2022 Sacramento Kings Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Sacramento Kings average 299 passes per game. The current leading assist duo is Domantas Sabonis to Kevin Huerter, with 149 assists on 920 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Domantas Sabonis to Kevin Huerter92014917236047.8%
Domantas Sabonis to Keegan Murray56411612727047.0%
Malik Monk to Domantas Sabonis3489010415965.4%
Domantas Sabonis to Harrison Barnes4998811024045.8%
Kevin Huerter to Domantas Sabonis6847610419553.3%
De'Aaron Fox to Keegan Murray439737517044.1%
Domantas Sabonis to De'Aaron Fox14327117841842.6%
De'Aaron Fox to Domantas Sabonis857708818148.6%
De'Aaron Fox to Kevin Huerter597677918642.5%
Domantas Sabonis to Malik Monk576608619145.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Malik Monk535597719439.7%
De'Aaron Fox to Harrison Barnes630587020334.5%
De'Aaron Fox to Trey Lyles249455010249.0%
Kevin Huerter to Harrison Barnes303455513042.3%
Malik Monk to Trey Lyles18238387749.4%
Davion Mitchell to Malik Monk376365112241.8%
Harrison Barnes to Domantas Sabonis601325911252.7%
Kevin Huerter to Keegan Murray21432368641.9%
Malik Monk to Chimezie Metu12932356157.4%
Domantas Sabonis to Davion Mitchell720324611241.1%
Davion Mitchell to Kevin Huerter29729368442.9%
Malik Monk to De'Aaron Fox510297717145.0%
Keegan Murray to Domantas Sabonis53228499253.3%
Domantas Sabonis to Terence Davis19427297538.7%
De'Aaron Fox to Chimezie Metu12125275450.0%
Davion Mitchell to Harrison Barnes26625328537.6%
Keegan Murray to Kevin Huerter20525306744.8%
Harrison Barnes to Kevin Huerter26224307042.9%
De'Aaron Fox to Terence Davis17024255743.9%
Harrison Barnes to Keegan Murray17923266341.3%
Davion Mitchell to Domantas Sabonis59522378245.1%
Kevin Huerter to De'Aaron Fox493217816547.3%
Malik Monk to Harrison Barnes14621236833.8%
Davion Mitchell to Keegan Murray19520215637.5%
Malik Monk to Keegan Murray10219194641.3%
Malik Monk to Davion Mitchell25219245543.6%
Malik Monk to Terence Davis9519205437.0%
Kevin Huerter to Malik Monk10218213560.0%
Davion Mitchell to Trey Lyles15717174736.2%
Domantas Sabonis to Trey Lyles12516205238.5%
Trey Lyles to Malik Monk23315296743.3%
Keegan Murray to Harrison Barnes15214256141.0%
Harrison Barnes to De'Aaron Fox824139520945.5%
Terence Davis to Domantas Sabonis16013193850.0%
Terence Davis to Chimezie Metu5912122060.0%
Davion Mitchell to Terence Davis14412144134.1%
Malik Monk to Kevin Huerter9512123435.3%
Chimezie Metu to Trey Lyles5411121963.2%
Harrison Barnes to Davion Mitchell36510184045.0%
Terence Davis to Malik Monk8610132454.2%
Kevin Huerter to Davion Mitchell23910194641.3%
Trey Lyles to Chimezie Metu489111668.8%
Trey Lyles to De'Aaron Fox43095411347.8%
Chimezie Metu to Malik Monk1509174339.5%
Davion Mitchell to Chimezie Metu56991947.4%
Harrison Barnes to Trey Lyles65881942.1%
Matthew Dellavedova to Malik Monk698101952.6%
Keegan Murray to De'Aaron Fox47484910845.4%
Domantas Sabonis to Kessler Edwards42881747.1%
Harrison Barnes to Malik Monk1407144531.1%
De'Aaron Fox to Richaun Holmes41771070.0%
Chimezie Metu to Davion Mitchell967122352.2%
Malik Monk to Richaun Holmes24781553.3%
Keegan Murray to Davion Mitchell1987153641.7%
