2016 Brooklyn Nets Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Brooklyn Nets averaged 311 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jeremy Lin to Brook Lopez, with 74 assists on 473 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jeremy Lin to Brook Lopez473749621744.2%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Brook Lopez250445712645.2%
Randy Foye to Brook Lopez284385513740.1%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Brook Lopez326376014740.8%
Isaiah Whitehead to Brook Lopez303375211246.4%
Sean Kilpatrick to Brook Lopez398364912738.6%
Brook Lopez to Bojan Bogdanovic286344512436.3%
Brook Lopez to Sean Kilpatrick332324711242.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Trevor Booker37628417356.2%
Trevor Booker to Sean Kilpatrick557265011742.7%
Jeremy Lin to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson28026338140.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Brook Lopez314245111145.9%
Trevor Booker to Joe Harris23122256737.3%
Trevor Booker to Brook Lopez18622367647.4%
Sean Kilpatrick to Justin Hamilton15421214151.2%
Sean Kilpatrick to Trevor Booker37221418548.2%
Sean Kilpatrick to Bojan Bogdanovic16620277038.6%
Isaiah Whitehead to Bojan Bogdanovic13620224944.9%
Isaiah Whitehead to Trevor Booker42420307440.5%
Sean Kilpatrick to Joe Harris13819214151.2%
Caris LeVert to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson19119226036.7%
Brook Lopez to Caris LeVert18519286543.1%
Isaiah Whitehead to Sean Kilpatrick19119266738.8%
Isaiah Whitehead to Justin Hamilton18319205040.0%
Brook Lopez to Joe Harris12218204346.5%
Trevor Booker to Bojan Bogdanovic30317277038.6%
Caris LeVert to Brook Lopez18017347247.2%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Justin Hamilton16616164436.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Quincy Acy14216184341.9%
Randy Foye to Justin Hamilton13916164436.4%
Brook Lopez to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson20016228127.2%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Trevor Booker15115254358.1%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Bojan Bogdanovic10715184045.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Jeremy Lin51315368940.4%
Brook Lopez to Trevor Booker12115183847.4%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Justin Hamilton7114142166.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Sean Kilpatrick15713174835.4%
Trevor Booker to Isaiah Whitehead57913308137.0%
Randy Foye to Bojan Bogdanovic11513225143.1%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Bojan Bogdanovic18113195236.5%
Caris LeVert to Sean Kilpatrick7913173844.7%
Jeremy Lin to Caris LeVert17013256041.7%
Brook Lopez to Jeremy Lin31613338737.9%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson24712205337.7%
Randy Foye to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson21412226434.4%
Archie Goodwin to Justin Hamilton6512122254.5%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Randy Foye34812195335.8%
Isaiah Whitehead to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson21812204841.7%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Caris LeVert11311145028.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Sean Kilpatrick12311154533.3%
Caris LeVert to Quincy Acy4811122450.0%
Jeremy Lin to Sean Kilpatrick10511153839.5%
Isaiah Whitehead to Caris LeVert7911182669.2%
Joe Harris to Justin Hamilton9710103231.3%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Caris LeVert22810194641.3%
Sean Kilpatrick to Isaiah Whitehead18210174736.2%
Jeremy Lin to Joe Harris5410102050.0%
Jeremy Lin to Bojan Bogdanovic6610112642.3%
Jeremy Lin to Trevor Booker14110123138.7%
Isaiah Whitehead to Quincy Acy10310123336.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Joe Harris559102343.5%
Randy Foye to Sean Kilpatrick789133141.9%
Brook Lopez to Isaiah Whitehead2149174339.5%
Isaiah Whitehead to Luis Scola799102245.5%
Trevor Booker to Spencer Dinwiddie5158246338.1%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Randy Foye1128122548.0%
Randy Foye to Jeremy Lin1148134032.5%
Justin Hamilton to Joe Harris129892536.0%
Caris LeVert to Trevor Booker798142653.8%
Luis Scola to Isaiah Whitehead1218102737.0%
Trevor Booker to Randy Foye201773221.9%
Randy Foye to Caris LeVert1087143638.9%
Randy Foye to Trevor Booker1367112544.0%
Justin Hamilton to Sean Kilpatrick2267145226.9%
Justin Hamilton to Bojan Bogdanovic1097143441.2%
