2022 Los Angeles Clippers Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Los Angeles Clippers averaged 278 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Paul George to Kawhi Leonard, with 53 assists on 449 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Paul George to Kawhi Leonard449539117552.0%
Paul George to Marcus Morris Sr.341516312749.6%
Paul George to Ivica Zubac22345498955.1%
John Wall to Norman Powell234354811342.5%
Russell Westbrook to Ivica Zubac10435364973.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Paul George314345211545.2%
Reggie Jackson to Norman Powell20233409243.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Ivica Zubac18733336848.5%
Paul George to Reggie Jackson37330449347.3%
Terance Mann to Norman Powell21528459845.9%
Reggie Jackson to Marcus Morris Sr.286275011742.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Norman Powell13225315754.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Nicolas Batum15025255743.9%
Terance Mann to Ivica Zubac18025264163.4%
Russell Westbrook to Paul George20925347445.9%
Reggie Jackson to Paul George427235714240.1%
John Wall to Paul George18923337544.0%
Russell Westbrook to Kawhi Leonard272234910347.6%
Reggie Jackson to Ivica Zubac27521245642.9%
Kawhi Leonard to Terance Mann22821267435.1%
Kawhi Leonard to Marcus Morris Sr.22721287437.8%
Paul George to Terance Mann22120234847.9%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Ivica Zubac9420203655.6%
Terance Mann to Nicolas Batum18319193948.7%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Kawhi Leonard21119398347.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Paul George368194611639.7%
Russell Westbrook to Eric Gordon11419204445.5%
Nicolas Batum to Norman Powell19018287437.8%
John Wall to Terance Mann11218184242.9%
Terance Mann to Paul George28817408447.6%
John Wall to Marcus Morris Sr.17317348739.1%
Paul George to Nicolas Batum14116164040.0%
Reggie Jackson to Terance Mann13416203951.3%
Reggie Jackson to Luke Kennard9716193259.4%
Nicolas Batum to Paul George26615399341.9%
Robert Covington to Norman Powell9515203951.3%
Paul George to Luke Kennard9915163348.5%
Norman Powell to Terance Mann12715183551.4%
John Wall to Luke Kennard10615174240.5%
Russell Westbrook to Mason Plumlee7415152075.0%
Nicolas Batum to Kawhi Leonard18414307440.5%
Terance Mann to Kawhi Leonard27514449446.8%
John Wall to Ivica Zubac8914152657.7%
Nicolas Batum to Ivica Zubac6313182766.7%
Paul George to Norman Powell12613174934.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Russell Westbrook16013194641.3%
Terance Mann to Marcus Morris Sr.18013226931.9%
Ivica Zubac to Terance Mann28413304566.7%
Reggie Jackson to Robert Covington7712122548.0%
Reggie Jackson to Nicolas Batum11512122450.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Norman Powell8412163842.1%
Norman Powell to Ivica Zubac7512132454.2%
Norman Powell to Kawhi Leonard11712264953.1%
Norman Powell to Nicolas Batum10012124427.3%
John Wall to Reggie Jackson8412173745.9%
Russell Westbrook to Terance Mann4712121770.6%
Nicolas Batum to Eric Gordon7111132259.1%
Paul George to Russell Westbrook16611163447.1%
Kawhi Leonard to Reggie Jackson16011184143.9%
Terance Mann to Luke Kennard8411132552.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Terance Mann17311143737.8%
Mason Plumlee to Terance Mann8111121770.6%
John Wall to Nicolas Batum10011113135.5%
Ivica Zubac to Paul George445114111436.0%
Paul George to Robert Covington7010103033.3%
Paul George to John Wall16210193850.0%
Bones Hyland to Robert Covington5910101283.3%
Reggie Jackson to Kawhi Leonard22010317740.3%
Jason Preston to Brandon Boston Jr.9410184540.0%
John Wall to Kawhi Leonard13110164833.3%
