2016 Los Angeles Clippers Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Los Angeles Clippers averaged 302 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Chris Paul to Blake Griffin, with 157 assists on 1444 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Chris Paul to Blake Griffin144415722151443.0%
Chris Paul to JJ Redick86414214835142.2%
Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan55310511216368.7%
Blake Griffin to JJ Redick552899923841.6%
Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan219687511167.6%
Chris Paul to Luc Mbah a Moute330536214443.1%
Jamal Crawford to Marreese Speights339515615735.7%
Raymond Felton to Marreese Speights357424510542.9%
Blake Griffin to Luc Mbah a Moute19641438351.8%
Jamal Crawford to DeAndre Jordan13537395373.6%
Blake Griffin to Chris Paul14523713530444.4%
DeAndre Jordan to JJ Redick351364210739.3%
Austin Rivers to Marreese Speights330364510841.7%
Austin Rivers to JJ Redick22936408348.2%
Austin Rivers to Jamal Crawford418306213346.6%
Chris Paul to Austin Rivers22128357844.9%
Chris Paul to Jamal Crawford22927368741.4%
JJ Redick to DeAndre Jordan33827316051.7%
Raymond Felton to JJ Redick17626285749.1%
Jamal Crawford to Brandon Bass15225275648.2%
Chris Paul to Marreese Speights10624245642.9%
JJ Redick to Blake Griffin506235614837.8%
JJ Redick to Luc Mbah a Moute10923245048.0%
Blake Griffin to Austin Rivers400224010139.6%
Jamal Crawford to Blake Griffin26021398148.1%
Austin Rivers to DeAndre Jordan19021244060.0%
Austin Rivers to Blake Griffin405204510841.7%
Jamal Crawford to Wesley Johnson12819235343.4%
Raymond Felton to Jamal Crawford536196217435.6%
Raymond Felton to Austin Rivers529175313539.3%
Raymond Felton to Blake Griffin21717295651.8%
Raymond Felton to DeAndre Jordan19817173647.2%
Austin Rivers to Raymond Felton45117377946.8%
Marreese Speights to Austin Rivers37517429345.2%
Blake Griffin to Marreese Speights4815163151.6%
DeAndre Jordan to Luc Mbah a Moute12615183158.1%
Jamal Crawford to Raymond Felton36014378941.6%
Raymond Felton to Wesley Johnson18014154731.9%
Blake Griffin to Raymond Felton25114235641.1%
Blake Griffin to Jamal Crawford30314337941.8%
Austin Rivers to Wesley Johnson14814144233.3%
Marreese Speights to Jamal Crawford432134511937.8%
Jamal Crawford to Luc Mbah a Moute4512131681.3%
DeAndre Jordan to Austin Rivers42112356950.7%
Luc Mbah a Moute to DeAndre Jordan10612162272.7%
Austin Rivers to Brandon Bass11412163348.5%
Jamal Crawford to Austin Rivers420114211038.2%
Raymond Felton to Brandon Bass15011194443.2%
DeAndre Jordan to Chris Paul1381117816248.1%
JJ Redick to Chris Paul40011337444.6%
DeAndre Jordan to Blake Griffin32210246040.0%
Marreese Speights to Raymond Felton45510286741.8%
Luc Mbah a Moute to JJ Redick1049143145.2%
Chris Paul to Brandon Bass339101952.6%
Raymond Felton to Alan Anderson558102245.5%
Jamal Crawford to JJ Redick997103330.3%
Jamal Crawford to Alan Anderson45772133.3%
Chris Paul to Raymond Felton80792634.6%
JJ Redick to Marreese Speights41792045.0%
JJ Redick to Raymond Felton947142850.0%
Marreese Speights to Brandon Bass33771070.0%
Brandon Bass to Marreese Speights37661442.9%
Jamal Crawford to Chris Paul2066163447.1%
Wesley Johnson to Marreese Speights45661637.5%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Blake Griffin1536164139.0%
Chris Paul to Paul Pierce50661735.3%
Austin Rivers to Luc Mbah a Moute96692339.1%
Austin Rivers to Chris Paul1786143836.8%
Alan Anderson to DeAndre Jordan1055771.4%
Raymond Felton to Luc Mbah a Moute85551827.8%
Raymond Felton to Paul Pierce64551631.3%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Chris Paul3935235442.6%
Paul Pierce to Marreese Speights1455862.5%
JJ Redick to Austin Rivers116583026.7%
Austin Rivers to Paul Pierce56571353.8%
Marreese Speights to Wesley Johnson46551631.3%
Brandon Bass to Austin Rivers1514102835.7%
Brandon Bass to Jamal Crawford1594103429.4%
DeAndre Jordan to Raymond Felton3164174637.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Jamal Crawford2744317640.8%
Chris Paul to Wesley Johnson44441330.8%
JJ Redick to Jamal Crawford79492634.6%
Alan Anderson to Brandon Bass21371258.3%
Brandon Bass to DeAndre Jordan7333100.0%
Brandon Bass to Alan Anderson26341040.0%
