2022 Portland Trail Blazers Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Portland Trail Blazers averaged 277 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Damian Lillard to Jusuf Nurkic, with 73 assists on 422 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Damian Lillard to Jusuf Nurkic422738015053.3%
Damian Lillard to Anfernee Simons7666911026940.9%
Josh Hart to Jerami Grant316677414850.0%
Damian Lillard to Jerami Grant552669724240.1%
Anfernee Simons to Jerami Grant544648421339.4%
Damian Lillard to Drew Eubanks24651518262.2%
Damian Lillard to Shaedon Sharpe16937397452.7%
Damian Lillard to Josh Hart40537489948.5%
Anfernee Simons to Jusuf Nurkic417364911343.4%
Jusuf Nurkic to Jerami Grant22135418946.1%
Trendon Watford to Shaedon Sharpe16635397452.7%
Josh Hart to Damian Lillard512336617637.5%
Josh Hart to Anfernee Simons322325111145.9%
Jusuf Nurkic to Anfernee Simons497325912846.1%
Jusuf Nurkic to Damian Lillard728327616546.1%
Anfernee Simons to Drew Eubanks19828304075.0%
Anfernee Simons to Damian Lillard670278020638.8%
Josh Hart to Jusuf Nurkic26826397154.9%
Justise Winslow to Jerami Grant18725348142.0%
Jerami Grant to Anfernee Simons477234611241.1%
Jerami Grant to Jusuf Nurkic23722257433.8%
Damian Lillard to Trendon Watford20222265547.3%
Anfernee Simons to Trendon Watford16420253865.8%
Anfernee Simons to Josh Hart27220256737.3%
Drew Eubanks to Damian Lillard491196113744.5%
Jerami Grant to Trendon Watford8018202871.4%
Damian Lillard to Nassir Little10317194443.2%
Damian Lillard to Cam Reddish10617203852.6%
Jusuf Nurkic to Josh Hart24417254456.8%
Trendon Watford to Anfernee Simons28617369139.6%
Drew Eubanks to Jerami Grant12316215438.9%
Damian Lillard to Matisse Thybulle9016173351.5%
Jerami Grant to Justise Winslow14114163644.4%
Jerami Grant to Damian Lillard582146116636.7%
Josh Hart to Shaedon Sharpe6414142850.0%
Keon Johnson to Shaedon Sharpe9014173647.2%
Anfernee Simons to Nassir Little10914194542.2%
Justise Winslow to Drew Eubanks6714142070.0%
Drew Eubanks to Shaedon Sharpe12813235343.4%
Shaedon Sharpe to Jabari Walker5413143145.2%
Anfernee Simons to Shaedon Sharpe10813194245.2%
Jerami Grant to Shaedon Sharpe8512163250.0%
Jerami Grant to Drew Eubanks10512142653.8%
Shaedon Sharpe to Drew Eubanks8912153050.0%
Jabari Walker to Shaedon Sharpe7512143145.2%
Trendon Watford to Cam Reddish8711142948.3%
Trendon Watford to Damian Lillard420115213139.7%
Justise Winslow to Shaedon Sharpe7711123435.3%
Justise Winslow to Damian Lillard15911164337.2%
Drew Eubanks to Anfernee Simons31210388644.2%
Josh Hart to Justise Winslow10510112347.8%
Nassir Little to Anfernee Simons15610244355.8%
Jerami Grant to Nassir Little48991850.0%
Jerami Grant to Josh Hart1979185334.0%
Josh Hart to Drew Eubanks789102245.5%
Keon Johnson to Nassir Little579102245.5%
Skylar Mays to Kevin Knox II569102638.5%
Cam Reddish to Jerami Grant659143441.2%
Shaedon Sharpe to Trendon Watford1249132944.8%
Shaedon Sharpe to Nassir Little60992832.1%
Matisse Thybulle to Damian Lillard1289284858.3%
Trendon Watford to Nassir Little679122450.0%
Justise Winslow to Anfernee Simons34993910935.8%
Keon Johnson to Jabari Walker53891850.0%
Nassir Little to Shaedon Sharpe818102638.5%
Skylar Mays to Trendon Watford498101855.6%
Shaedon Sharpe to Anfernee Simons1628264656.5%