Ivica Zubac to Norman Powell15810225738.6%
Nicolas Batum to Terance Mann2369174637.0%
Amir Coffey to Moses Brown17991369.2%
Amir Coffey to Terance Mann749142263.6%
Bones Hyland to Mason Plumlee529111764.7%
Luke Kennard to Paul George1269163743.2%
Kawhi Leonard to Eric Gordon809123138.7%
Terance Mann to Eric Gordon729102245.5%
Norman Powell to Luke Kennard46992142.9%
Russell Westbrook to Marcus Morris Sr.759112445.8%
Russell Westbrook to Nicolas Batum72992437.5%
Ivica Zubac to Nicolas Batum73991850.0%
Paul George to Eric Gordon69891947.4%
Eric Gordon to Kawhi Leonard1088214645.7%
Terance Mann to Robert Covington82882138.1%
Terance Mann to Reggie Jackson1888165131.4%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Reggie Jackson2818225440.7%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Nicolas Batum61882236.4%
Mason Plumlee to Norman Powell428102343.5%
Norman Powell to Reggie Jackson1388163545.7%
John Wall to Moses Brown19881172.7%
Ivica Zubac to Kawhi Leonard1918245841.4%
Nicolas Batum to Reggie Jackson1667143540.0%
Nicolas Batum to Marcus Morris Sr.637133141.9%
Amir Coffey to Robert Covington40771741.2%
Terance Mann to Bones Hyland907123138.7%
Terance Mann to Mason Plumlee78771643.8%
Norman Powell to Robert Covington58772035.0%
Norman Powell to Marcus Morris Sr.70782334.8%
Norman Powell to John Wall1297143441.2%
Ivica Zubac to Marcus Morris Sr.139793823.7%
Amir Coffey to Ivica Zubac36671258.3%
Eric Gordon to Terance Mann46661154.5%
Eric Gordon to Mason Plumlee39661060.0%
Eric Gordon to Paul George786133339.4%
Terance Mann to Amir Coffey906102441.7%
John Wall to Amir Coffey54671546.7%
John Wall to Robert Covington44662030.0%
Russell Westbrook to Norman Powell46672429.2%
Russell Westbrook to Robert Covington24661154.5%
Ivica Zubac to Reggie Jackson5106226832.4%
Nicolas Batum to John Wall2115155030.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Robert Covington3055955.6%
Amir Coffey to Norman Powell42591947.4%
Robert Covington to Brandon Boston Jr.32566100.0%
Robert Covington to Reggie Jackson1515132846.4%
Paul George to Mason Plumlee46561060.0%
Eric Gordon to Ivica Zubac31561442.9%
Eric Gordon to Nicolas Batum41551050.0%
Eric Gordon to Russell Westbrook1175102343.5%
Bones Hyland to Terance Mann76562128.6%
Bones Hyland to Ivica Zubac15551050.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Luke Kennard33551338.5%
Mason Plumlee to Paul George80592339.1%
Mason Plumlee to Nicolas Batum2855955.6%
Jason Preston to Moses Brown1355771.4%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Moussa Diabate1145862.5%
Amir Coffey to Marcus Morris Sr.2644944.4%
Robert Covington to Terance Mann142491947.4%
Bones Hyland to Kawhi Leonard35471546.7%
Bones Hyland to Nicolas Batum26441136.4%
Bones Hyland to Russell Westbrook31461154.5%
Reggie Jackson to Amir Coffey69451533.3%
Reggie Jackson to John Wall734102050.0%
Luke Kennard to Terance Mann67471838.9%
Luke Kennard to Marcus Morris Sr.42492339.1%
Luke Kennard to John Wall108462227.3%
Luke Kennard to Nicolas Batum48441723.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Bones Hyland41441233.3%
Kawhi Leonard to John Wall84452222.7%
Norman Powell to Bones Hyland27451050.0%
Jason Preston to Norman Powell22451050.0%
Jason Preston to Robert Covington49441428.6%
Ivica Zubac to Russell Westbrook2734164337.2%
Nicolas Batum to Bones Hyland4233742.9%
Nicolas Batum to Brandon Boston Jr.1434757.1%
Nicolas Batum to Luke Kennard49331127.3%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Jason Preston66341040.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Nicolas Batum1633475.0%
Amir Coffey to Brandon Boston Jr.2035955.6%
Robert Covington to Moussa Diabate6333100.0%
Robert Covington to Amir Coffey61331323.1%
