2016 Sacramento Kings Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Sacramento Kings averaged 318 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Darren Collison to DeMarcus Cousins, with 82 assists on 1161 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Darren Collison to DeMarcus Cousins11618214037237.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Darren Collison805567916149.1%
Ty Lawson to Willie Cauley-Stein284536312450.8%
Ty Lawson to DeMarcus Cousins517478018842.6%
Darren Collison to Willie Cauley-Stein21240468951.7%
Ty Lawson to Kosta Koufos21636387650.0%
Matt Barnes to DeMarcus Cousins317325113138.9%
DeMarcus Cousins to Arron Afflalo29631407950.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Rudy Gay278314510941.3%
DeMarcus Cousins to Matt Barnes27331367548.0%
Ty Lawson to Matt Barnes31830319034.4%
Ty Lawson to Anthony Tolliver33529338837.5%
Darren Collison to Anthony Tolliver31326275350.9%
Rudy Gay to DeMarcus Cousins296264710843.5%
Garrett Temple to Kosta Koufos11526305158.8%
Garrett Temple to DeMarcus Cousins324254511339.8%
Darren Collison to Kosta Koufos24024296246.8%
Darren Collison to Ben McLemore23323277038.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Ben McLemore16323236535.4%
DeMarcus Cousins to Garrett Temple25323286245.2%
DeMarcus Cousins to Kosta Koufos10623274165.9%
Ty Lawson to Arron Afflalo26522297737.7%
Darren Collison to Matt Barnes32320266440.6%
Darren Collison to Garrett Temple37719246934.8%
Arron Afflalo to DeMarcus Cousins307184212633.3%
DeMarcus Cousins to Anthony Tolliver8017194542.2%
Ty Lawson to Rudy Gay24517329035.6%
Matt Barnes to Anthony Tolliver11516172860.7%
Matt Barnes to Rudy Gay8516203655.6%
Ty Lawson to Skal Labissiere8416204050.0%
Ty Lawson to Garrett Temple30416186129.5%
Garrett Temple to Anthony Tolliver17316194641.3%
Darren Collison to Skal Labissiere10215193652.8%
Darren Collison to Buddy Hield14815235244.2%
Garrett Temple to Ben McLemore9215173450.0%
Darren Collison to Arron Afflalo34714247332.9%
Garrett Temple to Skal Labissiere7314182766.7%
Garrett Temple to Darren Collison33414246338.1%
Matt Barnes to Willie Cauley-Stein7513142850.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Ty Lawson41913296743.3%
Matt Barnes to Ben McLemore6912162564.0%
Ty Lawson to Buddy Hield11012244949.0%
Garrett Temple to Willie Cauley-Stein13412165230.8%
Matt Barnes to Darren Collison55211266241.9%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Arron Afflalo8411122254.5%
Darren Collison to Rudy Gay21011225937.3%
Rudy Gay to Darren Collison26911295354.7%
Ty Lawson to Ben McLemore12211144531.1%
Anthony Tolliver to Willie Cauley-Stein5811152951.7%
Matt Barnes to Garrett Temple19010163250.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Ben McLemore6910103033.3%
Buddy Hield to Willie Cauley-Stein9910122646.2%
Ty Lawson to Darren Collison19810173844.7%
Ben McLemore to Willie Cauley-Stein7910183452.9%
Arron Afflalo to Darren Collison3379275350.9%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Buddy Hield989163842.1%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Garrett Temple1159102540.0%
Ty Lawson to Omri Casspi989102835.7%
Anthony Tolliver to Garrett Temple1779123732.4%
Anthony Tolliver to Kosta Koufos379101662.5%
Arron Afflalo to Anthony Tolliver64882433.3%
Matt Barnes to Omri Casspi478111861.1%
Matt Barnes to Ty Lawson5418235541.8%
Matt Barnes to Arron Afflalo1078123040.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Omri Casspi528101471.4%