Justise Winslow to Jusuf Nurkic1238112642.3%
Drew Eubanks to Matisse Thybulle44772133.3%
Drew Eubanks to Cam Reddish64771643.8%
Keon Johnson to Kevin Knox II28791947.4%
Skylar Mays to Shaedon Sharpe787143243.8%
Jusuf Nurkic to Shaedon Sharpe857103033.3%
Cam Reddish to Trendon Watford53791369.2%
Shaedon Sharpe to Kevin Knox II42782040.0%
Anfernee Simons to Gary Payton II36781361.5%
Trendon Watford to Jerami Grant1067164436.4%
Justise Winslow to Nassir Little48781747.1%
Justise Winslow to Josh Hart1027112250.0%
Drew Eubanks to Justise Winslow94661735.3%
Keon Johnson to Drew Eubanks4867887.5%
Damian Lillard to Jabari Walker39661833.3%
Damian Lillard to Gary Payton II58661250.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Matisse Thybulle13661060.0%
Gary Payton II to Shaedon Sharpe39661442.9%
Shaedon Sharpe to Damian Lillard2056316845.6%
Anfernee Simons to Justise Winslow168672924.1%
Matisse Thybulle to Drew Eubanks36671546.7%
Trendon Watford to Keon Johnson1316132650.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Shaedon Sharpe725102638.5%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Nassir Little35582138.1%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Drew Eubanks4356966.7%
Drew Eubanks to Nassir Little60592045.0%
Jerami Grant to Cam Reddish51561346.2%
Shaquille Harrison to Kevin Knox II30561540.0%
Keon Johnson to Trendon Watford65581942.1%
Nassir Little to Drew Eubanks53551338.5%
Skylar Mays to Jeenathan Williams1555955.6%
Jusuf Nurkic to Nassir Little27561250.0%
Gary Payton II to Anfernee Simons645102147.6%
Cam Reddish to Matisse Thybulle1955771.4%
Cam Reddish to Damian Lillard1315144035.0%
Shaedon Sharpe to Cam Reddish27551338.5%
Shaedon Sharpe to Jerami Grant68592931.0%
Anfernee Simons to Keon Johnson27551145.5%
Anfernee Simons to Cam Reddish36561540.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Jerami Grant26551050.0%
Jabari Walker to Greg Brown III16551050.0%
Trendon Watford to Justise Winslow90561346.2%
Trendon Watford to Jusuf Nurkic61592142.9%
Drew Eubanks to Keon Johnson59451729.4%
Drew Eubanks to Josh Hart111482334.8%
Jerami Grant to Keon Johnson44451338.5%
Shaquille Harrison to John Butler Jr.20451050.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Jabari Walker38441526.7%
Josh Hart to Trendon Watford49441428.6%
Kevin Knox II to Jabari Walker20451145.5%
Kevin Knox II to Drew Eubanks1544850.0%
Damian Lillard to Justise Winslow94451729.4%
Nassir Little to Trendon Watford61471936.8%
Nassir Little to Josh Hart24451050.0%
Skylar Mays to Shaquille Harrison25441040.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Trendon Watford3144757.1%
Cam Reddish to Shaedon Sharpe1744850.0%
Cam Reddish to Drew Eubanks3245862.5%
Shaedon Sharpe to Matisse Thybulle2444944.4%
Matisse Thybulle to Trendon Watford45481747.1%
Jabari Walker to Drew Eubanks1144580.0%
Trendon Watford to Jabari Walker2244757.1%
Trendon Watford to Josh Hart59481457.1%
Drew Eubanks to Kevin Knox II1133475.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Trendon Watford933650.0%
Josh Hart to Nassir Little2433933.3%
Keon Johnson to Jerami Grant39351241.7%
Nassir Little to Matisse Thybulle2033933.3%
Nassir Little to Cam Reddish3034850.0%
Nassir Little to Ryan Arcidiacono4033742.9%
Nassir Little to Jerami Grant42351729.4%
