2015 Brooklyn Nets Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Brooklyn Nets averaged 292 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Joe Johnson to Brook Lopez, with 73 assists on 370 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Joe Johnson to Brook Lopez3707310920952.2%
Jarrett Jack to Brook Lopez428679420446.1%
Jarrett Jack to Thaddeus Young466618416850.0%
Donald Sloan to Brook Lopez4705810119452.1%
Donald Sloan to Thaddeus Young514558217945.8%
Shane Larkin to Brook Lopez456507519837.9%
Thaddeus Young to Brook Lopez282476412650.8%
Shane Larkin to Thaddeus Young409466713450.0%
Joe Johnson to Thaddeus Young341446814347.6%
Shane Larkin to Andrea Bargnani21141449745.4%
Shane Larkin to Bojan Bogdanovic466385617532.0%
Donald Sloan to Bojan Bogdanovic261344210440.4%
Donald Sloan to Wayne Ellington358344511240.2%
Jarrett Jack to Joe Johnson576274914234.5%
Joe Johnson to Bojan Bogdanovic14727296842.6%
Shane Larkin to Thomas Robinson31727319831.6%
Brook Lopez to Shane Larkin40127337345.2%
Jarrett Jack to Bojan Bogdanovic17626316647.0%
Shane Larkin to Sean Kilpatrick16525356950.7%
Brook Lopez to Bojan Bogdanovic17225307639.5%
Shane Larkin to Wayne Ellington29424319831.6%
Shane Larkin to Markel Brown33922319831.6%
Thaddeus Young to Bojan Bogdanovic23022275648.2%
Thaddeus Young to Wayne Ellington17022276144.3%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Thaddeus Young14220345957.6%
Brook Lopez to Thaddeus Young20120306844.1%
Wayne Ellington to Bojan Bogdanovic14419276144.3%
Donald Sloan to Joe Johnson41219408447.6%
Jarrett Jack to Andrea Bargnani7317184242.9%
Joe Johnson to Wayne Ellington14917246437.5%
Brook Lopez to Donald Sloan43017296643.9%
Brook Lopez to Joe Johnson24417326847.1%
Thaddeus Young to Joe Johnson27717218026.3%
Shane Larkin to Willie Reed7916194245.2%
Brook Lopez to Wayne Ellington16416206530.8%
Markel Brown to Brook Lopez7415183158.1%
Shane Larkin to Chris McCullough7614163743.2%
Wayne Ellington to Thaddeus Young12013245444.4%
Joe Johnson to Jarrett Jack41613237630.3%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Wayne Ellington11612184242.9%
Markel Brown to Sean Kilpatrick8312184837.5%
Markel Brown to Bojan Bogdanovic9412174240.5%
Wayne Ellington to Donald Sloan23012204050.0%
Joe Johnson to Donald Sloan29012185433.3%
Shane Larkin to Joe Johnson33712379041.1%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Joe Johnson12411224548.9%
Donald Sloan to Sean Kilpatrick11311174934.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Brook Lopez15010246238.7%
Markel Brown to Thomas Robinson5810132846.4%
Wayne Ellington to Brook Lopez18710217528.0%
Joe Johnson to Andrea Bargnani3810102245.5%
Donald Sloan to Markel Brown15810164634.8%
Donald Sloan to Willie Reed4010101952.6%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Donald Sloan1959153444.1%
Markel Brown to Shane Larkin2179244257.1%
Jarrett Jack to Wayne Ellington669102540.0%
Donald Sloan to Andrea Bargnani889134131.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Shane Larkin3678175232.7%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Brook Lopez458102441.7%
Jarrett Jack to Thomas Robinson34891275.0%
Sergey Karasev to Bojan Bogdanovic408102245.5%
Thomas Robinson to Shane Larkin6408265844.8%
Donald Sloan to Henry Sims41881844.4%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Andrea Bargnani33771546.7%
Wayne Ellington to Shane Larkin1817113333.3%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Thaddeus Young707142850.0%
Jarrett Jack to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson89792142.9%
Joe Johnson to Shane Larkin2677195335.8%
Sean Kilpatrick to Markel Brown837123237.5%
Thomas Robinson to Bojan Bogdanovic757122842.9%
Thomas Robinson to Wayne Ellington717102737.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Markel Brown63691947.4%
Wayne Ellington to Joe Johnson1286164337.2%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Jarrett Jack1606122744.4%
Shane Larkin to Sergey Karasev132682040.0%
Shane Larkin to Henry Sims50662030.0%
Brook Lopez to Sean Kilpatrick30671450.0%
Brook Lopez to Jarrett Jack4106317939.2%
Thomas Robinson to Willie Reed19681266.7%
Donald Sloan to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson49671936.8%
