2022 Brooklyn Nets Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Brooklyn Nets averaged 279 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Spencer Dinwiddie to Mikal Bridges, with 57 assists on 407 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Mikal Bridges407578719544.6%
Kyrie Irving to Nic Claxton238546210062.0%
Ben Simmons to Kevin Durant336527314849.3%
Kevin Durant to Nic Claxton15647488258.5%
Royce O'Neale to Nic Claxton26947537372.6%
Royce O'Neale to Joe Harris19942438252.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Cameron Johnson24638429544.2%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Nic Claxton19138386558.5%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Dorian Finney-Smith25537379538.9%
Royce O'Neale to Kevin Durant473367616346.6%
Ben Simmons to Kyrie Irving443367617244.2%
Ben Simmons to Royce O'Neale40434377847.4%
Kyrie Irving to Kevin Durant323325311446.5%
Royce O'Neale to Kyrie Irving6773210121846.3%
Kevin Durant to Kyrie Irving310305811152.3%
Kyrie Irving to Royce O'Neale39530348739.1%
Ben Simmons to Joe Harris20030337047.1%
Ben Simmons to Seth Curry23530397651.3%
Royce O'Neale to Seth Curry399285110150.5%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Royce O'Neale17623245642.9%
Ben Simmons to Nic Claxton12823253375.8%
Mikal Bridges to Cameron Johnson11922266639.4%
Kevin Durant to Joe Harris11522224746.8%
Kyrie Irving to Joe Harris14622235740.4%
Nic Claxton to Mikal Bridges14420296743.3%
Kevin Durant to Royce O'Neale30320227828.2%
Mikal Bridges to Nic Claxton7819213265.6%
Nic Claxton to Kevin Durant26818448353.0%
Kevin Durant to Ben Simmons19018244355.8%
Joe Harris to Nic Claxton10017223956.4%
Kevin Durant to Seth Curry11516173154.8%
Kyrie Irving to T.J. Warren9516224252.4%
Cameron Johnson to Mikal Bridges12216275450.0%
Ben Simmons to Yuta Watanabe6016172665.4%
Edmond Sumner to Kevin Durant15816354971.4%
Nic Claxton to Cameron Johnson10715213658.3%
Cameron Johnson to Nic Claxton10915162564.0%
Nic Claxton to Royce O'Neale32114195236.5%
Nic Claxton to Kyrie Irving322144710345.6%
Seth Curry to Nic Claxton14114153050.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Joe Harris5214142653.8%
Kevin Durant to Yuta Watanabe4914142166.7%
Joe Harris to Royce O'Neale22114185135.3%
Royce O'Neale to Yuta Watanabe7414153444.1%
Royce O'Neale to Mikal Bridges13614288234.1%
Ben Simmons to T.J. Warren6314162857.1%
Nic Claxton to Joe Harris13013133636.1%
Seth Curry to Kevin Durant14813295058.0%
Kyrie Irving to Ben Simmons32813184341.9%
Kyrie Irving to Seth Curry14613194047.5%
Seth Curry to Kyrie Irving14412235641.1%
Royce O'Neale to Edmond Sumner20912204050.0%
Royce O'Neale to Ben Simmons45512223956.4%
Cam Thomas to Nic Claxton7512122157.1%
Nic Claxton to Seth Curry17011154136.6%
Seth Curry to Joe Harris9311113135.5%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Day'Ron Sharpe4511111957.9%
Nic Claxton to Edmond Sumner10110133043.3%
Kevin Durant to Edmond Sumner11710103627.8%
Cam Thomas to Edmond Sumner6810102343.5%
Seth Curry to Royce O'Neale2359113234.4%
Kevin Durant to T.J. Warren499102245.5%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Mikal Bridges909174042.5%
Kyrie Irving to Yuta Watanabe70992142.9%
Patty Mills to Day'Ron Sharpe45991656.3%
Royce O'Neale to Cam Thomas1939266440.6%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Cam Thomas1329245147.1%
Edmond Sumner to Nic Claxton1139103033.3%
Mikal Bridges to Spencer Dinwiddie2868246437.5%