Skylar Mays to Jabari Walker2534944.4%
Jusuf Nurkic to Justise Winslow144361637.5%
Gary Payton II to Jerami Grant30351050.0%
Shaedon Sharpe to John Butler Jr.1133742.9%
Shaedon Sharpe to Skylar Mays55351050.0%
Anfernee Simons to Jabari Walker3333837.5%
Anfernee Simons to Matisse Thybulle28331323.1%
Trendon Watford to Matisse Thybulle2433933.3%
Justise Winslow to Trendon Watford65331030.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Cam Reddish41241625.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Kevin Knox II23231323.1%
Greg Brown III to Jabari Walker722366.7%
John Butler Jr. to Jabari Walker922540.0%
John Butler Jr. to Shaedon Sharpe2024944.4%
John Butler Jr. to Trendon Watford5222100.0%
Drew Eubanks to Trendon Watford55271163.6%
Jerami Grant to Matisse Thybulle2423650.0%
Jerami Grant to Gary Payton II16222100.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Jeenathan Williams523475.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Skylar Mays25233100.0%
Josh Hart to Jabari Walker6222100.0%
Keon Johnson to Anfernee Simons49261442.9%
Keon Johnson to Damian Lillard2423837.5%
Kevin Knox II to Jeenathan Williams1022450.0%
Kevin Knox II to Shaedon Sharpe50251435.7%
Kevin Knox II to Shaquille Harrison3623742.9%
Damian Lillard to Keon Johnson1822450.0%
Nassir Little to Jabari Walker17231225.0%
Nassir Little to Kevin Knox II1122540.0%
Nassir Little to Justise Winslow5523837.5%
Nassir Little to Damian Lillard1362154731.9%
Skylar Mays to Justin Minaya1722728.6%
Skylar Mays to John Butler Jr.1322450.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Keon Johnson3222728.6%
Jusuf Nurkic to Gary Payton II722366.7%
Gary Payton II to Trendon Watford12222100.0%
Gary Payton II to Damian Lillard1022122744.4%
Cam Reddish to Nassir Little33241330.8%
Shaedon Sharpe to Keon Johnson772112642.3%
Shaedon Sharpe to Ryan Arcidiacono3823560.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Nassir Little2222540.0%
Jabari Walker to Nassir Little2422728.6%
Jabari Walker to Kevin Knox II1622728.6%
Jabari Walker to Damian Lillard49291656.3%
Trendon Watford to Skylar Mays51251338.5%
Trendon Watford to Drew Eubanks34221020.0%
Trendon Watford to Kevin Knox II1522922.2%
Trendon Watford to Gary Payton II11222100.0%
Jeenathan Williams to Skylar Mays1022366.7%
Justise Winslow to Keon Johnson3122922.2%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Trendon Watford25131030.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Matisse Thybulle1611520.0%
Greg Brown III to Nassir Little2111100.0%
John Butler Jr. to Kevin Knox II811333.3%
Drew Eubanks to Jeenathan Williams311250.0%
Drew Eubanks to John Butler Jr.3111100.0%
Drew Eubanks to Jabari Walker1411333.3%
Drew Eubanks to Skylar Mays3912633.3%
Drew Eubanks to Gary Payton II12111100.0%
Jerami Grant to Jabari Walker411333.3%
Jerami Grant to Greg Brown III211250.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Drew Eubanks10111100.0%
Josh Hart to Keon Johnson2411812.5%
Keon Johnson to Greg Brown III711333.3%
Keon Johnson to Matisse Thybulle2111100.0%
Keon Johnson to Josh Hart10111100.0%
Keon Johnson to Justise Winslow3111520.0%
Kevin Knox II to Keon Johnson5114944.4%
Kevin Knox II to Skylar Mays78151241.7%
Damian Lillard to Kevin Knox II2111100.0%