Thaddeus Young to Markel Brown92671546.7%
Thaddeus Young to Shane Larkin6376235145.1%
Markel Brown to Chris McCullough39552123.8%
Markel Brown to Willie Reed35551435.7%
Markel Brown to Andrea Bargnani30561442.9%
Wayne Ellington to Andrea Bargnani29561442.9%
Jarrett Jack to Willie Reed14555100.0%
Sergey Karasev to Markel Brown33561442.9%
Sean Kilpatrick to Chris McCullough20551241.7%
Shane Larkin to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson785102934.5%
Thomas Robinson to Sean Kilpatrick39571546.7%
Donald Sloan to Sergey Karasev31561154.5%
Donald Sloan to Thomas Robinson59561833.3%
Thaddeus Young to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson84581361.5%
Andrea Bargnani to Shane Larkin3004102737.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Thomas Robinson44441136.4%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Jarrett Jack217493525.7%
Markel Brown to Sergey Karasev44451145.5%
Markel Brown to Henry Sims22441526.7%
Markel Brown to Thaddeus Young72492339.1%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Sean Kilpatrick29441233.3%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Thomas Robinson1844757.1%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Bojan Bogdanovic23481361.5%
Joe Johnson to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson33441040.0%
Joe Johnson to Markel Brown45441233.3%
Sergey Karasev to Brook Lopez29451050.0%
Sergey Karasev to Andrea Bargnani1344580.0%
Brook Lopez to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson39441136.4%
Brook Lopez to Markel Brown54441822.2%
Thaddeus Young to Sean Kilpatrick2045955.6%
Thaddeus Young to Donald Sloan8154215339.6%
Andrea Bargnani to Bojan Bogdanovic49361540.0%
Markel Brown to Joe Johnson40391656.3%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Henry Sims933475.0%
Jarrett Jack to Markel Brown41331717.6%
Sergey Karasev to Sean Kilpatrick16341040.0%
Sergey Karasev to Willie Reed1733933.3%
Sergey Karasev to Thaddeus Young2534850.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Bojan Bogdanovic17331127.3%
Shane Larkin to Donald Sloan36341136.4%
Chris McCullough to Sean Kilpatrick2334757.1%
Thomas Robinson to Markel Brown60351435.7%
Thomas Robinson to Brook Lopez2033650.0%
Donald Sloan to Chris McCullough37331520.0%
Thaddeus Young to Jarrett Jack7723379240.2%
Andrea Bargnani to Markel Brown2523650.0%
Andrea Bargnani to Donald Sloan124281553.3%
Andrea Bargnani to Wayne Ellington3024850.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Chris McCullough822633.3%
Markel Brown to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson1923742.9%
Wayne Ellington to Markel Brown1123560.0%
Wayne Ellington to Willie Reed1722633.3%
Wayne Ellington to Henry Sims923650.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Shane Larkin97281553.3%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Andrea Bargnani1022366.7%
Jarrett Jack to Shane Larkin4425862.5%
Joe Johnson to Willie Reed11233100.0%
Joe Johnson to Thomas Robinson1622540.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson13233100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Thomas Robinson34251241.7%
Sean Kilpatrick to Donald Sloan62251338.5%
Sean Kilpatrick to Wayne Ellington722540.0%
Brook Lopez to Sergey Karasev3122825.0%
Brook Lopez to Thomas Robinson1423742.9%
Brook Lopez to Andrea Bargnani1922633.3%
Chris McCullough to Markel Brown66281650.0%
Chris McCullough to Wayne Ellington1922450.0%
Willie Reed to Donald Sloan6923560.0%
Thomas Robinson to Andrea Bargnani2022728.6%
Henry Sims to Donald Sloan51251145.5%
Donald Sloan to Shane Larkin3223933.3%
Thaddeus Young to Henry Sims522450.0%
Thaddeus Young to Andrea Bargnani1622450.0%
Andrea Bargnani to Willie Reed5111100.0%
Andrea Bargnani to Thomas Robinson611250.0%
Andrea Bargnani to Brook Lopez22121118.2%
Andrea Bargnani to Jarrett Jack100181747.1%
Andrea Bargnani to Joe Johnson2912825.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Sean Kilpatrick1511812.5%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Sergey Karasev2111616.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Henry Sims611250.0%
Markel Brown to Donald Sloan100152222.7%
Markel Brown to Wayne Ellington2112922.2%