Kessler Edwards to Domantas Sabonis59671070.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Davion Mitchell72681553.3%
Kevin Huerter to Richaun Holmes15666100.0%
Trey Lyles to Davion Mitchell2566122744.4%
Trey Lyles to Domantas Sabonis100692142.9%
Harrison Barnes to Terence Davis50561442.9%
Terence Davis to Davion Mitchell122581553.3%
De'Aaron Fox to Kessler Edwards47551338.5%
Kevin Huerter to Terence Davis29551050.0%
Kevin Huerter to Trey Lyles41562030.0%
Chimezie Metu to Keegan Murray24551435.7%
Davion Mitchell to Kessler Edwards3155862.5%
Davion Mitchell to Richaun Holmes27551050.0%
Keegan Murray to Malik Monk101572626.9%
Terence Davis to Kevin Huerter2445955.6%
Terence Davis to Harrison Barnes57452321.7%
Matthew Dellavedova to Keegan Murray3245771.4%
Matthew Dellavedova to Terence Davis44441625.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Kevin Huerter32441040.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Trey Lyles58452222.7%
Matthew Dellavedova to Richaun Holmes1544850.0%
Trey Lyles to Keegan Murray35441330.8%
Trey Lyles to Kevin Huerter3645955.6%
Trey Lyles to Richaun Holmes2744850.0%
Trey Lyles to Harrison Barnes61451926.3%
Chimezie Metu to Terence Davis47471643.8%
Harrison Barnes to Chimezie Metu3733742.9%
Terence Davis to PJ Dozier2534850.0%
Terence Davis to De'Aaron Fox1493244850.0%
Terence Davis to Trey Lyles53331323.1%
Terence Davis to Richaun Holmes1833650.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Keon Ellis12355100.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Chimezie Metu2133742.9%
PJ Dozier to Terence Davis1834666.7%
PJ Dozier to Kevin Huerter6333100.0%
Kessler Edwards to Keegan Murray1733742.9%
De'Aaron Fox to KZ Okpala2833650.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Alex Len1533475.0%
Richaun Holmes to Terence Davis2834757.1%
Richaun Holmes to Trey Lyles1333933.3%
Kevin Huerter to Chimezie Metu2233742.9%
Alex Len to Keegan Murray1433742.9%
Alex Len to Terence Davis15341136.4%
Trey Lyles to Terence Davis68342020.0%
Malik Monk to Neemias Queta633475.0%
Malik Monk to KZ Okpala2333837.5%
Keegan Murray to Richaun Holmes1433560.0%
KZ Okpala to Davion Mitchell1833560.0%
KZ Okpala to Malik Monk21341040.0%
KZ Okpala to De'Aaron Fox39351050.0%
Harrison Barnes to Richaun Holmes2922450.0%
Terence Davis to Keegan Murray40221315.4%
Terence Davis to Kessler Edwards622366.7%
Matthew Dellavedova to Domantas Sabonis38222100.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Alex Len1523650.0%
PJ Dozier to Chimezie Metu1222366.7%
Kessler Edwards to Davion Mitchell4823650.0%
Kessler Edwards to Kevin Huerter1622450.0%
Kessler Edwards to Malik Monk1222450.0%
Kessler Edwards to Trey Lyles1922633.3%
Kessler Edwards to Harrison Barnes1222450.0%
Keon Ellis to Chimezie Metu922540.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Neemias Queta3222100.0%
Davion Mitchell to KZ Okpala2522540.0%
Davion Mitchell to De'Aaron Fox69261833.3%
Malik Monk to Kessler Edwards1422540.0%
Malik Monk to Alex Len1622540.0%
Keegan Murray to Trey Lyles3222450.0%
Keegan Murray to Matthew Dellavedova3323650.0%
KZ Okpala to Domantas Sabonis2223560.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Matthew Dellavedova5423742.9%