Nassir Little to Jusuf Nurkic1712450.0%
Skylar Mays to Matisse Thybulle711250.0%
Skylar Mays to Nassir Little5111100.0%
Skylar Mays to Chance Comanche711250.0%
Justin Minaya to John Butler Jr.311250.0%
Justin Minaya to Jabari Walker511250.0%
Justin Minaya to Skylar Mays2011425.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Cam Reddish1511425.0%
Gary Payton II to Jabari Walker611333.3%
Gary Payton II to Drew Eubanks7111100.0%
Gary Payton II to Jusuf Nurkic911425.0%
Cam Reddish to Jabari Walker811425.0%
Cam Reddish to Ryan Arcidiacono2711333.3%
Shaedon Sharpe to Justin Minaya911333.3%
Shaedon Sharpe to Greg Brown III811333.3%
Shaedon Sharpe to Josh Hart4111616.7%
Shaedon Sharpe to Shaquille Harrison2011520.0%
Shaedon Sharpe to Justise Winslow4611812.5%
Shaedon Sharpe to Jusuf Nurkic51121118.2%
Anfernee Simons to Greg Brown III611520.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Jabari Walker811333.3%
Matisse Thybulle to Cam Reddish36121020.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Anfernee Simons2912825.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Ryan Arcidiacono3811333.3%
Jabari Walker to Jeenathan Williams3111100.0%
Jabari Walker to Trendon Watford3611616.7%
Jabari Walker to Matisse Thybulle411333.3%
Jabari Walker to Cam Reddish811333.3%
Jabari Walker to Shaquille Harrison3913650.0%
Trendon Watford to Jeenathan Williams511250.0%
Trendon Watford to John Butler Jr.411250.0%
Jeenathan Williams to Shaedon Sharpe611333.3%
Jeenathan Williams to Trendon Watford1111100.0%
Jeenathan Williams to Drew Eubanks211250.0%
Jeenathan Williams to Chance Comanche1111100.0%
Justise Winslow to Jabari Walker1211333.3%
Justise Winslow to Greg Brown III1111100.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Jabari Walker150050.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Keon Johnson1904944.4%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Jusuf Nurkic30000.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Jerami Grant30010.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Damian Lillard40010.0%
Greg Brown III to Shaedon Sharpe50010.0%
Greg Brown III to Trendon Watford80020.0%
Greg Brown III to Keon Johnson1201250.0%
Greg Brown III to Anfernee Simons10000.0%
Greg Brown III to Justise Winslow70000.0%
Greg Brown III to Jusuf Nurkic10000.0%
Greg Brown III to Jerami Grant2011100.0%
John Butler Jr. to Justin Minaya60010.0%
John Butler Jr. to Keon Johnson1403560.0%
John Butler Jr. to Greg Brown III10010.0%
John Butler Jr. to Skylar Mays1402450.0%
John Butler Jr. to Matisse Thybulle40010.0%
John Butler Jr. to Nassir Little20000.0%
John Butler Jr. to Drew Eubanks40010.0%
John Butler Jr. to Chance Comanche10000.0%
John Butler Jr. to Shaquille Harrison120020.0%
John Butler Jr. to Ryan Arcidiacono10000.0%
Chance Comanche to Jeenathan Williams30000.0%
Chance Comanche to Justin Minaya20000.0%
Chance Comanche to John Butler Jr.10010.0%
Chance Comanche to Jabari Walker10000.0%
Chance Comanche to Shaedon Sharpe50010.0%
Chance Comanche to Skylar Mays60000.0%
Chance Comanche to Kevin Knox II10000.0%
Drew Eubanks to Greg Brown III10010.0%
Drew Eubanks to Shaquille Harrison6011100.0%
Drew Eubanks to Ryan Arcidiacono580060.0%