Seth Curry to Ben Simmons1628112347.8%
Joe Harris to Seth Curry848112152.4%
Kyrie Irving to Patty Mills48881844.4%
Royce O'Neale to Cameron Johnson758123138.7%
Cam Thomas to Day'Ron Sharpe838102245.5%
Mikal Bridges to Dorian Finney-Smith79772825.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Seth Curry36781650.0%
Kevin Durant to Cam Thomas957102638.5%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Cameron Johnson65782433.3%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Nic Claxton37791464.3%
Joe Harris to Cam Thomas727203458.8%
Joe Harris to Edmond Sumner677113234.4%
Joe Harris to Kyrie Irving1317234946.9%
Joe Harris to Kevin Durant1067143342.4%
Patty Mills to Yuta Watanabe37771353.8%
Royce O'Neale to Patty Mills747112152.4%
Edmond Sumner to Joe Harris49771163.6%
Cam Thomas to Yuta Watanabe49772429.2%
Cam Thomas to Joe Harris45771741.2%
Yuta Watanabe to Edmond Sumner66781553.3%
Yuta Watanabe to Royce O'Neale80781457.1%
Nic Claxton to Cam Thomas1026173548.6%
Nic Claxton to Ben Simmons1736121770.6%
Nic Claxton to Patty Mills55681942.1%
Seth Curry to Yuta Watanabe58661442.9%
Joe Harris to Cameron Johnson1767977.8%
Joe Harris to Ben Simmons116681553.3%
Joe Harris to Patty Mills38661637.5%
Kyrie Irving to Edmond Sumner3766966.7%
Cameron Johnson to Spencer Dinwiddie2256174637.0%
Patty Mills to Ben Simmons66681266.7%
Royce O'Neale to T.J. Warren52672035.0%
Royce O'Neale to Spencer Dinwiddie3616288732.2%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Yuta Watanabe21671258.3%
Ben Simmons to Patty Mills84672231.8%
Edmond Sumner to Day'Ron Sharpe59661540.0%
Edmond Sumner to Yuta Watanabe39661540.0%
Edmond Sumner to T.J. Warren35681457.1%
Cam Thomas to Royce O'Neale98661540.0%
T.J. Warren to Seth Curry63681844.4%
Yuta Watanabe to Kevin Durant736172958.6%
Mikal Bridges to Royce O'Neale77561931.6%
Nic Claxton to Spencer Dinwiddie3485225440.7%
Kevin Durant to Day'Ron Sharpe1355955.6%
Kevin Durant to Markieff Morris27551338.5%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Spencer Dinwiddie3045276144.3%
Kyrie Irving to Markieff Morris27551145.5%
Cameron Johnson to Royce O'Neale75561346.2%
Patty Mills to Nic Claxton3255862.5%
Patty Mills to Markieff Morris2255955.6%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Patty Mills60561735.3%
Cam Thomas to Mikal Bridges39591752.9%
Cam Thomas to Kevin Durant1025183158.1%
Yuta Watanabe to Nic Claxton2355683.3%
Mikal Bridges to Joe Harris19441040.0%
Seth Curry to Cam Thomas74472528.0%
Seth Curry to T.J. Warren62471838.9%
Seth Curry to Markieff Morris2644850.0%
Seth Curry to Patty Mills1744666.7%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Edmond Sumner844580.0%
David Duke Jr. to Edmond Sumner1744666.7%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Joe Harris1644757.1%
RaiQuan Gray to Cam Thomas1246966.7%
Joe Harris to Yuta Watanabe2344850.0%
Joe Harris to Mikal Bridges26471741.2%
Cameron Johnson to Dorian Finney-Smith50442020.0%
Patty Mills to Seth Curry2445955.6%
Ben Simmons to Cam Thomas95493426.5%
Dru Smith to David Duke Jr.1744666.7%
Edmond Sumner to Royce O'Neale92441822.2%
Edmond Sumner to Markieff Morris33441136.4%
Cam Thomas to Cameron Johnson1845955.6%
T.J. Warren to Edmond Sumner49481457.1%
T.J. Warren to Kyrie Irving784112937.9%
T.J. Warren to Kevin Durant574102343.5%
Nic Claxton to Dorian Finney-Smith3133837.5%
Seth Curry to Mikal Bridges41392142.9%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Cam Thomas103363616.7%
David Duke Jr. to Day'Ron Sharpe3133742.9%