Tyreke Evans to Willie Cauley-Stein48891850.0%
Rudy Gay to Garrett Temple76881747.1%
Rudy Gay to Kosta Koufos548102245.5%
Rudy Gay to Arron Afflalo628123138.7%
Kosta Koufos to Darren Collison5428236137.7%
Ty Lawson to Langston Galloway418111957.9%
Ben McLemore to DeMarcus Cousins1288123930.8%
Georgios Papagiannis to Langston Galloway93882040.0%
Garrett Temple to Arron Afflalo1108122744.4%
Garrett Temple to Matt Barnes121892733.3%
Anthony Tolliver to Ben McLemore758112544.0%
Arron Afflalo to Willie Cauley-Stein667123040.0%
Arron Afflalo to Rudy Gay727173351.5%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Skal Labissiere34781457.1%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Darren Collison3207245147.1%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Kosta Koufos22781172.7%
Darren Collison to Omri Casspi67771450.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Willie Cauley-Stein27771450.0%
Tyreke Evans to Skal Labissiere527102245.5%
Langston Galloway to Buddy Hield647112152.4%
Buddy Hield to Skal Labissiere677132161.9%
Skal Labissiere to Buddy Hield1017112740.7%
Ty Lawson to Georgios Papagiannis26771258.3%
Garrett Temple to Georgios Papagiannis41791275.0%
Garrett Temple to Buddy Hield327111957.9%
Anthony Tolliver to DeMarcus Cousins82792634.6%
Anthony Tolliver to Ty Lawson4547255644.6%
Omri Casspi to Garrett Temple70661442.9%
Omri Casspi to Darren Collison119691947.4%
Darren Collison to Ty Lawson1976164040.0%
Kosta Koufos to DeMarcus Cousins1006142360.9%
Ty Lawson to Malachi Richardson54692142.9%
Anthony Tolliver to Darren Collison4366215339.6%
Arron Afflalo to Buddy Hield35581172.7%
Arron Afflalo to Garrett Temple885102050.0%
Arron Afflalo to Kosta Koufos111582532.0%
Arron Afflalo to Matt Barnes78571643.8%
Matt Barnes to Kosta Koufos45561735.3%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Ty Lawson3535235541.8%
Darren Collison to Tyreke Evans100582532.0%
Langston Galloway to Ben McLemore865102343.5%
Rudy Gay to Willie Cauley-Stein1055683.3%
Kosta Koufos to Ben McLemore55562425.0%
Kosta Koufos to Arron Afflalo1205123237.5%
Kosta Koufos to Rudy Gay785143342.4%
Skal Labissiere to Ben McLemore72571936.8%
Ben McLemore to Anthony Tolliver59561346.2%
Georgios Papagiannis to Ben McLemore38581457.1%
Anthony Tolliver to Matt Barnes89562227.3%
Omri Casspi to DeMarcus Cousins654102737.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Matt Barnes55441330.8%
Darren Collison to Georgios Papagiannis33451145.5%
Tyreke Evans to Buddy Hield3244944.4%
Tyreke Evans to Kosta Koufos1344850.0%
Langston Galloway to Garrett Temple60441040.0%
Rudy Gay to Ben McLemore2045862.5%
Rudy Gay to Matt Barnes67451729.4%
Buddy Hield to Darren Collison1424132454.2%
Buddy Hield to Tyreke Evans36481457.1%
Kosta Koufos to Buddy Hield39471546.7%
Kosta Koufos to Garrett Temple92471936.8%
Kosta Koufos to Ty Lawson3964235641.1%
Ben McLemore to Garrett Temple6846966.7%
Ben McLemore to Kosta Koufos57481361.5%
Ben McLemore to Rudy Gay26471643.8%
Malachi Richardson to Willie Cauley-Stein1944757.1%
Garrett Temple to Rudy Gay934133834.2%
Anthony Tolliver to Tyreke Evans394111573.3%
Anthony Tolliver to Arron Afflalo88472231.8%
Arron Afflalo to Ben McLemore43361637.5%
Arron Afflalo to Ty Lawson2383134231.0%
Omri Casspi to Kosta Koufos2434666.7%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Malachi Richardson36331030.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Anthony Tolliver38341040.0%