Robert Covington to Luke Kennard1633742.9%
Robert Covington to Ivica Zubac1733475.0%
Robert Covington to Marcus Morris Sr.1933560.0%
Robert Covington to Paul George993163053.3%
Robert Covington to John Wall1263133735.1%
Eric Gordon to Marcus Morris Sr.2234580.0%
Luke Kennard to Reggie Jackson1043112445.8%
Kawhi Leonard to Robert Covington2033837.5%
Terance Mann to Moses Brown34351050.0%
Terance Mann to John Wall172393625.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Eric Gordon2633742.9%
Mason Plumlee to Bones Hyland79361442.9%
Mason Plumlee to Kawhi Leonard47371258.3%
Mason Plumlee to Russell Westbrook1203122352.2%
Norman Powell to Moses Brown1534850.0%
Norman Powell to Amir Coffey37351050.0%
Norman Powell to Mason Plumlee1533475.0%
Norman Powell to Paul George1153123633.3%
Ivica Zubac to John Wall2193133240.6%
Nicolas Batum to Moses Brown722366.7%
Nicolas Batum to Robert Covington5422633.3%
Nicolas Batum to Mason Plumlee1723560.0%
Nicolas Batum to Russell Westbrook119251926.3%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Amir Coffey32241526.7%
Moses Brown to Norman Powell1923650.0%
Amir Coffey to Jason Preston1923475.0%
Amir Coffey to Luke Kennard1222540.0%
Amir Coffey to Reggie Jackson57252222.7%
Amir Coffey to Nicolas Batum1722540.0%
Robert Covington to Mason Plumlee1222366.7%
Robert Covington to Kawhi Leonard3224850.0%
Paul George to Moses Brown422366.7%
Paul George to Amir Coffey1022366.7%
Eric Gordon to Norman Powell16231030.0%
Bones Hyland to Amir Coffey1422633.3%
Luke Kennard to Amir Coffey1022728.6%
Luke Kennard to Ivica Zubac4022922.2%
Luke Kennard to Robert Covington1122540.0%
Terance Mann to Brandon Boston Jr.36251729.4%
Terance Mann to Russell Westbrook62291752.9%
Xavier Moon to Amir Coffey8222100.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to John Wall1822133339.4%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Russell Westbrook94261540.0%
Mason Plumlee to Robert Covington2022540.0%
Norman Powell to Russell Westbrook2523560.0%
Jason Preston to Amir Coffey33231127.3%
John Wall to Moussa Diabate5233100.0%
Ivica Zubac to Luke Kennard4125771.4%
Ivica Zubac to Eric Gordon68241040.0%
Nicolas Batum to Jason Preston511250.0%
Nicolas Batum to Amir Coffey2211616.7%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Moses Brown711425.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Reggie Jackson2111425.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Paul George1711714.3%
Moses Brown to Robert Covington7111100.0%
Moses Brown to John Wall67131520.0%
Amir Coffey to Bones Hyland1511714.3%
Amir Coffey to Mason Plumlee4122100.0%
Robert Covington to Bones Hyland78131421.4%
Robert Covington to Moses Brown1111100.0%
Robert Covington to Nicolas Batum54111010.0%
Robert Covington to Eric Gordon1513560.0%
Moussa Diabate to Bones Hyland10122100.0%
Moussa Diabate to Brandon Boston Jr.1613837.5%
Moussa Diabate to Moses Brown1111100.0%
Moussa Diabate to Norman Powell811333.3%
Eric Gordon to Robert Covington711425.0%
Bones Hyland to Xavier Moon1011520.0%
Bones Hyland to Norman Powell51182729.6%
Bones Hyland to Marcus Morris Sr.511250.0%
Reggie Jackson to Brandon Boston Jr.2011616.7%
Reggie Jackson to Moses Brown712366.7%
Luke Kennard to Moses Brown2111100.0%
Luke Kennard to Norman Powell50141233.3%
Luke Kennard to Kawhi Leonard2516966.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Amir Coffey911520.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Mason Plumlee2211425.0%
Terance Mann to Moussa Diabate611250.0%
Terance Mann to Jason Preston1212540.0%
Xavier Moon to Moussa Diabate311250.0%
Xavier Moon to Bones Hyland1614666.7%