David Duke Jr. to Yuta Watanabe23341040.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Cam Thomas32341526.7%
Joe Harris to T.J. Warren1033475.0%
Cameron Johnson to Day'Ron Sharpe1633560.0%
Patty Mills to Edmond Sumner32341233.3%
Patty Mills to Royce O'Neale40331225.0%
Patty Mills to T.J. Warren1034757.1%
Patty Mills to Joe Harris37331421.4%
Markieff Morris to Edmond Sumner38341040.0%
Markieff Morris to Royce O'Neale2933475.0%
Markieff Morris to Seth Curry35351533.3%
Markieff Morris to Kevin Durant3633560.0%
Royce O'Neale to Day'Ron Sharpe3733837.5%
Day'Ron Sharpe to David Duke Jr.3534666.7%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Royce O'Neale65351827.8%
Ben Simmons to Mikal Bridges1534666.7%
Dru Smith to Day'Ron Sharpe2633560.0%
Dru Smith to T.J. Warren734666.7%
Edmond Sumner to Cam Thomas68392437.5%
Edmond Sumner to Kyrie Irving28361154.5%
Edmond Sumner to Patty Mills25331225.0%
Cam Thomas to Seth Curry69381747.1%
Yuta Watanabe to Cam Thomas723123040.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Ben Simmons4134757.1%
Yuta Watanabe to Joe Harris22331127.3%
Yuta Watanabe to Kyrie Irving843132748.1%
Mikal Bridges to Seth Curry3522728.6%
Seth Curry to Cameron Johnson38231421.4%
Seth Curry to Edmond Sumner41221315.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Ben Simmons24222100.0%
David Duke Jr. to Dru Smith2122633.3%
David Duke Jr. to RaiQuan Gray822366.7%
David Duke Jr. to Cam Thomas38261540.0%
David Duke Jr. to Royce O'Neale622450.0%
Kevin Durant to Patty Mills1622633.3%
Kessler Edwards to Edmond Sumner1424666.7%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Royce O'Neale54231323.1%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Patty Mills422366.7%
Joe Harris to David Duke Jr.6222100.0%
Kyrie Irving to Day'Ron Sharpe2423560.0%
Cameron Johnson to Joe Harris2022540.0%
Cameron Johnson to Seth Curry4223933.3%
Patty Mills to Cam Thomas582122157.1%
Patty Mills to Kyrie Irving48291947.4%
Markieff Morris to David Duke Jr.823475.0%
Markieff Morris to Patty Mills24244100.0%
Royce O'Neale to Dorian Finney-Smith4423837.5%
Day'Ron Sharpe to T.J. Warren9233100.0%
Ben Simmons to Markieff Morris2122540.0%
Dru Smith to RaiQuan Gray1022450.0%
Dru Smith to Patty Mills2222825.0%
Cam Thomas to David Duke Jr.33251241.7%
Cam Thomas to T.J. Warren16251145.5%
Cam Thomas to Patty Mills67271741.2%
T.J. Warren to Nic Claxton2022450.0%
T.J. Warren to Yuta Watanabe2022825.0%
T.J. Warren to Ben Simmons4624757.1%
T.J. Warren to Joe Harris822450.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Day'Ron Sharpe822366.7%
Yuta Watanabe to T.J. Warren35221315.4%
Yuta Watanabe to Patty Mills48251533.3%
Mikal Bridges to Cam Thomas36121216.7%
Mikal Bridges to Day'Ron Sharpe1611333.3%
Mikal Bridges to Yuta Watanabe511333.3%
Mikal Bridges to Ben Simmons1211250.0%
Mikal Bridges to Patty Mills2111100.0%
Nic Claxton to David Duke Jr.511250.0%
Nic Claxton to T.J. Warren1611616.7%
Nic Claxton to Markieff Morris7111100.0%
Seth Curry to Kessler Edwards411425.0%
Seth Curry to Day'Ron Sharpe2611425.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Yuta Watanabe2011520.0%
David Duke Jr. to Ben Simmons5111100.0%
David Duke Jr. to Markieff Morris711425.0%
David Duke Jr. to Patty Mills2112450.0%
Kevin Durant to David Duke Jr.1011333.3%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Ben Simmons1012366.7%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Seth Curry1912633.3%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Nerlens Noel211250.0%
