2015 Los Angeles Clippers Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Los Angeles Clippers averaged 288 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Chris Paul to JJ Redick, with 222 assists on 1210 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Chris Paul to JJ Redick121022223551645.5%
Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan67314315524563.3%
Chris Paul to Blake Griffin83611314530547.5%
Chris Paul to Paul Pierce475576919435.6%
Blake Griffin to JJ Redick305566013145.8%
Chris Paul to Wesley Johnson283505013237.9%
Chris Paul to Luc Mbah a Moute265444410641.5%
Jamal Crawford to DeAndre Jordan16542466076.7%
DeAndre Jordan to JJ Redick290414910049.0%
Chris Paul to Jamal Crawford398366618635.5%
Pablo Prigioni to Cole Aldrich27233377549.3%
Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan7627314372.1%
Pablo Prigioni to Wesley Johnson21927277436.5%
Jamal Crawford to Wesley Johnson16426287935.4%
Chris Paul to Jeff Green18726317839.7%
JJ Redick to Blake Griffin28324407950.6%
Jamal Crawford to Austin Rivers31323438749.4%
Blake Griffin to Chris Paul883237116543.0%
JJ Redick to Chris Paul567237316344.8%
Jamal Crawford to Cole Aldrich13522244652.2%
Austin Rivers to Jamal Crawford330214811940.3%
Blake Griffin to Jamal Crawford26518258031.3%
JJ Redick to DeAndre Jordan26918194344.2%
Jamal Crawford to Blake Griffin21517267435.1%
Chris Paul to Cole Aldrich6717213363.6%
Pablo Prigioni to Jamal Crawford314175213239.4%
Jamal Crawford to Josh Smith11215175332.1%
Pablo Prigioni to Austin Rivers20715296544.6%
Austin Rivers to Wesley Johnson16115164436.4%
Chris Paul to Austin Rivers8114143836.8%
JJ Redick to Wesley Johnson5314143145.2%
Blake Griffin to Wesley Johnson6813132846.4%
Paul Pierce to DeAndre Jordan7013142458.3%
Austin Rivers to Cole Aldrich12813162759.3%
Josh Smith to Wesley Johnson3613132259.1%
DeAndre Jordan to Chris Paul18921213228746.0%
JJ Redick to Paul Pierce12012144233.3%
Cole Aldrich to Wesley Johnson6411132944.8%
Luc Mbah a Moute to JJ Redick9411143441.2%
Paul Pierce to JJ Redick8811153345.5%
Jamal Crawford to Paul Pierce11210133834.2%
Wesley Johnson to Jamal Crawford23310277934.2%
DeAndre Jordan to Jamal Crawford30810368940.4%
Lance Stephenson to Josh Smith3310101566.7%
Cole Aldrich to Austin Rivers2769266937.7%
Cole Aldrich to Jamal Crawford2399358143.2%
Blake Griffin to Luc Mbah a Moute71992733.3%
Wesley Johnson to Austin Rivers1959214250.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Wesley Johnson889112740.7%
Pablo Prigioni to Jeff Green1369154136.6%
Lance Stephenson to Blake Griffin669112544.0%
Jeff Green to Jamal Crawford1128143342.4%
Blake Griffin to Austin Rivers2048103330.3%
Wesley Johnson to Cole Aldrich53881457.1%
Wesley Johnson to DeAndre Jordan68891850.0%
Paul Pierce to Chris Paul4878339136.3%
Austin Rivers to Josh Smith1868113928.2%
Josh Smith to Jamal Crawford1718135125.5%
Jamal Crawford to JJ Redick797102835.7%
Blake Griffin to Lance Stephenson847133240.6%
Paul Pierce to Blake Griffin43791464.3%
JJ Redick to Luc Mbah a Moute58772231.8%
Lance Stephenson to Austin Rivers687102050.0%
Lance Stephenson to DeAndre Jordan36771258.3%
Cole Aldrich to JJ Redick1966966.7%
Jamal Crawford to Lance Stephenson646122060.0%
Jamal Crawford to Jeff Green696112839.3%
Jeff Green to Austin Rivers766111764.7%
Paul Pierce to Luc Mbah a Moute51661154.5%
Paul Pierce to Jamal Crawford1496134628.3%
Pablo Prigioni to C.J. Wilcox42681844.4%
Pablo Prigioni to Paul Pierce896112740.7%
Austin Rivers to Blake Griffin2266144233.3%
Josh Smith to Austin Rivers2116224944.9%
Josh Smith to DeAndre Jordan1066875.0%
