6612133537.1%
Devin Booker to Archie Goodwin14811184440.9%
Devin Booker to Brandon Knight21911236038.3%
Alex Len to Brandon Knight38011357546.7%
Alex Len to P.J. Tucker17611225341.5%
Ronnie Price to Jon Leuer13111204050.0%
T.J. Warren to Mirza Teletovic7411113036.7%
Archie Goodwin to Jon Leuer8210123138.7%
John Jenkins to Mirza Teletovic4810122646.2%
Jon Leuer to T.J. Warren7510132944.8%
Markieff Morris to P.J. Tucker12710123831.6%
Phil Pressey to Mirza Teletovic4710112055.0%
P.J. Tucker to T.J. Warren5510112544.0%
P.J. Tucker to Ronnie Price25910154235.7%
Alex Len to Tyson Chandler50991850.0%
Markieff Morris to T.J. Warren539122254.5%
Markieff Morris to Tyson Chandler43991752.9%
Eric Bledsoe to Devin Booker64881553.3%
Eric Bledsoe to Tyson Chandler1258103330.3%
Tyson Chandler to P.J. Tucker1888144431.8%
Archie Goodwin to P.J. Tucker1618123138.7%
Jon Leuer to Mirza Teletovic698102835.7%
Markieff Morris to Mirza Teletovic40881844.4%
Ronnie Price to P.J. Tucker2118135424.1%
Ronnie Price to Tyson Chandler1438102245.5%
Mirza Teletovic to Brandon Knight4328308336.1%
Mirza Teletovic to P.J. Tucker1518133141.9%
Mirza Teletovic to Ronnie Price4358153246.9%
Devin Booker to Ronnie Price1717103132.3%
Alex Len to Jon Leuer34781172.7%
Alex Len to Ronnie Price3927103826.3%
Jon Leuer to Devin Booker1517194443.2%
Jon Leuer to P.J. Tucker1137121963.2%
Markieff Morris to Archie Goodwin1587113234.4%
Mirza Teletovic to T.J. Warren807112445.8%
Mirza Teletovic to Alex Len617113036.7%
P.J. Tucker to Jon Leuer1057102737.0%
P.J. Tucker to Eric Bledsoe2957307639.5%
Tyson Chandler to Archie Goodwin2626144332.6%
Tyson Chandler to Alex Len59671838.9%
Archie Goodwin to Tyson Chandler160661442.9%
Jon Leuer to Alex Len41672231.8%
P.J. Tucker to Archie Goodwin2126144630.4%
Devin Booker to Markieff Morris1045123633.3%
Lorenzo Brown to T.J. Warren2955862.5%
Chase Budinger to John Jenkins22561060.0%
Tyson Chandler to T.J. Warren56572133.3%
John Jenkins to Jon Leuer27561442.9%
Jon Leuer to Eric Bledsoe3435205536.4%
Ronnie Price to John Jenkins69571643.8%
Ronnie Price to Brandon Knight1595145226.9%
Mirza Teletovic to Jon Leuer50561833.3%
T.J. Warren to Devin Booker56561833.3%
T.J. Warren to Alex Len47561833.3%
T.J. Warren to Markieff Morris56581942.1%
Sonny Weems to T.J. Warren36561637.5%
Sonny Weems to Alex Len37561346.2%
Eric Bledsoe to Archie Goodwin47461931.6%
Eric Bledsoe to Ronnie Price6645955.6%
Devin Booker to Sonny Weems2744666.7%
Archie Goodwin to John Jenkins37481266.7%
Alex Len to T.J. Warren42471450.0%
Alex Len to Archie Goodwin2364184738.3%
Jon Leuer to Tyson Chandler2144580.0%
Phil Pressey to Devin Booker29451435.7%
Phil Pressey to Jon Leuer20441330.8%
Ronnie Price to Archie Goodwin76472035.0%
Ronnie Price to Markieff Morris42481942.1%
Mirza Teletovic to Tyson Chandler37471163.6%
T.J. Warren to Brandon Knight1814154136.6%
Sonny Weems to Devin Booker41441625.0%
Sonny Weems to Archie Goodwin70482040.0%
Sonny Weems to Jon Leuer29461060.0%
Devin Booker to John Jenkins1933475.0%
Chase Budinger to Jon Leuer1333560.0%
Tyson Chandler to Mirza Teletovic53372035.0%
Tyson Chandler to Jon Leuer1834666.7%
Tyson Chandler to Eric Bledsoe2243244949.0%
Tyson Chandler to Ronnie Price251372035.0%
Archie Goodwin to T.J. Warren65371353.8%
Archie Goodwin to Brandon Knight60371643.8%
John Jenkins to Chase Budinger1333560.0%