RaiQuan Gray to David Duke Jr.611425.0%
RaiQuan Gray to Day'Ron Sharpe2111100.0%
RaiQuan Gray to Patty Mills1011616.7%
Joe Harris to Day'Ron Sharpe1211333.3%
Joe Harris to Markieff Morris711333.3%
Patty Mills to Dru Smith15122100.0%
Patty Mills to David Duke Jr.1412540.0%
Patty Mills to Cameron Johnson311250.0%
Patty Mills to Kevin Durant35131618.8%
Markieff Morris to Cam Thomas3112825.0%
Markieff Morris to Kessler Edwards3111100.0%
Markieff Morris to Day'Ron Sharpe511250.0%
Markieff Morris to Nic Claxton4111100.0%
Markieff Morris to Yuta Watanabe1611425.0%
Markieff Morris to Ben Simmons2012366.7%
Markieff Morris to T.J. Warren1311250.0%
Markieff Morris to Joe Harris711333.3%
Markieff Morris to Kyrie Irving3413837.5%
Nerlens Noel to David Duke Jr.2111100.0%
Nerlens Noel to Mikal Bridges4122100.0%
Nerlens Noel to Patty Mills4122100.0%
Royce O'Neale to Markieff Morris3111714.3%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Dru Smith1815771.4%
Day'Ron Sharpe to RaiQuan Gray2111100.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Kessler Edwards1011425.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Cameron Johnson1913560.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Edmond Sumner55131520.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Ben Simmons1511250.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Joe Harris2511250.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Seth Curry2912922.2%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Kyrie Irving46141233.3%
Ben Simmons to Dru Smith4111100.0%
Ben Simmons to David Duke Jr.1112366.7%
Ben Simmons to Edmond Sumner36121216.7%
Dru Smith to Cam Thomas1512633.3%
Dru Smith to Nic Claxton611333.3%
Dru Smith to Edmond Sumner511333.3%
Edmond Sumner to Dru Smith5111100.0%
Cam Thomas to RaiQuan Gray1111333.3%
Cam Thomas to Kessler Edwards1111333.3%
Cam Thomas to Dorian Finney-Smith2211714.3%
T.J. Warren to Cam Thomas1812540.0%
T.J. Warren to Royce O'Neale3011520.0%
T.J. Warren to Markieff Morris1111250.0%
Yuta Watanabe to David Duke Jr.2912728.6%
Yuta Watanabe to Spencer Dinwiddie2213650.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Seth Curry49151338.5%
Yuta Watanabe to Markieff Morris7111100.0%
Mikal Bridges to Edmond Sumner40010.0%
Mikal Bridges to Nerlens Noel10000.0%
Moses Brown to Dru Smith20000.0%
Moses Brown to David Duke Jr.10010.0%
Moses Brown to Cam Thomas20010.0%
Moses Brown to Edmond Sumner10000.0%
Nic Claxton to Yuta Watanabe150030.0%
Seth Curry to David Duke Jr.20000.0%
Seth Curry to Dorian Finney-Smith200030.0%
Seth Curry to Spencer Dinwiddie3403742.9%
Seth Curry to Nerlens Noel70000.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Nerlens Noel80030.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Patty Mills30010.0%
David Duke Jr. to Alondes Williams20000.0%
David Duke Jr. to Kessler Edwards110020.0%
David Duke Jr. to Nic Claxton40000.0%
David Duke Jr. to T.J. Warren10010.0%
David Duke Jr. to Seth Curry20000.0%
David Duke Jr. to Kyrie Irving10000.0%
David Duke Jr. to Kevin Durant60030.0%
Kessler Edwards to Dru Smith20000.0%
Kessler Edwards to David Duke Jr.150040.0%
Kessler Edwards to Cam Thomas2203837.5%
Kessler Edwards to Day'Ron Sharpe50020.0%
Kessler Edwards to Nic Claxton10000.0%
Kessler Edwards to Yuta Watanabe10000.0%
Kessler Edwards to Joe Harris10000.0%
Kessler Edwards to Seth Curry20000.0%