Joe Harris to Bojan Bogdanovic767153148.4%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Joe Harris86792931.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson1237112347.8%
Caris LeVert to Isaiah Whitehead94792536.0%
Caris LeVert to Jeremy Lin1737174042.5%
Luis Scola to Joe Harris53771546.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Randy Foye92681942.1%
Trevor Booker to Justin Hamilton53671546.7%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Isaiah Whitehead2876145127.5%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Sean Kilpatrick2296124725.5%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Trevor Booker1156132454.2%
Caris LeVert to Joe Harris1866785.7%
Caris LeVert to Luis Scola28671163.6%
Brook Lopez to Spencer Dinwiddie1916113333.3%
Isaiah Whitehead to Joe Harris90662425.0%
Quincy Acy to KJ McDaniels34561060.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Isaiah Whitehead1225122744.4%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson95571936.8%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Joe Harris56552025.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Justin Hamilton75571838.9%
Trevor Booker to Jeremy Lin2555193948.7%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Isaiah Whitehead765123336.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to KJ McDaniels51571546.7%
Yogi Ferrell to Justin Hamilton37561154.5%
Randy Foye to Luis Scola60571936.8%
Justin Hamilton to Isaiah Whitehead2155133636.1%
Joe Harris to Trevor Booker1215123435.3%
Joe Harris to Brook Lopez1115144630.4%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Spencer Dinwiddie3205143342.4%
Caris LeVert to Justin Hamilton43551435.7%
Caris LeVert to Bojan Bogdanovic43581844.4%
Caris LeVert to Randy Foye93572429.2%
Luis Scola to Sean Kilpatrick1165153641.7%
Luis Scola to Bojan Bogdanovic49561540.0%
Quincy Acy to Isaiah Whitehead121492634.6%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Quincy Acy1144666.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Luis Scola51461346.2%
Trevor Booker to KJ McDaniels39461442.9%
Yogi Ferrell to Bojan Bogdanovic26441040.0%
Randy Foye to Spencer Dinwiddie93481650.0%
Justin Hamilton to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson101472330.4%
Joe Harris to Isaiah Whitehead81451926.3%
Joe Harris to Sean Kilpatrick1364123237.5%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Luis Scola3547977.8%
Sean Kilpatrick to Spencer Dinwiddie93471546.7%
Sean Kilpatrick to Quincy Acy43451050.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Randy Foye65461637.5%
Jeremy Lin to Randy Foye82461931.6%
Brook Lopez to Randy Foye205473321.2%
KJ McDaniels to Trevor Booker3045955.6%
Isaiah Whitehead to Chris McCullough1344666.7%
Isaiah Whitehead to KJ McDaniels37451926.3%
Anthony Bennett to Bojan Bogdanovic3435683.3%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Anthony Bennett1933560.0%
Trevor Booker to Caris LeVert93382040.0%
Trevor Booker to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson112371643.8%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Archie Goodwin35371353.8%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Andrew Nicholson31331225.0%
Randy Foye to Joe Harris61361931.6%
Archie Goodwin to KJ McDaniels1733837.5%
Justin Hamilton to KJ McDaniels32361346.2%
Justin Hamilton to Trevor Booker38351050.0%
Joe Harris to Anthony Bennett2134850.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Anthony Bennett30341330.8%
Sean Kilpatrick to Jeremy Lin973102737.0%
Jeremy Lin to Isaiah Whitehead2734757.1%
Jeremy Lin to Justin Hamilton46341136.4%
Jeremy Lin to Quincy Acy2533837.5%
Brook Lopez to Justin Hamilton2333742.9%
KJ McDaniels to Isaiah Whitehead42361060.0%
Isaiah Whitehead to Archie Goodwin2534944.4%
Isaiah Whitehead to Anthony Bennett2633742.9%
Isaiah Whitehead to Andrew Nicholson1833837.5%
Quincy Acy to Spencer Dinwiddie158293030.0%
Quincy Acy to Jeremy Lin3524666.7%
Anthony Bennett to Joe Harris3222825.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Spencer Dinwiddie86261540.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Jeremy Lin2124944.4%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Luis Scola58251338.5%
Yogi Ferrell to Anthony Bennett1724944.4%
Yogi Ferrell to Randy Foye2322922.2%
Randy Foye to Yogi Ferrell2222450.0%
Randy Foye to Anthony Bennett2522825.0%
Randy Foye to Quincy Acy2922633.3%
Archie Goodwin to Caris LeVert10233100.0%
Archie Goodwin to Quincy Acy2523560.0%