Brandon Knight to Archie Goodwin67351631.3%
Alex Len to Sonny Weems51361540.0%
Jon Leuer to Sonny Weems2934944.4%
Jordan McRae to T.J. Warren6333100.0%
Markieff Morris to Alex Len2234944.4%
Markieff Morris to Sonny Weems3833933.3%
Markieff Morris to Ronnie Price3934757.1%
Phil Pressey to Kris Humphries933475.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Chase Budinger2634757.1%
P.J. Tucker to John Jenkins2234944.4%
T.J. Warren to Ronnie Price113351827.8%
T.J. Warren to Tyson Chandler4733837.5%
Alan Williams to Mirza Teletovic6344100.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Sonny Weems2022540.0%
Devin Booker to Chase Budinger2323742.9%
Devin Booker to Kris Humphries1622728.6%
Lorenzo Brown to Mirza Teletovic1222450.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Markieff Morris2022540.0%
Chase Budinger to Alex Len1123650.0%
Chase Budinger to Mirza Teletovic24241040.0%
Chase Budinger to Brandon Knight1222450.0%
Bryce Cotton to Mirza Teletovic1022540.0%
Archie Goodwin to Eric Bledsoe53261442.9%
Archie Goodwin to Chase Budinger2222366.7%
Kris Humphries to Alex Len722633.3%
John Jenkins to Alan Williams822366.7%
John Jenkins to Archie Goodwin2722825.0%
John Jenkins to Alex Len23251145.5%
Brandon Knight to Sonny Weems3924850.0%
Alex Len to Markieff Morris2122633.3%
Alex Len to Eric Bledsoe2222214744.7%
Jon Leuer to Archie Goodwin96231816.7%
Jon Leuer to John Jenkins2122633.3%
Jon Leuer to Chase Budinger1622633.3%
Jordan McRae to P.J. Tucker1622366.7%
Markieff Morris to Orlando Johnson1022450.0%
Markieff Morris to Jon Leuer823560.0%
Phil Pressey to Alex Len1222540.0%
Phil Pressey to P.J. Tucker1822450.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Alan Williams722540.0%
Mirza Teletovic to John Jenkins50221216.7%
Mirza Teletovic to Eric Bledsoe2032194245.2%
Mirza Teletovic to Sonny Weems5023837.5%
T.J. Warren to Jon Leuer59271546.7%
T.J. Warren to Sonny Weems3422366.7%
Sonny Weems to Cory Jefferson5222100.0%
Sonny Weems to Markieff Morris43271936.8%
Eric Bledsoe to Cory Jefferson311250.0%
Devin Booker to Cory Jefferson311333.3%
Devin Booker to Lorenzo Brown5111100.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Alex Len612366.7%
Lorenzo Brown to Tyson Chandler1311250.0%
Chase Budinger to Devin Booker2112633.3%
Tyson Chandler to Lorenzo Brown1911520.0%
Tyson Chandler to Markieff Morris72151729.4%
Bryce Cotton to Cory Jefferson2111100.0%
Archie Goodwin to Jordan McRae711250.0%
Archie Goodwin to Sonny Weems5111714.3%
Kris Humphries to Devin Booker1111425.0%
Kris Humphries to Mirza Teletovic512366.7%
Kris Humphries to Jon Leuer1111100.0%
Kris Humphries to P.J. Tucker1012366.7%
Kris Humphries to Ronnie Price4814580.0%
John Jenkins to P.J. Tucker1811333.3%
John Jenkins to Tyson Chandler6111100.0%
Brandon Knight to Chase Budinger911333.3%
Alex Len to Jordan McRae2512450.0%
Alex Len to Chase Budinger811333.3%
Jon Leuer to Ronnie Price226131717.6%
Jon Leuer to Kris Humphries5111100.0%
Jordan McRae to Archie Goodwin11122100.0%
Jordan McRae to Alex Len1212540.0%
Jordan McRae to Mirza Teletovic1112366.7%
Jordan McRae to Sonny Weems1611250.0%
Jordan McRae to Kris Humphries911250.0%
Markieff Morris to Cory Jefferson1111100.0%
Markieff Morris to Jordan McRae3212633.3%
Markieff Morris to Eric Bledsoe2261153641.7%
Phil Pressey to Archie Goodwin49151338.5%