Harrison Barnes to Kessler Edwards1612540.0%
Terence Davis to KZ Okpala911250.0%
Terence Davis to Matthew Dellavedova3412366.7%
Matthew Dellavedova to Kessler Edwards1111333.3%
Matthew Dellavedova to KZ Okpala1911520.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Harrison Barnes2311616.7%
PJ Dozier to Domantas Sabonis5111100.0%
PJ Dozier to Trey Lyles1411333.3%
Kessler Edwards to Terence Davis1313650.0%
Kessler Edwards to De'Aaron Fox43171258.3%
Keon Ellis to KZ Okpala3111100.0%
Keon Ellis to Terence Davis511333.3%
Keon Ellis to Kevin Huerter211250.0%
Keon Ellis to Richaun Holmes6111100.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Keon Ellis5111100.0%
Richaun Holmes to Davion Mitchell4712633.3%
Richaun Holmes to De'Aaron Fox89192437.5%
Richaun Holmes to Matthew Dellavedova2412366.7%
Richaun Holmes to Harrison Barnes1712633.3%
Alex Len to Keon Ellis511250.0%
Alex Len to KZ Okpala2111100.0%
Alex Len to Chimezie Metu2122100.0%
Alex Len to Kevin Huerter1914757.1%
Alex Len to Richaun Holmes1111100.0%
Alex Len to Matthew Dellavedova2811250.0%
Trey Lyles to Kessler Edwards10111100.0%
Trey Lyles to Matthew Dellavedova71131030.0%
Chimezie Metu to Kevin Huerter1913560.0%
Chimezie Metu to De'Aaron Fox2441236535.4%
Chimezie Metu to Richaun Holmes6111100.0%
Chimezie Metu to Harrison Barnes20111010.0%
Davion Mitchell to Alex Len611425.0%
Chima Moneke to De'Aaron Fox3111100.0%
Malik Monk to Matthew Dellavedova3911714.3%
Keegan Murray to Terence Davis3814850.0%
Keegan Murray to Chimezie Metu4112728.6%
Keegan Murray to PJ Dozier711250.0%
Keegan Murray to Alex Len12111100.0%
KZ Okpala to Chima Moneke1111100.0%
Neemias Queta to Harrison Barnes1111100.0%
Domantas Sabonis to KZ Okpala1211425.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Chimezie Metu2111100.0%
Domantas Sabonis to PJ Dozier811333.3%
Harrison Barnes to Chima Moneke10000.0%
Harrison Barnes to KZ Okpala70010.0%
Harrison Barnes to PJ Dozier10000.0%
Harrison Barnes to Matthew Dellavedova360020.0%
Harrison Barnes to Alex Len1801425.0%
Deonte Burton to Matthew Dellavedova10000.0%
Deonte Burton to Alex Len10000.0%
Terence Davis to Keon Ellis50010.0%
Terence Davis to Neemias Queta10010.0%
Terence Davis to Alex Len120020.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Chima Moneke20000.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Davion Mitchell30000.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Neemias Queta10000.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to PJ Dozier90030.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to De'Aaron Fox30010.0%
PJ Dozier to Keon Ellis120020.0%
PJ Dozier to Keegan Murray80010.0%
PJ Dozier to Davion Mitchell201250.0%
PJ Dozier to Kessler Edwards180010.0%
PJ Dozier to Neemias Queta30000.0%
PJ Dozier to KZ Okpala10010.0%
PJ Dozier to Malik Monk40010.0%
PJ Dozier to De'Aaron Fox20010.0%
PJ Dozier to Richaun Holmes1001250.0%
PJ Dozier to Matthew Dellavedova130000.0%
PJ Dozier to Alex Len10000.0%
PJ Dozier to Harrison Barnes20000.0%
Kessler Edwards to Keon Ellis20000.0%
Kessler Edwards to Chimezie Metu12022100.0%
Kessler Edwards to PJ Dozier90010.0%
Kessler Edwards to Richaun Holmes80020.0%