Justin Hamilton to Caris LeVert73291850.0%
Justin Hamilton to Archie Goodwin67261250.0%
Justin Hamilton to Andrew Nicholson623560.0%
Justin Hamilton to Brook Lopez2523933.3%
Justin Hamilton to Randy Foye145292437.5%
Joe Harris to Yogi Ferrell31231323.1%
Joe Harris to Caris LeVert2323650.0%
Joe Harris to Chris McCullough523475.0%
Joe Harris to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson88272133.3%
Joe Harris to Spencer Dinwiddie7325955.6%
Joe Harris to Randy Foye70241330.8%
Sean Kilpatrick to Luis Scola65221216.7%
Caris LeVert to Spencer Dinwiddie120261540.0%
Jeremy Lin to Archie Goodwin722450.0%
Jeremy Lin to Anthony Bennett1622450.0%
Luis Scola to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson3922633.3%
Luis Scola to Spencer Dinwiddie59251145.5%
Luis Scola to Justin Hamilton1522450.0%
Luis Scola to Jeremy Lin2624757.1%
Greivis Vasquez to Sean Kilpatrick2122728.6%
Greivis Vasquez to Joe Harris1423475.0%
Isaiah Whitehead to Spencer Dinwiddie68261442.9%
Isaiah Whitehead to Jeremy Lin42261735.3%
Quincy Acy to Sean Kilpatrick51191850.0%
Quincy Acy to Andrew Nicholson211250.0%
Quincy Acy to Bojan Bogdanovic1912450.0%
Quincy Acy to Brook Lopez2011812.5%
Quincy Acy to Randy Foye51121118.2%
Anthony Bennett to Isaiah Whitehead5014666.7%
Anthony Bennett to Caris LeVert8122100.0%
Anthony Bennett to Chris McCullough2111100.0%
Anthony Bennett to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson3412540.0%
Anthony Bennett to Sean Kilpatrick45141136.4%
Anthony Bennett to Brook Lopez1112540.0%
Anthony Bennett to Luis Scola3111100.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Caris LeVert2311714.3%
Trevor Booker to Yogi Ferrell3614944.4%
Trevor Booker to Archie Goodwin3411250.0%
Trevor Booker to Anthony Bennett611425.0%
Trevor Booker to Andrew Nicholson211250.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Chris McCullough511250.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Isaiah Whitehead3111100.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Chris McCullough1712633.3%
Yogi Ferrell to Joe Harris2112633.3%
Yogi Ferrell to Trevor Booker2612450.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Luis Scola1711333.3%
Randy Foye to Isaiah Whitehead53131323.1%
Randy Foye to Chris McCullough411250.0%
Randy Foye to Archie Goodwin11133100.0%
Archie Goodwin to Isaiah Whitehead28151338.5%
Archie Goodwin to Spencer Dinwiddie2011250.0%
Archie Goodwin to Brook Lopez9122100.0%
Justin Hamilton to Spencer Dinwiddie2121103429.4%
Justin Hamilton to Anthony Bennett511250.0%
Justin Hamilton to Jeremy Lin73131030.0%
Justin Hamilton to Luis Scola2011333.3%
Joe Harris to Jeremy Lin58131618.8%
Joe Harris to Luis Scola2911333.3%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Chris McCullough5111100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to KJ McDaniels3122100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Anthony Bennett33121216.7%
Caris LeVert to Archie Goodwin913560.0%
Jeremy Lin to KJ McDaniels812540.0%
Brook Lopez to Quincy Acy911333.3%
Brook Lopez to Luis Scola2111100.0%
Chris McCullough to Sean Kilpatrick1312450.0%
Chris McCullough to Anthony Bennett3122100.0%
KJ McDaniels to Archie Goodwin2211616.7%
KJ McDaniels to Quincy Acy2211911.1%
Andrew Nicholson to Isaiah Whitehead28131030.0%
Andrew Nicholson to KJ McDaniels1513560.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Quincy Acy611250.0%
Luis Scola to Caris LeVert3113650.0%
Luis Scola to Quincy Acy2122100.0%
Luis Scola to Trevor Booker1311250.0%
Luis Scola to Randy Foye7014944.4%
Greivis Vasquez to Justin Hamilton1911520.0%
Isaiah Whitehead to Yogi Ferrell2111100.0%
Isaiah Whitehead to Randy Foye4312825.0%
Quincy Acy to Caris LeVert5103933.3%
Quincy Acy to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson150020.0%
Quincy Acy to Joe Harris40000.0%
Quincy Acy to Archie Goodwin300040.0%
Quincy Acy to Justin Hamilton50010.0%
Quincy Acy to Trevor Booker130040.0%
Quincy Acy to Luis Scola3011100.0%
Anthony Bennett to Yogi Ferrell2101250.0%
Anthony Bennett to Spencer Dinwiddie100000.0%
Anthony Bennett to Justin Hamilton50030.0%
Anthony Bennett to Jeremy Lin2301616.7%
Anthony Bennett to Greivis Vasquez30000.0%
Anthony Bennett to Trevor Booker30000.0%
Anthony Bennett to Randy Foye260030.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Yogi Ferrell180030.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Chris McCullough10010.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Terry Rozier10000.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Bojan Bogdanovic10000.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Jeremy Lin4402825.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Greivis Vasquez50010.0%
