2016 Portland Trail Blazers Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Portland Trail Blazers averaged 278 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Damian Lillard to CJ McCollum, with 88 assists on 973 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Damian Lillard to CJ McCollum9738814933244.9%
Damian Lillard to Maurice Harkless499708618047.8%
Damian Lillard to Mason Plumlee758657616945.0%
Damian Lillard to Allen Crabbe432616617238.4%
Mason Plumlee to Damian Lillard842599523540.4%
Mason Plumlee to CJ McCollum4815810521050.0%
CJ McCollum to Damian Lillard7435110223942.7%
CJ McCollum to Allen Crabbe377485713542.2%
Damian Lillard to Jusuf Nurkic353475611648.3%
Evan Turner to Allen Crabbe24340448949.4%
CJ McCollum to Mason Plumlee401394410342.7%
Mason Plumlee to Maurice Harkless16434398744.8%
Damian Lillard to Al-Farouq Aminu281334010936.7%
CJ McCollum to Al-Farouq Aminu268313810835.2%
Damian Lillard to Meyers Leonard25030328537.6%
CJ McCollum to Maurice Harkless268293610036.0%
Maurice Harkless to CJ McCollum429266414943.0%
Evan Turner to Mason Plumlee18926286145.9%
Evan Turner to Maurice Harkless14325285253.8%
Evan Turner to Meyers Leonard25125258130.9%
Evan Turner to Damian Lillard418235212740.9%
CJ McCollum to Meyers Leonard26822247432.4%
Evan Turner to CJ McCollum405225813941.7%
Mason Plumlee to Allen Crabbe12521265944.1%
Meyers Leonard to Allen Crabbe14420245642.9%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Allen Crabbe13819204050.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Maurice Harkless9418203557.1%
Damian Lillard to Evan Turner449184512236.9%
Allen Crabbe to Al-Farouq Aminu13817205040.0%
Evan Turner to Noah Vonleh11617224450.0%
Shabazz Napier to Allen Crabbe8316172665.4%
Jusuf Nurkic to Maurice Harkless7416223464.7%
Jusuf Nurkic to Damian Lillard448164810744.9%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Mason Plumlee9615183650.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to CJ McCollum492156512850.8%
Allen Crabbe to Damian Lillard448147415547.7%
Maurice Harkless to Damian Lillard709146618635.5%
Meyers Leonard to CJ McCollum33814378842.0%
Mason Plumlee to Al-Farouq Aminu10714205337.7%
Allen Crabbe to Meyers Leonard9913153542.9%
Maurice Harkless to Allen Crabbe9313153246.9%
Damian Lillard to Noah Vonleh14513174537.8%
CJ McCollum to Jusuf Nurkic14313225639.3%
CJ McCollum to Evan Turner35413357944.3%
Damian Lillard to Ed Davis13912143145.2%
CJ McCollum to Noah Vonleh11912214348.8%
CJ McCollum to Ed Davis12712123237.5%
Jusuf Nurkic to CJ McCollum15311244553.3%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Damian Lillard630105112939.5%
Allen Crabbe to CJ McCollum379105112640.5%
Shabazz Napier to Meyers Leonard15010162857.1%
Allen Crabbe to Mason Plumlee93892931.0%
Allen Crabbe to Maurice Harkless878102934.5%
Maurice Harkless to Mason Plumlee1258122646.2%
Meyers Leonard to Damian Lillard37683611032.7%
Shabazz Napier to Pat Connaughton66881844.4%
Shabazz Napier to Noah Vonleh738102050.0%
Mason Plumlee to Evan Turner1948296842.6%
Evan Turner to Ed Davis74881942.1%
Noah Vonleh to CJ McCollum2648256339.7%
Jusuf Nurkic to Allen Crabbe23771070.0%
Mason Plumlee to Meyers Leonard34771546.7%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Meyers Leonard54661442.9%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Ed Davis21661154.5%
Pat Connaughton to Jake Layman29671643.8%
Ed Davis to Damian Lillard3176298036.3%
Meyers Leonard to Maurice Harkless656122646.2%
Meyers Leonard to Evan Turner1966215637.5%
Shabazz Napier to CJ McCollum1106274461.4%
Jusuf Nurkic to Noah Vonleh36681650.0%
Mason Plumlee to Noah Vonleh24661060.0%
Evan Turner to Al-Farouq Aminu1276134727.7%
Noah Vonleh to Allen Crabbe46661637.5%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Evan Turner1755193652.8%
Ed Davis to Mason Plumlee3055862.5%
Ed Davis to CJ McCollum2285236038.3%
Ed Davis to Maurice Harkless36551338.5%
Maurice Harkless to Evan Turner1045122744.4%
CJ McCollum to Pat Connaughton25551050.0%
CJ McCollum to Shabazz Napier76571450.0%
Shabazz Napier to Maurice Harkless20571258.3%
Noah Vonleh to Damian Lillard48953410133.7%
Pat Connaughton to Shabazz Napier624101855.6%
Pat Connaughton to Meyers Leonard46441233.3%
Allen Crabbe to Noah Vonleh36441040.0%
Allen Crabbe to Shabazz Napier80451338.5%
Allen Crabbe to Ed Davis35451145.5%
Allen Crabbe to Evan Turner1934185731.6%