Tyreke Evans to Ty Lawson3935771.4%
Jordan Farmar to Garrett Temple2034580.0%
Langston Galloway to Georgios Papagiannis61351145.5%
Buddy Hield to Langston Galloway4933933.3%
Buddy Hield to Ben McLemore20341233.3%
Buddy Hield to Garrett Temple32351050.0%
Buddy Hield to Ty Lawson103361735.3%
Skal Labissiere to Langston Galloway98361833.3%
Ben McLemore to Buddy Hield21351145.5%
Ben McLemore to Matt Barnes65351338.5%
Garrett Temple to Omri Casspi48341428.6%
Garrett Temple to Tyreke Evans30351050.0%
Arron Afflalo to Malachi Richardson1022366.7%
Matt Barnes to Malachi Richardson2222825.0%
Omri Casspi to Rudy Gay18251050.0%
Omri Casspi to Matt Barnes3222728.6%
Darren Collison to Langston Galloway622366.7%
Tyreke Evans to Ben McLemore2223742.9%
Tyreke Evans to Darren Collison81251729.4%
Tyreke Evans to Anthony Tolliver33221513.3%
Langston Galloway to Willie Cauley-Stein40231225.0%
Langston Galloway to Anthony Tolliver39231030.0%
Langston Galloway to Arron Afflalo2022450.0%
Rudy Gay to Omri Casspi2122540.0%
Rudy Gay to Ty Lawson192272429.2%
Buddy Hield to Georgios Papagiannis2223837.5%
Buddy Hield to Kosta Koufos2123475.0%
Buddy Hield to Anthony Tolliver2922633.3%
Buddy Hield to Arron Afflalo3625862.5%
Kosta Koufos to Matt Barnes45221020.0%
Skal Labissiere to Georgios Papagiannis2025862.5%
Skal Labissiere to Ty Lawson108291656.3%
Skal Labissiere to Tyreke Evans5622219.5%
Ty Lawson to Tyreke Evans50251631.3%
Ben McLemore to Georgios Papagiannis3526966.7%
Ben McLemore to Skal Labissiere44231030.0%
Ben McLemore to Langston Galloway6823933.3%
Malachi Richardson to Ty Lawson3624944.4%
Malachi Richardson to Matt Barnes3724757.1%
Garrett Temple to Langston Galloway44241136.4%
Garrett Temple to Ty Lawson2412153740.5%
Garrett Temple to Jordan Farmar1722450.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Malachi Richardson3824850.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Omri Casspi2123650.0%
Arron Afflalo to Skal Labissiere1411616.7%
Arron Afflalo to Langston Galloway1911333.3%
Omri Casspi to Ty Lawson171152420.8%
Omri Casspi to Arron Afflalo1512366.7%
Omri Casspi to Jordan Farmar7111100.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Georgios Papagiannis811333.3%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Omri Casspi1511616.7%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Tyreke Evans49141625.0%
Darren Collison to Malachi Richardson1612728.6%
DeMarcus Cousins to Malachi Richardson411250.0%
Tyreke Evans to Georgios Papagiannis1711520.0%
Tyreke Evans to Garrett Temple2512633.3%
Jordan Farmar to Georgios Papagiannis6111100.0%
Jordan Farmar to Malachi Richardson411250.0%
Jordan Farmar to Ben McLemore911333.3%
Jordan Farmar to Kosta Koufos2111100.0%
Jordan Farmar to Arron Afflalo5111100.0%
Langston Galloway to Skal Labissiere70162030.0%
Langston Galloway to Darren Collison611250.0%
Rudy Gay to Anthony Tolliver1911911.1%
Kosta Koufos to Willie Cauley-Stein11111100.0%
Kosta Koufos to Anthony Tolliver2012540.0%
Skal Labissiere to Willie Cauley-Stein2213933.3%
Skal Labissiere to Darren Collison110141428.6%
Skal Labissiere to Anthony Tolliver511333.3%
Skal Labissiere to Arron Afflalo2013560.0%
Ben McLemore to Malachi Richardson712366.7%
Ben McLemore to Darren Collison2221123435.3%
Ben McLemore to Ty Lawson115151338.5%
Ben McLemore to Arron Afflalo3415955.6%
Georgios Papagiannis to Skal Labissiere1511425.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Buddy Hield41131421.4%