Jerami Grant to Ryan Arcidiacono40000.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Justin Minaya50010.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Shaedon Sharpe38011010.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Matisse Thybulle40020.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Nassir Little20010.0%
Josh Hart to Greg Brown III10000.0%
Josh Hart to Gary Payton II20000.0%
Keon Johnson to John Butler Jr.100040.0%
Keon Johnson to Cam Reddish3003837.5%
Keon Johnson to Ryan Arcidiacono110010.0%
Keon Johnson to Jusuf Nurkic2101250.0%
Kevin Knox II to Justin Minaya30010.0%
Kevin Knox II to John Butler Jr.80030.0%
Kevin Knox II to Trendon Watford1401520.0%
Kevin Knox II to Matisse Thybulle150000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Nassir Little2002633.3%
Kevin Knox II to Cam Reddish1202450.0%
Kevin Knox II to Anfernee Simons40000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Ryan Arcidiacono300020.0%
Kevin Knox II to Jusuf Nurkic10010.0%
Kevin Knox II to Damian Lillard90010.0%
Damian Lillard to Ryan Arcidiacono60000.0%
Nassir Little to John Butler Jr.40020.0%
Nassir Little to Keon Johnson57021020.0%
Nassir Little to Greg Brown III201250.0%
Nassir Little to Skylar Mays50000.0%
Nassir Little to Shaquille Harrison50000.0%
Nassir Little to Gary Payton II100010.0%
Skylar Mays to Drew Eubanks290070.0%
Justin Minaya to Jeenathan Williams10000.0%
Justin Minaya to Shaedon Sharpe1001333.3%
Justin Minaya to Trendon Watford10000.0%
Justin Minaya to Kevin Knox II10000.0%
Justin Minaya to Shaquille Harrison120000.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Jabari Walker6011100.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Greg Brown III30000.0%
Jusuf Nurkic to Ryan Arcidiacono20010.0%
Gary Payton II to Nassir Little1301333.3%
Gary Payton II to Josh Hart50010.0%
Cam Reddish to Keon Johnson3101520.0%
Cam Reddish to Anfernee Simons41011010.0%
Cam Reddish to Kevin Knox II1202825.0%
Cam Reddish to Jusuf Nurkic270030.0%
Shaedon Sharpe to Jeenathan Williams30010.0%
Shaedon Sharpe to Gary Payton II230020.0%
Matisse Thybulle to John Butler Jr.20010.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Shaedon Sharpe40021315.4%
Matisse Thybulle to Keon Johnson100030.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Skylar Mays14022100.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Kevin Knox II601425.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Shaquille Harrison20000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Jusuf Nurkic150050.0%
Jabari Walker to Justin Minaya20000.0%
Jabari Walker to John Butler Jr.80020.0%
Jabari Walker to Keon Johnson72031717.6%
Jabari Walker to Skylar Mays2701333.3%
Jabari Walker to Anfernee Simons4704944.4%
Jabari Walker to Chance Comanche10010.0%
Jabari Walker to Josh Hart90000.0%
Jabari Walker to Ryan Arcidiacono200010.0%
Jabari Walker to Gary Payton II20000.0%
Jabari Walker to Justise Winslow140000.0%
Jabari Walker to Jusuf Nurkic501250.0%
Jabari Walker to Jerami Grant60030.0%
Trendon Watford to Greg Brown III30010.0%
Trendon Watford to Shaquille Harrison80010.0%
Trendon Watford to Ryan Arcidiacono310030.0%
Jeenathan Williams to Justin Minaya20000.0%
Jeenathan Williams to John Butler Jr.30020.0%
Jeenathan Williams to Jabari Walker20020.0%
Jeenathan Williams to Kevin Knox II20010.0%
Jeenathan Williams to Shaquille Harrison130000.0%