Wesley Johnson to Luc Mbah a Moute1133560.0%
Wesley Johnson to Brandon Bass28361060.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Wesley Johnson1633560.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Austin Rivers1233153050.0%
Brandon Bass to Wesley Johnson34221020.0%
Raymond Felton to Chris Paul79251241.7%
Wesley Johnson to Austin Rivers2652174438.6%
Wesley Johnson to Raymond Felton2672173647.2%
Wesley Johnson to Jamal Crawford2522247034.3%
Paul Pierce to Jamal Crawford51271838.9%
JJ Redick to Brandon Bass2022366.7%
Marreese Speights to Luc Mbah a Moute1824850.0%
Marreese Speights to DeAndre Jordan5222100.0%
Marreese Speights to JJ Redick2723475.0%
Marreese Speights to Chris Paul1152112055.0%
Marreese Speights to Paul Pierce14222100.0%
Alan Anderson to Wesley Johnson8111100.0%
Alan Anderson to Marreese Speights2512922.2%
Alan Anderson to JJ Redick211250.0%
Alan Anderson to Jamal Crawford44161060.0%
Brandon Bass to Diamond Stone1111100.0%
Brandon Bass to Raymond Felton164152222.7%
Jamal Crawford to Brice Johnson311250.0%
Jamal Crawford to Paul Pierce33131127.3%
Blake Griffin to Paul Pierce211250.0%
Brice Johnson to JJ Redick4111100.0%
Wesley Johnson to DeAndre Jordan14111100.0%
Wesley Johnson to Paul Pierce311250.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Marreese Speights711333.3%
DeAndre Jordan to Paul Pierce1612450.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Marreese Speights1211250.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Jamal Crawford69172133.3%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Paul Pierce811333.3%
Paul Pierce to Luc Mbah a Moute1111250.0%
Paul Pierce to Brandon Bass1111100.0%
Paul Pierce to Raymond Felton57131030.0%
JJ Redick to Alan Anderson3122100.0%
Austin Rivers to Diamond Stone811616.7%
Austin Rivers to Alan Anderson2312825.0%
Marreese Speights to Diamond Stone1111100.0%
Marreese Speights to Blake Griffin4612728.6%
Marreese Speights to Alan Anderson34131127.3%
Alan Anderson to Brice Johnson10000.0%
Alan Anderson to Austin Rivers230060.0%
Alan Anderson to Blake Griffin2011100.0%
Alan Anderson to Luc Mbah a Moute30010.0%
Alan Anderson to Raymond Felton5305955.6%
Alan Anderson to Chris Paul50000.0%
Alan Anderson to Paul Pierce20000.0%
Brandon Bass to Brice Johnson10000.0%
Brandon Bass to Blake Griffin10000.0%
Brandon Bass to Luc Mbah a Moute20010.0%
Brandon Bass to JJ Redick1601616.7%
Brandon Bass to Chris Paul34022100.0%
Brandon Bass to Paul Pierce20000.0%
Jamal Crawford to Diamond Stone10010.0%
Raymond Felton to Diamond Stone90060.0%
Raymond Felton to Brice Johnson501425.0%
Raymond Felton to David Lee10000.0%
Blake Griffin to Nicolas Batum10000.0%
Blake Griffin to Alan Anderson40020.0%
Brice Johnson to Austin Rivers10000.0%
Brice Johnson to Alan Anderson10000.0%
Brice Johnson to Brandon Bass10000.0%
Brice Johnson to Raymond Felton40000.0%
Brice Johnson to Jamal Crawford30010.0%
Wesley Johnson to Diamond Stone20000.0%
Wesley Johnson to Blake Griffin30000.0%
Wesley Johnson to JJ Redick110000.0%
Wesley Johnson to Alan Anderson150030.0%
Wesley Johnson to Chris Paul7007977.8%
DeAndre Jordan to Alan Anderson120030.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Brandon Bass7011100.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Wesley Johnson30000.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Alan Anderson60000.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Brandon Bass60020.0%
Luc Mbah a Moute to Raymond Felton114031323.1%
Chris Paul to Alan Anderson201250.0%
Paul Pierce to Austin Rivers72031421.4%
Paul Pierce to Wesley Johnson50010.0%
Paul Pierce to Blake Griffin20000.0%
Paul Pierce to DeAndre Jordan80000.0%
Paul Pierce to JJ Redick1901333.3%
Paul Pierce to Alan Anderson3011100.0%
Paul Pierce to Chris Paul73021118.2%
JJ Redick to Brice Johnson10000.0%
JJ Redick to Wesley Johnson120040.0%
JJ Redick to Paul Pierce140030.0%
Austin Rivers to Brice Johnson20010.0%
Austin Rivers to Austin Rivers10000.0%
Diamond Stone to Austin Rivers60000.0%
Diamond Stone to Wesley Johnson10000.0%
Diamond Stone to Alan Anderson20000.0%
Diamond Stone to Brandon Bass10000.0%
Diamond Stone to Raymond Felton120010.0%
Diamond Stone to Jamal Crawford30000.0%