Ed Davis to Allen Crabbe50441330.8%
Maurice Harkless to Noah Vonleh58472133.3%
Maurice Harkless to Meyers Leonard40441136.4%
Meyers Leonard to Jake Layman24441136.4%
Meyers Leonard to Al-Farouq Aminu55492634.6%
Jusuf Nurkic to Al-Farouq Aminu24461637.5%
Mason Plumlee to Ed Davis1744850.0%
Tim Quarterman to Pat Connaughton2644757.1%
Pat Connaughton to Allen Crabbe1735955.6%
Pat Connaughton to Al-Farouq Aminu1834850.0%
Ed Davis to Al-Farouq Aminu2033742.9%
Maurice Harkless to Jusuf Nurkic41361735.3%
Maurice Harkless to Al-Farouq Aminu97342218.2%
Jake Layman to Noah Vonleh1533475.0%
Meyers Leonard to Pat Connaughton5336875.0%
Meyers Leonard to Shabazz Napier1613123831.6%
Meyers Leonard to Mason Plumlee18333100.0%
CJ McCollum to Jake Layman1133650.0%
Shabazz Napier to Jake Layman63352222.7%
Shabazz Napier to Al-Farouq Aminu48372035.0%
Tim Quarterman to Meyers Leonard1633650.0%
Evan Turner to Pat Connaughton25331030.0%
Noah Vonleh to Pat Connaughton2834757.1%
Noah Vonleh to Maurice Harkless43341136.4%
Pat Connaughton to Tim Quarterman1723742.9%
Allen Crabbe to Jake Layman1022366.7%
Maurice Harkless to Ed Davis2822366.7%
Jake Layman to Pat Connaughton20233100.0%
Jake Layman to Allen Crabbe622450.0%
Shabazz Napier to Damian Lillard582102540.0%
Shabazz Napier to Evan Turner80271741.2%
Jusuf Nurkic to Shabazz Napier2323560.0%
Tim Quarterman to Noah Vonleh1723650.0%
Evan Turner to Shabazz Napier74241428.6%
Noah Vonleh to Jusuf Nurkic2524666.7%
Noah Vonleh to Shabazz Napier1772103231.3%
Noah Vonleh to Meyers Leonard2724666.7%
Noah Vonleh to Evan Turner1482123138.7%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Pat Connaughton13111100.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Noah Vonleh1111520.0%
Pat Connaughton to Jusuf Nurkic4111100.0%
Pat Connaughton to Noah Vonleh18131127.3%
Pat Connaughton to CJ McCollum42151338.5%
Pat Connaughton to Maurice Harkless512366.7%
Pat Connaughton to Ed Davis4111100.0%
Pat Connaughton to Evan Turner2112366.7%
Allen Crabbe to Pat Connaughton1211425.0%
Allen Crabbe to Jusuf Nurkic31151241.7%
Ed Davis to Pat Connaughton4111100.0%
Maurice Harkless to Jake Layman5111100.0%
Maurice Harkless to Pat Connaughton4111100.0%
Maurice Harkless to Shabazz Napier24122100.0%
Jake Layman to Tim Quarterman1412366.7%
Jake Layman to Shabazz Napier72141428.6%
Jake Layman to CJ McCollum1511425.0%
Jake Layman to Meyers Leonard1311333.3%
Jake Layman to Ed Davis511425.0%
Meyers Leonard to Noah Vonleh2311520.0%
Damian Lillard to Shabazz Napier4612633.3%
Shabazz Napier to Tim Quarterman2613742.9%
Shabazz Napier to Jusuf Nurkic1912728.6%
Shabazz Napier to Mason Plumlee1611250.0%
Mason Plumlee to Jake Layman1111100.0%
Mason Plumlee to Shabazz Napier2112825.0%
Tim Quarterman to Jake Layman1611616.7%
Tim Quarterman to Shabazz Napier1112633.3%
Noah Vonleh to Tim Quarterman2912450.0%
Noah Vonleh to Mason Plumlee1511250.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Tim Quarterman30000.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Jake Layman70010.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Jusuf Nurkic130050.0%
Al-Farouq Aminu to Shabazz Napier7902728.6%
Pat Connaughton to Mason Plumlee40010.0%
Pat Connaughton to Damian Lillard2203933.3%
Ed Davis to Jake Layman80040.0%
Ed Davis to Noah Vonleh20000.0%
Ed Davis to Shabazz Napier200020.0%
Ed Davis to Meyers Leonard90020.0%
Ed Davis to Evan Turner136061931.6%
Maurice Harkless to Tim Quarterman801250.0%
Jake Layman to Maurice Harkless10000.0%
Jake Layman to Damian Lillard160050.0%
Jake Layman to Al-Farouq Aminu30010.0%
Jake Layman to Evan Turner90020.0%
Meyers Leonard to Tim Quarterman160010.0%
Meyers Leonard to Jusuf Nurkic10000.0%
Meyers Leonard to Ed Davis90020.0%
Damian Lillard to Jake Layman140040.0%
Damian Lillard to Pat Connaughton210020.0%
Shabazz Napier to Ed Davis120020.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Pat Connaughton50000.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Meyers Leonard10000.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Evan Turner110010.0%
Mason Plumlee to Pat Connaughton40010.0%
Tim Quarterman to Maurice Harkless10000.0%
Tim Quarterman to Al-Farouq Aminu70010.0%
Tim Quarterman to Evan Turner50010.0%
Evan Turner to Tim Quarterman50020.0%
Evan Turner to Jake Layman120070.0%
Evan Turner to Jusuf Nurkic901333.3%
Noah Vonleh to Jake Layman170070.0%
Noah Vonleh to Ed Davis40000.0%
Noah Vonleh to Al-Farouq Aminu90010.0%