Jeff Green to Wesley Johnson39551241.7%
Jeff Green to DeAndre Jordan3355771.4%
Jeff Green to JJ Redick31577100.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Luc Mbah a Moute70561346.2%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Chris Paul4065336352.4%
Chris Paul to Lance Stephenson865112250.0%
JJ Redick to Jamal Crawford635102934.5%
Austin Rivers to C.J. Wilcox1555862.5%
Austin Rivers to Jeff Green91582532.0%
Austin Rivers to Paul Pierce1355113630.6%
Lance Stephenson to JJ Redick31571450.0%
Cole Aldrich to Pablo Prigioni3994112937.9%
Jamal Crawford to Pablo Prigioni155482138.1%
Jamal Crawford to Luc Mbah a Moute2344850.0%
Blake Griffin to Paul Pierce43441428.6%
Wesley Johnson to Jeff Green37491560.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to DeAndre Jordan64461540.0%
Paul Pierce to Josh Smith50472133.3%
Pablo Prigioni to Blake Griffin46441040.0%
Austin Rivers to Pablo Prigioni176461735.3%
Austin Rivers to DeAndre Jordan12444850.0%
Austin Rivers to Chris Paul954122941.4%
Cole Aldrich to Lance Stephenson25351145.5%
Cole Aldrich to Jeff Green47362227.3%
DeAndre Jordan to Blake Griffin1483112544.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Wesley Johnson29341136.4%
Chris Paul to Josh Smith41341526.7%
Paul Pierce to Austin Rivers153393129.0%
Paul Pierce to Cole Aldrich10333100.0%
Paul Pierce to Wesley Johnson2834850.0%
Pablo Prigioni to Lance Stephenson62361346.2%
JJ Redick to Jeff Green32341526.7%
Austin Rivers to Lance Stephenson70341526.7%
Austin Rivers to JJ Redick43351435.7%
Josh Smith to Lance Stephenson35341040.0%
Lance Stephenson to Cole Aldrich2533837.5%
Lance Stephenson to Wesley Johnson1933933.3%
Lance Stephenson to Chris Paul6934944.4%
Lance Stephenson to Paul Pierce31361735.3%
C.J. Wilcox to Jeff Ayres933475.0%
Cole Aldrich to C.J. Wilcox2424944.4%
Cole Aldrich to Paul Pierce1822633.3%
Jeff Ayres to C.J. Wilcox1322366.7%
Jamal Crawford to Chris Paul3442368641.9%
Jeff Green to C.J. Wilcox2823933.3%
Jeff Green to Jeff Ayres10222100.0%
Jeff Green to Luc Mbah a Moute922366.7%
Blake Griffin to Josh Smith1822540.0%
Wesley Johnson to Pablo Prigioni195251729.4%
Wesley Johnson to JJ Redick42221811.1%
Wesley Johnson to Josh Smith3123933.3%
DeAndre Jordan to Austin Rivers222283721.6%
DeAndre Jordan to Jeff Green48261060.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Blake Griffin51251435.7%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Jamal Crawford42261346.2%
Paul Pierce to Jeff Green1823837.5%
Pablo Prigioni to Jeff Ayres2422540.0%
Pablo Prigioni to DeAndre Jordan4222450.0%
Pablo Prigioni to Josh Smith55231127.3%
Josh Smith to Luc Mbah a Moute4222100.0%
Josh Smith to Paul Pierce45231030.0%
Lance Stephenson to Luc Mbah a Moute522540.0%
Lance Stephenson to Jamal Crawford61262425.0%
C.J. Wilcox to Cole Aldrich11222100.0%
Cole Aldrich to Luc Mbah a Moute13111100.0%
Cole Aldrich to Chris Paul118151827.8%
Jeff Ayres to Pablo Prigioni64141330.8%
Jeff Ayres to Austin Rivers2413650.0%
Jeff Green to Pablo Prigioni7511425.0%
Jeff Green to Blake Griffin1111100.0%
Jeff Green to Chris Paul1781223956.4%
Jeff Green to Paul Pierce1312540.0%
Blake Griffin to Pablo Prigioni4011520.0%
Blake Griffin to Cole Aldrich411425.0%
Wesley Johnson to Blake Griffin50121216.7%
Wesley Johnson to Luc Mbah a Moute1811250.0%
Wesley Johnson to Chris Paul3741267335.6%
Wesley Johnson to Paul Pierce2112540.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Paul Pierce5911812.5%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Austin Rivers4813933.3%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Cole Aldrich1911520.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Paul Pierce2812728.6%