Kessler Edwards to Matthew Dellavedova80000.0%
Kessler Edwards to Alex Len30000.0%
Keon Ellis to Chima Moneke20000.0%
Keon Ellis to Keegan Murray501250.0%
Keon Ellis to Davion Mitchell90000.0%
Keon Ellis to Neemias Queta10000.0%
Keon Ellis to PJ Dozier110040.0%
Keon Ellis to Malik Monk70000.0%
Keon Ellis to De'Aaron Fox50010.0%
Keon Ellis to Domantas Sabonis20000.0%
Keon Ellis to Trey Lyles50020.0%
Keon Ellis to Matthew Dellavedova100010.0%
Keon Ellis to Alex Len10000.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Chima Moneke10010.0%
De'Aaron Fox to PJ Dozier20010.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Matthew Dellavedova20000.0%
Richaun Holmes to Keon Ellis10000.0%
Richaun Holmes to Keegan Murray1102450.0%
Richaun Holmes to Kessler Edwards4011100.0%
Richaun Holmes to KZ Okpala20000.0%
Richaun Holmes to Chimezie Metu20000.0%
Richaun Holmes to Kevin Huerter2001425.0%
Richaun Holmes to PJ Dozier70010.0%
Richaun Holmes to Malik Monk3901147.1%
Richaun Holmes to Alex Len10000.0%
Kevin Huerter to Keon Ellis20010.0%
Kevin Huerter to Kessler Edwards80020.0%
Kevin Huerter to KZ Okpala1401333.3%
Kevin Huerter to PJ Dozier50010.0%
Kevin Huerter to Matthew Dellavedova290030.0%
Kevin Huerter to Alex Len110020.0%
Alex Len to Davion Mitchell150010.0%
Alex Len to Kessler Edwards10000.0%
Alex Len to PJ Dozier30000.0%
Alex Len to Malik Monk2001425.0%
Alex Len to De'Aaron Fox660121963.2%
Alex Len to Trey Lyles50020.0%
Alex Len to Harrison Barnes60020.0%
Trey Lyles to Keon Ellis80020.0%
Trey Lyles to KZ Okpala60020.0%
Trey Lyles to PJ Dozier2102366.7%
Trey Lyles to Alex Len10000.0%
Chimezie Metu to Keon Ellis20000.0%
Chimezie Metu to Kessler Edwards50010.0%
Chimezie Metu to KZ Okpala10000.0%
Chimezie Metu to PJ Dozier150030.0%
Chimezie Metu to Domantas Sabonis50000.0%
Chimezie Metu to Matthew Dellavedova3902366.7%
Chimezie Metu to Alex Len10000.0%
Davion Mitchell to Keon Ellis90030.0%
Davion Mitchell to PJ Dozier10000.0%
Davion Mitchell to Matthew Dellavedova50010.0%
Chima Moneke to Keon Ellis10000.0%
Chima Moneke to Kevin Huerter10000.0%
Chima Moneke to Malik Monk10000.0%
Chima Moneke to Matthew Dellavedova10000.0%
Chima Moneke to Harrison Barnes10000.0%
Malik Monk to Chima Moneke10010.0%
Malik Monk to Keon Ellis20000.0%
Malik Monk to PJ Dozier20000.0%
Keegan Murray to Keon Ellis20000.0%
Keegan Murray to Kessler Edwards110010.0%
Keegan Murray to KZ Okpala30000.0%
Keegan Murray to Deonte Burton30020.0%
KZ Okpala to Keon Ellis10000.0%
KZ Okpala to Keegan Murray60030.0%
KZ Okpala to Neemias Queta30000.0%
KZ Okpala to Terence Davis60030.0%
KZ Okpala to Chimezie Metu140020.0%
KZ Okpala to Kevin Huerter130020.0%
KZ Okpala to Trey Lyles80020.0%
KZ Okpala to Richaun Holmes100000.0%
KZ Okpala to Matthew Dellavedova140010.0%
KZ Okpala to Alex Len40010.0%
KZ Okpala to Harrison Barnes80010.0%
Neemias Queta to Terence Davis50020.0%
Neemias Queta to Chimezie Metu2011100.0%
Neemias Queta to PJ Dozier10000.0%
Neemias Queta to Malik Monk30000.0%
Neemias Queta to De'Aaron Fox1001250.0%
Neemias Queta to Trey Lyles30010.0%
Neemias Queta to Matthew Dellavedova30000.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Keon Ellis10010.0%