Georgios Papagiannis to Willie Cauley-Stein7111100.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Garrett Temple51141330.8%
Georgios Papagiannis to Darren Collison4712366.7%
Georgios Papagiannis to Arron Afflalo1211425.0%
Malachi Richardson to Georgios Papagiannis3111100.0%
Malachi Richardson to Ben McLemore1111425.0%
Malachi Richardson to Anthony Tolliver2011425.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Skal Labissiere912450.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Langston Galloway3611520.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Rudy Gay2211812.5%
Arron Afflalo to Georgios Papagiannis80010.0%
Arron Afflalo to Omri Casspi1401425.0%
Arron Afflalo to Tyreke Evans401250.0%
Arron Afflalo to Jordan Farmar60000.0%
Matt Barnes to Skal Labissiere20000.0%
Matt Barnes to Jordan Farmar1601333.3%
Matt Barnes to Matt Barnes10000.0%
Omri Casspi to Willie Cauley-Stein120020.0%
Omri Casspi to Ben McLemore701333.3%
Omri Casspi to Anthony Tolliver140020.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Langston Galloway7502633.3%
Willie Cauley-Stein to DeMarcus Cousins150020.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Jordan Farmar70010.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Rudy Gay1403650.0%
Darren Collison to Darren Collison1011100.0%
DeMarcus Cousins to Jordan Farmar40010.0%
Tyreke Evans to Langston Galloway110010.0%
Tyreke Evans to Arron Afflalo40010.0%
Jordan Farmar to Skal Labissiere80010.0%
Jordan Farmar to Willie Cauley-Stein10000.0%
Jordan Farmar to DeMarcus Cousins60010.0%
Jordan Farmar to Omri Casspi40000.0%
Jordan Farmar to Rudy Gay1011100.0%
Jordan Farmar to Matt Barnes120000.0%
Langston Galloway to Ty Lawson3603742.9%
Langston Galloway to Tyreke Evans180010.0%
Langston Galloway to Kosta Koufos50000.0%
Kosta Koufos to Georgios Papagiannis30010.0%
Kosta Koufos to Malachi Richardson10000.0%
Kosta Koufos to Skal Labissiere30000.0%
Kosta Koufos to Langston Galloway50000.0%
Kosta Koufos to Omri Casspi1701250.0%
Kosta Koufos to Tyreke Evans18022100.0%
Kosta Koufos to Jordan Farmar20000.0%
Skal Labissiere to Malachi Richardson60020.0%
Skal Labissiere to Garrett Temple5501616.7%
Skal Labissiere to Kosta Koufos20000.0%
Skal Labissiere to Jordan Farmar100010.0%
Ben McLemore to Omri Casspi30010.0%
Ben McLemore to Tyreke Evans200050.0%
Ben McLemore to Jordan Farmar100000.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Malachi Richardson60010.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Ty Lawson5502633.3%
Georgios Papagiannis to Tyreke Evans200040.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Kosta Koufos30000.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Anthony Tolliver30010.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Jordan Farmar30000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Skal Labissiere50010.0%
Malachi Richardson to DeMarcus Cousins60000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Garrett Temple5022100.0%
Malachi Richardson to Darren Collison140000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Kosta Koufos10000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Arron Afflalo50000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Jordan Farmar30010.0%
Garrett Temple to Malachi Richardson70020.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Georgios Papagiannis140040.0%
Anthony Tolliver to Buddy Hield3104944.4%