Chris Paul to Jeff Ayres1111100.0%
Paul Pierce to C.J. Wilcox1411333.3%
Paul Pierce to Pablo Prigioni5912540.0%
Paul Pierce to Lance Stephenson3513742.9%
Pablo Prigioni to Luc Mbah a Moute2411425.0%
Pablo Prigioni to JJ Redick811425.0%
JJ Redick to Austin Rivers2211616.7%
JJ Redick to Lance Stephenson2111812.5%
JJ Redick to Cole Aldrich1111333.3%
Austin Rivers to Jeff Ayres812366.7%
Austin Rivers to Luc Mbah a Moute3012366.7%
Josh Smith to Pablo Prigioni49133100.0%
Josh Smith to Blake Griffin2113837.5%
Josh Smith to JJ Redick1211425.0%
Lance Stephenson to Branden Dawson211250.0%
Lance Stephenson to C.J. Wilcox911714.3%
C.J. Wilcox to Pablo Prigioni3111333.3%
C.J. Wilcox to Austin Rivers1313560.0%
C.J. Wilcox to Jeff Green32121315.4%
C.J. Wilcox to Josh Smith1111100.0%
Cole Aldrich to Jeff Ayres40020.0%
Cole Aldrich to Blake Griffin40010.0%
Cole Aldrich to DeAndre Jordan20000.0%
Jeff Ayres to Lance Stephenson7011100.0%
Jeff Ayres to Cole Aldrich20000.0%
Jeff Ayres to Wesley Johnson50010.0%
Jeff Ayres to Jeff Green11022100.0%
Jeff Ayres to Chris Paul10000.0%
Jeff Ayres to Jamal Crawford100010.0%
Jeff Ayres to Paul Pierce30010.0%
Jamal Crawford to Branden Dawson10000.0%
Jamal Crawford to C.J. Wilcox120040.0%
Jamal Crawford to Jeff Ayres50020.0%
Jamal Crawford to Jamal Crawford10000.0%
Branden Dawson to C.J. Wilcox10000.0%
Branden Dawson to Pablo Prigioni60010.0%
Branden Dawson to Austin Rivers4011100.0%
Branden Dawson to Lance Stephenson10010.0%
Branden Dawson to Cole Aldrich10000.0%
Branden Dawson to Josh Smith10010.0%
Branden Dawson to Jamal Crawford10000.0%
Jeff Green to Branden Dawson10000.0%
Jeff Green to Cole Aldrich3901425.0%
Blake Griffin to C.J. Wilcox20010.0%
Blake Griffin to Jeff Green20020.0%
Wesley Johnson to C.J. Wilcox130030.0%
Wesley Johnson to Lance Stephenson22044100.0%
Wesley Johnson to Jeff Ayres90020.0%
DeAndre Jordan to C.J. Wilcox30000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Pablo Prigioni7602366.7%
DeAndre Jordan to Lance Stephenson4704944.4%
DeAndre Jordan to Cole Aldrich10010.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Josh Smith30010.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Pablo Prigioni250020.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Lance Stephenson70010.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Jeff Green160050.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Josh Smith401250.0%
Chris Paul to C.J. Wilcox10010.0%
Chris Paul to Pablo Prigioni60010.0%
Chris Paul to Chris Paul20000.0%
Paul Pierce to Jeff Ayres20010.0%
Paul Pierce to Paul Pierce10000.0%
Pablo Prigioni to Alex Stepheson10000.0%
Pablo Prigioni to Branden Dawson50010.0%
Pablo Prigioni to Chris Paul8011100.0%
JJ Redick to C.J. Wilcox10010.0%
JJ Redick to Pablo Prigioni50010.0%
JJ Redick to Josh Smith90010.0%
Austin Rivers to Alex Stepheson10010.0%
Austin Rivers to Branden Dawson10000.0%
Josh Smith to Branden Dawson10000.0%
Josh Smith to C.J. Wilcox10000.0%
Josh Smith to Chris Paul5802922.2%
Lance Stephenson to Pablo Prigioni420030.0%
Lance Stephenson to Jeff Ayres40010.0%
Alex Stepheson to C.J. Wilcox1011100.0%
Alex Stepheson to Pablo Prigioni30000.0%
Alex Stepheson to Wesley Johnson10000.0%
Alex Stepheson to Jamal Crawford10000.0%
C.J. Wilcox to Branden Dawson1011100.0%
C.J. Wilcox to Lance Stephenson20000.0%
C.J. Wilcox to Wesley Johnson70000.0%
C.J. Wilcox to DeAndre Jordan10000.0%
C.J. Wilcox to JJ Redick10000.0%
C.J. Wilcox to Chris Paul10000.0%
C.J. Wilcox to Jamal Crawford1304666.7%
C.J. Wilcox to Paul Pierce1002450.0%