Trevor Booker to Chris McCullough10010.0%
Trevor Booker to Julius Randle10000.0%
Trevor Booker to Quincy Acy260080.0%
Trevor Booker to Greivis Vasquez10000.0%
Trevor Booker to Luis Scola2001520.0%
Spencer Dinwiddie to Anthony Bennett901520.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson901250.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Sean Kilpatrick801520.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Brook Lopez1801520.0%
Randy Foye to KJ McDaniels70030.0%
Randy Foye to Andrew Nicholson60010.0%
Archie Goodwin to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson2401616.7%
Archie Goodwin to Andrew Nicholson170010.0%
Archie Goodwin to Jeremy Lin80020.0%
Archie Goodwin to Trevor Booker280030.0%
Archie Goodwin to Randy Foye30000.0%
Justin Hamilton to Yogi Ferrell5101520.0%
Justin Hamilton to Chris McCullough10000.0%
Justin Hamilton to Quincy Acy60010.0%
Justin Hamilton to Greivis Vasquez2501250.0%
Joe Harris to Quincy Acy20010.0%
Joe Harris to Greivis Vasquez200010.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Yogi Ferrell100010.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson10000.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to KJ McDaniels70000.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Archie Goodwin270050.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Quincy Acy70000.0%
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson to Greivis Vasquez7011100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Yogi Ferrell801250.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Caris LeVert67041233.3%
Sean Kilpatrick to Chris McCullough501250.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Sean Kilpatrick10000.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Archie Goodwin10000.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Greivis Vasquez80010.0%
Caris LeVert to KJ McDaniels10000.0%
Caris LeVert to Anthony Bennett70020.0%
Caris LeVert to Andrew Nicholson20000.0%
Jeremy Lin to Spencer Dinwiddie160040.0%
Jeremy Lin to Luis Scola220050.0%
Brook Lopez to Yogi Ferrell160010.0%
Brook Lopez to KJ McDaniels60020.0%
Brook Lopez to Archie Goodwin60000.0%
Brook Lopez to Anthony Bennett40010.0%
Brook Lopez to Greivis Vasquez50000.0%
Brook Lopez to Danilo Gallinari10000.0%
Chris McCullough to Yogi Ferrell1402450.0%
Chris McCullough to Isaiah Whitehead170020.0%
Chris McCullough to Caris LeVert20000.0%
Chris McCullough to Chris McCullough10000.0%
Chris McCullough to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson901333.3%
Chris McCullough to Joe Harris70000.0%
Chris McCullough to Spencer Dinwiddie8011100.0%
Chris McCullough to Bojan Bogdanovic30000.0%
Chris McCullough to Randy Foye12022100.0%
Chris McCullough to Luis Scola20000.0%
KJ McDaniels to Caris LeVert10010.0%
KJ McDaniels to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson801333.3%
KJ McDaniels to Sean Kilpatrick401250.0%
KJ McDaniels to Spencer Dinwiddie4803742.9%
KJ McDaniels to Justin Hamilton110020.0%
KJ McDaniels to Andrew Nicholson100000.0%
KJ McDaniels to Jeremy Lin70020.0%
KJ McDaniels to Brook Lopez80030.0%
KJ McDaniels to Randy Foye1001425.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Caris LeVert20000.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson30000.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Sean Kilpatrick3011100.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Spencer Dinwiddie3401333.3%
Andrew Nicholson to Archie Goodwin2502366.7%
Andrew Nicholson to Justin Hamilton40000.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Jeremy Lin2011100.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Trevor Booker20000.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Randy Foye110010.0%
Luis Scola to Yogi Ferrell3301714.3%
Luis Scola to Chris McCullough2011100.0%
Luis Scola to Greivis Vasquez180020.0%
Greivis Vasquez to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson20000.0%
Greivis Vasquez to Anthony Bennett40010.0%
Greivis Vasquez to Bojan Bogdanovic40000.0%
Greivis Vasquez to Jeremy Lin1011100.0%
Greivis Vasquez to Trevor Booker20010.0%
Greivis Vasquez to Brook Lopez50010.0%
Greivis Vasquez to Luis Scola190040.0%
Isaiah Whitehead to Isaiah Whitehead20000.0%