Phil Pressey to John Jenkins1412540.0%
Phil Pressey to Sonny Weems1412366.7%
Phil Pressey to Ronnie Price8111100.0%
Ronnie Price to Alan Williams511250.0%
Ronnie Price to Eric Bledsoe80171546.7%
Ronnie Price to Sonny Weems4611520.0%
Ronnie Price to Kris Humphries2711714.3%
Mirza Teletovic to Bryce Cotton1511250.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Markieff Morris2013650.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Kris Humphries511250.0%
P.J. Tucker to Cory Jefferson2111100.0%
P.J. Tucker to Lorenzo Brown1511333.3%
P.J. Tucker to Orlando Johnson612450.0%
P.J. Tucker to Sonny Weems2011333.3%
T.J. Warren to Archie Goodwin62121612.5%
T.J. Warren to Eric Bledsoe128163517.1%
T.J. Warren to P.J. Tucker3312540.0%
Sonny Weems to Jordan McRae1011250.0%
Sonny Weems to John Jenkins211250.0%
Sonny Weems to Brandon Knight3915771.4%
Sonny Weems to Tyson Chandler1611425.0%
Alan Williams to John Jenkins1111250.0%
Alan Williams to Chase Budinger911250.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Eric Bledsoe10000.0%
Devin Booker to Alan Williams50020.0%
Devin Booker to Bryce Cotton50010.0%
Devin Booker to Jordan McRae100030.0%
Devin Booker to Phil Pressey60000.0%
Devin Booker to Orlando Johnson90020.0%
Devin Booker to Eric Bledsoe3602366.7%
Lorenzo Brown to Devin Booker13022100.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Cory Jefferson30010.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Archie Goodwin80030.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Jon Leuer50000.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Brandon Knight10000.0%
Lorenzo Brown to Sonny Weems70020.0%
Lorenzo Brown to P.J. Tucker140020.0%
Chase Budinger to Alan Williams701333.3%
Chase Budinger to Archie Goodwin24041136.4%
Chase Budinger to P.J. Tucker40000.0%
Chase Budinger to Ronnie Price310030.0%
Chase Budinger to Tyson Chandler10000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Bryce Cotton10000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Cory Jefferson20000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Jordan McRae11011100.0%
Tyson Chandler to Phil Pressey110000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Orlando Johnson30010.0%
Tyson Chandler to John Jenkins401250.0%
Tyson Chandler to Chase Budinger50000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Sonny Weems240040.0%
Tyson Chandler to Kris Humphries10010.0%
Tyson Chandler to Tyson Chandler10000.0%
Bryce Cotton to Devin Booker110020.0%
Bryce Cotton to T.J. Warren701250.0%
Bryce Cotton to Archie Goodwin501250.0%
Bryce Cotton to Alex Len60020.0%
Bryce Cotton to Jon Leuer20010.0%
Bryce Cotton to Markieff Morris30000.0%
Bryce Cotton to Sonny Weems40000.0%
Bryce Cotton to P.J. Tucker30000.0%
Archie Goodwin to Alan Williams1201250.0%
Archie Goodwin to Bryce Cotton70000.0%
Archie Goodwin to Cory Jefferson90030.0%
Archie Goodwin to Phil Pressey260020.0%
Archie Goodwin to Lorenzo Brown80010.0%
Archie Goodwin to Archie Goodwin10000.0%
Archie Goodwin to Orlando Johnson70010.0%
Archie Goodwin to Ronnie Price620070.0%
Archie Goodwin to Kris Humphries60010.0%
Kris Humphries to Jordan McRae90000.0%
Kris Humphries to Phil Pressey1401333.3%
Kris Humphries to Archie Goodwin1001333.3%
Kris Humphries to Sonny Weems40000.0%
Kris Humphries to Tyson Chandler10000.0%