Xavier Moon to Robert Covington4111100.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Bones Hyland4111100.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Brandon Boston Jr.611333.3%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Amir Coffey2812922.2%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Robert Covington1511425.0%
Mason Plumlee to Eric Gordon57121216.7%
Norman Powell to Brandon Boston Jr.411250.0%
Norman Powell to Eric Gordon1111425.0%
Jason Preston to Moussa Diabate1612450.0%
Jason Preston to Terance Mann1411425.0%
John Wall to Brandon Boston Jr.1711520.0%
Russell Westbrook to Bones Hyland1911616.7%
Ivica Zubac to Amir Coffey1811714.3%
Ivica Zubac to Robert Covington3112922.2%
Nicolas Batum to Moussa Diabate10000.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Bones Hyland30000.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Terance Mann260010.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Luke Kennard30010.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Ivica Zubac30010.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Norman Powell50010.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Kawhi Leonard10000.0%
Brandon Boston Jr. to Marcus Morris Sr.601333.3%
Brandon Boston Jr. to John Wall2202540.0%
Moses Brown to Jason Preston4201616.7%
Moses Brown to Brandon Boston Jr.2104944.4%
Moses Brown to Terance Mann400030.0%
Moses Brown to Amir Coffey130030.0%
Moses Brown to Reggie Jackson2101250.0%
Moses Brown to Kawhi Leonard60000.0%
Moses Brown to Marcus Morris Sr.30000.0%
Moses Brown to Paul George10011100.0%
Moses Brown to Nicolas Batum60000.0%
Amir Coffey to Moussa Diabate120040.0%
Amir Coffey to Xavier Moon501250.0%
Amir Coffey to Kawhi Leonard901333.3%
Amir Coffey to Paul George100030.0%
Amir Coffey to John Wall48041625.0%
Amir Coffey to Eric Gordon30010.0%
Robert Covington to Jason Preston7004850.0%
Robert Covington to Xavier Moon120010.0%
Robert Covington to Russell Westbrook45051338.5%
Moussa Diabate to Jason Preston200020.0%
Moussa Diabate to Xavier Moon7011100.0%
Moussa Diabate to Terance Mann60010.0%
Moussa Diabate to Amir Coffey901425.0%
Moussa Diabate to Robert Covington70010.0%
Moussa Diabate to Reggie Jackson1402366.7%
Moussa Diabate to Kawhi Leonard20000.0%
Moussa Diabate to Marcus Morris Sr.20010.0%
Moussa Diabate to Paul George10000.0%
Moussa Diabate to John Wall90010.0%
Moussa Diabate to Nicolas Batum30000.0%
Paul George to Bones Hyland40010.0%
Paul George to Brandon Boston Jr.80010.0%
Eric Gordon to Bones Hyland1201616.7%
Eric Gordon to Amir Coffey10000.0%
Bones Hyland to Moussa Diabate40010.0%
Bones Hyland to Brandon Boston Jr.10000.0%
Bones Hyland to Paul George90020.0%
Bones Hyland to Eric Gordon1202450.0%
Reggie Jackson to Moussa Diabate60020.0%
Luke Kennard to Moussa Diabate10010.0%
Luke Kennard to Jason Preston10000.0%
Luke Kennard to Brandon Boston Jr.10000.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Moussa Diabate20010.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Moses Brown10000.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Luke Kennard3501812.5%
Terance Mann to Xavier Moon10000.0%
Xavier Moon to Jason Preston10000.0%
Xavier Moon to Brandon Boston Jr.10000.0%
Xavier Moon to Terance Mann10010.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Moses Brown10010.0%
Marcus Morris Sr. to Mason Plumlee10000.0%
Mason Plumlee to Amir Coffey40000.0%
Mason Plumlee to Marcus Morris Sr.1001425.0%
Norman Powell to Jason Preston110010.0%
Jason Preston to Xavier Moon10000.0%
Jason Preston to Luke Kennard301250.0%
Jason Preston to Ivica Zubac20000.0%
Jason Preston to Nicolas Batum10000.0%
Ivica Zubac to Jason Preston8011100.0%
Ivica Zubac to Bones Hyland2203475.0%
Ivica Zubac to Brandon Boston Jr.100010.0%