Wayne Ellington to Chris McCullough1111425.0%
Wayne Ellington to Sean Kilpatrick1312540.0%
Wayne Ellington to Thomas Robinson40131127.3%
Wayne Ellington to Jarrett Jack4511119.1%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Chris McCullough511250.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Markel Brown1512633.3%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Donald Sloan8513742.9%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Joe Johnson51152123.8%
Sergey Karasev to Shane Larkin126161540.0%
Sergey Karasev to Thomas Robinson19121020.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Henry Sims1111333.3%
Sean Kilpatrick to Brook Lopez1512633.3%
Sean Kilpatrick to Thaddeus Young1111425.0%
Shane Larkin to Jarrett Jack4811911.1%
Brook Lopez to Chris McCullough2111100.0%
Chris McCullough to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson911425.0%
Chris McCullough to Sergey Karasev5111100.0%
Chris McCullough to Shane Larkin166151241.7%
Chris McCullough to Donald Sloan9713837.5%
Willie Reed to Sean Kilpatrick712540.0%
Willie Reed to Markel Brown2813560.0%
Willie Reed to Sergey Karasev711250.0%
Willie Reed to Shane Larkin1151101662.5%
Willie Reed to Thomas Robinson1411250.0%
Willie Reed to Bojan Bogdanovic2313837.5%
Willie Reed to Wayne Ellington1913560.0%
Willie Reed to Brook Lopez3111100.0%
Willie Reed to Thaddeus Young8111100.0%
Thomas Robinson to Chris McCullough911250.0%
Thomas Robinson to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson2314666.7%
Thomas Robinson to Sergey Karasev2311250.0%
Thomas Robinson to Henry Sims611250.0%
Thomas Robinson to Donald Sloan138151338.5%
Thomas Robinson to Joe Johnson2613742.9%
Henry Sims to Chris McCullough511333.3%
Henry Sims to Sean Kilpatrick2012450.0%
Henry Sims to Markel Brown1311520.0%
Henry Sims to Thomas Robinson4122100.0%
Henry Sims to Bojan Bogdanovic811425.0%
Henry Sims to Wayne Ellington2512633.3%
Henry Sims to Thaddeus Young1111100.0%
Thaddeus Young to Sergey Karasev2411520.0%
Thaddeus Young to Willie Reed914580.0%
Andrea Bargnani to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson5011100.0%
Andrea Bargnani to Sergey Karasev5011100.0%
Andrea Bargnani to Thaddeus Young140030.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson80000.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Willie Reed1401520.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Bojan Bogdanovic30000.0%
Markel Brown to Markel Brown10000.0%
Markel Brown to Jarrett Jack220010.0%
Wayne Ellington to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson180050.0%
Wayne Ellington to Sergey Karasev40010.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Sergey Karasev20000.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Wayne Ellington190060.0%
Jarrett Jack to Sergey Karasev10000.0%
Jarrett Jack to Donald Sloan90010.0%
Joe Johnson to Sergey Karasev10000.0%
Joe Johnson to Joe Johnson20000.0%
Sergey Karasev to Chris McCullough70030.0%
Sergey Karasev to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson40010.0%
Sergey Karasev to Henry Sims20010.0%
Sergey Karasev to Donald Sloan2801333.3%
Sergey Karasev to Wayne Ellington10010.0%
Sergey Karasev to Jarrett Jack50000.0%
Sergey Karasev to Joe Johnson4011100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Sergey Karasev100040.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Shane Larkin82011010.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Willie Reed60030.0%
Brook Lopez to Willie Reed10000.0%
Chris McCullough to Willie Reed10000.0%
Chris McCullough to Henry Sims5011100.0%
Chris McCullough to Thomas Robinson6011100.0%
Chris McCullough to Bojan Bogdanovic70010.0%
Chris McCullough to Brook Lopez10000.0%
Chris McCullough to Thaddeus Young10000.0%
Willie Reed to Chris McCullough20000.0%
Willie Reed to Andrea Bargnani70010.0%
Willie Reed to Jarrett Jack1301333.3%
Willie Reed to Joe Johnson90020.0%
Thomas Robinson to Thaddeus Young1301425.0%
Thomas Robinson to Jarrett Jack60031127.3%
Henry Sims to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson7022100.0%
Henry Sims to Sergey Karasev10000.0%
Henry Sims to Shane Larkin8105771.4%
Henry Sims to Brook Lopez10000.0%
Donald Sloan to Jarrett Jack9011100.0%
Thaddeus Young to Thomas Robinson40020.0%