Cory Jefferson to Devin Booker3011100.0%
Cory Jefferson to Bryce Cotton30000.0%
Cory Jefferson to T.J. Warren30010.0%
Cory Jefferson to Lorenzo Brown20000.0%
Cory Jefferson to Archie Goodwin210020.0%
Cory Jefferson to Alex Len10010.0%
Cory Jefferson to Mirza Teletovic10000.0%
Cory Jefferson to Brandon Knight401250.0%
Cory Jefferson to Eric Bledsoe4011100.0%
Cory Jefferson to Sonny Weems60000.0%
John Jenkins to Devin Booker2302633.3%
John Jenkins to Phil Pressey5011100.0%
John Jenkins to Brandon Knight6011100.0%
John Jenkins to Sonny Weems10000.0%
John Jenkins to Ronnie Price310050.0%
Orlando Johnson to Devin Booker601333.3%
Orlando Johnson to Jordan McRae60020.0%
Orlando Johnson to Archie Goodwin30010.0%
Orlando Johnson to Alex Len40010.0%
Orlando Johnson to Mirza Teletovic30000.0%
Orlando Johnson to Markieff Morris70020.0%
Orlando Johnson to Sonny Weems10010.0%
Orlando Johnson to P.J. Tucker80020.0%
Orlando Johnson to Tyson Chandler20000.0%
Brandon Knight to Lorenzo Brown10010.0%
Brandon Knight to John Jenkins80010.0%
Alex Len to Alan Williams10010.0%
Alex Len to Bryce Cotton6011100.0%
Alex Len to Cory Jefferson2011100.0%
Alex Len to Phil Pressey2102450.0%
Alex Len to Lorenzo Brown170010.0%
Alex Len to Orlando Johnson50020.0%
Alex Len to John Jenkins1402728.6%
Alex Len to Kris Humphries20010.0%
Jon Leuer to Alan Williams20010.0%
Jon Leuer to Bryce Cotton10000.0%
Jon Leuer to Jordan McRae1501250.0%
Jon Leuer to Phil Pressey4002540.0%
Jon Leuer to Lorenzo Brown160010.0%
Jon Leuer to Jon Leuer10000.0%
Jon Leuer to Markieff Morris40010.0%
Jordan McRae to Devin Booker2202825.0%
Jordan McRae to Orlando Johnson20010.0%
Jordan McRae to Jon Leuer80040.0%
Jordan McRae to Markieff Morris140020.0%
Jordan McRae to Ronnie Price40000.0%
Jordan McRae to Tyson Chandler70010.0%
Markieff Morris to Bryce Cotton60010.0%
Markieff Morris to Lorenzo Brown1701425.0%
Phil Pressey to Tyson Chandler40000.0%
Ronnie Price to Cory Jefferson10010.0%
Ronnie Price to Jordan McRae30010.0%
Ronnie Price to Phil Pressey70000.0%
Ronnie Price to Chase Budinger2401616.7%
Ronnie Price to Ronnie Price10000.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Cory Jefferson20020.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Jordan McRae170020.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Phil Pressey7802540.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Lorenzo Brown2001250.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Orlando Johnson60010.0%
P.J. Tucker to Alan Williams30010.0%
P.J. Tucker to Bryce Cotton60000.0%
P.J. Tucker to Jordan McRae1901333.3%
P.J. Tucker to Phil Pressey220010.0%
P.J. Tucker to Chase Budinger10000.0%
P.J. Tucker to Kris Humphries120010.0%
T.J. Warren to Bryce Cotton40000.0%
T.J. Warren to Cory Jefferson20020.0%
T.J. Warren to Jordan McRae30000.0%
T.J. Warren to Lorenzo Brown1401333.3%
Sonny Weems to Bryce Cotton70020.0%
Sonny Weems to Phil Pressey50010.0%
Sonny Weems to Lorenzo Brown90000.0%
Sonny Weems to Eric Bledsoe100010.0%
Sonny Weems to Sonny Weems10000.0%
Sonny Weems to P.J. Tucker270070.0%
Sonny Weems to Ronnie Price1801333.3%
Sonny Weems to Kris Humphries50020.0%
Alan Williams to Devin Booker601250.0%
Alan Williams to Archie Goodwin3202540.0%
Alan Williams to Alex Len10010.0%
Alan Williams to P.J. Tucker30010.0%
Alan Williams to Ronnie Price100000.0%