Kessler Edwards to Patty Mills70030.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Day'Ron Sharpe30010.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Yuta Watanabe30020.0%
RaiQuan Gray to Dru Smith40010.0%
RaiQuan Gray to Yuta Watanabe30010.0%
Joe Harris to Dru Smith10000.0%
Joe Harris to Kessler Edwards10000.0%
Joe Harris to Dorian Finney-Smith100020.0%
Joe Harris to Spencer Dinwiddie51031127.3%
Joe Harris to Nerlens Noel10000.0%
Kyrie Irving to David Duke Jr.20010.0%
Kyrie Irving to Cam Thomas38021020.0%
Cameron Johnson to Cam Thomas1802633.3%
Cameron Johnson to Yuta Watanabe30000.0%
Cameron Johnson to Edmond Sumner70010.0%
Cameron Johnson to Ben Simmons110010.0%
Cameron Johnson to Nerlens Noel30000.0%
Cameron Johnson to Patty Mills20010.0%
Patty Mills to RaiQuan Gray40010.0%
Patty Mills to Kessler Edwards30000.0%
Patty Mills to Mikal Bridges3011100.0%
Patty Mills to Dorian Finney-Smith20020.0%
Patty Mills to Spencer Dinwiddie501333.3%
Patty Mills to Nerlens Noel30000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Dru Smith20010.0%
Nerlens Noel to Cam Thomas20000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Cameron Johnson10000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Yuta Watanabe30010.0%
Nerlens Noel to Edmond Sumner20010.0%
Nerlens Noel to Dorian Finney-Smith20000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Royce O'Neale50000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Joe Harris30010.0%
Nerlens Noel to Spencer Dinwiddie1401250.0%
Nerlens Noel to Seth Curry70010.0%
Royce O'Neale to Dru Smith1801333.3%
Royce O'Neale to David Duke Jr.50000.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Mikal Bridges190080.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Dorian Finney-Smith40000.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Spencer Dinwiddie71031520.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Markieff Morris50000.0%
Day'Ron Sharpe to Kevin Durant2102450.0%
Ben Simmons to Day'Ron Sharpe70000.0%
Ben Simmons to Cameron Johnson2001520.0%
Ben Simmons to Dorian Finney-Smith60000.0%
Ben Simmons to Spencer Dinwiddie2303475.0%
Dru Smith to Moses Brown10000.0%
Dru Smith to Yuta Watanabe90040.0%
Dru Smith to Ben Simmons40000.0%
Dru Smith to Royce O'Neale110010.0%
Dru Smith to Nerlens Noel10000.0%
Edmond Sumner to David Duke Jr.2202728.6%
Edmond Sumner to Kessler Edwards20020.0%
Edmond Sumner to Cameron Johnson40010.0%
Edmond Sumner to Mikal Bridges90040.0%
Edmond Sumner to Ben Simmons310010.0%
Edmond Sumner to Spencer Dinwiddie80050.0%
Edmond Sumner to Seth Curry390050.0%
Edmond Sumner to Nerlens Noel40010.0%
Cam Thomas to Alondes Williams30000.0%
Cam Thomas to Dru Smith90010.0%
Cam Thomas to Moses Brown10000.0%
Cam Thomas to Ben Simmons690010.0%
Cam Thomas to Spencer Dinwiddie64021020.0%
Cam Thomas to Markieff Morris230060.0%
Cam Thomas to Kyrie Irving2503837.5%
T.J. Warren to Dru Smith40000.0%
T.J. Warren to Day'Ron Sharpe40000.0%
T.J. Warren to Patty Mills120020.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Dru Smith1401425.0%
Yuta Watanabe to RaiQuan Gray30000.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Kessler Edwards60030.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Cameron Johnson40010.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Mikal Bridges4011100.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Dorian Finney-Smith10000.0%
Yuta Watanabe to Nerlens Noel20000.0%
Alondes Williams to David Duke Jr.40010.0%
Alondes Williams to Cam Thomas10000.0%
Alondes Williams to Markieff Morris20000.0%